So The Fat Lady Has Sung December 13, 2011  |  Mathew Passy

The Fantasy Football Playoffs are underway in a majority of leagues.  For those of you who are still competing and or won your first week, congratulations and good luck in your remaining games.  For the rest of you, my deepest condolences.  But just because you are out doesn’t mean you have to stop playing fantasy football. (This is especially good news if your favorite NFL team is also out of the hunt).  Several options exist to keep the competition going and for you to even win a few bucks.

This is the preferred Fantasy Football challenge of the Fake Football.  You will find our own @chetrazzball on there with a 10 team league.  (Spots might be full this week but keep checking)  The idea behind FanDuel is that you can sign up for a variety of different fantasy games, lasting one week or just one day and you can play for free or for some money with the chance to take home a nice cash prize.  You get a salary and you have to draft a team keeping it under the cap. Then watch and hope for the best.  Id recommend signing up and trying it for free first and then testing your luck and wallet.  The other aspect here is that you can sign up for as many leagues as you like in a week really giving you something to cheer for on Football Sunday

Very similar to Fanduel.  Free and pay games on a daily or weekly basis.  Sign up, pick a league and draft your team under the salary cap and then watch them compete and hope for the best.  One of my closest friends, who saw his fantasy year end the moment he drafted Peyton Manning, has been using DraftStreet all year to keep this football season interesting.  I activated an account a while ago and was recently awarded some great promotions including a 50% match of bets up to $100.

If you’ve watched even 10 minutes of football towards the end of the season in recent years, you’ve seen the commercial featuring Daniel Powter’s song “You’ve Had A Bad Day” advertising for the’s official playoff fantasy challenge.  Granted this wont start for a few weeks when the playoff picture is actually determined but its a fun challenge.  Once again you get a salary cap (based on points).  You draft a team at the first week trying to stay under the cap.  The tricky part of this league is that you can only make a certain number of moves for the entire playoffs.  So if you happen to draft a lot of players from a wild card team, you could wind up using a lot of your moves in week 2 and even leaving some empty slots for the rest of the playoffs.  The other tricky part is that you want to take players from the obvious favorite.  But their wildcard bye week means you’ll come up empty the first week of the playoffs.  An interesting an extremely challenging game.

Just some options to help you with your Fantasy Football fix if you’ve had a bad season and aren’t playing anymore, or if you’re in my league and you’re simply in the toilet bowl.

Good Luck all!

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