Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 12 Staff Ranks November 21, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 12 welcomes in the glorious end of bye weeks, as well as a solid slate of Turkey Day NFL action. Sit back, slop another helping of yams onto your plate, and enjoy the Week 12 The Fake Football Staff Rankings. As always, leave those lineup questions in the comments below…

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  1. Mike says:

    Kendal wright or reggie bush at the flex?

  2. B-Real says:

    At TE, should I start A. Gates or Dwayne Allen?


  3. Herschel says:

    PPR flex help – B. Brown, Decker or DX?


  4. phil says:

    Hey Jeff/Chet, Two questions: Play Ballard or Bryce Brown? And…not much confidence in H.Miller w/out Ben. Dallas Clark & Dwayne Allen available? One of those TE’s a better choice/matchup this week? Standard Scoring. Thanks!

  5. gerbz says:

    Safe to drop Olsen with Hernandez putting in a full game?

    Also – Julio if he plays over Decker in a PPR.

  6. Angelonia Hankersonia says:

    In a PPR (0.5) league, please pick 1 for my flex spot:

    – Julio Jones (@Tampa Bay)

    – Matt Forte (v.s Minnesota)

    – Jordy Nelson (@NYG)

    – Angelonia Hankersonia

  7. AdamH says:

    0.5 PPR, start 1 of Dunbar, Daniel Thomas, or Britt.

  8. ThomasJ says:

    Week 12: Newton or Kaep?
    ROS: Newton or Kaep?
    thanks and happy thanksgiving!

  9. Tim Roberts says:

    1/2 PPR Flex spot:

    Lloyd, A.Brown, Ballard, Starks, or cross my fingers and pray McCoy starts Monday night? Must win matchup for me against a bum team.

  10. The Walrus says:

    2 Qs for W12:

    in a PPR 0.5 league where a QB TD throw=4…:

    1. Kaeperrnick or Romo?
    2. I need 1RB, 2 WRs and a Flex from the following 4:

    Julio (risk is if I wait for Julio and he does not play Sunday, then I would lose chance to play Broyles as well);
    Torrey Smith;
    R Broyles (plays Thursday);
    Bryce Brown; and
    J Stewart

  11. Herschel says:

    PPR league, B. Brown (or shady if he starts) or Morris. Also, am I crazy for wanting to start Kaepernick over Romo?

  12. Bakedghost says:

    Who do you like ROS IF he is the starter Kaepernick or Romo? Romo isnt exactly riding off into the championship sunset material and worries me, but then again I have dez so I like to keep them both in there…and if I was to roster Kaepernick I would have to drop Llyod for him (other wr’s are cobb, dez, and dx) would you feel comfortable doing that?

    Also got Miller and Rudolph rostered in another league but I dont like either one this week…who would you drop miller for? Olsen, Lewis, Allen, Cook, Clark, Celek….or should i just try my luck with Rudolph against CHI?

    • Jeff says:

      I think the QBs are close. We will know more after this weekend but I would lean Romo as of this second. And I like Allen or Olsen at TE.

  13. Keld says:

    Start 1 RB, 1 flex no PPR:

    Bryce Brown/Shady McCoy, Jonathan Stewart, Jeremy Maclin, Kenny Britt

  14. Icaro says:

    Plz, rank for ROS: roddy, vjax, v cruz, a johnson, nelson, nicks, d moore, wallace.


  15. Need 3 from Sjax, J Charles, McCoy, Bryce Brown, R Matthews, J Stewart.
    R hilman and B Wells still on waivers.
    And 1 from Fitz, Amendola, B Lloyd, Hbey, Bowe. Edelman on waivers too.

  16. LeShoure or Bryce Brown (.5PPR)

  17. Wilsonian says:

    Have an RB controversy in the mix. I don’t really like any of my guys this week. But here are my options:

    A. Brown

    It’s a bonus point league – 3 points at 100 yards rushing or 85 yards receiving; 6 points at 150 yards rushing or 135 yards receiving. Also is a 0.5 PPR league. I can only play two out of that group.

    I don’t trust Morris anyore, as it seems RG3 gets all the big time carries. He hasn’t found his way to the endzone since the middle of October. Forte sucks, especially with Cutler out, and he’s against Minny this week. Not sure he can be trusted much either (check his last few weeks, it’s like RB4 or 5 territory). I don’t really trust LeShoure against HOU (who’s probably PISSED), and he’s the early T-Giving game, so I could be in a big hole early if he tanks. Hillman, Brown, and Beanie can’t really be trusted either at this point in the game, although they all have good matchups and could surprise. Then Brown is decent, and if Bradshaw was for sure out, he’d be in the lineup. But I think Bradshaw is playing.

    Who are your two guys?

    • Jeff says:

      I agree with most of your points here. I do think Morris is probably still the most steady of the bunch, so he would be one I would play for sure. After that, I would play Forte, with Brown/Leshoure close. Forte has faced two of the toughest defensive fronts recently in HOU and SF, and MIN isn’t quite as good. Also, Cutler is practicing so there is at least a chance he could play. I would stick with those two.

  18. J Thomas says:

    Two to start: TRich, Charles, Reece.

    Richie scares me because how PIT stifled Rice last week, Peyton will likely destroy KC limiting Charles’ touches, and Reece seems a sexy start if he continues this pace. Your advice is appreciated.

    • Jeff says:

      I would play TRich and Charles, although I do like Reece a lot. TRich is really the only option in Cleveland and he will get a big enough workload to overcome a tough matchup. Baltimore just flat forgets Rice is on the field for stretches, and Cleveland seems much more dedicated to their stud back. I understand the KC concern about Charles (I own him too) but I still think that guy has so much talent that you can’t sit him even for someone playing as well as Reece.

  19. Should I trade Shorts for Steve Smith?

    • Jeff says:

      That’s tough. This is the old debate over the hot current player vs. the reliable vet. With as well as Shorts is playing, and the fact that Robinson and Gabbert are out, I probably wouldn’t. Keep riding Cecil until the wheels fall off.

  20. Alan says:

    Need to pick 2 for PPR

    Mathews, R Bush, Reece


    Palmer, Wilson, or Kaepernick

  21. KD says:

    I have Jordy going this weekend, do I roll with JamesJones too or do I look at picking up Alexander/Shorts (start 2 WR). Really need a W this week! thanks!

  22. freddy says:

    Hi, I got B. Lloyd, B. Wells or (if healthy) DMC on flex. Do I pick Lloyd over Wells if Hernandez is out?

    • Jeff says:

      If DMC is out, I would actually roll with Beanie. I think Hernandez will play and Lloyd will be playing behind Edelman this week.

  23. Ian says:

    Pick 1 for RB2 and 1 for Flex this week. Thanks!

    Vick Ballard, Ronnie Hillman, or Steven Jackson?

  24. Ghost says:

    Dont trust Miller at all with Batch starting dont think Heath’s ever had more than 2 catches when Batch is in there….need to win this week to stay in playoff hunt…who would you drop Miller for? Rudolph, Lewis, Black Unicorn, Finley, Clark or Allen?

  25. norrdeke says:

    Amendola hurting. Safe to play or beware?

  26. Ryan Klemm says:

    Non-PPR RB&Flex. Reece, Ronnie Hillman, Wells, Shorts, DAlexander, Bryce Brown, Edelman, or Ballard?

  27. Jamie says:

    Based on rankins my WRs are.


    I just have to hope that Moore goes well this week and leave Britt on bench.

  28. DiRo says:

    Hillman, T. Smith or D. Jackson. Need to go with 2 of them.

    Also Harvin or Mendenhall?

    • Jeff says:

      Hillman, T. Smith. I don’t want any part of those Philly skill guys right now. And as long as Harvin is active, definitely play him over Mendy.

  29. Brad says:

    Who will be the first 6 RBs off the board next year?

  30. David White says:

    I need to drop one guy to pick up Tynes for this week. Non-PPR


  31. Guy says:

    Need 3 of 6: Marcel Reece (@Cin), Vick Ballard (Buf), Bryce Brown (Car), Jonathan Stewart (@Phi), Jalen Parmele (Ten), Ronnie Hillman (@KC). Thanks!

  32. Rod says:

    Need one WR and Flex from: Julio, Hilton, Golden Tate Bridge, Bowe, Andre Brown, Olsen.

  33. Keld says:

    Fitzpatrick or Locker this week? Jeff likes Locker more than Fitz, Chet likes Fitz more than Locker (by a lot). Ugh. I can’t choose. Vick is on my bench :( I’m also starting Stevie Johnson if that makes a difference.

  34. Brad Graham says:

    Need 3 (0.5 PPR): Charles, Ridley, Reece, Mathews, Bryce Brown, Leshoure

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