MFL10 Basics April 1, 2016  |  Justin Edwards

As the offseason meanders on and you attempt to fill that football sized void in your life with baseballs, pucks, schooling, a job, or whatever normal people do with their extra time, know that there is help out there if you need some good ol’ fake footballing. MFL10’s over on are running drafts as you read this and will continue to run all the way until kickoff week. With a slow draft email style that alots 8 hours per pick, you’ll be able to easily run drafts throughout a normal day as long as you have access to a computer or cell phone.

Arguably the greatest part of partaking in MFL10’s is the fact that they are draft-only leagues, meaning that once the 20 rounds are up there is no more roster management to worry about; no trading, no lineup setting, no nothing. The system picks your highest scoring QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex spot (RB/WR/TE) and D/ST out of your 20 roster spots in a given week and produces your highest scoring lineup automatically. A full PPR league with passing TDs being worth 4 points, much of the rest of the scoring is quite standard. For a full list of scoring rules, please visit right here.

This helps to eliminate those Sunday mornings at 11:30 when you’re cursing yourself for joining 12 re-draft leagues and scrambling to make sure you’re not starting somebody on a Bye. Bye weeks, injuries, benching, suspensions, all of those things that keep a player off the field will keep them out of your lineup without you having to stress about it. A serpentine draft style that takes up to two weeks is the only effort you’ll ever need to put forth to try to beat out the other 11 guys and gals in a given league.



Of course that ’10’ in MFL10 stands for something, and that’s the entry fee to get into one of these things. There are different buy-ins that will open further on in the Spring but the $10 entry is by far the most popular one and is where you’ll see all of the grinders running 2, 3, 6, 8, etc. of these leagues at a time. I try to not have more than 2 or 3 at a time so I don’t feel like I’m just blindly picking players. Anywho, here’s the payout structure for each of the buy-ins:

$$$ 1st Place 2nd Place
$10 $100 Complimentary $10 entry next season
$25 $200 Complimentary $50 entry next season
$50 $400 Complimentary $100 entry next season
$100 $800 Complimentary $200 entry next season


I’m a big proponent of the top heavy payout structure, it only takes winning one league to pay off nine others and I can get behind a risk-reward scenario like that.

General Strategies and theories on “Best Ball” drafting

There are a litany of different strategies to attack every type of draft and your MFL10’s won’t be any different. As a general guideline here is how your typical roster is going to play out;

2-3 QBs, 4-6 RBs, 5-8 WRs, 2-3 TEs, 2-3 D/STs

You may prefer to do yours differently but straying too far away from those numbers will lead you to some very thin positions and you’ve got to make sure you’ve got players playing in every week or it will very negatively affect your season-long point totals which is basically the only thing we care about!

QB strategies – A top-5 guy will cost you an average pick of 69.54, or, pick 5.09. In contrast, the quarterbacks being taken between QB10-QB14 are costing an average pick of 129.92, or, pick 10.09. As only one field general will count per week, maybe you’d prefer to pay up for a ‘guarantee’ (Newton), the contrary would be picking multiple middle-of-the-road performers (Eli Manning-Rivers) and having them compete for the qualifying performance each week.

RB strategies – With the mass disappointment among RB1 performers last season there are a multitude of directions to go with your running back drafting. As more WRs are being drafted in the 1st round than ever, running backs are being pushed further and further back in the draft. Whichever route you go, keep in your mind that you want guys that can explode. A season like 2015’s TJ Yeldon is the exact sort of year you’re trying to avoid. He had nearly 200 rushing attempts and almost none of which were goal-line carries, resulting in only 2 touchdowns for the season. Not the sort of upside you want in Best Ball.

WR strategies – These are my absolutely favorite guys to draft. Who doesn’t want to draft completely based on who may or may not catch a 70-yard TD two or three times a season? This is why you’ll see someone like Jarvis Landry, who caught 110 passes (4th in NFL) last season being drafted as the 17th WR off the board. While you could argue that having some consistency on your roster is certainly not a bad thing, you can’t tell me that his 4 TDs on 165 targets is a good thing, at least not in this format.

TE strategies – Welp, Gronk is currently going 8th overall and the next five guys are going at 62.83, or pick 5.03. Both of those figures are too rich for my blood, but getting a solid TE suits a lot of people well, apparently. I typically end up streaming the tight end position in year-long football and I tend to have a similar approach in MFL10; I draft my 2-3 TEs in the double-digit rounds and let the beauty of this system stream for me.

D/ST strategies – I’ll be the first to admit that my defensive strategy in MFL10’s have been incredibly lazy. As long as the rest of my team is solid I just finish up the draft picking defenses in rounds 18, 19, and 20. If you need a tie-breaker in what I think is a pretty crap-shoot position I’d suggest just looking up some end of year ’15 DVOA. I’m gonna try to get more learned on the subject.

Well ladies and gents, there’s an overview of what I’ll be spending much of my free time on for the rest of Spring and Summer! I hope this was informative and will give you a push in the direction of trying these things out. In the coming weeks and months I’ll be going much more in-depth about specific strategies, players and draft positions so keep checking back. If you have any ideas you’d like to compare or questions in general please feel free to comment down below or hit me up on the tweet machine.

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