Running Back Dynasty Rankings June 9, 2013  |  Jeff

Welcome to The Fake Football’s 2013 Dynasty Rankings, where we dive in to the wild world of running backs. Feel free to click to find quarterback, wide receiver, and tight end ranks.

Running back is a bit more fickle than other positions in the dynasty world due to the age limitations on productive backs. Even with that factor, there are plenty of great top-level options to build around. Another differentiating feature for the RB position is the uncertainty surrounding multiple NFL backfields. There will be players skyrocketing up this list once training camps begin, so be sure to stay up on the latest NFL news here at The Fake Football and use those late round start-up dynasty picks on young, upside backs. We will spend more time analyzing the rankings below over the next few weeks.

Feel free to discuss/debate any rankings in the comments section below, and make sure to check out our updates as more NFL news is released this summer.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Charles is only 25.. not 27.

    • Jeff says:

      Good catch. Unfortunately those ages are straight from fantasypros so I can’t adjust them. I’ll shoot them a message and let them know that’s off.

  2. Shane says:

    I am in a 14 team PPR keeper league I am trying to decide who to keep. Peyton Manning cost me a 4th round pick, Cam Newton cost me a 9th round pick (I kept him last year after drafting him in 11th round, 2011, yes I won FFL Championship.) Randall Cobb cost me a 10th round pick. I like Newton and Cobb but Manning is very appealing this year with all those weapons to throw to.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree with you, go Cam and Cobb for sure. Peyton is definitely tempting but you’re getting far more value with Cam that late.

  3. steven says:

    Yeah i agree, good call on goodson forgot about those gun charges. Thanks for the advise, today is my first time coming to this site, like it alot, will be back for nfl and mlb fantasy updates!

  4. steven says:

    dont have to give up picks for keepers in this league. and its not ppr. yeah seen on a lot of sites they have them both right around the same range, its a tough one for me almost leaning towards ivory because of his upside and dont think goodson will squeeze too much time from ivory, whereas i could see mikel and company stealing time from bush as i dont know if i trust him as an every down back

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I know I have them very close in my redraft rankings. I agree with your rational and would probably lean Ivory at this point. Goodson is in some trouble with the gun charges and whatnot so who even knows if he’ll be in the picture at all. The carries appear to be all his as long as he’s healthy and Bush has more company in Detroit.

  5. STEVEN says:

    im in a 3 keeper 16 team league, i dont have a 2nd rnd pick (as i traded it for mikel leshoure) i also stashed ivory on my bench late last year and wondering who i should keep reggie bush (which makes me trading for leshoure that much more fustrating) or chris ivory? my other two keepers are andrew luck and larry fitz. I know bush might be good but i feel like mikel will steal all the goal line carries and hurt his td chances big time and kinda like ivory’s explosivness and potential.

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