Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 10 Staff Ranks November 7, 2012  |  Jeff

Week 10 has arrived and brings with it some exciting matchups and difficult bye weeks. Things kick off with Indy and Jacksonville on Thursday night, and finish off with the Chiefs on prime time, yet again! The headline battle of the weekend takes place when Atlanta travels to New Orleans for what promises to be a 77-63 shout out, so get ready for some serious fake football scoring. On the other end of the spectrum, players like Aaron Rodgers, RGIII, and Trent Richardson will need to be replaced this week as they rest up during their bye weeks. For the best replacements and the best rankings in the fantasy universe, simply scroll down…and as always, feel free to leave your lineup conundrums in the comments below…

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  1. Hal says:

    thinking cowboys will throw alot today…Romo over Cam vs Denver this week? thanks

  2. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: I am still undecided whether I should start Crabtree or Britt as my WR3…

  3. Nick says:

    Need to start 1 of these WRs.. Nicks (you’d think this is the pick no?), Titus, Broyles, or Heyward-Bey?

  4. mikeytuna says:

    Which two would you start at WR in a non-PPR league: Jones, Moore, Lloyd, or Nicks?
    Also, looking for a high-upside flex between any of the aforementioned WRs and Quizz and Redman. Thanks.

  5. rur says:

    My opponent is running Matthew Stafford at QB. Should I play Ryan Broyles (who may absorb points from Stafford) or stick with DeSean Jackson? Thanks!

  6. Brad Wall says:

    Is Dez vs. Torrey Smith a toss up?

  7. Melly says:

    Rudolph vs schiancoe at TE, also any deep sleeper recc?

  8. jim parkey says:

    For my flex: Reece, F. Jones, Hartline or Heyward-Bey….

  9. Bradley says:

    Hey guys,

    I got a couple of leagues going and need your help.

    Who do you like between G. Olsen, B. Myers or K. Rudolph?

    Who do you like between stevie johnson, d-jax or kenny Britt?

    Also, do you think issac redman is a viable flex option this week or do you think mendy or dwyer will get the start?

    Thanks again,

    • Jeff says:

      I like Olsen, Stevie, and I think you can probably start Redman if you don’t have any better options. Dwyer may steal some carries though.

  10. B.J. says:

    I’m in a 10 team nonppr 2 QB keeper league where you can keep up to 5 for an infinite amount of time.

    I was offered his Tom Brady and Ryan Mathews for my Andrew Luck and LeSean McCoy. Should I take it?

    My roster
    Qb1- Cam QB2- Luck
    RB- McCoy, LeShoure Flex- SJax
    WR- M. Wallace, VJax TE- Gresham

    Bench- Steve Smith, JStew, DWill, M. Bush, M. Floyd, Gabbert

    As of right now I suppose my keepers would be Luck, Cam, Shady, Wallace and either LeShoure, SJax, DWill or JStew.

    Should i take it or stick with what I’ve got? I’m in 4th place as of now.

    • Jeff says:

      No, I don’t think I would take that. If you can keep them forever, then you’ve got what appears to be a top level QB in Luck for the next 10+ years. I would hang onto him and Shady and not take on the headache of Mathews.

  11. Zandercage says:

    Pick three please – Rice, Mathews, D. Martin, S. Ridley.


  12. Elliot says:

    As an Owen Daniels owner and with HOU playing sunday night, I want to protect myself by picking up James Casey. Only problem: Casey doesn’t have TE eligibility on Yahoo. What are the chances Garret Graham gets those snaps?

  13. ccRagnar says:

    i feel like i’m setting myself up for a letdown playing steve johnson after his injury… what are the odds that a flier on danny amendola angainst SF will pay off over stevie?

  14. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: Who would you rather have on your bench, Kendall Hunter or Daryl Richardson. I have hunter but DRich just got dropped.

  15. B.J. says:

    Need a flex this week. Options are: Hilton, SJax, DHB, Drich, N. Washington, Daniel Thomas. Have Forte and Spiller at RB and Dem. Thomas, Bowe and Lance Moore at WR (Fitz is usually my WR2). Who gets the nod?

  16. Mike C says:

    The 49ers D was dropped, think i should drop ATL D for them?

  17. mikeytuna says:

    I have 2 WR spots and a Flex spot in a no-PPR league open with: Denarius, LLoyd, Julio, and Redman to fill them. I was thinking of going with Julio and Lloyd at WR and flex Redman. What do you think?

  18. Dan says:

    8 team PPR league. I currently have brandon Lloyd and Ryan Mathews penciled in as my WR3 and flex respectively. If Percy is active should I start him over one of those two?

    • Jeff says:

      That would really depend on how he practices tomorrow. If he sounds ready to go I would sub him in for LLoyd but that will be a game time call most likely.

  19. B.J. says:

    Hey fellas,

    Daniels didn’t practice again today and I may be in need of a TE with him potentially out this weekend. Would you drop any of the following guys: TY Hilton, Daryl Richardson, Nate Washington or DHB for Martellus Bennett, Brent Celek, Scott Chandler, Dwayne Allen or Jared Cook. 12 team nonPPR

    • Jeff says:

      I would probably drop Hilton, with Avery looking like he’ll play. Bennett and Allen are my favorite of those TE’s.

  20. alex says:

    For my flex: Vick ballard tonight or wait and play hnicks?

    • Jeff says:

      Boy, that’s tough. It sounds like Nicks is going to play, but unless you have yet another Sunday option you could sub in in case he is not, I would play Ballard. Brown will be out and the Jags aren’t great against the run. He’s the safer bet and hopefully he can find the endzone for ya tonight.

  21. sonofabeachy says:

    I’ve read that Taiwan Jones is practicing with the 1st team, and seems to be in line for the start if DMac/Goodson are ruled out (which they should be). So I’m a little curious why Reece is ranked so high ahead of Jones? Do you expect Reece to be the lead back, or just sort of that Joique Bell/Pierre Thomas type that might get 5 catches and a short yardage rushing TD?

    I have Pierre Thomas and Taiwan Jones both as options for FLEX, but I thought they’d be ranked a lot closer than they are.

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I hear ya. I did my original ranks before much of that news was released so I’ll have Jones a bit higher when I update them tonight but still will have Reece higher. I just expect Oakland to be throwing a ton and Reece is a machine in the passing game. Jones may still be useful but it’s very tough to call before we see them in action.

  22. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: If Locker starts, should I start Britt over Crabtree as my WR3? Still undecided about Luck or Eli this week, I have both Cruz & Wayne.

  23. Wilsonian says:

    Got Cobb and Morris on BYE, so I need a Flex play. 0.5 PPR, 3 point bonus at 85 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing, 6 point bonus at 135 yards receiving and 150 yards rushing. These are my options, who you playing:
    Andre Brown
    Titus Young, Sr.
    F. Jones
    J. Bell
    K. Britt
    E. Sanders

    I’m starting M. Ryan, Dez, DJax, Nicks, Forte, LeShoure, Felix, Witten, and Graham (yes we can play two TEs).

    Also, if Nicks is out, who are you subbing in for him?

    Thanks man.

  24. y4rivera says:

    I get Julio, Martin, Green Ellis
    Give Wallace, Charles, Mcgahee
    Should I do it?

  25. Elliot says:

    Crabtree or Vereen?

  26. Jamal says:

    12 team .5 PPR I have denarius moore as my flex right now. What do you think about trading him and vick ballard for Ridley and nate washington or ridley and titus young? Appreciate the help.

  27. Ben says:

    I’m a BUF fan, but I think Reggie Bush is a Top 5 this week…

    • Jeff says:

      I do think he’ll be good this week, but hard to bump him over many of the guys ahead of him due to the workload he’s been receiving lately.

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