Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 11 Staff Ranks November 14, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 11 is quickly upon us, and brings the last batch of bye weeks for the season, in addition to a huge crop of replacement quarterbacks. We will be without all Titans, Seachickens, Vikings, and Giants this week, so make sure to peruse The Fake Football Staff Rankings for the perfect bye week savior to help you team grab a critical week 11 victory. As always, feel free to leave any lineup questions/comments/concerns in the comments below…

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  1. Sreve C says:

    Whoops Also wanted ur advice for PPR Flex …IF Sproles plays go with him or is Brye Brown a better play against Carolina ..Thanx

  2. Sreve C says:

    Desperately Need a fill in for Big Ben ..Kaepernick, Cutler, Locker , Wilson (Tried Foles last week and he killed me) Lost buy 5pts and now fighting for p/o Life

  3. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: Staff, Mega, Crab, Alexander, Martin, Charles, Chandler (bye week fill in), Andre Brown, Bennett, Britt, Beanie, Garcon. Just traded Decker for Charles & dropped Ivory for Garcon. Should I start Crabtree vs. Bears or Garcon vs. Phi as WR2?

  4. Jermichael says:

    I proposed Vernon for Reece, what about Vernon for Garcon? He has Hernandez & Finley at TE.

  5. Ghost says:

    H.Miller or Myers ros?

  6. Angelo Hankerson says:

    Which two would you start of the following 3?

    Julio Jones (vs. Arizona)
    Jordy Nelson (@Detroit)
    Denarius Moore (vs. New Orleans)


  7. ABE says:

    Would you trade TRich in return for S. Ridley plus any one (1) of these WRs: VJax, Colston or Amendola? If so, pls rank which WR to ask for.


  8. B.J. says:

    Two trade offers I’ve received in my 12 team nonPPR

    Trade 1 i get Romo and Andre Johnson I give SJax and Dwayne Bowe

    Trade 2 I get M. LeShoure and J. Bell I give Lance Moore and Daniel Thomas

    I’d be getting a WR upgrade over Bowe and can play matchups at QB with Romo, Rivers and Luck. While I’d be losing SJax as my flex guy I’d have the Detroit backfield locked up with LeShoure and Bell. And would use LeShoure as my weekly flex.

    Should I do these deals?
    My roster
    QB- Luck WR- Dem. Thomas, Fitz, Bowe
    RB- Forte, Spiller Flex- SJax
    TE- Daniels K- Prater D- Balt
    Bench- Rivers, DRich, DHB, Cincy D, N. Washington, Lance Moore

    • B.J. says:

      And I now have a third trade offer. I get Foster and Dez. I give Forte, Fitz and Luck. Do all three?

      • Jeff says:

        Wow, lots of trade action, nice. I think these sound pretty good. You would end up with a solid team after all three deals. Romo/Rivers at QB isnt bad considering the upgrades you would get at RB and WR. If you’re comfortable with it, go for it.

  9. Jeff says:

    Ya, I would do that deal with your current group of RBs

    • Jermichael says:

      Pretty stoked, he accepted it! 10 Team PPR: Luck, Eli, Wayne, Marshall, Cruz, Dez, Amendola, Rice, AP, DMC, Beanie, D Thomas, Gates, Vernon, HOU. Our trade deadline is the 30th, thinking about trying to trade Vernon, I realize the only teams that will bite have to be pretty desperate at TE. What kind of player is Vernon worth?

      • Jeff says:

        Good looking team. I don’t think you are really going to get anything for Vernon Davis these days, but its worth a shot. I guess you could shoot for a lower level WR.

  10. Jeff says:

    Ya, I agree. I think it’s pretty even.

  11. Sal says:

    D. Alexander or beanie wells in the flex spot for the rest of the season?

  12. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: Would you trade Decker for Charles? Here is my team, our trade deadline is today. Staff, Mega, Decker, Crabtree, Alexander, Britt, Martin, Ivory, A Brown, Beanie, Bennett, Chandler (bye week fill in, dropping him asap), Janikowski, SF D.

  13. JohnnyKielbasa says:

    Would you trade McGahee for D. Moore….my RBs are Gore, Spiller, MJD, Stephens WRS are Harvin, Hartline, Shorts, Kerley..thinking its probably a decent deal for me given my shortage of WRs.

  14. AdamH says:

    ROS. Mendy or LSH?

  15. B.J. says:

    Who do you like more for ROS? Dez Bryant or Larry Fitz? Non PPR LEAGUE.

  16. kml says:

    help! daniel thomas or chris ivory? 12 team non ppr

  17. Sven says:

    Also, would you start one of those guys over Malcolm Floyd this week since he will most likely have Champ Bailey all over him?

  18. Sven says:

    10 team PPR league. I have to fill a few flex spots in a league with a lot of starters. Start 3 of these 4 “D’s”: Donnie Avery, Donald Jones, Darren Sproles (only a question because of the health concern), Dustin Keller

  19. Mike says:

    PICK 2: Morris, Ridley, Richardson, McGahee, DMC
    PICK 2: Moore, Nelson, Cobb, James Jones, Crabtree, Donald Jones
    FLEX (Pick 1 from the above)

    I’m leaning Morris, Ridley, Richardson, Nelson and Cobb.

  20. JohnnyKielbasa says:

    Where would you rank Garcon if he is active?

  21. Ghost says:

    Current team hurting at RB

    QB- Romo
    WR – Fitz, Bryant, Cobb
    RB – DMC, F-jax, Wells, Jennings, Reece
    TE – Miller

    Matthews owner looking to unload him for a WR…tried to get him to take llyod wouldnt bite only options are either fitz or bryant….im a little reluctant to trade bryant because i have romo and i think hes in for a decent stretch run right now…whereas fitz has a horrendous stretch run schedule and is just as inconsistent as bryant…who would you rather give up for matthews?

  22. Blanket says:

    Am I crazy for benching Marshall and starting Denarius instead? Maybe take a game to see how Marshall does with Campbell at QB? I just feel like Denarius is going to destroy it this week!

    • Jeff says:

      I agree, Moore is going to be awesome this week. I think they are close enough for you to make that switch if it would make you more comfortable.

  23. Icaro says:

    Start 2 this week: 0.5 PPR

    Wallace, M. Willians, DHB, Shorts

    Rank for ROS: 0.5 PPR

    Decker, Wallace, Amendola, D. Moore, Britt, Shorts


  24. joe says:

    ppr can u pick two: torrey smith, danario alexander, donnie avery?

  25. Glenn says:

    One more QB question. Luck or Freeman. Thanks again

  26. Glenn says:

    Stafford or Palmer, .5 per completion. Thank you.

  27. tehc says:

    Building out my bench and would appreciate your advice ROS, PPR 0.5:

    QB (Pick 1): R. Wilson or J. Locker?
    WR/TE Pick (1): D. Alexander, R. Broyles, J. Cook?
    RBs (Pick 4): M. Ingram, B. Pierce, R. Turbin, J. Starks, J. Dwyer, J. Stewart, E. Royster, R. Hillman, D. Wilson?

    • Jeff says:

      JStew/Starks/Ingram/Dwyer…unless you have Lynch/Rice/McGahee, in which case I would take one of the handcuffs.

  28. Herschel says:

    PPR league, can start 3 of the following. Who do you like.

    Decker vs sd
    Andre Johnson Vs jax
    Dez vs cle
    Amendola Vs nyj

  29. jim parkey says:

    Own Mathews and would like to start him over Felix Jones/Reece but not understanding the rank. He’s been getting pulled for Brown by Turner in passing situations/playing behind. Why the #10 rank this week – am I missing something? Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Mathews actually out carried Brown 17-4 last week and was targeted twice as much (6-3). Mathews is still getting huge workload and that is pretty valuable. I do think Reece is a good play this week too, and I have him only 4 spots below Mathews.

  30. Mungfisher says:

    So do I start both Miami RBs? I’d normally prefer not to but only other option is Donario Alexander at the flex.

    • Jeff says:

      I think you could play Alexander at your flex. He is getting a solid amount of looks in the SD offense and looks like a good option. Great matchup for Miami this week though, so I do understand the temptation to play both. I would go Bush/DX this week, but this week should give us a better idea of how the Miami backfield will be split up going forward.

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