Percy Harvin: Trade Target November 12, 2011  |  Chet

Percy Harvin is a great target for the second half of your fake football season. Why? Well, let me tell you Mr. or Mrs. Skeptizmo. Harvin has a ton of ability. We’ve seen this over and over again. But unfortunately he’s had plenty of ordeals to deal with. His migraines were a constant problem last season keeping him from practicing and getting into any kind of rhythm. This season has brought yet another quarterback and then another quarterback and more health issues, all of which have kept him from reaching his full potential.

Now we have a new day for the Vikings’ receiver. Christian Ponder has supplanted Donovan McNabb and has opened up the offense with his ability to not worm burn passes to his receivers’ feet. Harvin’s migraine issues have subsided, but he’s had sore ribs which have kept him from playing full games yet he still leads the team in targets. But now after the Viking’s bye week Harvin says he is healed up and ready to go. That’s great news especially with Ponder now fully entrenched as the starter and practicing with Harvin daily. Michael Jenkins and Visanthe Shiancoe just aren’t on par with Harvin’s ability to make defenders miss and if he can get a few more receptions his chances of turning them into big gainers is quite good. Get him before the gettins gone.

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