Mock Draft Recap: Pick 12 June 9, 2012  |  Jeff

Alrighty, folks. The rust has now been officially knocked off the big bad @OrangeBru draft machine, as my very first mock draft of the 2012 season is complete. Drafting at the ‘turn’ isn’t necessarily my favorite place to draft, but it was nice to get a feel for what will be available at that point in 2012 drafts. Saddle up and let’s break this thing down…


1.12: Drew Brees, QB NO – After zero top running backs magically slid to me at #12, I was left in a tough spot. I like the value of a few late round quarterbacks this season, so I strongly considered rolling with a WR or TE at this spot. However, I ended up taking Brees, who is a moderate value at #12 and will pump out serious points once again.

2.1: Larry Fitzgerald, WR ARZ – With my QB locked up and no saucy running backs left at this point (although I considered Richardson), I decided to go with Fitz, who is one of my favorite fantasy studs. He had a fantastic 2011 and will be at it once again in 2012.

3.12: Ahmad Bradshaw, RB NYG – I was eager to see which running backs would be available when the draft came back to me at the 3/4 turn. I watched Steven Jackson slide all the way to 3.10, which would have been a nice swipe at 3.12. At this point, I needed at least one RB with my consecutive picks, so I went with Bradshaw. He is a little too injury prone for my liking, but he was pretty solid in 2011 even with now departed Brandon Jacobs in the picture. Bradshaw also gets action in the passing game, which I always prefer for my backs.

4.1: Percy Harvin, WR MIN – Harvin is one of my favorite players heading into the 2012 season. As Ponder improves, Harvin will only get better. Any improvement to his 1,309 total yards and 8 touchdowns of 2011 will look mighty fine next to Fitzgerald in my WR spots. Now with my WR and QB positions stacked up, I needed RB depth to make up for my lack of top level ball carriers.

5.12: Shonn Greene, RB NYJ – By the time my 5th and 6th round picks came back around, the running back options were dwindling. After briefly considering grabbing Aaron Hernandez, I decided to stack up a couple running backs and attempt to grab one of my later round TE targets further down the road. Greene is not very exciting, or particularly good, but he is the only running back the Jets have and did manage to crack 1,000 yards rushing in 2011. In my attempt to cure my lack of RB talent with depth, Greene fit the bill.

6.1: James Starks, RB GB – Keeping with the theme of adding RB depth, I went with James Starks. I expect Starts to have a nice 2012 season. Green Bay’s rushing touchdown totals will never be very high, but I’m willing to bet they will improve in 2012. With Grant gone and Alex Green coming off an injury, Starks should be able to scrape up some solid point totals this season, even with the Pack offense so pass happy.

7.12: Torrey Smith, WR BAL – I was happy to land Smith’s upside at the end of the 7th round. The young wide out finished with 841 receiving yards in 2011 despite not catching a pass until week 3. Smith will only improve, and is a good bet to break 1,000 yards with plenty of big plays along the way.

8.1: Isaac Redman, RB PIT – With this pick, I added Redman to the heap of average running backs I seemed to be assembling. As more information is leaked this summer about the rehab of Rashard Mendenhall, the value of this pick could fluctuate wildly. However, in the 8th round, I’m ok with the risk of a time share at some point in 2012. Now with Bradshaw, Greene, Starks, and Redman, I should be able to mix and match a few backs to play each week.

9.12: Brent Celek, TE PHI – Celek is one of my favorite tight end targets in 2012. The entire Eagles team should bounce back in 2012, and Celek will edge closer to his 2009 stat line of 76 catches for 971 yards and 8 touchdowns. With Vick and Maclin healthy, defenses will have a tough time slowing this offense, meaning Celek will be piling up nice fantasy totals along the way.

10.1: Daniel Thomas, RB MIA – I am not a huge fan of Thomas, but the Dolphins should give him a chance to improve in 2012, and Reggie Bush could get injured at any moment. A bit of a long shot here, but Thomas helps my RB depth and what the hell…it’s the 10th round.

11.12: Kendall Hunter, RB SF – Hunter is a part of the very strange 49ers backfield that now includes Gore, Jacobs, Hunter, James, Dixon, Siegfried, and even Roy. As Gore ages and Jacobs continues being a doofus, I think Hunter is a decent bet to get some touches. With my team anchored by the WR and QB positions, I have now collected enough RB depth to compete in that area as well.

12.1: Brian Quick, WR STL – As St. Louis has now become the “land of mediocre receivers,” Quick should be able to stand out in 2012. At 6’4’’, the rookie could quickly become a big time receiver, and red zone target at the very least. I was happy to add him to my roster in the 12th round.

13.12: Jon Baldwin, WR KC – Baldwin didn’t do much in 2011 as a rookie, but the Chiefs organization loved him prior to 2011, so I think they will attempt to get him more involved this season. Baldwin is another high upside beefer (6’4’’, 230) to add to my bench.

14.1: Leonard Hankerson, WR WAS – I will be taking Hankerson late in a lot of drafts in 2012. Leo only got involved in the ‘Skins passing attack in three games in 2011, but blew up for 106 yards in week 10. I’m willing to take a shot on this guy in 2012 in hopes that he and RG III develop some chemistry this season.

15.12: Doug Baldwin, WR SEA – By the time the end of the 15th round came my way, I felt like Baldwin was a good bargain. 788 yards and 4 touchdowns is nothing to sneeze at, which is what Baldwin racked up as a rookie last year. The healthy return of Sidney Rice should open up with Seattle passing game for mucho yardage out of the slot for Baldwin. Although I do think Golden Tate will take some of his looks, Baldwin is a nice grab this late.

16.1: Buffalo Defense – The Bills added Mario Williams, which is good enough for me to take them as my defense. I am generally a defense streamer, so I didn’t put too much thought into the pick.

17.12: Kicker – Gotta have one, I guess.


Overall, I was satisfied with the team I assembled. I generally attempt to corner a position or two and then fill the holes in my starting roster with extreme depth. I was able to accomplish this by grabbing Brees/Fitz/Harvin early, and then stacking up the world’s largest heap of mediocre running backs in hopes that I can play matchups each week to keep my squad competitive at the RB slot. Celek should round out my starters nicely, and the bench is full of high upside wide receivers, which is always a plus. Not bad for a first run.


Thought? Questions? Concerns? Get at me on twitter @OrangeBru or in the comments below!

3 Responses

  1. BRENT says:

    i probably would have went with rb/te/rb/wr/wr/qb-rb/rb-qb/wr

    i love fitz but the dude has a problem at qb,so i have him rated much lower then wr2,i got him at wr5-6 currently,i’m basically not gonna take a wr until rd 4 comes around and then i’ll fill in the rest with guys like dez,maclin,a.brown,torrey smith,dhb

    rb’s this yr are very thin,after the 3rd rd its gonna be very tough to get guys you can trust to score points so picking at the elbow you gotta grab a top 7-8 rb

    the reason for grabbing the stud t/e on the turn is simple,after the 1st 2 go off its a cliff on scoring before te3 which gives you a huge advantage over every opponent head to head. gronks finished last yr as wr2 and graham finished at wr6 both outscored fitz by quite a margin too,calvin1,gronks2,nelson3,welker4,cruz5,graham6 in wr scoring

    qbs are very deep this yr and so are wrs,so waiting on one is the name of the game

    i love matt ryan this yr and see him as a guy who can break into the top 5 in scoring,easiest passing schedule,gonna go pass happy in the gun a lot more,super talented receiving core and reduced role for turner and more j,rogers a receiving rb

    big ben is another one,pitt has a great group of receivers (wallace/brown/sanders) rb is a huge question mark with no mendenhall and only i.redman who is a great receiving rb both guys are ranked from rd 6-rd8 currently,thats value

  2. Jeff says:

    @Brent: ya, after the Brees pick I knew I would be hosed at RB. Who would you have paired with Fitz?

  3. BRENT says:

    the drew brees pick really screwed your entire draft from the elbow position

    very weak to bad draft on rbs
    wr middling but workable
    love the celek pick

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