MFL10 Strategy: Preseason Week 2 – What does it all mean?? August 22, 2016  |  Doug Shain


We have now seen two games from each team this preseason and now we can start to make some real moves in out MFL10 drafts based on what we’ve seen. Just remember, as we head into the analysis, sometimes the best move to make is no move at all.

Who impressed you this week? Who is moving up your board? Who has taken a tumble?

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Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers

– The Steelers are in real trouble if Big Ben gets injured this year. I’m still taking Brown #1 overall but, wow, Landry Jones is garbage.

– Le’Veon Bell’s suspension has been reduced to 3 games. He’s still a 2nd rounder for me at this point.

– Eli Rogers is now the guy to look at for the #3 WR spot. I think that’s going to be a mess all year and I’m not drafting anyone past Brown/Wheaton.

– Sam Bradford can feel very safe about his job right now. He needs to start getting drafted as a late round, QB3.

– I’m going to champion for Kenjon Barner until he matters. He looks good every single time he touches the ball. I’m drafting him as an end game sleeper going forward.  Give me one more week of seeing what Paul Turner can do but I’m getting close to thinking he’s a guy that can step up as the #2 WR if the injury to Jordan Matthews continues to be a problem.


Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions

– Tyler Boyd. Grab him. Big season ahead. He’s currently going in the 11th round but I say you should jump up and get him in the 9th if you have to.

– The demise of Jeremy Hill has been greatly exaggerated. He’s going to score 10+ TD’s this year. He’s being drafted in the 6th round, which is fine, but he’s going behind Dion Lewis, Duke Johnson, Gio Bernard, and Matt Jones. No bueno. He’s better than that.

– Jones/Tate combined for 7-106 in the game. This passing offense looks so very good. Matt Stafford is currently QB13 but I can make a case to get him into the top 10. If he falls past guys like Winston, Mariota, and Cousins you have to grab him.


Atlanta Falcons @ Cleveland Browns

– Devonta Freeman looks very good. Perhaps he really is able to be a solid RB anchor for you team. I’m still drafting Tevin Coleman as a handcuff but, yeah, I’m officially not worried about Freeman as a mid-2nd rounder anymore.

– I’m going to try to restrain myself when talking about the Browns.  They impressed me this week as much as Tennessee did last week.  I’m sold on RG3. He was going around round 18 prior to this week’s game. I grabbed him in round 14 as my QB3 on Friday. I’m not completely sure I’m ready to make him a QB2 but, wow, he looks solid.

– Terrell Pryor continues to be a thing. He’s not at all a traditional league player but in a best ball league he’s exactly what I want to complement my stud WR. He’s a great guy to have in the middle to late rounds if you go heavy with RB and need a guy who can pop a 50 yarder from time to time. I’m buying as a guy that I can get after WR65.

– Gary Barnidge is going to be fine. He’s clearly a top 10 TE for me and could very well move into my top 8 very soon. He’s just going to be very solid this year.


Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers

– The most important thing that came out of this game is that Eddie Lacy is looking great. He’s clearly ahead of guys like Doug Martin, CJ Anderson, and even LeSean McCoy in my estimation. I’d even consider him on par with Mark Ingram and Jamaal Charles. He’s an early 3rd rounder and should pay off more value than that. I had him as the #1 overall player last year and it looks like I might have just been a year early. I’m not saying he’ll be #1 overall this year but he could very well pay off first round value.

– In the eternal fight for the 3rd WR spot for the Raiders it was Seth Roberts (my boy) who stepped up this week with a 4-50 game. Last week’s stud, Andre Holmes, didn’t even catch a pass today. I’m going to very interested to see who gets the targets this coming week. WR3 for OAK could end up being a very big position if the Raiders do take that step forward this year. I’m still buying shares of Roberts until the bitter end.


Chicago Bears at New England Patriots

– Jeremy Langford is locked in as the RB1 for Chicago. He looked great yesterday and could be a huge value where he’s being drafted (late 6th round). I found it very promising that Jordan Howard had a good game. He’s the handcuff for Langford and should be drafted late to make sure you get those Bears RB points.

– Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be fine. Gronk is going to be fine with Jimmy G at QB. I know it’s only going to be four games but I’ve still taken Garoppolo in the 20th round as my QB3 in a couple of leagues.

– AJ Derby?? Nah.

– I am very interested to see what happens with Blount and Gaffney. Word game out on Friday that it looks like only one of them will make the roster and the Pats are seriously considering Gaffney. This would be a disaster for Blount owners. For now I’m still drafting him but if he gets cut then Gaffney becomes a huge value any time after the 12th round.

– Dion Lewis will start the year on the PUP. What a shot (not!). I’ve been bashing him all off season. I hope you stayed away from him. I’d move James White up to a 12th round pick in Lewis’ absence.

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks

– We learned nothing about the Vikings in this game.

– Christine Michael. You know by now that you should probably be grabbing him. I’m off the Alex Collins bandwagon and fully supporting Michael. He could very well be splitting carries with Rawls this year. If I draft Rawls it won’t be until the 6th or 7th round now (currently going in the 4th) and I will have to reach for Michael as early as the 12th to lock things up. Even if I’m not drafting Rawls I still want to look in the 13th for Michael if he’s still around…and he might not be. The hype is out of control!



New York Jets at Washington Redskins

– Bryce Petty looked good. Geno could be a goner. This shouldn’t affect your MFL10 strategy one bit.

– Bilal Powell looked very good in limited work. I like him a lot this year. He’s currently going in the 9th round and I’m more than happy to take him there.

– I don’t like to jump on a big preseason game from an unknown too often but Robby Anderson was really good in college and the Jets have no real 3rd WR to speak of. I’ll see what he does next week before passing judgment.

– Keith Marshall got 10 carries and did squat with them (21 yards). Word is that he’s on the roster bubble. I’m moving off him as one of my end game upside plays. I’m pretty much off the entire Redskins running game at their current ADP given the recent injury from Matt Jones. He’s currently a 6th rounder but at this point I’d wait until the 8th to grab him.  This might be a perfect landing spot for Karlos Williams so I’d keep an eye on that to see if anything develops.  Your best bet on the Redskins might very well be Chris Thompson as the pass catching back very late in the draft.


Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys

– Ryan Tannehill likes himself some Kenny Stills. That bears watching for sure. Perhaps that 3rd WR spot won’t end up going to Leonte Caroo like I’d hoped.

– I want everyone who reads to this promise to do something during your MFL10 drafts for the rest of the season. Barring a Tony Romo injury, I want you to stand up and do a happy dance every time someone drafts Dak Prescott. Yes, he’s talented. Yes, he’s looked outstanding this preseason. No, he won’t see the field this year if Romo is healthy. In a Dynasty league or a redraft with a very deep bench, sure, go and take him. In an MFL10 league where you can’t make roster moves? I want a player that might actually get into the game. DO NOT draft Dak Prescott.

– DO draft Dez Bryant. He’s healthy and he looks outstanding. He’s my #5 WR (ahead of ARob and AJ Green) and he’s closing in on DeAndre Hopkins. If I can get him in the last 1st, I’ll do so every time.

– My shares of Alfred Morris continue to grow. Zeke is the man for the Cowboys but if something were to happen to him then Morris should be a top 10 RB behind that OL.


Arizona Cardinals at San Diego Chargers

– We learned nothing about Arizona in this game.

– Tyrell Williams might end up being the 3rd WR for SD. I’m not sure if he’s draftable yet, but he’s definitely on my radar. Lots of targets are going to be eaten up by Woodhead, Allen, Benjamin, and Gates.


Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans

– The Titans did nothing to dissuade me from my serious man crush on that entire offense. I’m buying heavily in DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, Marcus Mariota, Tajae Sharpe, and Delanie Walker. I’ve been grabbing Murray in the 4th round pretty consistently but would take him at the end of the 3rd if I was on the tail end of a run on RB. Sharpe is currently going in the 12th round. I’d jump all the way to the 10th to grab him.

– I really don’t know what to make of the Panthers WR corps. I think KB is going to be fine but who is the #2 on this team. I know that Greg Olsen is going to get a ton of catches but I’m not sure I want anyone else past that. I have no faith in Devin Funchess (currently a 9th round ADP). If I was going to grab any 2nd WR for this team it might be Ted Ginn because at least we know he’s going to have a couple of games this year where he goes 2-74-1 with a long TD. I wouldn’t take him anywhere but in the last three rounds.



New York Giants at Buffalo Bills

– I’m not worried about the Giants offense at all.  Yes, their OL is bad but it was bad last year and they were fine. Everything is fine.

– Shady McCoy is going to catch passes this year? I wasn’t willing to buy him at his mid-3rd round ADP but this changes things. I’m cautiously buying him at that price if Lacy, Charles, etc are off the board. I’m not handcuffing Bills at all.

– Tyrod Taylor is going to be a very consistent scorer with the points he generates with his legs. He’s currently QB15 but I’d take him over Cousins and maybe Rivers.

– Charles Clay continues to be one of my favorite late round TE values. He’s currently TE21 (14th round) but I have him as my TE1 on a lot of teams (as part of a tandem). I really see little reason to reach for a guy like Ertz when I can wait 5 rounds and get Clay.


Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

– We learned nothing about BAL from this game. Outside of Aiken I’m avoiding Ravens this year.

– That Indy passing game is going to be good. I’m still not loving Moncrief (nor Dorsett) at their current prices but I really should think about getting some more exposure to Andrew Luck. He’s one of the few QB’s I’d consider using a 6th round pick on.

– I’ve increased my exposure to Dwayne Allen a lot lately.

– Maybe Josh Ferguson isn’t going to be a thing this year. This would be another good spot to look for Karlos Williams or whoever gets cut from the Patriots.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars

– Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a guy people have been passing on all draft season. I’ve been scooping him up a lot and right now I feel really good about that. He had a nice game on Saturday and looks to be working his way back into the good graces of the coaching staff. I’d be very happy to get him at TE20 value.

– I don’t know if you watched the game, but Blake Bortles was making some really nice throws. Maybe he won’t need all that garbage time to get his yards and TD’s. I’m still not as high on him as most people, but it might be time to grab some shares of him as a top 12 QB.

– I still prefer Chris Ivory over TJ Yeldon (both currently with a 9th round ADP) by a lot. I’ve been grabbing Ivory in the 8th round to make sure I can secure his services.



New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans

– The Saints OL looked very bad in this game. They were getting beat regularly and their QB’s looked really bad. If they don’t tighten this up we could see some issues with Brees. As for now I’m not downgrading him at all.

– I’m not buying the Brandon Coleman big game. Michael Thomas (WR45) is still the WR3 on this team. As a matter of fact I’d rather have him than Willie Snead (WR43).

– Apparently Braxton Miller is going to play the slot over Jalen Strong this year.  I didn’t see that coming. I have a lot of exposure to Strong and I still think he’s the WR3 on this team when all is said and done. What I didn’t expect was to be so impressed by William Fuller (WR61). I’ve got a few shares of him this year; I should end up with more soon. He looked great and would have had an even better game if Brock Osweiler wasn’t so bad.


San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos

– Carlos Hyde is my 2nd most owned player for a reason. He’s going to have a big year and I’m all over him if I can get him in the early 4th round.

– I’ve seen Vance McDonald go as high as the 11th round. That’s insane. If you can get him as your TE3 in the 16th round or later then that’s less insane.

– I still don’t trust Blaine Gabbert.

– I’m avoiding the Denver passing game right now. Gary Kubiak came out and said that Paxton Lynch is now in the running for the starting job, too. Semian looked really good and Sanchez looked really bad. This is a mess.

– Ronnie Hillman is going to get cut but I still can’t buy into Kapri Bibbs just yet. I just grabbed my first two shares of CJ Anderson (late 3rd/early 4th) last night and have a few shares of Devante Booker (11th round ADP).

– Not only am I avoiding the QB’s, I’m also staying away from the DEN WR. The only pass catcher I want at all is Virgil Green as a very last TE3 type of player.


Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams

– Spencer Ware is clearly your Jamaal Charles handcuff. If you own Charles then I’d reach for Ware as early as the 9th round. If you don’t own Charles then he’s a good pick at his current 13th round ADP. He’s going to be a useful player this year at some point.

– I love Alex Smith as a QB2 if you have a stud at your QB1. He’s so consistent that he’ll rarely have a bad game the same week your stud does. He won’t ever have a huge week either, but sometimes you just need that 15 point game to get you by.

– Jeremy Maclin is currently WR21 but I’d take him as high as WR17.

– No Sean Mannion this week probably means we are safe with Keenum or Goff as the Rams QB. I don’t want either of them in an MFL10.

– Todd Gurley remains my #3 overall player. I have A LOT of Gurley this year.


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