FanDuel Bargains: Week 10 November 7, 2012  |  Jeff

After a monstrous week of fake football scoring in week 9, we are back in action, looking for the best FanDuel bargains for week 10. Now that 9 weeks of the NFL season are in the books, we have a much more thorough log of data to analyze when it comes to NFL defenses, which we have put to good use below. The following are the best bargains in FanDuel for the upcoming week’s slate of games…


Ben Roethlisberger ($8,000): Ben is once again a steady rock of a quarterback in fantasy land, as he is each season. Large Ben is 7th in quarterback points and faces the Chiefs this week, who give up the 7th most points to opposing fantasy quarterbacks. Coincidence? I think not. Slap Ben into your QB slot and move on to your RBs.

Carson Palmer ($7,800): Palmer has been his usual pick-throwing self in 2012, but has been racking up some decent yardage lately (298 or more in 3 of his last 4). With McFadden now on the shelf, the Raiders will be throwing a ton and even though some will go to the other team, Palmer will still fill up a nice fantasy stat line.

Ryan Tannehill ($6,200): The Tan Man lit up Indy last week for 290 yards and a score, and the schedule gets mighty friendly in week 10 as Miami gets Tennessee at home. As you will notice throughout this piece, the Titan defense is less than good. You could even be so bold as to say it stinks. $6,200 is about as cheap as FanDuel quarterbacks come, but sometimes that’s just what a RB/WR heavy lineup needs.



Stevan Ridley ($7,100): Ridley has been downright beastly this season (7th in NFL rushing yards) and is only tied for the 12th highetst priced running back this week. The best part about making Ridley your FanDuel pal in week 10 is that he faces Buffalo, who gives up the 2nd highest points per game to opposing running backs. You’ll never spend $7,100 imaginary dollars on a better purchase.

Willis McGahee ($6,600): Old Willis has been as steady as they come this season, as the Denver offense has been on a roll. This week, McGahee draws the Carolina defense, which has given up points to opposing running backs by the boat load. McGahee has received 23 carries in each of Denver’s last two games and that type of workload against a poor defense will result in a plentiful bounty of fantasy points.

Marcel Reece ($5,700): Reece was always a part of the Oakland passing game, but now will get some carries as well as Darren McFadden has been injured, to the shock of precisely no one. Baltimore’s defense is nothing to be frightened of, and Reece will get plenty of work in the Oakland offense. A pass catching running back that will get this amount of use is a nice pickup at $5,700. The Fake Football wine menu says pair him with a nice 2012 Adrian Peterson for the best flavor.


Brian Hartline ($5,900): Hartline racked up 8 grabs for 107 yards last week and like Anthony Fasano below, faces the friendly Tennessee defense this week. FanDuel awards .5 points per reception so Hartline should be a nice option for a cheap price in week 10.

Malcom Floyd ($5,700): Giving up the 3rd most points to wide receivers are the Tampa Bay Bucs, and Malcolm Floyd will be looking to keep that trend rolling in week 10. Floyd found the end zone last week and is a decent bet to do so once again this Sunday. San Diego doesn’t have a ton of other options, so go with Floyd for a cheap WR option.

Emmanuel Sanders ($4,500): If you dug deep into that FanDuel wallet and went big on Drew Brees and Arian Foster, our boy Emmanuel is here to save you in week 10. Sanders didn’t do much besides a touchdown catch last week, but Antonio Brown will miss the entire game on Monday, meaning Sanders will be a $4,500 starter in an offense that can move the ball. At $4,500, Sanders could be a FanDuel jewel this week.



Brandon Myers ($5,500): Myers has been a staple of the FanDuel Bargains weekly piece here at The Fake Football, so let’s keep riding that train until the wheels fall off. Myers’ reception total has been aqeduate (just under 5 per game), and he finally reached the endzone last week (twice). Tied for 9th among tight ends in price isn’t bad for an often used tight end like Myers, especially since Oakland will be even more pass heavy without McFadden.

Brandon Pettigrew ($5,000): This one breaks down easily. Pettigrew is tied for 4th among NFL tight ends in receptions and is 18th in price among tight ends this week in FanDuel. Pettigrew’s season points total isn’t quite as high as other tight ends due to his lack of touchdowns (1), but Detroit’s week 10 opponent, Minnesota, gives up roughly one touchdown every other week so hopefully Pettigrew hauls one in for himself. Good buy for $5,000.

Anthony Fasano ($4,800): Giving up the most points to tight ends are the Tennessee Titans. Who gets the pleasure of stacking up points against Tennessee this week? That would be Anthony Fasano. Sure, Fasano isn’t a threat to go for 100 yards and three scores, but the Titans have given up 8(!) touchdowns to tight ends already this season and Fasano could easily snag one. A nice gamble at the low price of $4,800.




You know the drill. Keep those kicker and defense selections to 5K apiece until you get the rest of your lineup constructed. If you’ve got a few pesos left over at the end, go ahead and upgrade to the Chicago or Houston defense. In the 5K bargain bin this week are the Dallas Cowboys, who are playing the Swiss cheese Philadelphia O-line this week, and Matt Prater, who is a kicker.



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  1. Jermichael says:

    14 team PPR: I’m super weak at RB2, would you trade for Charles, I know it’s a gamble. My Team: Staff, Mega, Decker, Crabtree, Martin, A Brown, Bennett, Janikowski, Britt, Alex Green, Hunter, Beanie. His team: Brees, VJax, Cruz, Boldin, Bradshaw, Ridley, Keller, Charles, Pitta, Ponder, Dwyer, Redman.

  2. y4rivera says:

    In a keeper league an owner out of contention offered me Ray Rice ($50) straight up for Doug Martin ($20). I’m in first place and my current backs are McCoy, Martin, Forte, DMC, and Mendy (start up to 4). I feel I should decline because the value for Martin is too good for next year and I’m already deep at rb. Right move?

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, although Rice is better, they are close enough in value to keep Martin’s future value.

      • y4rivera says:

        In that same league I traded Marshall ($33) and got Julio ($14). Value wise for the future I won but does it hurt me short term? I’m currently in first.

        • Jeff says:

          I think it’s the same sort of thing. They are close enough in value that the future worth of Julio makes that deal pretty good.

          • y4rivera says:

            We can keep up to 4 players. Keepers are kept at last years price plus a $5 inflation. During the draft top guys usually go in the 40-50 range.
            Potential Keepers with best value
            Cam $11
            Cruz $11
            Julio $14
            Percy $18
            Martin $20
            Forte $33
            McCoy $36
            The owner made another offer of Rice ($50) and Rodgers ($58) for Cam ($11) and Martin ($20). I know value wise I shouldn’t do it because I wouldn’t keep Rodgers or Rice at those prices. My concern is we are only allowed 4 keepers and I have several potential keepers. Since I won’t be able to keep everyone should I consider a move like this or stick with what I got?

            My Team
            QB Cam
            RB McCoy
            RB Martin
            WR Julio
            WR Cruz
            WR Percy
            TE Myers
            flx Forte
            flx DMC
            bn Dalton, Antonio (pit), Mendenhall, D.Rich, Hartline, Reece

  3. Jermichael says:

    10 Team PPR, 6-3, 2nd place. Who would you rather stash Beanie or Mendenhall. I currently have Beanie stashed but someone just dropped Mendenhall.

  4. sportsvault says:

    Pettigrew hasn’t done anything all year…why the change now?

    • Jeff says:

      His reception and yardage totals aren’t horrible, he’s just not finding the end zone so far in 2012. At the 18th highest priced TE, he’s a decent value considering he’s averaging nearly 5 grabs a game even with a 1 catch performance last week.

  5. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: looking to try to make a trade, not many happen in this league,. My team: Staff, Mega, Decker, Crabtree, Martin, Andre Brown, Bennett, Janikowski, SF D, Britt, Alex Green, A Smith, K Hunter, Beanie. Only team that will trade: Vick, S Smith, Julio, Amendola, Taiwan, Draughn, Hern, Hartley, Pitt, law firm, Dalton, Jacquizz, Demarco, Cin. Any suggestions?

    • Jeff says:

      Looks like you need help most at RB. You probably wont be able to pry BGE from him with Murray out, but give it a try. Offer up Britt/A Green and start things off there.

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