Dreaming of Streaming Week 2: Advice from Vegas September 13, 2013  |  C.D. Carter

We’ve learned that defensive streaming options aren’t as thin as they seemed early this week.

The Panthers, Eagles, Ravens, Chiefs, Raiders, and in deeper leagues, the Saints, are all fine streamers for Week 2.

Vegas, at the moment, has whispered a word of caution in our collective degenerate ear. There are precious few games with low over-unders – a key element in planning our weekly streamers.

For the streaming record: Eight Week 1 games went over the official over-under, while eight games went under.

Game Over/Under
Rams at Falcons 47.5
Chargers at Eagles 54
Cowboys at Chiefs 46.5
Dolphins at Colts 42.5
Titans at Texans 43.5
Washington at Packers 49.5
Browns at Ravens 43.5
Panthers at Bills 44
Vikings at Bears 42
Saints at Buccaneers 47
Lions at Cardinals 47.5
Jaguars at Raiders 39.5
Broncos at Giants 55
49ers at Seahawks 44.5
Steelers at Bengals 40.5

Information courtesy of TheSpread.com

* That Raiders-Jaguars over-under is alarmingly low for those rolling out quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs for what looks to be a defenseless game between two sad sack teams. I think Oakland’s defense is a fine play, even if this becomes a back-and-forth affair. There will be turnovers, as Chad Henne threw 11 picks in nine games last season. He’s a loose canon: a good thing for opposing defenses and Cecil Shorts.

* I think the Cowboys are walking into a big, red buzz saw this week. Arrowhead is the definition of a hostile environment, and the Kansas City defense is no joke. Last week’s destruction of the Jacksonville offense wasn’t a fluke; we’ll see that when the Chiefs’ defense is owned in most leagues by Week 3 or 4. Vegas disagrees, setting the over-under at a hefty 46.5.

* Hide your Giants and Broncos defenses. Store them away in the darkest corners of your fantasy bench and dare not lay eyes upon their Week 2 scores. You’ll vomit.

* Here’s a quick and dirty answer to the many questions I’ve received about using the Bengals’ defense this week: do it. They’re my No. 1 defensive play. Godspeed is you’re facing off against Cincy this week.

I have the Eagles pegged as a top-10 Week 2 play, as they get a crack at the Chargers traveling to the east coast for a 1:00 start. Also, San Diego’s offense isn’t nearly as good as it looked early in the team’s Monday night season opener. Philadelphia’s defense was thrashed once Washington shifted into full garbage time comeback mode last week, which gives me some pause. The sky-high over-under of 54 is frightening if you think this will be a competitive game. I don’t.



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  1. Mychal says:

    Picked up the Colts last week facing the Raiders. Wasn’t very successful as you know. Still, I wonder whether they’re a good play against Tannehill and the Fins. That low over/under adds to it. Thoughts on the Colts this week? I could still pick up the Raiders, Eagles or Chiefs.

  2. keld says:

    I’m worried about KC in that their upcoming schedule is tough. @Phi, then back against NYG.

    I think they are a solid NFL defense but who knows if that will translate to fantasy points.

    Should I pick up the Panthers instead?

  3. Alonzo says:

    Oakland would the the safe bet. Banged up or not, Dallas still has a potent offense with Romo, Murray, Bryant, Austin, and Witten — all of whom are healthy enough to play. I bet the Jags will be better with Henne at QB (they can’t get any worse), but their only weapons for week 2 are Shorts and MJD. Plus Oakland’s secondary looked surprisingly solid vs. Luck in week 1.

  4. Principle Blackman says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding between Oakland and K.C. for this week? I’m currently rostering oakland, but K.C. seems like they can put up some points against a banged up and perhaps turnover-prone Dallas O. I would appreciate any guidance and/or friendly advise from the thefakefootball community.

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