The Fake Football DFS Reader Leagues – Week 13 Results December 6, 2017  |  Ian Goldsmith

Weeks 13 is in the books, and FanDuel user, and Fake Football reader riv34 came out on top to win a stylish Fake Football t-shirt! riv34 is also on the way towards winning a six-month premium subscription to FantasyPros! AND this trophy from!



With a score of 151.16, riv34 blew away the competition, utilizing high scores from Blake Bortles, Le’Veon Bell, Evan Engram, and Marshawn Lynch (amongst others) to take the victory in Week 13. Great job! Here is the winning lineup:



League Leaders Through 13 Weeks

Reader League #1: argos1979 – 1,546.88

Reader League #2: jswede4722 – 1,487.42

Reader League #3: learynorth- 1,430 (TFF owner Chet Gresham is in first, but is not eligible for prizes)

Reader League #4: amishmike2424 – 1,552.56 (TFF owner Chet Gresham is in first, but is not eligible for prizes)


With only four weeks left, amishmike2424 and argos1979 are separated by only 5.16 points! The race for the trophy will go down to the wire, folks!



Feeling left out of the game? Had a bad first couple weeks elsewhere and need another league so you can start fresh? Join us in the reader leagues! You will not be eligible for season-long prizes at this point, but you can still win your very own Fake Football t-shirt if you come out on top for the week!  Made from only the finest cotton, this t-shirt will have others looking at you with envy as you walk down the street. Wear it with pride, knowing that you are a Fake Football Champion!

To join, click the link below:

TFF Reader League #5


Don’t have a FanDuel account? Follow the steps below to create an account and join our reader leagues!


Signing Up

  1. Sign up for FanDuel, if you don’t already have an account. Your first deposit gets you a free entry into the Week 14 Sunday Million!
  2. Once you have an account, e-mail us at with your FanDuel username. We’ll need to be able to contact you for address info if you win a t-shirt!
  3. Join a league by clicking on one of the active league links.
  4. Each league will consist of 19 reader teams plus me as commish (I’m only there to observe, not to battle for the precious cotton fibers that shall adorn the winners!).
  5. Readers can only have 1 team. If I see the same FanDuel username in multiple leagues, that player will be ineligible for prizes. Play nice, folks!




Remember to start your weekly lineup-building research on the right foot by reading Doug Shain’s Hail Mary. Doug spits out over 4,000 words a week to keep you, dear reader, informed about the DFS landscape and ready to rock come Sunday. He sacrifices sleep for your fantasy football benefit, so give him a follow on Twitter.

Want more in-depth help? Check out our Cheat Sheet and Optimizer! 

Feel free to contact me on Twitter with any questions about the reader leagues, DFS plays, redraft questions, etc. All of our writers are happy to answer questions!


  1. FanDuel standard NFL scoring rules will be used. You can see their scoring rules here.
  2. You’ll be able to choose players from the Sunday/Monday slate each week to make your team.
  3. Each team consists of a $60,000 salary cap, with which you need to fill a roster consisting of QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/K/DST.
  4. Weekly contests will be posted each week by Wednesday, but likely earlier.
  5. The overall weekly winner in a given week is the team that scores the most points out of all teams in all leagues for that week.
  6. The season-long League winners are those teams who score the most cumulative points from Week 1 through Week 17.


The top eight finishers at the end of the season (determined by adding up all scores from Week 1 through Week 17) will win a six-month premium subscription to FantasyPros!

Season-long league winners and overall weekly high scorers get their very own Fake Football t-shirt!

The overall season winner will win a trophy from!




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