NFL DFS Week 13: It’s a Trap! November 29, 2014  |  Renee Miller



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you had all the great food, family, fun, friends, and football you wanted to kick off Week 13. If you played in any of the Thursday tournaments, I hope you won some money. The ‘if’ is funny there, of course we all played. I personally only entered a few games, partially because I was cooking the big meal for nine people, partially because who wants to tilt on Thanksgiving? Somehow I still managed to end up completely amazed and demoralized by the Dallas Cowboys.

Which is good news for this column, really, because there was the biggest trap of the week. I fell sooooo hard right into it with about 90% of my lineups too. I’m pretty sure that any four of the Dallas Stars could have given Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Terrence Williams a run for their money this Thanksgiving. (Just in case like me, you don’t play it, NHL DFS is a notoriously low scoring game). I’ve never had so many single digit fpt players in one lineup in my life. Thanks a lot, America’s team, on America’s best holiday.

So to answer Taylor Swift, yes, I think we’re out of woods. I think we’re in the clear now. Good.


Just for fun, or maybe so I can say, yeah, I knew that was a bad idea on Monday, here are a couple smaller traps that I’m likely to fall into this weekend. How about you?


Antonio Gates: It’s a great matchup but Gates goes the way of Rivers and they haven’t been on their game for the past three weeks. Whether Rivers is dealing with an injury or not, he hasn’t been playing even adequately. But the Chargers get the Ravens generous secondary this weekend. It would seem silly not to have some exposure to this duo in GPPs given what they’ve shown over the past decade and even the first few weeks of 2014.


Eli Manning: Going against Jacksonville could cause me to go against all my deepest held beliefs about the anti-eliteness of Eli Manning. But on the other hand, the truth is, how good does he have to be with the way that Odell Beckham Jr. just plucks balls out of thin air?


Travis Kelce: Yeah, at least a little bit. I have to. 79% catch rate through Week 12. I’m furiously working on using my mind to telecommunicate this stat to Andy Reid. I know, you all are too. Thank you.


Justin Hunter: Recency bias or the start of a strong finish? Could go either way, really, but the matchup with Houston’s MOST generous fpts-to-WR defense dictates that some Tennessee receiver be on your squad sometimes. It’s not like Kendall Wright has been any better, so give me the big play guy.


Dolphins D: Not really a risky play, except that they are much better at home and it’s not warm in NJ right now. I still believe in Geno Smith’s horribleness however, and think Miami has a field day on both sides of the ball in this one.


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