Tales From The Mock Draft Simulator August 7, 2013  |  Chet

The Fantasy Pros Mock Draft Simulator is a nice tool to help you try out strategies and build a good one for your league. Here is a team I just drafted and some of my thoughts.


1.1 Adrian Peterson, 2.12 Andre Johnson, 3.1 Frank Gore, 4.12 Darren Sproles, 5.1 Vernon Davis, 6.12 DeSean Jackson, 7.1 Kenny Britt, 8.12 Tony Romo, 9.1 DeAngelo Williams, 10.12 Johnathan Franklin, 11.1 Michael Floyd, 12.12 Jermichael Finley, 13.1 Cordarrelle Patterson, 14.12 Roy Helu

12 Team, Standard, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 RB/WR Flex, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K — #1 Pick

I haven’t been too lucky with the #1 pick in a draft this season. In standard leagues I go with Peterson as the number one guy every time. But after that pick you are left with some hard decisions. With my second and third pick I have trouble reaching for guys like Lamar Miller and Reggie Bush, so I usually end up going with veterans that still have something left in the tank and this time those vets wer Frank Gore and Andre Johnson. I feel they are safe enough to take at this point in the draft, but their upside is limited.

In the fourth and fifth round I went after two of my favorite picks this season, Darren Sproles and Vernon Davis. Sproles is the Rodney Dangerfield of the fantasy world and Davis is the often over hyped boy band. Sproles in standard leagues just feels wrong to people. He’s not a goal line back and his receptions don’t count toward your fake points, and for the most part that’s all he gets. But still, even though those things are true, he finds a way to put up good numbers in standard leagues. In 2011 he finished as the 11th best running back in standard leagues and last year he was on pace to finish as the 14th best before his injury. And there really is no reason to think he won’t be used in the exact same way this season.

Vernon Davis on the other hand has done about zilch to nada the last couple years. Well, unless it’s in the playoffs when nobody playing fake football gives a rat’s patootie! But these are new times in San Francisco and with the loss of Michael Crabtree I just don’t see how they can play keep away with Davis again this year. In 2010 he finished as the third best tight end in the league so we know he can do it and of course he always shows up in the playoffs. In five playoff games he has averaged 4.4 receptions, 109.2 yards, and one touchdown. The upside is smacking us in the face.

So going with three running backs, one wide receiver and a tight end in a league that starts three wide receivers leaves you with some trouble with your second and third wide receivers. I grabbed two bounce back candidates in DeSean Jackson and Kenny Britt to fill out my starting receivers. Jackson is the defacto #1 receiver in Philadelphia with Jeremy Maclin done for the season and Kenny Britt looks to finally be healthy and in a contract year. Both have plenty of risk, but also plenty of upside.

Then at the 8th round turn I grabbed my man Tony Romo. I’ve talked a lot about him this season as a good later round starter and I’m still completely on board. When he’s played 13+ games he’s always finished in the top 10 for fantasy quarterbacks. When he’s played 16 games he’s finished 2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th. There’s not much to not like about that. The only problem is that he has been going a little earlier in my mocks than I imagine he will and I miss out on him. I might have to start reaching a little.

After Romo it was DeAngelo Williams who I have never been a big fan of due to my Jonathan Stewart love, but JStew just can’t stay healthy and the Panthers are promising to implement a more traditional running game. I think this late in the draft the starting running back for the Panthers is a steal.

Johnathan Franklin was next in the 10th round. I like him better in PPR leagues where I think he ends up winning passing down duties in a pass first offense, but he also has upside if Eddie Lacy ends up with an injury or two, which is very possible.

Next I went with Michael Floyd who gets to play under Bruce Arians who helped T.Y. Hilton become fantasy relevant last season and Floyd has just as much or more talent than Hilton. A lot depends on the offensive line keeping Carson Palmer alive, but in the 11th I think Floyd’s upside outweighs the negatives.

I can’t stand Jermichael Finley. It’s just that simple. He never plays up to his potential and drops too many passes. So why did you draft him you moron!? Hey! That’s hurtful. I drafted him because of Aaron Rodgers and the fact he fell to the 12th round. I don’t always draft two tight ends, but I liked his value this late. Oh, and so does our very own CD Carter — Ignore Jermichael Finley at Your Own Peril.

I then took a couple fliers on Cordarrelle Patterson and Roy Helu. Patterson has tremendous ability, especially after the catch, so IF he can get on the field consistently he could make some noise. And if Helu is healthy, he could easily win the 3rd down/passing duties in D.C. since Alfred Morris doesn’t get passing targets and that can be worthwhile as a bye week flex player.

This draft wasn’t my favorite of all time, but I got guys I like to be solid if not spectacular and some with nice upside. Getting a mixture like that is often my goal. But when it comes down to it, I rather not have the #1 pick this season.

Try your own Mock Draft on the simulator.


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  1. rams says:

    2.12 is pick 24. So maybe a couple of qbs ,6or7 wrs, and 15 rb have gone.but you are into the likes of Miller, Murray , McFadden , Wilson. But Rb. Rb wr. And Rb wr Rb are the same thing here as the picks are adjacent.

  2. Tom Brad says:

    Who else was around the Andre Johnson pick? If Calvin, Dez, AJ all went in the top 12, that means a few nice RBs were left right? Why not go RB, RB, WR?

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