Dynasty For Dummies January 2, 2014  |  Chad Scott

It takes time and pure savvy to build a perennial juggernaut of a dynasty team.  It takes a great deal of luck to build a championship redraft team.  This is just one of the many reasons I made the switch from redraft to dynasty.

There’s nothing more real than being a fake general manager.  If you’ve never played dynasty, being one of its owners is by far more rewarding when you compete year in, year out.  Sure, luck is involved, but from year to year, it weeds out those luck-meisters and rewards its more cunning owners.

By the way, I’m Chad Scott.  I’m new to TheFakeFootball.com familia so pardon me as I navigate through the fakeness of it all.  For those of you who don’t know me – which is basically all of you – I left the green pastures of DynastyLeagueFootball.com to start anew here at TFF.  The bosses that be realize this game we play is heading in a different direction.  Redraft is the non-PPR of league setups these days while dynasty is the PPRest of them all.

What exactly is dynasty?

In short, dynasty fantasy football is the ultimate keeper league.  It’s on you – and you alone – to make decisions that will have a ripple effect on your team for years to come.  It’s on you to be informed of college prospects making the jump into the NFL.  It’s on you to trade for a young, up and coming player before his stock is through the roof (i.e. Josh Gordon).  It’s on you to trade away that 27 year old running back before the wheels completely fall off the next season.  To summarize, it’s all on you.

rsz_1brown2And that’s why we’re here – to help you make informed decisions based on the information available to us.  But ultimately, you guessed it – it’s on you.

TFF also added Twitter legend, Rich Hribar to the fold for all your dynasty needs.  We plan on bringing you weekly content and semi-regularly updated dynasty rankings.  Please note, dynasty rankings are never as fluid as redraft.  Unless there’s a ginormous impact player who performs well for a decent amount of time, we’ll try to stay as even-keeled as possible.

In addition to the weekly funzies, Rich and I will be starting a dynasty podcast.  Rich is the stat-iest of stat guys and I’ll be in the background nodding my head in agreement whilst drinking my favorite IPA that week.

We’ve already begun setting up dynasty mock drafts with tweeps from Twitter.  We completed our first one in mid-December and I’ll be setting them up each month during the off-season.  If you want to participate, all you need to do is follow Rich or me on the Twitter machine for info on when they’ll begin.

So why play dynasty?

Dynasty, to me, is the ultimate test of your degeneracy.  There’s a popular quote amongst us dynasty degens that states, “There is no off-season.”  Truer words have never been spoken, maybe.  In our game, the real season begins after Week 16 – or whatever week your championship is played.  That’s the time you can really assess your team and decide whether or not you can contend the next season, or rebuild for future successes.  There’s not a single aspect of fantasy I enjoy more than the off-season.

So how do you know you’re ready to make the leap to dynasty?

51f9279840473.preview-300Probably when it’s Week 13 and your team has been eliminated from the playoffs and that team you’ve poured your heart and soul into is gone forever.  Perhaps you’ve checked into a redraft site and see there’s next to nothing in terms of content – but you want more.  You have to have it.  Maybe you’re the guy who always drafts rookies and get made fun of in your home redraft leagues.  You’re the upside guy that never cashes in.  If any of these apply to you, you may be ready for dynasty.

As we move forward, we’ll provide player analysis, startup strategies, prospect shredding, monthly mock draft studies and whatever else we think is pertinent to helping you win your next, or first, dynasty league.

As mentioned above, I held a December dynasty startup mock draft in mid-December.  When I say startup, I mean the very first draft of your dynasty league, where all players (rookies excluded, depending on league setup) are draft eligible.  This is where your road to building a dynasty juggernaut begins.

Next week, I’ll cover how the draft played out.  ADPs will rise and fall heading into the NFL drafts and Training Camps so don’t get too caught up on who’s going in which round, especially in these early months.  What you want to look for is trends – who’s getting drafted higher each month, who’s being taken lower than the month(s) previous.  These are key to working trade offers and devising your strategy once your real (fake) drafts begin.

There’s so much to do, with so much time to do it in.  I look forward to interacting with Fake Football readers and am always available via Twitter (@Chad_Scott13).  You can find my PIC, Rich, there as well (@LordReebs).  We look forward to providing top-notch dynasty content as we embark on this new journey – it’s either that or Chet taking his whip to us… I’ll choose the former.

13 Responses

  1. Trevor says:

    I would be really interested in joining a start-up league as well.

  2. Nick says:

    Chad…you mentioned starting a podcast, any firm date, day and time yet?
    Dynasty is 365 so never too early :)
    BTW – I’m converting into an IPA drinker myself. Bud and Miller just don’t cut
    It anymore.

  3. Zachary Womack says:

    Hi Chad. I have been following you since 2011. I am excited to hear you are sharing your knowledge of Dynasty. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jeff says:

    I love the idea. What do you suggest for joining a startup league? I have a buddy or two that are into it, but not 10-12.

    • Chad Scott says:

      Do you have a Twitter account? If not, there are always people looking for owners on the DLF forums (dynastyleaguefootball.com).. If you have a Twitter account, I usually RT startups and existing leagues that need good owners.

  5. General Zod says:

    I have been playing in a very active, highly competitive 10 team, 42 man roster, start 2 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR/TE, 1 K, 3 DL, 3 LB, 3 DB Dynasty league for the last 9 years and have to say there is no better league in all of Fantasy Football!

    Dynasty is hands down the way to go and so is start 2 QB (QB value = RB value) but that’s another story.

    The off season (trade season) is 65% of the enjoyment, analyzing your roster considering talent / situation / age, working out trades and finding out that you made the right move gives you a bigger high than getting a win on Sunday!

    If you have not played in a Dynasty league do yourself a favored and join one now!

  6. Jarrett McCoy says:

    With 25 man rosters, does that include defense or just offensive players?

    • Chad Scott says:

      My home league dyno has 25 man rosters with D/ST and K, but many I play in don’t have either… strictly offense

  7. beefeasy says:

    Recommended settings?

    • Chad Scott says:

      I think a solid, basic setup is 12 teams, PPR, 25 man rosters… depends on where you play as well. MyFantasyLeague.com is so customizable that you can literally set it up however you want.

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