Percy Beaucoup Fake Points May 13, 2012  |  Chet

Percy Harvin is a dynamic player who in the first half of last season was often snubbed in favor of the less talented, well, less everything in football terms, Devin Aromashodu. If you take a look-see below these here words at the numbers from last season, you’ll see a huge push in production in the second half of the season. The reason behind that jump in numbers is due to a concerted effort to get Harvin the ball, either as a running back or in the passing game. Why he wasn’t a bigger part of the offense to start the season is slightly baffling.

Harvin’s numbers last year are even better when you look at the advanced stats from Pro Football Focus. He was second overall in percentage of targets caught with 73.7%. He beat out players like Jordy Nelson and Wes Welker and was just beaten by Marques Colston. And when you think of those players quarterbacks in comparison to Harvin’s, well, there’s a Grand Canyon sized disparity. So he can catch the ball, that’s good. What can he do after he catches the ball? According to PFF he averaged 7.1 yards after each catch which ranked 3rd in the league to Julio Jones and Victor Cruz who he beat out in total yards after the catch. The man is a stud with the ball in his hands and is excellent at securing the ball in said hands.

As we talked about before (remember?) Harvin started getting more work in the second half of the season. So why the lack of playing time in the first half? Out of all the studly players in the league, Harvin was easily the most under utilized. Devin Aromashodu was on the field for 684 snaps to Harvin’s 621 and that’s taking into account an increase in snaps toward the end of the season and him being in the backfield as a running back 52 times. So why take your most versatile and effective receiver off the field over 40% of the time? Well, we can’t blame the migraines which seem to have abated. As the slot receiver in Frazier’s offense he naturally came off the field, but if that’s the only reason, I don’t care for that explanation. Change your offense to suit him Leslie! Which he did to a degree by lining him out wide to start the last three games. It could also have some to do with the way Harvin plays. He is intense and will give the extra push and reckless abandon you like to see, but will also get a guy injured. They may have tried to limit his injury risk, but anyway you look at it, you have to question how he was handled somewhat.

But what I’m going to focus on are his crazy numbers to end the season and what we can expect this season. Even after a big fat zero against the Saints in week 15 he still averaged over 15 fantasy points a game for the last 7 games. The loss of Adrian Peterson during most of that time was a huge contributing factor, but if Harvin doesn’t see an increase in playing time after showcasing his skills to end the season, I’ll eat my own foot. And my foot is most likely not too appetizing.

Of course we also saw the full-time participation of Christian Ponder during Harvin’s reign of terror. His development as a starting NFL QB coincided with Percy Harvin doing some real work every time Ponder was able to get him the ball. Both players are still young and are developing together. Harvin is actually a few months younger than Ponder! Both will be 24 to start the season after what should be a full training camp for both. Adrian Peterson may be back to start the season or he may not, but ether way they aren’t going to want to pound him in the ground. Harvin will get his work and we know how well he works. I’d say well enough to have top 10 upside.

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