Preseason DFS: Friday, August 19th August 19, 2016  |  Justin Bales


Nate Sudfeld (vs NYJ)

Sudfeld is a sneaky option for DFS this week. He was a highly productive player at Indiana, and he may have been selected higher in the draft if it weren’t for his injury history. He’s the third string quarterback on the Redskins, but he looked great in the first week of preseason, and they will likely want to evaluate him more before they make their final cuts. He threw for 89 yards and a score the first week, and he makes a fairly high risk, high reward option tonight.


Elijhaa Penny (at SD)

The Cardinals don’t seem interested in playing their starters much in preseason. They get an elite matchup against San Diego tonight, though, and they gave up over 150 yards and two touchdowns to the combination of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry last week. Penny totaled 15 carries for the Cardinals in their first preseason game, and he will likely take most of the carries again tonight. He’s an elite option.


Darius Jackson (vs MIA)

Jackson was a late round pick for the Cowboys. He won’t be the first player on the field for them, but he likely will be the most electric. He dominated at his Pro Day with two sub-4.4 40-yard dashes. He has speed to burn on the field, and every time he touches the ball, he has the chance to score a touchdown. He totaled 47 yards on 12 carries last week, and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks one for a long score. He’s a high upside player tonight.


Jakeem Grant (at DAL)

Grant has been drawing buzz the entire offseason for his exceptional work in the Dolphins offense. That was confirmed in the first week of preseason when he had four receptions for 68 yards. He’s an electric player whenever the ball is in his hands, and he also has the chance for a return touchdown. Preseason football is all about opportunities, and Grant should see plenty tonight, as the Dolphins try to justify keeping him on the roster. He should be a safe option, especially on DFS sites that have full PPR scoring.




Charone Peake (at WAS)  

Peake was one of the most shocking picks in the NFL Draft this season. He was selected in the seventh round, but he had the talent to go much higher. He was a bit of a steal for the Jets, and he displayed that in their first preseason game. He recorded four receptions for 45 yards and one touchdown. The Jets will likely continue to target their rookie, and he should have plenty of time to work again tonight.


Troy Niklas (at SD)

Niklas was a highly touted prospect coming out of Notre Dame, but he has been dealing with injuries in his NFL career. He’s finally healthy, and he has been competing for the Cardinals starting tight end job. In the first preseason game, he caught two passes for 44 yards, and he’ll make a big red zone target again this week. The Cardinals likely to swap out their players fairly quickly, but Niklas is oozing with potential.



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