If you want to take your football fandom to the next level and try your hand at being a GM, then mock draft simulators are for you.

What is a mock draft simulator?

A mock draft simulator lets you take control of a team (or multiple teams) for a fake NFL draft. You make the picks for the teams you control and it simulates the picks the other teams make, giving you a look at how the real draft could play out.

The more advanced simulators even allow for trades initiated by you or by computer controlled teams, making for a more realistic experience.

What’s the best free NFL mock draft simulator?

When it comes to free tools, NFL Mock Draft Database is the clear winner as they’re the only free option that has support for trades. If you want to save your draft results permanently, you’ll need to create a free account, but you don’t have to sign-up if you’re just looking to play around with it.

Get started at NFLMockDraftDatabase.com

What’s the best paid option?

When it comes to premium mock draft simulators, your best bet is The Draft Network. While they do have free tools, their $9.99/month plan (or $29.99 for the year) gives you access to advanced features like tradeable picks and expert draft portfolios. Try the free version out first, but if you’re a serious fan, then the small price may be easily worth it.

Get started at TheDraftNetwork.com

Happy drafting!

-Bobby B.