The Fake Football Writing Contest: Final Results August 12, 2016  |  Chet

After a grueling six week process in which numerous fantasy scribes marched their way through a fierce gauntlet of fake football writing critiques (similar to The Gauntlet on American Gladiators, but tougher), we have finally reached the peak of Fake Football mountain. We would first like to extend our most sincere thank you to each and every person that participated throughout the contest. The entries were extremely fun to read and full of great humor and even better fantasy football analysis that taught us some things along the way as well. BRAVO. If you are not among the finalists, please know that your efforts were greatly appreciated and, most importantly, keep writing. We would also like to thank our celebrity judges who donated their time to helping us with the process of judging each piece that was submitted.  These folks all deserve a round of applause as well. Thank you.

And a mountain of thanks goes to FantasyPros for their prize donations!


Before we get to the overall winners, let’s take a look at Round 3. We asked for your sleepiest sleepers and you went to work! First we’ll go through the honorable mentions and then the Top 3. Congrats everyone, you all did great work!


Honorable Mention

Jon Previtera:

I love the buildup to drafting your last pick, Mr. Irrelevant. Love the strikethrough on enemies/friends. Good list of players from several different positions. I want to read more of what this guy has to say. — David Gonos

Ryan McCann:

Interesting approach to a useful topic. Outside the box conclusions helpful in terms of guiding the reader to applying similar process on their own. A helpful piece. — Rich Hill

He does a great job of highlighting just two players rather than a shotgun spray of 12 players, and explains why you want the guy behind the guy. — David Gonos

Brennan Gray

Brennan’s graphics usage immediately caught my eye, even if the ADP vs Fantasy Points chart yields an unsurprising results. The players listed weren’t surprises, but the presentation goes a long way. Brennan not only asserted a claim that these four players would be successful, he also backed it up with data and sources from beat writers. I hope my office league doesn’t see this review because I’m absolutely buying shares of Rishard Matthews after reading this. — Rich Hill

Well done. Interesting and amusing intro. Great data to back contentions. — Bob Harris

Great quote that the entire article should build around, “The ceiling of players drafted in the first two rounds is much higher than any player drafted in the 3rd round or later. There are two takeaways here. First, don’t whiff on your first two picks. Second, finding players with an ADP between 100 – 180 that produce the equivalent of players drafted between 30 – 60 is the key to winning fantasy championships.” — David Gonos

Robert Riegel:

Comparing this year’s sleepers to last year’s sleepers is smart. This year’s Cam newton, this year’s Devonta Freeman, etc. — David Gonos

I thought this was fantastic, but I wished it were longer. As a site manager, I know this would dominate SEO based off the headers (I can picture all of the “who will be this year’s Devonta Freeman?” Google searches). I wish this covered every position, or at least offered multiple suggestions at the two positions listed. — Rich Hill

Zack Odell:

I wanted to point out the Rob Chudzinski table, which I hadn’t seen before. Chud is a former tight ends coach, so his reliance on the position makes a lot of sense- I just hadn’t seen it laid out like that before. I’m all in on Dwayne Allen this year. — Rich Hill


Now onto the top three for the third round:

3rd Place: Chris Manni

Great headline pulls me in, solid references and a fun way to tie in sleepers, comparing them to sleepers in the entertainment world. Great comparisons of present to past players (Mariota-Kordell). Putting it out there – Moncrief is this year’s Allen Robinson – is a great way to get people on your side, helping them to understand the possibilities for said sleeper. Fantastic outlook on Torrey Smith without getting cute or complicated. Great explanation on how to find your own sleepers.– David Gonos

Entertaining. Clever. Covered the material in a comprehensive manner. Used data to back contentions. Technical aspects of writing could use polish, but still enjoyable use of humorous analogies to make sound arguments. — Bob Harris


2nd Place: Scott Cedar 

Scott wrote an extremely topical article and, let’s be serious, this could easily be on the front page of most sports websites. I appreciated the in-depth presentation of the Gold medal winners and while I would have enjoyed more details on the other medal winners, I understand that the winner deserves time in the sun. Also, the kicker evaluation was brilliant. — Rich Hill

I loved the comparison between Olympics and Fantasy sleepers – topical and funny, and my bet is that he’ll be able to do this at any time of the year with any topic. Great research showing that 2 out of 3 RBs in the top 24 were drafted in first half. Handing out medals for sleeper placement (gold, sliver, bronze) is brilliant. He even picked a defense sleeper! I’d pay to read this guy. — David Gonos

Entertaining. Good job building the arguments; great data to back various contentions; could use some polish on the technical aspects of the writing itself. — Bob Harris


1st Place: Jackson Safon

This was a unique presentation that I really enjoyed and one I think would play well to the masses. Instead of just providing sleepers, creating a team allowed Jackson to paint a narrative that inclines the reader to finish the whole article. The Stafford-Megatron splits required a double-take, and the meat offered at every single position should have everyone re-evaluating their draft board. — Rich Hill

Interesting. Entertaining. Well written. Well-researched. Excellent use of data and other material to back contentions and reach useful conclusions. — Bob Harris

Excellent arguments made for the players he selected as undervalued in ADP. — David Gonos



This was by far the toughest overall finish we’ve had here at The Fake Football. There were many deserving contestants this season and I truly wish I could give out more prizes. For the overall winners, we looked for consistency and enjoyment from round to round. There were a good number of you who kept bringing it in each round and here are our Top 3. Thanks again for all the time and hard work. If you lasted all three rounds I can tell at the very least that your work ethic is there to keep trying and there are always plenty of sites out there looking to help people get started in the business (including ours!) I truly love seeing people that have taken the plunge into the contest and have come out working as actual writers!


Overall 3rd Place: JACKSON SAFON

Jackson wins $100 and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value). Jay brought the goods through the entire contest and provided three top-notch articles. Nice work Jackson!


Overall Runner-Up: CHRIS MANNI

Chris takes home $150 cold hard PayPal cash and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value). Chris brought the stats and the entertainment throughout the contest. Good work!


Overall Winner: SCOTT CEDAR

Scott receives $250 cold hard PayPal cash and a Fully Loaded Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros ($35 Value) as our champion. He brought pop culture and humor into his writing, but it didn’t overshadow the analysis and information. It was a pleasure to read Scott’s entries and look forward to more! Congratulations, Scott!


Once again, we would like to thank all of our celebrity judges and every writer that submitted an article throughout the contest. We had a blast with this contest and hope each one of you fine folks had as much fun as we did!


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  1. Robert Riegel says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! A fun competition, for sure.

    • Chet says:

      Thanks Robert.

      You had a great group of articles once again. You really should pursue this if you’re interested.


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