Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule November 27, 2012  |  Chet

Here are rest of the season fantasy football strength of schedule numbers for each fantasy position. The numbers are smushed together from week 5 on. You can see the raw numbers here.

The average is for Weeks 13-16. I didn’t put week 17 in, since most leagues finish before then.

The numbers are based off of the teams’ rankings in multiple categories, so the higher the number, the crappier the defense is against that particular position.

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  1. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR, 9-3, 2nd place: Brees, Freeman, Dez, Cruz, Garcon, Alexander, James Jones, Sanu, Martin, Beanie, JStew, Graham, Rudolph, GB. I was thinking about trying to find a RB off waivers or FA, what are your thoughts on LaMichael James’s upside if Hunter is done? RB options are limited: D Rich, Ingram, R Brown, Peerman, Ivory…

  2. The U says:

    Love when you post these. Great stuff. Pettigrew or Dallas Clark this week?

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