Links That Don’t Stink August 29, 2012  |  C.D. Carter

Displaying his mastery of Microsoft Excel’s RANDBETWEEN function, Fantasy Douche is helping your feeble human brain comprehend recency bias with player injuries, Ben Tate’s fantasy points per touch are sort of mind blowing, and Mike Clay grills Maurice Jones-Drew until Pocket Hercules confesses that Rashad Jennings is a worthy handcuff in Jacksonville.

  • Fantasy Douche, as he’s wont to do, gouges gaping holes in fantasy football orthodoxy in his latest polemic, “What You See Is All There Is.” Remember when Matthew Stafford was considered too much of an injury risk to draft as a QB1 last August? So do I. As easy as it is to identify players are injury prone, we shouldn’t. Adrian Peterson was considered somewhat injury prone coming out of college. And last year, a week before AP’s knee bent in ways that no human knee should, a prominent ESPN analyst who shall remain unnamed told his readers that there was no reason to worry about Peterson being hurt because he had proven durable so far in his NFL career. I think that’s the Douche’s point, and I think fantasy owners should apply this thinking to a guy like Darren McFadden.
  • Houston backup running back Ben Tate is trapped in Fantasy No Man’s Land, as he was last season. Owners aren’t sure if they’re drafting Arian Foster’s handcuff or a legit RB2 who may or may not get a dozen touches a game. LeagueSafePost’s Ryan Broser tackled, “The Curious Case of Ben Tate” in a post that includes a cavalcade of awesome nicknames for Tate, including “FosterCare” and “platinum level insurance policy.” Boser charges that Tate is a plug-and-play RB1/2 if and when Foster goes down. Last year, Tate averaged more fantasy points per touch than Marshawn Lynch, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Michael Turner.
  • You think you know all there is to know about the value of handcuffing your precious running back investments. Mike Clay uses his latest Rotoworld epic to inform you that you, sir or ma’am, know nothing – NOTHING! – about handcuffs. LeSean McCoy’s backup, Dion Lewis, isn’t being drafted, and certainly should, Clay argues. Jacquizz Rodgers is the unquestioned handcuff to Michael Turner’s gargantuan derriere. And check out Clay’s question to MJD during a live teleconference last week. Hint: his response will make Rashad Jennings owners downright giddy.

Don’t deprive yourself of my first Dreaming of Streaming column, with info on all the defenses a streamer should consider during the final rounds of your upcoming draft. And for your own health and well-being, check out The Fake Football’s latest staff rankings, now featuring giant value judgment gaps among guys like Hakeem Nicks, Larry Fitzgerald, and Matt Forte.

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