Jahvid Best and Fred Jackson Lost For The Season November 25, 2011  |  Chet

Many of us have been holding on to Jahvid Best through his concussion problems, but unfortunately he’s been placed on Injured Reserve. In many ways this is a relief so you can drop him and just go on with your life. Fred Jackson on the other hand is a hard shot in the gut. He broke one of his fibulas. As a fake football writer my shoulders hurt from being hunched over my laptop but thankfully my fibulas are still sound.

The good news that has come from the rubble of bad news is that Kevin Smith (Lions RB, not the director) doesn’t have a high ankle sprain. Since he was hurt on Thursday he has some extra time to heal and could even play next week, but even if he doesn’t he’s very much worth keeping now compared to the 2-4 week time frame of doom we heard earlier.

There isn’t one must grab with Best and Jackson out but there are a few guys to take into consideration.

Maurice Morris: You dropped him and then Smith got hurt and now you have to think about picking him back up again. That sucks. Of course the news that K. Smith isn’t as hurt as we first thought makes him a little riskier a pick up but he’s worth a grab, especially in PPR leagues.

Joseph Addai: He has practiced all week and faces the Carolina Panthers who are giving out rushing yards like your Aunt Carol gives out her opinion (what. a. bitch.). Donald Brown looked like he would be the guy going into this week and he’ll still get work so it’s no slam dunk but Addai should take the job back when fully healed. If he’s been left for dead retrace your steps and throw him back on the wagon.

Johnny White: The news of Jackson’s departure probably had your league mates jumping all over C.J. Spiller but Johnny White is also worth a grab. Spiller will get the first crack at the most touches and is the first guy to grab but White could end up gaining a lot of touches if Spiller has trouble consistently running hard between the tackles and gaining positive yards consistently.

Joe McKnight: I’m not sold on any of the Jets running backs which is why I’m recommending McKnight. He looked ok in relief of Shonn Greene and could start stealing touches from him and LaDainian Tomlinson is still hurting. Add to that a pretty good rest of season schedule against run defenses and he’s a nice stash.

Daniel Thomas: Yes, he is not a free agent but he hasn’t been doing jack squat and may be grabbed for cheap if you can still trade and I suppose there is a chance he’s been dropped as well. He has a nice schedule remaining and there is a chance the Dolphins will want to give him more carries to finish out the season to see what they have going forward.

Kendall Hunter: This is based on Frank Gore wearing down and the 49ers needing to keep him healthy for the playoffs. Oh and Hunter is actually pretty good. Unfortunately he might be gone because of these reasons anyway.

Javon Ringer: Chris Johnson gets a very nice schedule to run out the season and if he has another clunker like last week we’ll start hearing the Ringer murmurs again. Worth a grab.

Jacquizz Rodgers: Jason Snelling and Michael Turner are blocking him pretty hard right now but he’s pretty darn good at football. If Turner’s butt grew any over Thanksgiving he may be too butt-heavy to move forward.

Bernard Scott: It has to be hard watching Cedric Benson run the ball if you are a Bengals’ fan. They have a nice rookie duo of Dalton and Green and then this plodding crap-weasel Benson at running back. The Bengals have a favorable schedule for RBs going forward and Benson just sucks.

Shane Vereen: This is a shot in the dark but Vereen did see 8 rushing attempts and scored a touchdown last week. He’s passed Stevan Ridley sadly, well, he was probably happy but I’m not because I own(ed) Ridley but we have to move on with our lives.

Brandon Saine: The odds of Saine being a week 16 fantasy asset are better than most of your no-name running backs hanging out in your free agent pool because he is a Packer and we could see some resting of injured guys like Starks and the team wanting to see if Saine can help them out like Starks did last season in the playoffs.

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