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I’ll be passing on some links from the world of sports and otherwise in this weekly post. I hope you’ll find them as interesting as I have.

Does practice make perfect or are some people just inherently more talented than others? Malcolm Gladwell and friends say it’s all in the amount of practice time but there are new studies that show otherwise.

Can quarterbacks be “game managers”? or are the crappy ones that win just hidden by good coaching, defense and a running game? Take a look at the Trent Dilfer Club.

If you like smart people talking about the NFL then you’ll like Greg Cosell. He’s not nearly as prickish as his uncle and he makes it easy to understand some complicated football mumbo jumbo be it on NFLN or ESPN or here at Yahoo’s The Shutdown Corner Podcast.

The Fake Football’s very own Greg finished third in the Accuracy Scores for Week 11 at Fantasy Pros! Check out Fantasy Pros for some pretty cool rankings tools.

I’ve always been a fan of Zach Law’s interviews with Fantasy Football writers and I especially like this one with Draft Sharks’ Matt Schauf who is funnier than your average bear.

Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts. This episode titled “Games” takes a look at why we get so invested in other people playing a game.

A closer look at Denver Broncos’ rookie Von Miller and why he’s such a bad ass can be found here.

Mike Braude and Asher Molk team up for an in-depth fantasy football matchups article each week over at Razzball Football. It’s a must read.

Maurice Jones-Drew was supposed to be on the way to an early grave but has played well this season. Unfortunately for Jones-Drew the rest of his team is God-awful. Chase Stuart takes a look at MJD and the rest of the NFL running backs and their success rate.

Mr. Ndamukong Suh has anger issues. Thankfully he can usually get those out while he’s slamming into offensive lineman and ripping helmets off of quarterbacks, but sometimes it spills over just a smidge. And here’s a little of the fallout so far.


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    Just an FYI that Howard Cosell was Greg Cosell’s uncle, not his father.

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