Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator May 15, 2018  |  Chet

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  1. Keith says:

    I’m in a 12 team draft, normal scoring except QB’s get 6 points for throwing TD’s. ! QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s Te, K & Def. Where can I get a top 200 cheat sheet?

  2. Steve says:

    LOL the “experts” at FantasyPros

    yeah right, all they do is rip other people’s stuff, put it on their blog, take the page views away

    • Chet says:

      I’m an “expert” at FantasyPros. They provide us with a great service and in turn we help them as well. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for all the sites out there. Besides giving us an easy platform for updating our rankings and putting them on the site without needing to make excel files and dragging names around, they also send traffic our way since all of our content on their site links back to our site or Twitter. I love the products they put out as well. I use the Draft Assistant for all my drafts. Really a great site.

  3. Dale Steele says:

    Thanks Chet!! I’m pumped to be mocking already. What does it mean when my projected starters are usually in the middle of the pack and my bench players usually in first? Am I too focused on depth?

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