FanDuel Bargains: Week 1 September 6, 2012  |  Jeff

Before we get to the week 1 FanDuel money makers, make sure you get signed up for The Fake Football’s Week 1 Freeroll. Sign up HERE and get a free entry into a contest with $250 in prize money. In addition to winning sweet, sweet green backs, you can measure your skills against The Fake Football’s very own crew of writers! Keep an eye out for the following writers (and their FanDuel names) as you make your way up the standings, and into paydirt:

Chet (cgdoc), Asher (AsherMolk!), Mike (MikeBraude), Jeff (jb17), Greg (Gregsauce), Chris (f1shzilla), Jones (mdjone01), Kevin (huntersthompson), Denny (CDCarter), Neil (naparker77), and Scott (smalewig25).


Now let’s see what is on the menu for week 1, as we attempt to pile the most possible points into a 60K budget…


Jay Cutler ($6,900): Cutler is facing a nice matchup with the Indianapolis secondary, and will be eager to show off his new weapon, Brandon Marshall. Cutler is cheaper than guys like Schaub and Freeman, and is a nice value if you want to stack up star players elsewhere.

Russell Wilson ($5,400): Have you heard? Russell Wilson is starting for the Seahawks! For those who want a SUPER cheap QB option, Wilson is a crazy good buy at a mere $5,400. This would provide a FanDuel lineup with plenty of flexibility to add the Fosters and Grahams of the world.


Running Back

Stevan Ridley ($5,500): Ridley is cheaper than other players like Beanie Wells, CJ Spiller, and Roy Helu, and is a much more appealing option.  BGE was solid in New England’s feature back role in 2011, and that is what Ridley has morphed into.

Kevin Smith ($5,000): This is where FanDuel money is made. The scoring system offers .5 points per reception, which benefits a quality pass catching RB like Smith. Smith is a tremendous by, as he is priced down with Brandon Jacobs and Mike Goodson. Jump on this one.


Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown ($6,000): There are roughly 20 wide outs priced higher than Brown this week, and I would take Brown over a decent chunk of them, especially as Mike Wallace gets his legs under him. Brown was awesome in the preseason, and he should be able to keep that momentum rolling, despite the return of Wallace.

Nate Washington ($5,300): As Kenny Britt serves a suspension for boozin’ and drivin’, the Titans get the New England secondary at home. Locker will be throwing quite a bit in this contest, and Washington will be on the other end. A nice reception total will provide a great boost at only $5,300.



Just pick one. However, make sure he does not cost a penny over $5,000. Nate Kaeding will work just fine.



Seattle Seahawks ($5,000): 5k is the minimum price for defenses, and the young ‘Hawks secondary should be able to feast on the Cardinals.

Buffalo Bills ($5,000): Another fine 5k option, as Buffalo gets the Jets in week 1. The Jets!


Good luck!

3 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    @emceeperiod: haha I like that strategy

  2. NOTemceeperiod says:

    Who went first in every draft? Arian Foster. Then why would you NOT start him this week? You gotta play the league’s number one player every week.

    Another option, much cheaper, is Tim Tebow. He may not be starting the game, but he’ll be finishing it after Sanchez throws 3 picks in the first half. The Jets will be down big, so it will turn into the Tebow show. And you can’t find a cheaper QB who will get you passing AND rushing TD’s. Get him cheap this week, his price will skyrocket next week.

  3. emceeperiod says:

    I’m not a big fan of this article…too many of mine own strategies just laid out for everyone else to see! I’m about to start making fake comments with crappy advice just to counteract this article.

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