Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 14 Staff Ranks December 5, 2012  |  Jeff

This is it! The fake football playoffs have finally arrived! After all the rankings, waiver claims, and trade debate, it’s finally time to strap on the big boy pants and get ready for battle. Below are the best tool the fantasy world has to offer: The Fake Football Staff Rankings. Dig in, and as always, feel free to leave those crucial lineup questions in the comments. Good luck!

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135 Responses

  1. DJ Twan says:

    PPR, Maclin, Anquan, Josh Gordon: pick 2.

  2. freddy says:

    Hey guys,

    Do i start Givens over B. Wells this week?

  3. Mel says:

    PPR league: start 3 RB out of D Martin, B Brown, CJ Spiller, & A Morris. Start 1 at WR: D Alexander, C Givens, J Blackmon. Thanks for the help!

  4. Abs says:

    V close but who to start between Steelers, Browns or Jets D.

  5. Scott says:

    Vick Ballard or Antonio Brown, PPR? Thanks.

  6. Brad Graham says:

    Antonio Brown, DX or Givens? 0.5 PPR

  7. Brian says:

    Britt or Alex Green flex? Feel like Britt can explode this game and Alex Green will get a heavy workload but still has not impressed.

    Also can’t pick a K. Bailey or Gould? Seems like weather in CIncy will be ugly whereas Gould is in a dome. Thanks!

    • Chet says:

      Yeah, both have upside, but have yet to have big games. I’ve been saying Britt is going to explode at any time and he’s left me a bitter old man. I’m going with Green because he should at least see the call 15-20 times. Britt has more upside if you are in the need of a big day.

  8. Jonathan says:

    Martellus or Olsen? Nicks (given that he may be a GTD) or Britt?

  9. Jeremiah says:

    Which guy would u sit? Vincent Jax, Dez Bryant, Roddy White, Arian Foster, Cj2k, or Bryce Brown? Thanks

  10. Johnny Kielbasa says:

    Riddled w/injuries….my flex options are: Hartline, M. Thomas, K. Wright, D. Pitta…pick one please.

  11. Banjoe says:

    PPR Flex Mike Williams vs weak Eagles Def., Sproles or Antonio Brown?

  12. Stinkyjak says:

    If you also have Matt Stafford at QB, would you start Stevan Ridley (NE vs HOU) or would you sacrifice up side and try to hedge with Mikel Leshoure (DET at GB)?

  13. V says:

    if Amendola plays, do I proceed with Givens still? 1ppr

  14. Marc says:

    Bnched Texans D, and picked up Clev. D for this week. Cincy D is avail. Pick them up and drop a D for depth? thanx

  15. Angelonia Hankersonia says:

    Pls rank the top 2 RBs from the following for ROS:

    D. Wilson, R. Turbin, E. Royster, B. Pierce, S. Vereen, R. Hillman

    • Jeff says:

      Would obviously change if any of those guys would provide a handcuff to one of your current RBs, but Wilson and Vereen.

  16. G Valdez says:

    In PPR need a flex out of Mikel Leshoure, Denario Alexander or Josh Gordon. In my other league same problem need a flex out of Fred Jackson, Denario Alexander, Josh Gordon or Jeremy Maclin

  17. Max says:

    Who should I start in a .5 for ppr. Dwyer, Owens, J. Rodgers, or A. Green. Right now I am starting the Jets defense, if you pick owens would you recomend taking the Jags defense instead?

  18. B-Real says:

    I need to start a WR2 between Stevie Johnson, Chris Givens and James Jones. Considering the possible weather conditions for the buffalo game and Jordy Nelson’s injury, who do you like? Also, I am playing against A Rodgers, if that factors into your decision.


  19. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: I put a waiver in for Reece & dropping JStew. Do you think it’s really worth it? My RB2 situation is below par. JStew, Beanie, Alex Green. I have a bye this week, but will have to start 1 of them next week. Also, last on waivers so it’s probably doubtful I will be able to claim Reece. Do you think it’s worth it to put a waiver on any of these options & who would you drop between the RBs I have. Woodie, Tate, Ingram, Hillis, D Rich, Ivory……I’m thinking about rolling with Green unless there is a major RB injury this weekend. Even then I doubt I will be able to claim them, being in 1st place!

    • Jeff says:

      Ya I think Green is worth a play this week over the other available options, and I agree, you probably won’t land Reece with last priority.

  20. B-Real says:

    Also, I am playing against A. Rodgers if that factors into you decision.


    • Jeff says:

      With Stevie questionable, I would go towards Givens. I doubt Amendola will do much if he suits up, so Givens should be good again this week. Jones didnt do anything beside the one TD catch last week and Jordy missed most of that game as well.

      • B-Real says:

        Thank man, I appreciate it. Also, would like Chet’s feedback as well….Its my first round of the play-offs…..I got to get this one right. Brandon Myers screwed me last night,


  21. B-Real says:

    I need to start a WR2 between Stevie Johnson, Chris Givens and James Jones. Considering the possible weather conditions for the buffalo game and Jordy Nelson’s injury, who do you like?


  22. Marc says:

    Is Larry Fitz droppable for depth? drop him for F Jax, Russell Wilson, or Quizz?

    • Jeff says:

      It really would depend on the rest of your roster. If those guys you would pick up are depth, like you said, I probably wouldn’t. Give Skelton once more shot to see if he can get Fitz more looks.

  23. chris says:

    deangelo williams or larry fitz at my flex?

  24. will says:

    would you rather have Torrey Smith or Garcon ROS?

  25. josh says:

    u missed me – matt ryan or andrew luck?

  26. Steve C says:

    Having hard time deciding on PPR WR from DX (worried about the Steelers pass D) Antonio Brown w/Ben back starting OR gamble w/Mike Williams against the Eagles? Also have Blackmon but not thrilled about him being shadowed by Cromartie? Appreciate ur advice ..Thanx

  27. Kyle says:

    Alex green, dmc, Matthews, Ballard. Pick two. Thanks.

  28. George Churchwell says:

    Standard Flex pick one McFadden, Maclin or Avery

  29. alex says:

    PPR Flex: AGates, DHB, RCooper, ESanders? Need 1

  30. josh says:

    Matt Ryan or Andrew Luck

  31. brandon says:

    Reggie bush against 49ers d or moreno tonight against oak?

  32. Muscle Ferret says:

    Flex Standard: Quiz, Ryan Matthews, Avery, or Wright?

  33. John says:

    Moreno over Ridley, Leshoure, Sproles in non ppr? And Moreno over gore, Morris, Murray in a .5ppr?

  34. Brown Unicorn says:

    Need two: DX, Givens, or Nicks?

  35. josh says:

    standard league – I have 1 WR spot and 1 Flex to fill out of these 4 – Josh Gordon, stevie johnson, mcfadden, montel owens. Who would you put in??

  36. alex says:

    Need your advice Dynasty deep league PPR WR need 2 ESanders, RCooper, DHB or GLittle?

  37. Indiepino says:

    Dmac, Alex Green, or Ridley in a PPR?

  38. Ghost says:

    Got some problems at WR/FLEX—- full PPR/Bonus league

    current lineup

    QB- Brady
    WR- Smiff
    WR – Fitz (such a shame)
    RB – Charles
    RB -Morris
    TE – Rudolph
    Flex (R/W/T) Alex Green

    Bench – Amendola,Britt, H.Miller, J-Stew, Reece

    I really dont know what to do with Fitz ive been playing him all year and I really want to bench him but a piece of me will die if i bench him and he somehow some way puts up a 20 spot…would you play either briit or amendola(if playing) over fitz? which then leads me to the flex if amendola is playing im leaning towards throwing him in there but if he is not whos the better flex play green, briit or heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaathhhhhhh

    • Jeff says:

      I would play Fitz over both of them at WR. Amendola will be a game time call as of now. I think Green is a bit shady, but probably your best bet at flex unless there is some good news released about Amendola released this weekend.

  39. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: I’m having RB2 issues, JStew is pretty much done, Beanie isn’t doing much, I picked up Alex Green. Someone dropped Reece, do you think it’s worth it to pick up Reece? Who should I drop: JStew or Green?

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily drop either of them. Green should get some decent touches from here on out, and Stew should be back next week. Who knows how much Reece will be involved now with DMC back.

      • Jermichael says:

        With DMC injured again, I’m thinking about dropping JStew for Reece & keeping Green. I guess the commish in my 14 team league told another member he’s dropping me because of profanity!

  40. Cramer says:

    Standard league : Cobb, maclin, Antonio brown, Alexander, decker. Gotta pick 3

    PPR league: spiller, sproles, bge, forte gotta pick 2

  41. Jermichael says:

    On another note, would you rather start Bilal Powell, Woodie, D Rich, Ingram, Pierce or Ivory as a RB2?

  42. Jermichael says:

    I hear ya, but he has already banned me from the league so I can’t even log into it! I was planning on dumping my players & what not but I couldn’t even do that! He won’t respond to my e-mails anymore & won’t budge about paying me what he owes me. It’s bullshit but at least I have a 1st round bye in my other 2 leagues! I just REALLY want to play him 1 more time!

  43. Jermichael says:

    Any advice!?!? I just want to finish the season (& beat the commish) but the shady, cheating commish won’t let me. I think it’s a lost cause at this point, but he owes me $ from weekly most points award that he is refusing to pay me. I think he forgot this is just a game!

    • Jeff says:

      Man, thats a strange situation. I don’t know anyone who could really help. I guess my advice would be to maybe email the commish and ask him his honest thoughts about the scenario and then ask him what he wants you to do to get unlocked from the site. If he is still a dick after that, then you might as well play it out and then quit next season. Or dump all your players right now haha

  44. Michael says:

    I own DMC. My other possible starts at what now might be considered my RB2 spot are: F-Jax, Beanie, Moreno, Mendy. Do I give DMC a shot and start him tonight? Non-ppr for whatever that’s worth.

  45. Brad Graham says:

    0.5 PPR
    Luck or Romo?
    DX or Chris Givens?

  46. Cramer says:

    Cobb, maclin, Antonio brown, Alexander, decker. Gotta pick three

    PPR league spiller, sproles, bge, forte gotta pick 2

  47. Christian Ponder says:

    Std scoring: Gates, Tamme (if stokley sits), or Marcedes Lewis? Celek and Clark are on the wire too.

    Maclin l, Gordon, Givens, A Brown. Pick 2. Thanks!

  48. cheezygood says:

    Leshoure or Moreno at Flex spot this week? Standard scoring with 5 points bonus for 100 yds.

  49. phil says:

    Gentlemen. Here is the lineup I’m planning on rolling with Week 14–first round of playoffs, and my bench. Standard scoring. Any thing you’d do differently? Any compelling reason to un-bench R.Mathews and start him @ Flex over Hilton? Thanks.
    QB- RG3
    WR- Vjax
    WR -G. Jennings
    RB – B.Brown
    RB- BJGE
    TE – Miller
    FLEX- Hilton
    K- Hanson
    D/ST- Jets
    BENCH –

  50. USANFL says:

    Forbath vs. Ravens or Zuerlein vs. Bills?

  51. Robert says:

    Hey Jeff….need help with a few positions. Need 2 RBs, 1 WR, and 1 FLEX out of the following: Julio, Wayne, Ridley, Gore, Leshoure, SJax. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Lean Julio barely over Wayne. Feels like 2009, but Gore and SJax at RB this week, and then I would play Wayne at flex.

  52. Mungfisher says:

    Which turd should I start at RB2 in a PPR league: Dwyer, Mathews, McFadden. Dissension among the ranks of the Fake Football staff on these three. Does PPR change your assessment?

    • Jeff says:

      Brutal. The issue here is obviously the unknown involvement level of DMC and the horrible matchup (and performance) of Mathews. I personally prefer Mathews, but the others like Dwyer. Go with your gut! Or flip a coin. Or go to a fortune teller. Or just play Mathews…your choice. Good luck!

  53. Jackie Chiles says:

    Sit one (PPR plus return yards 1pt per 10):
    Cruz, Julio, Wayne, Cobb

  54. Rusty says:

    Pick 3:
    Garcon, Colston, Dez, Danario Alexander…

  55. V says:

    1ppr, 3 – 100yds, need 3:


    thinking of rolling with the *s. tough to sit Stevie but it seems like he’s not a red zone target at all with Chandler there

  56. Michael says:

    Have to choose two of these guys:

    Torrey Smith
    Steve Smith
    Pierre Garcon


  57. y4rivera says:

    I’m having trouble picking 3: Martin, BGE, Murray, Bryce, McFadden

  58. Dumpy says:

    Knowshon vs OAK or Roddy vs CAR, in a PPR?

  59. jim parkey says:

    For my flex (non-PPR), Blackmon, Britt, Fitzgerald or Pettigrew?

  60. Billy says:

    Struggling with injuries I need 1 WR and 1 flex between d. Moore, golden Tate, Lloyd, quizz, m. Owens and Pierre Thomas, thanks

  61. rob J says:

    Need 2(ppr)


    TE- Randolph or Olsen(same league,ppr)


  62. James says:

    Pick 2 RB’s to start in PPR- Richardson, Forte, Ridley, Morris.


    Pick one for Flex in PPR- Golden Tate or Montell Owens.
    P.S….Damn u Percy Harvin for being placed on IR.


    • Jeff says:

      Go with both rookies at RB.

      I would go with Tate at flex. Who knows with Owens really. Jennings is still in the picture (even though he sucks)

      And I am with you on Harvin! This site was a big proponent of Harvin in the preseason and he was absolutely killing it before he went down. Good luck, I am playing the “replace Percy” game right along with you!

  63. Dan says:

    10 Team No PPR: Need 1 WR and 1 Flex from:
    Cobb, DX
    McFadden, Matthews, R. Bush


  64. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: Start Alex Green over Beanie as RB2? Brees is my QB but would you start Rudolph over Graham? Flex: Garcon, DX, or James Jones? My 2 starting WRs are Dez & Cruz.
    10 Team PPR: Vernon or Gates? Flex: VJax, Wayne, DMC, Bowe or Ballard, thinking VJax.

    • Jeff says:

      I would play Beanie over Starks. Stick with Graham at TE, he will bounce back nicely and you gotta love the double dip when Brees hooks up with him. At flex, go with Pierre, he is on fire. I personally like Gates over VD, but the other guys like Davis, so go with your gut there. In the other flex, stick with VJax.

      • Jermichael says:

        Yeah I like to draft a qb/wr combo, in Brees’s case Graham is the best combo. Beanie over Green even though Starks is done for the year? I realize they are both poor options! I’m still on the fence about Vernon & Gates. Here is a bigger issue, Ive been banned from my 14 team league for calling out the Commish for being super shady. He kicked someone out in week 3 for not paying there dues, I called him out & he locked me out of everything but add/drop/trades. Anyways, the other day I was going to post smack talk on my bro-in-laws matchup & realized I am still locked out! I figured winning is more smack talk then saying anything to him so I just realized I was still locked out! I got super pissed at the commish so he banned me & told me he won’t pay me the bonus $ I’ve won over the season. I’m sick of this & want to finish the season regardless of what place I finish. Fantasy Judgement is working on it because they also find it unacceptable. Do you know anyone at Yahoo who can interject before the thursday night game? This has been a headache & completely unfair!

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