Super Bowl Links That Don’t Stink January 21, 2013  |  Chet

We have ourselves a Super Bowl! Championship Sunday proved to be entertaining and it’s hard to dispute that the better teams won each game. I thought the Patriots would take care of business at home, but Joe Flacco continues to take care of business in the playoffs and against the Patriots. In one four game stretch this season he averaged 180 yards passing a game and totaled 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. But in his three playoff games this year he has averaged 284 yards passing and totaled 8 touchdowns to zero interceptions. The guy has officially stepped up.

Colin Kaepernick also stepped up in a big way in these playoffs and he hadn’t even started an NFL game until midway through this season. And he’s in the friggin Super Bowl for gosh darn’s sake! Of course we’ll have plenty of storylines in the unnendingly long two-week build up to the Super Bowl, with Ray Lewis being number one on my annoying scale and the Harbaugh brother’s matchup being number two. But I’m looking to cash in, so I’ve coined this Super Bowl The Cane and Abowl ™. If you see anyone stealing that, make sure you tell me and I’ll have my team of lawyers swoop down on them.

I’ve got some interesting reads below, so take a look-see:


Grantland’s Bill Barnwell explores the two sides of Matt Ryan and checks out other goings ons from Championship Sunday.

Advanced NFL Stats takes a look at Bill Belichick’s conservative play calling in yesterday’s AFC Championship game against the Ravens.

And here’s another tidbit from Advanced NFL Stats. A Time Calculator that “will estimate the time remaining in a game that a trailing defense can expect to get the ball back if they force a stop.

Our man Carl of the Aqua Teen Hunger force got his Championship picks 100% incorrect, but he’s still hilarious in his Stone Cold Locks of the Century of the Week!

Peter King takes a look at Championship Sunday in Monday Morning Quarterback.

We’ll be hearing a lot about the pistol formation going into the Super Bowl, so let’s start with Tom Rock’s take and then Chris Brown’s detailed look.

ESPN’s Stats and Info takes a look at the numbers in the AFC Championship and NFC Championship games.


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