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It’s finally playoff time in the 27 The Fake Football reader leagues and the competition is in top form. With the regular season complete, we need to give a quick shout out to the two teams who completed perfect regular seasons in their leagues. The “Multiple Scoregasims” from TFF League #21 and “Hairy Douglas” from TFF League #22 each finished with a sparkling 14-0 record, which is quite an amazing accomplishment. Good luck to both teams in the playoffs!

We also had a big time high score winner from Week 14, as “Shanahanigans” from TFF League #4 dropped a beefy 208.36 points led by Marques Colston and Shane Vereen. Check this lineup out:


QB: Nick Foles – 20.46

WR: Demaryius Thomas – 21.80

WR: Marques Colston – 33.50

WR: Roddy White – 15.40

RB: Shane Vereen – 34.20

RB: Jamaal Charles – 29.80

TE: Charles Clay – 28.70

Flex: Emmanuel Sanders – 16.50

K: Garret Hartley – 7.00

D: Carolina – 1.00

TOTAL: 208.36

Good luck in the playoffs. Overall standings will be updated next week.


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