Streaming Spotlight – Week 2 QB & TE September 13, 2016  |  Chris Manni

Let’s all take a few deep breaths after the wildly entertaining Week 1.


The opening week gave us high-quality football, crazy comebacks, gutsy decisions, and just a ton of fun. It was especially great for Jack Del Rio. He is undoubtedly walking around with his chest puffed out as his unconventional call to attempt the two point conversion at the end of the game in New Orleans worked. He bucked the trend and it paid off handsomely. This is the winning mindset you need to attack your opponents with when given the opportunity. Sometimes you need to be bold and go for those weekly difference making decisions. To help you find those opportunities, I will continue to dig deep (at least less than 50% ownership) here in the Week 2 QB and TE streamers.


Matt Stafford ( Ownership: 40%) vs TEN

Stafford needs to be owned at a higher rate than this and he will be. If Stafford is still available in your league, get ready to put some waiver wire capital on the line now. Some may look at his Week 1 performance and brush it off as he played an undermanned Colts defense. For your sake, I hope so your opponents think that. After torching the Colts, he now gets the Titans at home whose defense leaves much to be desired. It is also not just for Week 2 as Stafford has one of the most favorable projected schedules in 2016. Additionally, he has continued his efficient play and has his most well-rounded arsenal at his disposal. The arrow is pointing straight up for Stafford and the Lions offense.

Bottom Line: I’m playing Stafford over Andrew Luck (vs Den), Derek Carr (vs ATL), and Philip Rivers (vs JAX)


Joe Flacco (9.3% Owned) vs CLE

There are a few defenses I expect to target all year as a streaming strategy, and the Browns are at the top of that list. The Browns have no pass rush and limited talent on the backend to stop Smith, Wallace, Aiken, Pitta, and company. It sounds like a delicious recipe for fantasy opportunity. This group made Carson Wentz look like a seasoned veteran rather than a first time starter that played against Weber State this time last year. Baltimore has a good offensive line and good targets so I expect Flacco to exploit the Browns defense early and often.

Bottom Line: I’m playing Flacco over Jameis Winston (vs ARI), Ryan Tannehill (vs NE), and Ryan Fitzpatrick (vs BUF)



Eric Ebron (7.5% Owned) vs TEN

Ebron and Dwayne Allen were my late round targets and Week 1 was windfall for both. Similar to Stafford, Ebron has a very low ownership that should be shooting up in the next few days. He got off to a great start in 2016 by connecting with Stafford on all five targets for 46 yards and a touchdown. Up next is the Tennessee defense that ranked in the bottom ten of defending the TE one year ago. Granted, he is not the first, second, or even third option in the passing game. Yet, if Week 1 was any indication of what is to come, his efficient production could gain him more of a role as the year progresses. I suggest you get on board for Week 2 and, seeing a favorable schedule, possibly for the rest of the year.

Bottom Line: I’m playing Ebron over Dwayne Allen vs Den and Martellus Bennett vs Miami


Clive Walford (3.3% Owned) vs ATL

I’m doubling down on Walford this week. He disappointed in Week 1 especially considering all the points that were scored, but he had opportunities. This week Oakland goes against the Atlanta secondary whose strength is on the outside with elite cover corner Desmond Trufant and the underrated Robert Alford. Those two will focus on shutting down the Cooper/Crabtree combo leaving Carr to look towards the middle of the field to move the ball. This strategy worked in Week 1 for Tampa Bay as their tight ends combined for 5 catches, 64 yards, and 2 touchdowns. That amounts to 3.1 points per target against lower end tight ends: Cameron Brate, Brandon Myers, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

Bottom Line: I’m seriously considering Walford in DFS and as a streaming option in 14 or 16 team leagues.


Kyle Rudolph (6.4% Owned ) vs GB

If you are not feeling Walford, Rudolph provides another cheap option. Admittedly, this is more about the opportunity than the player. I’ve foolishly chased Rudolph for a number of years, but there are a few factors pointing in the right direction. Sam Bradford is tentatively expected to take over the starting role from Shaun Hill. Historically, Bradford has been quite comfortable throwing in the middle of the field where Rudolph works the seams. If Rudolph is featured in the game plan, the matchup appears favorable after the Packers allowed a ton of production to the Jaguars’ tight ends. Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis combined for seven catches, 112 yards and 1 touchdown. That calculates to 2.5 points per target. For Ruldolph himself, he had a solid start catching 4 balls for 65 yards.

Bottom Line: I’m playing Rudolph in deep leagues and considering him as a cheap DFS option.


I have enjoyed fantasy sports for over twenty years and now enjoy sharing my thoughts with you fine folks. Follow me @chrismanniff on Twitter.



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