The Josh Gordon Plan August 27, 2013  |  Jeff

Fake Footballers are never short on strategy. After all, what have we spent the last eight months hashing out on Twitter? As the cold, cold winter months gave way to real live practices and exhibition games, the one single fantasy football draft tactic that us fine folks at The Fake Football have agreed on, is to wait on drafting a quarterback. This theory has been beaten and dropped kicked into the ground worse than Miley Cyrus VMA jokes, but the general idea is that the extreme depth at the quarterback position affords fantasy owners the ability to draft a quality signal caller late, and stock up at other positions.

So what does this all mean?!? Well, my fake football friends, following this playbook means that we are free to circle above a few key fantasy assets like birds of prey. One such fantasy asset is Mr. Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns. Our man Chet touched on this topic in his recent draft strategy rundown, and John Kerwin delivered an excellent recap of Gordon’s potential this spring. I am not here to dig into the details of why Josh Gordon is great, which he is, but rather to discuss the fact that he is grossly undervalued in fantasy football drafts and that by using the “wait on a quarterback” strategy, you can add Gordon as the crown jewel in your fake football crown, or helmet, or whatever you like wearing on your head on Sundays.


Plan of Attack:


Let’s start by quickly discussing the giant pachyderm in the room, Josh Gordon’s suspension. Gordon will sit out Cleveland’s first two games of the 2013 season for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, which gives many fantasy football owners worry at first glance. Thankfully, you’re a savvy reader of The Fake Football and you won’t be swayed by little things like two game bans! The point here is that Gordon’s suspension is a good thing. Not for Gordon himself, or the Browns, but for us fantasy footballer owners. We are in the business of winning fantasy football games and fake football hardware, and this suspension means a gold mine of fantasy value is in our sights.

Gordon’s current Average Draft Position (ADP) sits at the end of the seventh round in twelve team leagues (right next to Mark Ingram…ewwww). This may sound a bit high for a player sitting out for two games, but think of things from the perspective of less knowledgeable folks in your league:


THEY say, “I can’t draft Gordon at 7.12. He is suspended for two games! I already drafted a quarterback and a tight end in the first five rounds, so how can I draft a suspended player when my starting roster isn’t even complete!?!”

YOU say, “Alright! Josh Gordon! Since I plan on drafting a quarterback and tight end in the 8th-10th rounds, I have a nice stack of running backs and wide receivers already on my roster. I can afford to let Gordon sit on my bench until week three, when he will come back dominate with WR2 numbers!”


This is exactly how capitalizing on fantasy football value works. By waiting on a quarterback (and preferably tight end), you can secure the type of running back and wide receiver depth necessary to afford the luxury of a player like Josh Gordon. When he returns from suspension, you have instantly added lethal firepower to your team, while still rolling out a quarterback and tight end with comparable production to others in the top twelve at their position.

As the last days of fantasy football draft season float away, don’t let Josh Gordon do the same. Your fantasy squad will appreciate the boost in week three.



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20 Responses

  1. Colin says:

    12 team PPR

    Rb`s-Spiller, MJD, Bernard, Ridley, Vereen, Powell, Peirce
    Wr`s-Ammendola, tate, Broyles, roberts


    • Jeff says:

      you definitely need to make a move of some sort. Not sure either of those deals are the best you can get right now. There should be some teams starved for RBs in a 12 teamer, so shop around a little more. Ridley might get you the most value but I’d try to aim higher than Welker at first.

    • SantosLHauper says:

      I wouldn’t trade Ridley for a lower than top ten ranked WR

  2. Jeremey says:

    I have Floyd on my bench and was req by another manager for a trade for him..Gordon is the best player on his bench.

  3. Jeremey says:

    Love this site.. You allways come up with things to wright abou,t that I’m questioning myself with! Thanks! Trade question.. Michael Floyd traded for Josh Gordon. Strait up trade. Should I ask for more? Is it worth it? Thx

  4. Pete says:

    Jeff, 12tm PPR: Brady, hamster, c2k, Julio, vin jack, tony gonzo, Bradshaw at flex, byrant K, NE d, Like my team, got Gordon on my bench as well. Question I have is should I drop either Drwyer or Moreno for anther high upside WR on my bench. Those two RB might get some starts but I’m not sure they hold on to their jobs for very long. Thoughts? Thanks man.

  5. keld says:

    Hi Jeff, 12 Team .5 PPR: Ryan, Vick, Fitz, AJ80, Shorts, Gordon, Shady, Reggie Bush, Vereen, Woodhead, Moreno, Gronk, Fred Davis

    Should I drop Woodhead or Moreno for Michael Floyd (on waivers?) or hang tight.

    • Jeff says:

      I would drop Woodhead for him. In all likelihood, Moreno will be sort of the same type of back as Woodhead anyhow so you could live without one of them and Floyd is a nice upside guy.

  6. timmy riggins says:

    Good article Jeff. I managed to grab Gordon in the 10th rd. Can you please share your thoughts on my team. also, which 2 would you drop for a Def/K (id prob wait closer to the beginning of the season to do so in case roster changes occur).

    10 team H2H KEEPER w/playoffs, 2QB, non-PPR, start 3WR, 2RB, NO FLEX. 6pts a TD, 15yds receiving/rushing=1pt, 40yds passing =1pt., 30 ret yds=1pt

    I kept AJ Green 8th rd and TRADED my 2nd/3rd for the #1 overall. Rd selection in parenthesis. Can keep players drafted after the 5th rd

    QB – Brees (1), P. Manning (1)
    WR – AJ Green (8),Colston (4),Gordon (10),Givens (11),Blackmon (13),Britt (14),C.Patterson (16)
    RB – MJD (5), D. Wilson (6), Lacy (7), Vereen (12), L. Bell (15), C.Michael (16)
    TE – Witten (9) – (thinking i shouldve taken weeden as QB3 instead)

    Thank you

    • Jeff says:

      Looks good. You should roll with those two QBs in the fold as long as they stay healthy. For K and D, I’d probably drop Patterson and Blackmon. With Gordon already, having him and Blackmon would be tying up a big part of your bench with guys not playing. In a 10 teamer, you should be able to replace WR easier than RBs. Good luck!

  7. Jermichael says:

    Here is his team: Kaepernick, Eli, Jordy, Garcon, G Tate, D Hopkins, Rice, D WIlson, DeMarco, G Bernard, B Tate, J Randle, Redman, Gates.

  8. Jermichael says:

    Do you think it’s worth it to try & trade Pierce to Rice’s owner, if so what type of player trade would be worth it on my end?

    • Jeff says:

      Id only do it if they were willing to overpay for him. Pierce is pretty valuable in his own right. Id target a mid level WR.

  9. Jermichael says:

    Someone already grabbed Givens. I’m thinking about gambling with Patterson. I don’t fully trust DHB! By the way, I was at that Seahawks Packers circus show, all I can say is wow!

    • Jeff says:

      Ya DHB is tough because you dont really know how much he’ll lose to Hilton, despite starting. and ya, the Hawks/Pack is turning into quite a rivalry these days!

  10. Jermichael says:

    Hi Jeff, 12 Team PPR: Russel Wilson, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Rueben Randle, Cordarrelle Patterson, CJ Spiller, Reggie Bush, Mark Ingram, Bernard Pierce, Roy Helu, Dwyer, Greg Olsen, Tyler Eifert, Blair Walsh, NE D.
    Josh Gordon is already taken, would you rather have DHB, Givens, or Cordarrelle Patterson on your bench?

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