Dynasty Draft Profile: Todd Gurley April 23, 2015  |  Chad Scott




FY AgeHeightWeightArm Hand
20.77322231 1/210

* Did not perform Combine drills due to knee injury


Career Production




Prior to the season-ending knee injury, I was convinced Todd Gurley was A.) From a planet outside the solar system we know B.) A meta-human, created inside super-secret scientific laboratories and constituted with copious amounts of each element within the periodic table whose super power was literally running with a football or C.) A God or demi-God actually name Godd Turley, son of Kyle.

But then… his innate human-ness was revealed after suffering an ACL tear in his left knee and thus, ending his college career.

Gurley is a rare breed of species playing a position in need of a new heir apparent to Adrian Peterson.

Faked Goods Podcast friend and recent guest, Matthew Freedman attempted to piss in our Cheerios when he reminded us the last time someone was compared to Peterson was Trent Richardson. While it’s food for thought, it seems blasphemous for anyone to utter Richardson’s name in the same breath as Gurley’s. If you listen to last week’s podcast, you’ll hear thunderstorms in between Freedman muting his microphone. Was it thunder? Perhaps, but methinks it was Thor, son of Odin, wielding his hammer, Mjolnir and raining upon the great state of Colorado a thunder storm so legendary it could only be made into another Marvel movie.

For as God-like as Gurley seems, I’ve recently learned he is not forged of Valyrian steel as his injury cut just as deep and true as the Oathkeeper would have.

What really chaps my ass is Gurley was suspended four games mid-season for accepting money in return for his autographs, comes back and injures said knee against Auburn – his first game back.

Coming off the bad news related to Jay Ajayi’s knee, Albert Breer tweeted this out today:


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If the NFL is not concerned, I also give zero fricks… that and I’ve also equated a running back’s torn ACL is like that of Tommy John surgery for MLB pitchers – it’s a perfected art and, at times, elite athletes come back better and stronger. Plus, dude isn’t even legal drinking age yet. How is that possible? At least I know I’m better at being drunj than Gurley? *drinks incessantly*

In that span of six games, Gurley accounted for 44% of Georgia’s entire offensive yardage (threw for 50 yards on one pass because, why the **** not).

Rich often references Football Study Hall in his pieces – something else I need and am trying to incorporate into my evaluations and overall understanding of translation into fantasy success.

Gurley ranked #4 in Football Study’s Highlight Yards/Opportunity * Opportunity Rate for running backs in power conferences (ie, SEC, B1G, etc). Here’s how he compares with others in this year’s RB crop in terms of HLT YD/OPP and OPP rates, per FootballStudyHall.com:


PlayerHtWtClassRushesYardsHlt YdsHlt OppsHlt Yds/OppOpp Rate
T.J. Yeldon6'2221JR194979309.1893.50.459
Todd Gurley6'1226JR123911440.2567.90.455
Josh Robinson5'9215JR1901203534.0856.30.447
Melvin Gordon6'1213JR34526061430.11549.30.446
Duke Johnson5'9206JR2421652764.31077.10.442
Tevin Coleman6'1210JR27020361096.21129.80.414
Ameer Abdullah5'9195SR2631618725.31086.70.411
David Cobb5'11220SR3151629570.81244.60.394
Mike Davis5'9223JR199982322.8784.10.392
Javorius Allen6'1220JR2761489583.51085.40.391
Jay Ajayi6'0216JR3471823731.41265.80.363
Karlos Williams6'1225SR151689227.3534.30.351


There’s nothing I can say you haven’t already heard countless times before… so instead, I will GIF you these porn-like clips of Gurley:





Don’t ever attempt to arm tackle Gurley… ever. Gurley has the power/strength to shed off these types of “tackles.” All arm tackling does is power up his elusive/truck stick move meter.

This play is designed as a pitch sweep to the right with every offensive linemen pulling, except the left tackle.

Gurley sees defense crash to their left…

Switches lanes and will needs to only beat one defender… Gurley will beat 1-on-1 100% of the time.

Shape shifts in tight spaces and no one is catching him once in the open field. I dig how Gurley, at 6-foot-1, can drop low and angle his body through small windows without losing speed/power.

Power, explosion, balance and sex… picks up another ten yards after getting tripped up and a Bulldog on his back…

Third and 16 and nowhere to run? OK. Watch him ignite the NOS when turning the corner. Even Vin Diesel thinks Gurley’s a bad man…

LOL #Analysis

I believe this is what Jor-El and Lara envisioned when conceiving the first baby –naturally – on Planet Krypton in hundreds of years…

I mean, I could create a Draftbreakdown GIF for nearly every single one of Gurley’s plays, but I’ll stop because it’s late and Big Jim and the Twins can’t handle that sort of excitement…

In shocking news, Gurley is the clear favorite for the 1.01 slot in rookie drafts and being drafted as such in Scott Fish’s mocks over at DLF. A case can be made for either Kevin White or Amari Cooper as well and I won’t argue against any of the trio. It comes down to preference and makeup of your current roster, ultimately. While I never stray away from taking a perceived elite wide receiver over a possible elite running back, I’d be hard-pressed to deny this comic book superhero a spot on my dynasty teams.

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