Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 2 Staff Ranks September 12, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 1 is finally over. What a blast, huh? Unless, of course, you own Fred Jackson. If that is the case, I could assure you that the joyous screams from the owners who drafted CJ Spiller were much louder than your cries of agony, but that probably wouldn’t cheer you up either. What magical solution could cure the week 1 injury blues? The Fake Football Week 2 Staff Rankings! As always, feel free to leave your lineup questions and conundrums in the comments below…

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  1. Marc says:

    killin me! thanx guys. bradshaw vs tampa or s jax vs wash.?

  2. Nate says:

    Syd Rice, Titus, or Britt?

  3. Jeff says:

    @Marc: Smith

  4. Marc says:

    cant see the rankings! torrey smith vs philly or v jax vs giants? thanx!

  5. BO says:

    QB question: Vick or Locker?

  6. Eric says:

    Thanks Chet. Two more questions.

    1 – Flex?: D McCluster, B Tate, D Baldwin, R Meachem

    2 – Vincent Jackson or Torrey smith?

  7. Michael Shermer says:

    Thanks. Stevie Johnson or M. Floyd?

  8. Michael Shermer says:

    Ogletree or Rudolph for flex?

  9. Michael Shermer says:

    Do your RB rankingss only go up to 21? (That’s all I caan see). Anywho – Hillis or Ingram?

  10. eric says:

    Should I be thinking of sitting Romo for Rivers for week 2?

  11. Jeff says:

    @jay: Make sure Smith is a go, thern start Brown as well.

  12. jay says:

    WR/TE pick 2

    a brown

    s smith

    a hernandez

  13. Jeff says:

    @Robert: I would rather have Leshoure. Dwyer will have Mendenhall in the mix as well, eventually.

    @Jesse: Bradshaw had a solid week 1 and should catch a few passes as well. I’d go with him.

  14. Jesse says:

    Better PPR Flex: Bradshaw or Steve Johnson?

  15. Robert says:

    I’m looking to lunch a lottery ticket at RB…with what we know right now leading into week 2 (including the comments about Leshoure being immediately involved next week), would you rather have Dwyer or Leshoure ROS? Thanks!

  16. Jeff says:

    @Tom: Stick with Smith out of those despite the matchup

  17. TOM says:

    Flex in standard league: Kevin Smith, Donald Brown, or K Britt?

  18. Jeff says:

    @Bandit: Bush

  19. Bandit says:

    Non-PPR Flex: Reggie Bush or Malcom Floyd?

  20. Jeff says:

    @Alex: Stay up on the news with Mathews through the weekend. If it sounds like they plan to use him quite a bit, start him. If not, Holmes.

  21. Alex says:

    .5 ppr at flex Lafell vs NO or Holmes vs Pit? or take a risk and start R mathews?


  22. Banjoe says:

    PPR Flex Sid Rice, Hillis, or Kyle Rudolph? thx :)

  23. mt says:

    thanks for all the help in the past….trade thoughts GET C. Johnson/Torrey Smith, GIVE D. Murray — I feel this is still too much to give, could maybe get CJ with D. Wilson or P. Harvin…thoughts

  24. Jeff says:

    @JJ: Sanchez is not in the Rivers/Flacco class. I’d play Rivers but its very close.

  25. JJ says:

    Thanks dude! Sorry one more question. Rivers, Flacco or I could even pick up Sanchez?

  26. Jeff says:

    @Neek81: Big Ben and Jeffery/Amendola

  27. Neek81 says:

    Andy dalton or big ben and plz pick 2 alshon jefery amendola stephen hill titus young

  28. PureBwa says:

    Not thrilled at all about Kevin Smith going against the 49ers… would you start any of these guys over him:

    Sidney Rice
    Danny Amendola
    Brandon LaFell

    (.3 PPR – don’t ask)

  29. Jeff says:

    @JJ: Tough because Jones plays tonight. I would go with him to be safe. Don’t play Redman.

  30. JJ says:

    Hey trying to figure out my flex for this week. Isaac Redman or James Jones? I also have Jeremly Maclin but I am assuming he is out for week 2.

  31. Adam R says:

    Thanks man… I agree, the guy is desperate for RB help, but doesnt have anything else of interest for me, said he wouldnt move A.Johnson. Will prob back off this trade unless he throws in his only blue chip. Think I will play Cobb tonight just for spectating purposes! Good luck!

  32. Jeff says:

    @Adam R: Ive got Decker higher above, but with Jennings looking doubtful, Cobb looks a lot more appealing. Honestly, I see two guys as close to dead even, I always go with the guy playing in a “prime time” game to give me something to root for. Not so scientific, but that’s my personal tiebreaker for my teams! For the trade, I would aim higher than that if Charles is included. I don’t think Freeman is too special, and Jennings is battling injuries already. I do like Smith, however. If you are giving up a #1 RB (Charles) plus more, try to get a better WR back. You have the upper hand since the RB landscape is shady right now.

  33. Adam R says:

    Thank you, so u like Cobb over Decker this week eh?? At least that will bring some interest to tonights game…
    Quick trade?
    Would you trade JCharles KSmith A.Collie for
    JFreeeman, GJennings TSmith, I would be giving up the RBs as I am deep in that spot for back up QB help and a legit no 1 receiver when Jennings is healed??
    Thanks Again!!

  34. Jeff says:

    @Adam R: McCoy, Charles and Lloyd, Brown, Cobb

  35. Jeff says:

    @tyler: Sorry, I missed that. Doesn’t sound like Mathews will play, and although Collie should, that may be a risky one as well. Starting Bush tonight is the safest move.

  36. Adam R says:

    Hello, need some help…
    Pick 2 LMcCoy, JCharles, DMartin, K Smith
    Pick 3, LLoyd, Floyd, Decker, A.Brown, Cobb
    Thank you kind sir

  37. Jeff says:

    @Alex: RGIII does have a solid matchup and looked awesome week 1, but Romo is the better play. He has so many options at his disposal right now, he should be able to put up numbers even in a tough environment.

  38. Alex says:

    Who do you like this week between Romo vs Seattle or RG3 vs Stl?

  39. Jeff says:

    @CP: I would rank those LaFell, Collie, McCluster, Hawkins, although I would wait and see if Collie is able to play in week 2 before grabbing him if you have limited moves, as he is about as risky as they come. For TE, I like Olsen but just SLIGHTLY more than Rudolph. You could go either way here with no issue, but that’s how I would lean.

  40. CP says:

    Going forward who do yo guys like: LaFell, McCluster, Collie, or Andrew Hawkins? .5 PPR league with limited roster moves.

    Also, Olsen or Rudolph going forward?


  41. Jeff says:

    @mt: Thanks! As for the trade, if you can make that deal happen, then go for it. Cobb may be legit, but scoring a back like Mathews is tough. You would have quite the 3 RB set if you made that deal.

  42. mt says:

    Looking to trade ALF, Hilis and Cobb for Britt and Matthews…does this seem feasible? I could add Wayne, Dez or Lloyd instead of others…thoughts….have MJD/D. Murray/Leshoure thanks,, great site as always

  43. Jeff says:

    @Sully: Wayne, Nicks, Maclin. Make sure Nicks/Maclin are good to go but they should be playing this week.

  44. Sully says:

    PPR 2 WR, 1 flex: Wayne, Nicks, Maclin, Decker, Sproles, M. Bush (Starting RBs: Rice, Peterson) Thanks.

  45. Jeff says:

    @Alshon jeffery: COBB

  46. Alshon jeffery or cobb in 14 ppr at flex says:

    14 team ppr cobb or alshon tonight

  47. Jeff says:

    @Neek81: Stick with Smith, despite the bad matchup

    @Tyler: If Mathews plays, him, otherwise Bush. Not sure on Collie’s status yet.

    @Alex: Davis.

    @JoeH: Its between Sproles and Alfie. Bench Morris out of those.

    @AdamH: Cobb.

  48. AdamH says:

    Doc, best flex play in 0.5 PPR: Kevin Smith @ SF, Kenny Britt @ SD, Pierre Thomas @ Car, or Randall Cobb v Chi? Thanks!

  49. JoeH says:

    Non-PPR, 2 RB 1 Flex, Who do I bench? Martin, Lynch, Sproles, Alf. Morris.

  50. Alex says:

    .5 PPR should i start fred davis or jared cook? Thanks

  51. Tyler says:

    PPR Flex: Collie, M Bush, or R Matthews? Thanks

  52. Neek81 says:

    16 team ppr who best flex option k smith jaquizz doug baldwin or laurent robinson

  53. Jeff says:

    @Seth: Just a nod to the more proven guys ahead of him, I guess. Nothing against Ridley, he looked great and could do it again against ARZ’s D that did a mediocre job with Lynch last week.

    @Michael Shermer: I would drop Ingram for him if you can survive the next month without an RB in that spot.

  54. Michael Shermer says:

    Fred Jackson was dropped in my league. Would you drop Wells or Ingram for him?

  55. Seth says:

    Why do you have S Ridley so low? Is the cardinals run d better than the titans? Nd didn’t Ridley look like a stud?

  56. Jeff says:

    @Tom: I would probably play Jones to be safe unless you have another decent option to switch in on Sunday if Garcon sits out.

    @DiRo: I would still start Smith despite the brutal match up. He’ll still get work through the air.

    @JP: Not sure what sides you’re on, but I like the Torrey Smith side, and the Spiller/DHB side.

  57. JP says:

    2 separate trade Q’s: Alfred Morris for Torrey Smith? and Spiller and DHB for Sproles? (both PPR leagues)

  58. DiRo says:

    Should I start Kevin Smith or Erik Decker in my flex for standard ESPN?

  59. Tom says:

    Start Sit WR3/Flex .5 PPR

    Garcon vs James Jones..I’m leaning toward J. Jones with the injury to Jennings and Garcon being banged up..thoughts?

  60. Jeff says:

    @Diro: If you need RB, thats a decent deal.
    @Walldogg!: DeMarco Murray ran over the Giants pretty easily in week 1, so Martin is capable of doing the same this week. I’ll take Martin +4 for $.05
    @Manuel: Don’t give up on Staff. WR- Wayne and Cobb RB- Charles, Smith, Benson, Bush how I have them. TE- Rudy this week against Indy D- I like Cincy this week

  61. Manuel says:

    Matthew Stafford or Jay Cutler? After Stafford’s abysmal showing I am unsure about him.
    WR: Reggie Wayne, Randall Cobb, Emmanuel Sanders and Stephen Hill, pick 2 (my other two starters are Decker and A. Brown, unless you think they have a bad matchup pick 3 then lol).
    RB: Kevin Smith (sitting him), Cedric Benson (not sure what to do with him), Jamaal Charles and Michael Bush, who to start?
    TE: Jermaine Gresham, Denis Pitta or Kyle Rudolph?
    Def: I have the GMen but they buried me last week, drop em for perhaps Bengals since the Browns stink or stick with them against TB?

  62. Walldogg! says:

    I know you guys like Doug Martin, but that seems like a crazy high ranking with other solid RB’s below him. Plus I don’t think Giants D got terrible over night, their corners may be bad, but I think they’ll recover with the 11 days or whatever since the last game.

    I’ll take Bradshaw in that same game (-4) fantasy points over Martin.

    -The Walldogg!

  63. DiRo says:

    Jeff would you trade Rodgers/Garçon/P. Thomas for Brady and J. Charles?

  64. Jeff says:

    @Robert: Stick with the guy on the FAR better offense, Hartley.

  65. Robert says:

    Yes, it’s a kicker question: Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein or Garrett Hartley RoS? I’m loving the range on Zuerlein (and bonus points associated with it), and while his floor seems a bit lower than Hartley’s, I keep thinking about switching them out and taking advantage of the Rams inability to score TDs. Am I nuts or should I add The Leg?

  66. DiRo says:

    I was offered Brady/Charles for my Rodgers/Garçon/P. Thomas.

    Should I go for it with my F. Jackson injured again and at this age it worries more so.

    Rest of my team is;
    RB-Ridley/S. Jackson
    WR-Bowe/Smith/Burleson/K. Wright

  67. Jeff says:

    @Alex: I would take Cobb, McGahee, Benson until we get a better feel for how much Britt will play later this week. I do have Britt ranked, but its pretty low and the FantasyPros ranks only list the top consensus 50. I just want to hear more details of his snap count before moving him up. If it sounds like he will be good to go, sub him for McGahee.

    @Petter: Chris Johnson was a 1st rounder a week ago, so start with 1st/2nd round types and keep going until you get a bite. I would hold Morris right now and see what he does against St. Louis this week.

    @Robert: Kevin Smith, even in a tough matchup. Stick with Vick, and I would play Spiller.

  68. Jeff says:

    @Marrett: I would go with Pitta. He looked good in the new Baltimore no huddle.

    @Randy: 1) I would drop him for Morris in that setup. Even if ‘Quizz takes more of the workload, you gotta think Turner will still handle the goal line. 2) I would drop him for Cobb.

    @Mikey: I would not.

  69. Robert says:

    Kevin Smith, Sidney Rice, or Nate Washington for flex PPR this week? Also thoughts on Luck vs Vick and Spiller vs C. Johnson?

  70. Petter says:

    Which other RB:s would you trade Chris Johnson for right now? Feel like I need to unload him before he puts up another stinker. (And another…and another…)

    And what do you think about Alfred Morris, hold on or sell high rightaway?

  71. Alex says:

    Need to pick 3 out of 4 in a standard scoring league: Britt (@SD), Cobb (vs. Chi), Mcgahee (@Atl), Benson (vs. Chi)? Rank as if Greg Jennings doesn’t play…

    Also, do you guys not rank Britt because you don’t see him doing anything on a limited snap count? Even against Quentin Jammer with a broken hand?

  72. Mikey says:

    Early lineup question. Provided Jennings it out, would you start Cobb over Maclin or T. Smith in the Philly/Ravens game at WR3?

  73. Craig says:

    I would like to pick up Dwyer, but that would require me to drop DHB or Blackmon. Is this a good idea or am I reaching/hoping on Dwyer and better off keeping these 2 wr’s on my bench?

  74. Randy says:

    RBs: MJD, DMC, D Martin, Benson, Quizz Rodgers
    WRs: A Johnson, Nicks, R Wayne, Garcon, DHB

    I’m in a TD heavy league (1pt/25 yds, 6pt/TD).

    1) Should I drop Quizz for Mendenhall (looking down the line) or for Alfred Morris, or keep him?

    2) Should I drop DHB for Ogletree or Cobb?

  75. Ray says:

    you guys are aware that kenny britt is playing this week right?

  76. Marrett says:

    Pick up Bennett or Pitta to sit the bench behind Graham?

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