Mr. Fantasy Freak 10 Team Expert Draft Review August 27, 2012  |  Neil Parker

Alex Wiesner the main man behind Mr. Fantasy Freak invited me into a 10 Team H2H Experts League to represent the crew here at The Fake Football, and I was happy to oblige.

The Settings are Standard – 4 points per Pass TD, and 6 for the rest.   It is not a PPR League, and there are bonuses at 200, 300 and 350 for Passing Yards, along with 100, 150 and 200 for Rushing and Receiving Yards.

It was a 16 Round Draft, where each team Starts 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 R/W/T, a D/ST and a Kicker, leaving 6 Bench Spots.

I got the 3rd Overall Pick and went from there.


Round 1
1. Arian Foster(Hou – RB) Ladd Davies
2. LeSean McCoy(Phi – RB) Bobby Light
3. Ray Rice(Bal – RB) The Fake Foo…
4. Aaron Rodgers(GB – QB) The Never Nudes
5. Calvin Johnson(Det – WR) Alex Wiesner
6. Chris Johnson(Ten – RB) thekid9ball
7. Tom Brady(NE – QB) BeastMode
8. Drew Brees(NO – QB) Taste The Ra…
9. Darren McFadden(Oak – RB) Big Al
10. Cam Newton(Car – QB) Pacman453323


The top three are quite established, but my personal rankings have Rice at the top and he was the one who fell to 3rd.  I have owned Rice for three years in my main keeper and he is the foundation that brings me home the prize money.  The Ravens have picked up their offensive tempo and with a couple TE Threats and the emergence of Torrey Smith alongside Boldin, defenses will not be able to focus on the Rutgers Alum.  One downside I’ve noticed over the years with Rice though, is that in leagues where there is a bonus for Rushing Yards at a certain mark, for example 100 in this league, he often falls short, because he is equally effective in the Passing game.  He had only 6 100 yard rushing games last season.  I would have been happy with McCoy or Foster, but I got my boy Rice.


Round 2
1. DeMarco Murray(Dal – RB) Pacman453323
2. Matt Forte(Chi – RB) Big Al
3. Larry Fitzgerald(Ari – WR) Taste The Ra…
4. Jamaal Charles(KC – RB) BeastMode
5. Matthew Stafford(Det – QB) thekid9ball
6. Marshawn Lynch(Sea – RB) Alex Wiesner
7. Ryan Mathews(SD – RB) The Never Nudes
8. Julio Jones(Atl – WR) The Fake Foo…
9. Jimmy Graham(NO – TE) Bobby Light
10. Maurice Jones-Drew(Jac – RB) Ladd Davies


In a 10 team league 4 QBs went in the first round, which means I’m shaping up for a great 2nd Round Pick.  I have to think this is strategically flawed.  But it also shows the lack of confidence in some of the higher ranked Running Backs, in addition to the depth at Wide Receiver.  The Second Round only saw Matt Stafford go in the middle of the pack at 15th overall, and Larry Fitzgerald at 13th.  Murray, Forte, Chales, Lynch and Matthews fit in around those two, and I reached for Julio Jones.  He has been a monster this preseason and although I passed up on Jimmy Graham and Gronkowski, TE is so deep, and I also see some risk in them repeating their performances from last season.   Jones was the third WR off the board and I am thrilled to have him.  If he isn’t rising up your WR Rankings you’re sleeping.


Round 3
1. Brandon Marshall(Chi – WR) Ladd Davies
2. Adrian Peterson(Min – RB) Bobby Light
3. Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE) The Fake Foo…
4. A.J. Green(Cin – WR) The Never Nudes
5. Trent Richardson(Cle – RB) Alex Wiesner
6. BenJarvus Green-Ellis(Cin – RB) thekid9ball
7. Victor Cruz(NYG – WR) BeastMode
8. Fred Jackson(Buf – RB) Taste The Ra…
9. Roddy White(Atl – WR) Big Al
10. Jordy Nelson(GB – WR) Pacman453323


So, Gronk made the turn, and I nabbed him.  At this point, I will have to scramble to land back to back Running Backs in rounds 4 and 5 and then open season on Wide Receivers.  Doug Martin is my clear target with my 4th pick, and although I just mentioned that I didn’t want to go TE early because of the position depth, when I look at the other players selected in Round 3, I made the value pick.  Gronkowski has 27 Touch Downs in his first 2 seasons, and he played through an injury last season.  I may have reached for Jones, but Gronkowski fell right into my hands.  I see the potential for over 40 TDs from my first three alone.


Round 4
1. Andre Johnson(Hou – WR) Pacman453323
2. Steven Jackson(StL – RB) Big Al
3. Michael Turner(Atl – RB) Taste The Ra…
4. Ahmad Bradshaw(NYG – RB) BeastMode
5. Dez Bryant(Dal – WR) thekid9ball
6. Greg Jennings(GB – WR) Alex Wiesner
7. Doug Martin(TB – RB) The Never Nudes
8. Hakeem Nicks(NYG – WR) The Fake Foo…
9. Percy Harvin(Min – WR) Bobby Light
10. Wes Welker(NE – WR) Ladd Davies


Obviously, I’m looking to grab a Running Back and Martin was my target, but he went 47th overall, one pick ahead of me.  I was a little put off, because I really wasn’t excited about any remaining backs like I was about his potential upside.  I didn’t panic though, took my full time clock and threw down with Big Mitts himself, Hakeem Nicks, who is another TD Monster.  Another player who had some injury issues last season, and Latino Heat Victor Cruz stole some of his action, but Nicks is just too big and fast not to continue to be an impact player.  It appears he is set to open the season vs Da Boys, and I’m quite happy to grab him at 48th overall. Nicks has WR1 Upside, if he isn’t already in that class.


Round 5
1. Antonio Brown(Pit – WR) Ladd Davies
2. Steve Smith(Car – WR) Bobby Light
3. Darren Sproles(NO – RB) The Fake Foo…
4. Mike Wallace(Pit – WR) The Never Nudes
5. Brandon Lloyd(NE – WR) Alex Wiesner
6. Fred Davis(Was – TE) thekid9ball
7. Jeremy Maclin(Phi – WR) BeastMode
8. Aaron Hernandez(NE – TE) Taste The Ra…
9. Marques Colston(NO – WR) Big Al
10. Frank Gore(SF – RB) Pacman453323


The next 4 picks were also Receivers, which left me with the never sexy, but always productive Darren Sproles as my 2nd Running Back, and 5th overall player.  Sproles is always involved in the offense, and although the Saints have a crowded backfield, he stood out as the best RB option available by a long shot.  The rest of the league must have agreed, because only one other Back was drafted in the net 14 picks.  Tight Ends started flying off the board, and really it couldn’t have worked out better for me, because I wanted another Running Back above all else, to gain additional depth at the position because although I like Sproles, he wasn’t the Doug Martin I’d envisioned as my 2nd RB.


Round 6
1. Dwayne Bowe(KC – WR) Pacman453323
2. Matt Ryan(Atl – QB) Big Al
3. DeSean Jackson(Phi – WR) Taste The Ra…
4. Jermichael Finley(GB – TE) BeastMode
5. Malcom Floyd(SD – WR) thekid9ball
6. Vernon Davis(SF – TE) Alex Wiesner
7. Antonio Gates(SD – TE) The Never Nudes
8. Reggie Bush(Mia – RB) The Fake Foo…
9. Stevie Johnson(Buf – WR) Bobby Light
10. Michael Vick(Phi – QB) Ladd Davies


Because the TEs and WRs were rolling off the board, it was easy to grab another Back and I went with my heart a little selecting Reggie Bush.  He finished off his last four games a season ago with over 100 rushing yards, including a feast of 203 against the Bills in Week 15.  Bush is only 27, and after 5 years with the Saints is now a feature back for the first time in an NFL Offense.  He is motivated, and wants to lead the NFL in Rushing, the rest of the ‘Fins offense is an issue, but I like him a lot compared to the Running Backs still on the board.


Round 7
1. Vincent Jackson(TB – WR) Ladd Davies
2. Peyton Hillis(KC – RB) Bobby Light
3. Torrey Smith(Bal – WR) The Fake Foo…
4. Willis McGahee(Den – RB) The Never Nudes
5. Eli Manning(NYG – QB) Alex Wiesner
6. Beanie Wells(Ari – RB) thekid9ball
7. Pierre Garcon(Was – WR) BeastMode
8. Shonn Greene(NYJ – RB) Taste The Ra…
9. Miles Austin(Dal – WR) Big Al
10. Stevan Ridley(NE – RB) Pacman453323


Owning Ray Rice last season gave me an opportunity to see a lot of Torrey Smith, and I went with the upside of him having a large season and becoming Flacco’s number 1 target.  The 2nd year Receiver has speed, and an opportunity to really make it happen this year.  If the preseason is any indication his hands are improved (He dropped some balls last year) and he is running more deceptive underneath routes to compliment his ability to go deep.  Flacco is targeting him a lot and leading your team in TD Receptions as a Rookie doesn’t happen frequently.  I also like that the AFC North faces the NFC East this season because the Ravens may have to open it up a bit more too.  This is my 2nd WR Reach, but I don’t trust Miles Austin’s health, Kenny Britt’s behavior and I’m not investing in a Bronco this season.


Round 8
1. Kenny Britt(Ten – WR) Pacman453323
2. Brandon Pettigrew(Det – TE) Big Al
3. Titus Young(Det – WR) Taste The Ra…
4. Jason Witten(Dal – TE) BeastMode
5. Ben Tate(Hou – RB) thekid9ball
6. Demaryius Thomas(Den – WR) Alex Wiesner
7. Eric Decker(Den – WR) The Never Nudes
8. Reggie Wayne(Ind – WR) The Fake Foo…
9. Darrius Heyward-Bey(Oak – WR) Bobby Light
10. Rashad Jennings(Jac – RB) Ladd Davies


After the above mentioned Receivers went off the board, I was happy to take my old money man Reggie Wayne.  He has been a key cog on a number of my Championship teams, and now he has a poised Rookie QB who is going to depend on him heavily.  Wayne is on the downside of his career, but he still put up respectable numbers last season on the worst team in Football.  I don’t expect WR2 numbers, but Wayne is only two years removed from a 10 TD season and had over 2600 Receiving Yards the two seasons before last.  Wayne turns 34 this fall, so there is enough left for a potential 1000 yard, 10 TD season and I really like the value here in Round 8.


Round 9
1. Kevin Smith(Det – RB) Ladd Davies
2. Michael Bush(Chi – RB) Bobby Light
3. Tony Romo(Dal – QB) The Fake Foo…
4. Jonathan Stewart(Car – RB) The Never Nudes
5. David Wilson(NYG – RB) Alex Wiesner
6. San Francisco(SF – DEF) thekid9ball
7. Anquan Boldin(Bal – WR) BeastMode
8. Justin Blackmon(Jac – WR) Taste The Ra…
9. Chicago(Chi – DEF) Big Al
10. Jared Cook(Ten – TE) Pacman453323


Tony Romo was still hanging out in Round 9, and with 8 QBs already off the board it was time to strike.  I could have taken Peyton Manning, but I wanted Romo and the multiple weapons at his disposal.  He will improve on his 31 TDs and has great value in the 9th Round.  Both, Murray and Jones are competent receivers out of the backfield and Bryant, Austin and Witten can make things happen.  Look at what Romo was able to do with Laurent Robinson last year.  There are lingering injury issues with Witten and Austin, and Bryant is a mess off the field, but Romo is a gun slinger, and proved his toughness and leadership last season in Week 2 with the comeback against the ‘Niners.  I was happy to land Romo this late.  I would have taken Matt Ryan in the 6th if he’d have lasted, but Romo in the 9th Round screams value to me.


Round 10
1. Rashard Mendenhall(Pit – RB) Pacman453323
2. Sebastian Janikowski(Oak – K) Big Al
3. Philadelphia(Phi – DEF) Taste The Ra…
4. Green Bay(GB – DEF) BeastMode
5. David Akers(SF – K) thekid9ball
6. Peyton Manning(Den – QB) Alex Wiesner
7. Donald Brown(Ind – RB) The Never Nudes
8. Cedric Benson(GB – RB) The Fake Foo…
9. Andrew Luck(Ind – QB) Bobby Light
10. Jay Cutler(Chi – QB) Ladd Davies


I typically would have already had 4 or 5 Running Backs by the 10th round, but I used a RB pick on Gronkowski, so I reached a little and went with Cedric Benson.  If this draft were next week I am sure he wouldn’t be available at this point, so I am pretty happy with the pick.  Benson runs hard, and has a good shot at another 1000 yard season.  He could set a career high in catches too, but ultimately I like him in one of the League’s best offenses with little healthy competition.  John Kuhn might steal some goal line work, but Benson should see the majority of carries, and grabbing a Back who carries the load in the 10th Round is perfect in my books.


Round 11
1. C.J. Spiller(Buf – RB) Ladd Davies
2. Robert Griffin III(Was – QB) Bobby Light
3. Houston(Hou – DEF) The Fake Foo…
4. Nate Washington(Ten – WR) The Never Nudes
5. Isaac Redman(Pit – RB) Alex Wiesner
6. Laurent Robinson(Jac – WR) thekid9ball
7. DeAngelo Williams(Car – RB) BeastMode
8. Jermaine Gresham(Cin – TE) Taste The Ra…
9. Philip Rivers(SD – QB) Big Al
10. Mark Ingram(NO – RB) Pacman453323


I have already mentioned that the NFC East and AFC North will face each other this season, which made the Steelers and Ravens D/ST a little less intriguing for me, whereas, The Texans schedule looks extremely favorable.  Especially, with the Colts and Vikings in Weeks 15 and 16, when it counts.  They begin the season with 5 better than average matchups and aside from powerhouse tilts with Green Bay, Detroit and New England I really like the potential for a top notch defense.  Wade Phillips knows how to get after the QB, and they don’t give up many yards or points.  With a strong offensive attack, lead by a great run game, this is a defense I want to roll with.  I reached for them, but D/ST were starting to fly off the board and I didn’t want to settle.  There were also a lot of my late targets still hidden down the draft board.


Round 12
1. Brent Celek(Phi – TE) Pacman453323
2. Denarius Moore(Oak – WR) Big Al
3. Matt Prater(Den – K) Taste The Ra…
4. Robert Meachem(SD – WR) BeastMode
5. Randy Moss(SF – WR) thekid9ball
6. Pittsburgh(Pit – DEF) Alex Wiesner
7. Toby Gerhart(Min – RB) The Never Nudes
8. Mike Williams(TB – WR) The Fake Foo…
9. Greg Little(Cle – WR) Bobby Light
10. Greg Olsen(Car – TE) Ladd Davies


Mike Williams was still sitting there in the 12th Round and I grabbed him up with joy.  I hit the jackpot two years ago and Williams was a huge contributor for a Championship team as a Rookie, but he hit the sophomore wall last season.  Williams now has Vincent Jackson opposite him, and if he and Freeman can get back on the Red Zone hot streak they nailed two seasons ago his production will only go up.  He should be ready for a jump in his third season anyway, and there is a lot of upside and skill here, especially for a 12th Rounder.  Jones, Nicks, Smith, Wayne and Williams make a solid WR Depth Chart and I can now focus on more Backs from here on out.


Round 13
1. Kendall Wright(Ten – WR) Ladd Davies
2. Ronnie Brown(SD – RB) Bobby Light
3. Ryan Williams(Ari – RB) The Fake Foo…
4. Lance Moore(NO – WR) The Never Nudes
5. Buffalo(Buf – DEF) Alex Wiesner
6. Emmanuel Sanders(Pit – WR) thekid9ball
7. Santonio Holmes(NYJ – WR) BeastMode
8. Roy Helu(Was – RB) Taste The Ra…
9. Jacquizz Rodgers(Atl – RB) Big Al
10. Ben Roethlisberger(Pit – QB) Pacman453323


I went with Ryan Williams next in the 13th, and he is set to at worst split carries with the over hyped, and often injured Beanie Wells.  Williams has a clean bill of health after missing all of last season, and although I’m not a huge believer in any high end potential here, he’ll get his share of carries with the potential to be number 1 on the Cards depth chart and there is a lot to like about that at this stage in the draft.  There are varying opinions on Williams, but he is ranked in RB3 territory depending on where you look so having him as my 5th back is reassuring if nothing else.


Round 14
1. Alfred Morris(Was – RB) Pacman453323
2. Tony Gonzalez(Atl – TE) Big Al
3. Matt Schaub(Hou – QB) Taste The Ra…
4. LeGarrette Blount(TB – RB) BeastMode
5. Sidney Rice(Sea – WR) thekid9ball
6. Isaiah Pead(StL – RB) Alex Wiesner
7. Alshon Jeffery(Chi – WR) The Never Nudes
8. Mikel LeShoure(Det – RB) The Fake Foo…
9. Jacob Tamme(Den – TE) Bobby Light
10. Kyle Rudolph(Min – TE) Ladd Davies


Continuing on the Running Back train I grabbed Bad Boy Mikel LeShoure in the 14th Round.  Although, I did have Alshon Jeffery lined up for this pick, and once again like Doug Martin in Round 4, The Never Nudes swiped him right before my pick.  LeShoure will miss the first two games because of suspension, and now there are some whispers of another injury.  But this is a wait and see pick, where once again there is potential for a major role with the Lions and a lot of touches.  Like Williams, there are a lot of different perceptions on what LeShoure’s role will be, and just how good he really is, but one thing is certain, he’ll get a chance to play, because there is a lack of other options if nothing else.  With all that being said, I love Running Back Depth.


Round 15
1. Baltimore(Bal – DEF) Ladd Davies
2. Mason Crosby(GB – K) Bobby Light
3. Andy Dalton(Cin – QB) The Fake Foo…
4. Seattle(Sea – DEF) The Never Nudes
5. Nate Burleson(Det – WR) Alex Wiesner
6. Michael Crabtree(SF – WR) thekid9ball
7. Stephen Gostkowski(NE – K) BeastMode
8. Austin Collie(Ind – WR) Taste The Ra…
9. Randall Cobb(GB – WR) Big Al
10. Cincinnati(Cin – DEF) Pacman453323


I typically would never draft a 2nd QB, but with Romo’s bye coming early in week 5, I briefly glanced at the remaining QB’s schedules to see what was going on in Week 5.  It just so happened that two of the best remaining options were also on Bye Weeks and Andy Dalton lined up at home against the Dolphins, so I jumped on it.  I don’t usually worry about bye issues, although I try to keep tabs on them, but I do like to start strong and not have to win out just to get into the Play-Offs.  Week 5 is close enough that relying on the Waiver Wire for a QB could be risky and Dalton is no slouch, so it gives me some security going forward.  Further, I am not drafting a Kicker so I might end up nixing this pick anyway to land a foot for Week 1.  I am not sure if this is really sound strategy, but I never draft a Kicker, and drop my weakest link before Week 1, it may be Dalton, or it may be a player who comes up injured.


Round 16
1. Jason Hanson(Det – K) Pacman453323
2. New York(NYG – DEF) Big Al
3. Tennessee(Ten – DEF) Taste The Ra…
4. Danny Amendola(StL – WR) BeastMode
5. Dexter McCluster(KC – RB) thekid9ball
6. Matt Bryant(Atl – K) Alex Wiesner
7. Robbie Gould(Chi – K) The Never Nudes
8. Pierre Thomas(NO – RB) The Fake Foo…
9. Dallas(Dal – DEF) Bobby Light
10. Greg Zuerlein(StL – K) Ladd Davies


Finally in the 16th Round, I went after another Running Back, and again feel pretty good about grabbing Pierre Thomas this late.  He is sort of a Sproles handcuff, but he also is an offensive contributer on one of the best offenses in the league, so he has value anyway.  It is tough to say how the Saints are going to spread the ball around, as Mark Ingram should also see his share of touches, so there is a reason Thomas was still available at this point, but I’m still investing.  He is a good football player, and an injury away from seeing a lot of work in a powerhouse offense.  He is also a candidate to be dropped, but he also could end up starting for me sooner than later.  In the end I’ve got 7 Running Backs who are being ranked consistently in the top 45, so there is a lot to like about that.

Final Thoughts: I reached when I needed to, and jumped on players who fell into my lap.  My Wide Receivers and Running Backs are deep and all have the upside to be at worst Flex Starters based on Matchups.  I am banking on big seasons from Torrey Smith and Julio Jones, and need Romo to be a Top 6 QB, but I’ve got a lot of flexibility and trading potential with so many potential starting Running Backs.  After looking over the QB situation again, it is very likely that Dalton will be dropped for a Kicker, and that was a waste of a pick, but if an injury occurs in the meantime I’ll be covered for Week 5.


4 Responses

  1. Neil Parker says:

    Ahhh Yes – 37th. I am OK with my RBs. I knew that taking Gronkowski was going to have that impact, but it was impossible to pass him and Nicks up. The Naked Nudes have a very strong team, and I like Alex Wiesner’s as well.

    I think this club will land a Play-Off birth.

    • Jc/Checkdown says:

      Julio is a potential top 10 talent; nabbed at the 20 spot… its a nice looking pick. I passed on him at the turn of round 1 in a keeper league and didn’t get a chance at 16, was devastated.

      Getting your mitts on Ryan Williams in the 13th could end up helping a ton in the RB depth department, too.

  2. trick dad says:

    mathews and martin going right before your 2nd and 3rd picks really hurt your RB potential. you are strong at WR though. fyi doug martin went 37th not 47th.

  3. Scott says:

    I really enjoyed that the team named “Beast Mode” passed on Marshawn Lynch in the 2nd.

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