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When the monotony of spring and early summer settles in, the fantasy world craves information so badly that the smallest piece of NFL news becomes a focal point for days and even weeks. The data spewed from the NFL Draft and combine is long in the rear view mirror and aside from a few token statements from head coaches or offensive coordinators, fake footballers are left to starve until training camp.

One slick way to pass the time until tangible information surfaces is to practice up on your fantasy football drafting skills. There are a few different ways to brush up on your talents and get a feel for where players are being drafted and how the fantasy community is valuing specific players. The quickest avenue to get a quick draft in is our Mock Draft Simulator, which will let you complete an entire mock draft while you’re on hold with the cable company. Depending on your provider, you may be able to squeeze in three or four.

Another fun way to quench your thirst for fantasy drafts is through‘s MFL10‘s. These are slow drafts hosted by MyFantasyLeague that allow you to play in a 12 team “draft only” league. No waivers and no setting lineups. The team with the highest overall score at the end of the season (the computer selects your optimal lineup each week) wins $100. Not bad for only a $10 investment.

I have participated in a dozen or so of these drafts so far this offseason and plan on entering quite a few more before Week 1 rolls around. These “best ball leagues” sometimes carry a different draft strategy than an average fantasy draft but they do help to gather some preliminary data points as real fake football drafts creep closer. Not to mention, these drafts can help ease your shakes like your first cup of morning brew (or your first couple morning brews).

I recently decided to compile my rosters from each MFL10 I have completed so far and see which players have ended up on my teams most frequently. These are players that routinely hold solid draft value and have slithered their way onto my roster on multiple occasions. Here are my most drafted players at the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions:




Jake Locker: I have long been a fan of Locker but I am willing to freely admit that if he were a cat, he would have just coughed up his eighth life and would be currently engulfed in flames. What Jake Locker does have going for him this season is the arrival of head coach Ken Wisenhunt in Tennessee. Wisenhunt has a proven track record of squeezing the most out of his quarterbacks, most recently Philip Rivers in 2013. Locker’s accuracy and injury issues have been his downfall but I am willing to give him a shot this season, especially in “best ball” formats. I have him ranked 19th among fantasy quarterbacks and he is currently being drafted 29th at the position, which leads me to select him often as my third quarterback.

Ryan Tannehill: This is another situation, like Locker, where my ranking of a player combined with his average draft position (ADP) makes him a great match for my team later in drafts. I have been waiting until the 9th or 10th round to begin collecting quarterbacks in these drafts and with an ADP in the 12th round, Tannehill fits in quite nicely. I have him ranked 15th at the quarterback position and if new Miami offensive coordinator Bill Lazor (formerly QB coach with Philadelphia) can help guide Tannehill like he did Nick Foles last season, a Top 12 finish at the quarterback position is in reach.


Running Back


Roy Helu: One of my favorite later round targets so far this summer has been Roy Helu. Jay Gruden is now the fearless leader in Washington and he is fresh off leading Andy Dalton to a top tier finish among fantasy quarterbacks in 2013. Yes, Andrew Dalton. Gruden’s knack for the passing game should boost the entire Redskins offense, and Helu could be a beneficiary on third downs. Last season, Gio Bernard racked up 56 catches as a rookie in Gruden’s offense so we know there will be some opportunity here. Alfred Morris’ 20 career receptions are no threat to Helu, who makes a nice bench addition with an ADP in the 18th round.

Rashad Jennings: Jennings seems to be a polarizing fantasy player this summer and I hope it stays that way, leaving his eighth round ADP exactly where it is. Jennings is primed for a solid season as a newly acquired member of the New York Giants and despite his inexperience as an NFL starter, he has a surprisingly high floor for a fantasy back. New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo will be installing a west coast offense that will reportedly be full of short, quick passes for Eli Manning. This is great for Jennings, because what he has lacked in career carries, he has made up for in skill as a receiver out of the backfield. 2013 bust David Wilson, slug Peyton Hillis and rookie Andre Williams are all that could potentially threaten Jennings, who provides monster fantasy value in the middle rounds of drafts.


Wide Receiver


Larry Fitzgerald: This is a name that surprised me as it popped up on my frequent flyer list, as I have Fitzgerald ranked 18th at wide receiver which is almost exactly where he is being drafted. The potential of up-and-coming teammate Michael Floyd has rubbed some of the shine off of old Fitz but at the end of the fourth round, he is a safe addition to a fantasy roster.

Roddy White: My main man Roddy is being criminally underdrafted so far this summer, which is another development I would like to hold true through Labor Day. Roddy’s current ADP is in the sixth round and he is being drafted 26th among fantasy receivers. Seeing as how I have Roddy ranked 14th at wide receiver, I have been one happy camper every time I have selected him so far. Atlanta’s offense will be back in top form this season with a healthy Roddy White and Julio Jones, which gives him a great shot at 90+ catches once again and returning to the top tier of fantasy wide outs.

All Average Draft Position data courtesy of


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3 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    My base is usually . . .

    2 QB
    7 RB
    7 WR
    2 TE
    2 K
    2 D

    But if I feel strong at either RB or WR and weak at QB or TE then I’ll slide a roster spot over. I think because of that I’ve using higher picks on QBs and TEs lately, just because I want as many bodies at RB and WR as possible.

  2. Scott says:

    Hi, Jeff. I see that you mention drafting three QBs in this format. What’s your typical position allotment look like? Do you also draft three tight ends?

    • Jeff says:

      I do usually go with 3 QB and 3 TE because I generally wait on both positions until at least the 8th-10th rounds. If I were to get a top level QB or TE to slip to me at a reasonable spot in the mid rounds then I would probably go with just two at that position but I generally wait and kill it with quantity.

      I am a 2K and 2D type of guy as well.

      What about you?

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