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Welcome, Fake Footballers! Aside from smashing on opponents each week in our yearly fantasy football leagues, we at The Fake Football also do some dabbling in the fine arts of Daily Fantasy Sports. If you like the rush of fantasy football in one-week portions (with a few pesos on the line), then Daily Fantasy Sports may be your cup of tea as well. This season, we will be pumping out weekly advice for the daily games run by our pals over at Headsupfantasy.com, which is a new platform that offers daily gaming with NO RAKE taken. Need convincing? Take it from the Headsupfantasy folks themselves:

“It is our goal to present our users with the most enjoyable and affordable form of competition possible. Under no circumstances will Headsupfantasy take any percentages from user funds in challenges or pools.  Users can use our organized categories to find the perfect game for them. We have provided the clearest form of scoring for each sport so that all our users can compete on an even scale.”

So, instead of the host site taking a percentage of your hard earned winnings, you simply purchase “tokens”, and use one per contest. Now that you have an idea of how things work, let’s check out the format:

Each week, players have multiple formats to choose from including 2 athlete, 3 athlete, and 6 athlete contests. Within those formats there are further options for fantasy degenerates to enjoy! All scoring is standard fantasy scoring…4 pt passing TDs and no PPR.


2 Athlete: Choose any TWO fantasy players then compete head-to-head in any one of five categories:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most touchdowns  * Most passing yards

* Most rushing Yards  * Most receiving yards

 * 3 Athlete: Choose any THREE fantasy players then compete head-to-head in any one of five categories:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most touchdowns  * Most passing yards

* Most rushing Yards  * Most receiving yards

6 Athlete: Choose any SIX fantasy players then compete head-to-head in either:

* Most combined fantasy points  * Most combined touchdowns

(6 athlete contests can be either QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE *fixed format* or six of any position)


With so many different contest options, we are going to highlight our favorite three formats and the picks we’re rolling with this Sunday. With the ability to select any fantasy football player, the options are endless, but here are the top plays for Week 14:


* 2 Athlete: Most Receiving Yards

– This week, in the ‘2 Athlete’ format, we are going with two no-brainers. Not the players, they actually have working brains, but they are very easy selections due in part to their awesomeness and also to their matchups. First, in the shocker of the millennium, we will go ahead and use Calvin Johnson. Megatron’s greatness needs no explaining here but this week he is line for an even bigger day than normal. The Detroit Lions draw the Philadelphia Eagles, who get absolutely roasted by opposing fantasy wide receivers. ‘Tron will be in fine form. Next to Calvin Johnson, we will use Brandon Marshall. While his partner in crime, Alshon Jeffery, went bonkers in Week 13, it will be Marshall who will capitalize on the weak Dallas secondary on Monday Night Football. Don’t go into battle without these two studs. THE PICK: Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall.


* 3 Athlete: Most Rushing Yards

– First and foremost, when rolling with the ‘Most Rushing Yards’ category, the lead back facing the buttery soft Chicago Bears defense is a staple. This week that honor goes to DeMarco Murray so he is our first choice. Second, will be the great Matt Forte, who draws the equally weak Dallas Cowboys defense in Week 14. Forte and the Bears should be moving the ball at a nice clip on Monday Night so I like having lots of shares of that offense. To round out our trio (can a trio be rounded?) we will go with Eddie Lacy. Lacy was stuffed on Thanksgiving by the Detroit Lions but this week he gets to face the much more forgiving Atlanta Falcons defense. Big things are on the horizon for Eddie, as the Pack will have to run frequently with Aaron Rodgers still out. As long as Green Bay doesn’t fall too far behind, Lacy will be money. THE PICK: DeMarco Murray, Matt Forte, Eddie Lacy


* 6 Athlete: Most Combined Fantasy Points (fixed format)

– This week, like every week, we begin with the great Peyton Manning at quarterback. The risk of playing without him is far too great, so line up #18 at QB like normal. Next to Manning, we will take two of our backs from above, Matt Forte and DeMarco Murray, and line them up next to our two stud wide receivers in Megatron and Brandon Marshall. To finish off our fierce six-pack of players, we will go with our usual selection of Rob Gronkowski at Tight End. We are going with Gronk over big Jimmy Graham due to the fact that Cleveland (Gronk’s opponent) is kinder to opposing fantasy tight ends than the Panthers, who line up opposite Graham this week. There you have it! Roll this lineup out with confidence. PICK: Peyton Manning, Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Rob Gronkowski.



Good luck in Week 14, and be sure to check out Headsupfantasy!


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