NFL Plays: Vegas Odds (Week 2) September 17, 2016  |  Justin Bales

Games to Attack


New Orleans Saints vs New York Giants 

The Saints will likely be on this list plenty of times throughout the season. They are a team that loves to get into shootouts, and that will likely be the case again this week. They get a matchup against the Giants, who have more than enough firepower to keep up with the New Orleans offense. New York is a -4 favorite, but this game is set at 51.5 points, and there will be enough scoring to go around for both teams. Essentially every position can be used in this game, and this is a great game to stack this week.


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Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Arizona Cardinals

This is a sneaky game this week. Everyone knows that the Bucs defense has had their struggles, but the Cardinals don’t have the elite group of defenders they had last season. They got into a shootout with the Patriots last week, and it’s likely that the Bucs will try to use the same formula this week. The Bucs have elite skill positions, and the same can be said for the Cardinals. Neither team has a tight end to attack, but all other starters could provide value this week. The Cardinals are -7.5 favorites, which is fairly large, but this game is set at 50 points, and both teams will likely do their fair share of scoring this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers  

The Chargers recently lost arguably their best player, but they are the type of team that is going to score a lot of points regardless of who is on the field. The Jaguars also have a high-powered offense, and this game should feature a ton of points. The position that intrigues me most on both teams is running back, as T.J. Yeldon and Danny Woodhead are both a bit too cheap. The Chargers also have a couple cheap wide receivers that could make great options with Allen out for the rest of the season. Surprisingly, the Chargers are -2.5 favorites in this game, and it’s set at 48 points. They could be a cheap stacking option that goes overlooked this week.


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Games to Avoid


Seattle Seahawks vs Los Angeles Rams

This game is a little unsettling based on the Vegas line. The total is set at only 39.5 points, and the Seahawks opened as only -3.5 point favorites. The Seahawks have since changed to -6.5 point favorites due to Russell Wilson being able to play (but probably not 100%), but it is a bit concerning for the Seahawks offense. The Rams offense wasn’t able to do anything against the 49ers on Monday Night Football, and it isn’t likely that they find any more success against the Seahawks. There are a couple players for Seattle that could be decent this week, but it would be wise to avoid this game besides the Seattle defense.



Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans 

There are a few players in this game that are essentially matchup proof, which means they can be used this week. Overall, these aren’t two offenses that you should be attacking, though. While the Chiefs and Texans can both get into shootouts, it’s much more likely that this game becomes a defensive battle. The matchup is set at even and the over/under is set at only 43.5 points. Neither offense is dominant, and this game should quickly become a solid defensive battle.


Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns 

These are two of the weaker offenses in the NFL, which means both defenses should be able to take over in this game. The Ravens have a few more players that possess high upside than the Browns, but both teams have a couple players that could make decent plays this week. With that being said, the Ravens are -2.5 favorites in a game set at only 43.5 points. Overall, this is a game that should be looked at more for defense than stacking.

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