Dreaming of Streaming: A Glut of Week 1 Options August 27, 2013  |  C.D. Carter

Nothing is static in fantasy football.

There are so many moving pieces, so many parts of the formula. I once read that fantasy football is nothing but a series of tiny bets on hundreds of interactions every Sunday. When something changes — when a guy succumbs to injury, say — those interactions change, and so should our little bets.

I pitched a few Week 1 prime streaming defense options a couple weeks ago, and while I’d still recommend those defenses for Opening Day, other options have emerged as elite plays.


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Let’s see what has changed, and how we can exploit these changes in your upcoming drafts.

– The Colts‘ defense, which was a locked-and-loaded top-3 Week 1 defensive play a week ago, is a little less sexy with the news that Matt Flynn is well on his way to choking away the Raiders’ starting gig. Terrelle Pryor is practicing with the first team offense and expected to start Oakland’s final preseason tilt. The Raiders are still void of talent with a porous offensive line playing in Indianapolis in their opener, so I’m still targeting the Colts. They’re more of a top-7 play if Pryor starts.

– The Buffalo Bills‘ front office had to stop crying into their beers to call Matt Leinart last weekend and ask if he still plays football. The bro’s bro answered in the affirmative, and now he’s a Bill. Buffalo coaches are hoping (praying) that rookie E.J. Manuel is somehow ready for Week 1 while they determine whether or not Kevin Kolb’s latest concussion will end his career. Third stringer Jeff Tuel is slated to lead Buffalo against a good-looking New England Patriots defense. The Patriots will eat, and eat well, if this comes to pass. Only four teams recorded more interceptions last season. They’re a top-5 Week 1 option if Tuel Time comes to pass.

– The tens of thousands of words dedicated to the revamped Arizona Cardinals’ offensive line can safely be flushed down your local toilet. Jonathan Cooper, selected with the seventh pick of this year’s NFL Draft, broke his leg in the Cardinals’ loss to the Chargers. He’ll miss the entire season. The Cardinals, led by senior citizen and fantasy favorite Carson Palmer, will travel to the unfriendly confines of the Edward Jones Dome, where they’ll take on a solid Rams‘ defense that had field days against suspect offenses lines last year. The Rams recorded a league-high 52 sacks in 2012. I wouldn’t call St. Louis a no-brainer top Week 1 play, but they’re awfully close.

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8 Responses

  1. Rex says:

    Huge fan of your work C.D. Keep it up.

    I am rolling with the Colts week 1. You have a 2-3 week planner for the next few weeks to stream?


  2. John H says:

    My concern with Buffalo is that with a top three running back to ride, they may focus on the run and not give Tuel anything difficult to do. An underrated Defense killer is a strong run game that can limit both sacks and picks. Then CJ punches one in late, and the Bills lose 28-7 and the NE Def scores you eight whopping points. You still have to give them a shot though. I guess my point is that while I love fantasy football, I also often hate fantasy football. -John H

  3. Herschel says:

    Do you like Tampa or KC more than Indy?

  4. Jeremey says:

    How does Bills DEF look week one VS Jets?? Delicious??

  5. Stax says:

    Denny, your streaming work is masterful and on the mic with JJ you are hilarious to listen each pod.

    A couple quick questions on DEF’s for week 1 streaming:
    – Does Tampa Bay still supersede each of these options? (ie. are you still “giddy” about them)
    – Based on what you have read and heard directly from the lips of MJD re: the Jags blazing pace offense, are you more likely to steer clear of KC for week 1?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • C.D. Carter says:

      Thanks so much for the nice words, Stax.

      MJD’s comments make me a little wary of KC’s defense, yes. I’d still prefer Indy over all streaming options.

  6. HLC says:

    So knowing what we know now, Indy or STL fow week 1? Thanks for the piece.

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