Dynasty Draft Profile: Rashad Greene April 8, 2015  |  Chad Scott




FY AgeHeightWeightArmHand
22.57118231 5/89
4.5336 1/21224.126.88


Career Production



*MSYD = % of Team Receiving Yardage


Although Rashad Greene is #TeamSmallWR, he’s been the big man on campus since his freshman year when he led the Seminoles in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.  He went on to become one of the dynamic duo with first rounder, Kelvin Benjamin, from 2012-2013:


Kelvin Benjamin84159619
Rashad Greene133186915


Knowing what Benjamin (and his dynasty value) is now, Greene only improved  – posting his best seasonal numbers in 2014 with a respectable market share of 32% in receiving yards and 30% of the teams’ total completions.

Greene’s physical profile is the complete opposite of Benjamin’s, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in grit – a true gym rat, eh, Phil Simms…

Greene leaves FSU as the school’s career leader in receptions (270) and receiving yardage (3,830 yards).  Those 3,830 receiving yards are also an ACC record.  The accolades are aplenty with Greene’s college production, so why is he currently the #17 WR selected in rookie mock drafts?

Shall we?  Let’s…




Short and intermediate routes are Greens’s bread and butter and eats when given a cushion.  Why coordinators let him get off the line of scrimmage untouched is beyond me – especially on the outside.  With a quarterback like Jameis Winston and Greene’s ability to separate, far too often did the two look like they were playing catch in the backyard.  He possesses some of the better hands in this class and looks the part of an NFL slot receiver already.  With that said, here’s what else I gleaned…

Greene has a knack for creating space in a short amount of time with subtle head and hip movement, almost lulling his defender before a quick cut:

Greene is top shelf in this year’s class when it comes to getting open.  His route running prowess should be good enough to succeed in the NFL and it should only improve.  He brings a veteran-like nuance in his game with one being able to sell his routes… as Chris Berman would burble, “Whoop…WHOOP!”

Concentration and soft hands – Greene has both.  Time and time again, Jameis Winston goes to Greene when a big play is needed.  The awareness is impressive, coupled with the degree of difficulty turning this into a completion:

Greene has a good feel for defensive coverage and frequently gets wide open when the middle of the field opens up.  Sure, it helps having such good rapport with the quarterback, but the football IQ is strong in this one:

Greene’s inability to catch the ball with a defender draped on him is a legit concern, but he’s fearless over the middle and will make opposing defenses pay for not knocking some snot bubbles out of him.  The ball is thrown behind Greene yet he somehow manages to come away unscathed with three defenders surrounding him:

Again, you won’t see Greene ‘alligator arming’ anything in the middle of the field.  Dude is Mighty Mouse, reincarnated… RIP if he tries this against my Legion of Boom, doe (Editor’s note: This writer is such a homer):


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Contested catches, or lack of, is one of the biggest knocks on Greene as a prospect.  In the NFL, those windows become even smaller and separation much more difficult to come by.  As a receiver who relies on precise routes and timing, I don’t foresee this being a huge issue dependent on which NFL quarterback will be throwing him the ball.

“Blocking” downfield isn’t a forte of Greene’s.  Hell, blocking anywhere on the field isn’t… Greene is in the slot and says “Eff it…”

Don’t mind me… just trying to trip up my running back, guys. *gets sniped*

Greene isn’t a burner (#17 in the 40Yd at his position) or a physically dominating receiver (not quite a Tyrion Lannister doppelgänger), but he knows who and what he is – a solid slot receiver with dependable hands and positional savvy.

I’ve seen Greene comp’d to Marvin Jones, but it’s different Marvin I see shades of.  Harrison.  Marvin *bleeping* Harrison… and before I get chastised for blaspheming, I’ll preface (or post face) that statement by saying, I’m not alone.

For funzies, when I get down to this portion of the profile, I come up with my own comps (if any come to mind) and then Google what others have said.  The great Matt Waldman of FootballGuys.com said the same back in October of 2013 on FootballOutsiders.com.  So my sanity is somewhat intact, right?  RIGHT?

As I mentioned earlier, the rapport he and Winston shared was phenomenal.  Greene was seemingly in the exact spot his QB anticipated him to be at and more often than not, connections occurred.

A receiver having his quarterback’s trust is paramount in the NFL – especially possession-type receivers.

When looking ahead, landing spot will be huge for Greene’s immediate dynasty value.  His value will stay relatively the same (currently #30 overall – ADP of 33) if selected by a team with quarterback issues, but given the right situation, I can see Greene being a PPR mainstay in the fantasy world for years to come.

After casually catching some FSU games on Saturdays, I was quick to dismiss Greene as a future dynasty asset.  In fact, I ‘won’ Greene in one of Ryan McDowell’s Kitchen Sink leagues last year and quickly traded him off as a throw in.  I’m now regretting that move as Greene will firmly be inside my top-10 WR rookie rankings when this article goes live.

It’s OK to change your stance on a prospect as you or anyone get deeper into this process.  In fact, it’s refreshing.  Time will tell whether or not my initial summation of Greene was on point, but given his current sticker price, I’m in like Winston.


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