The Fake Football Reader Leagues Standings October 5, 2013  |  Jeff

With four weeks in the books, The Fake Football reader leagues are heating up. Remember, each league winner receives a trophy and the overall winner receives fame, glory, and a super sweet champion trophy. In addition to the trophy action, each weekly high score winner receives a The Fake Football T-Shirt and this week’s winner put up a HUGE score.

Our week 4 high score winner is @Coachesser from TFF League #10, who dropped a whopping 225.58 points! Check out this lineup:

QB: Peyton Manning – 29.08

WR: Victor Cruz – 32.40

WR: Reggie Wayne – 21.00

WR: Josh Gordon – 11.10

RB: Arian Foster – 29.10

RB: Reggie Bush – 27.30

TE: Antonio Gates – 29.60

Flex: Anquan Boldin – 20.00

K: S. Gostkowski – 14.00

D: Arizona – 12.00

Nice work!


Below, you will find the Overall Standings, as well as the league leaders for each league.

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