Dreaming of Streaming: Week 2 September 10, 2013  |  C.D. Carter

Let’s start with this: six of Week’1 top 10 fantasy defenses were owned in less than 20 percent of Yahoo! Leagues.

Let that wash over you. And while you’re at it, throw that inconvenient fact in the faces of anyone who insists their seventh round selection of the Seattle Seahawks defense was the correct one.

Team Ownership % Week 1 points Rank
 Kansas City Chiefs 6 31 1
 Dallas Cowboys 16 26 2
 Miami Dolphins 11 16 3
 Buffalo Bills 2 14 4
 Tennessee Titans 21 13 5
 Detroit Lions 6 11 6
 New York Jets 7 10 7
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 69 10 7
 Denver Broncos 97 10 7


I mentioned on Friday that Vegas’s over-under on the Raiders-Colts game made me a little queasy, and Terrelle Pryor proved the killer of our dreamy streamer. Oakland’s horrendous offensive line hardly mattered, as Pryor broke one tackle after another and stripped points from the Colts’ defense.

I count myself fortunate that Indy picked off two Pryor passes. They would’ve been a bottom-five fantasy defense otherwise.

Let this be a lesson against what we thought was a foolproof strategy: rolling out every defense that faces Oakland.

Here are my Week 2 rankings. You should always use the streaming option you want, rather than the one I have ranked higher. I wouldn’t suggest any streamer without confidence that they’ll be a viable weekly option.

Week 2 dreamy streamers

Oakland Raiders vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: I own Jacksonville’s defense in a league with a deep bench because, naturally, I was all aboard the stream-against-Oakland bandwagon. I may have been the self-appointed conductor of said wagon.

No more.

The Raiders sacked Andrew Luck four times in their Week 1 matchup, while holding him to 178 yards through the air. The Colts seemed to take their foot off the offensive gas a bit in the second half, for whatever that’s worth. Chad Henne – who will almost certainly start with Blaine Gabbert nursing 15 stiches – is a turnover machine, and a streaming defense magnet.

Henne threw 11 interceptions in nine starts last season.

Jacksonville’s moribund offense gave up six sacks and two interceptions in Week 1. That makes the Raiders a top-10 Week 2 play, with top-5 potential.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns: I think it’s safe to say that fantasy owners who saw their precious Baltimore fantasy defense get chainsawed by Peyton Manning and company will drop the Ravens to the depths of your local waiver wire this week.

They have no foresight. The Ravens get the Browns in Baltimore Week 2, just seven days removed from Brandon Weeden’s three first-half interceptions against Miami. The Browns have talent, to be sure, to go along with a vertical threat that showed its teeth through much of the preseason. Cleveland all but shut down Trent Richardson after four nice early-game runs against the Dolphins, begging the question: Will Norv Turner tone down his aerial attack until further notice? If so, it’s good news for the Ravens.

The Ravens make for an elite Week 2 streamer.

Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills: The Panthers front seven shut down the usually dominant Seattle running attack in Week 1, while pressuring Russell Wilson almost every time he dropped back. Carolina’s defense was as impressive as its offensive was unimpressive.

Carolina’s secondary was gashed to the tune of 320 yards in the opener, posing concerns about EJ Manuel piling up the yardage if the Panthers shut down Buffalo’s running attack, as they did against Seattle. Bills offensive linemen Colin Brown and Eric Wood struggled mightily against New England — I wouldn’t expect that to change much against the Panthers’ impressive front seven.

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This is a bit of a wild card, I’ll admit. the Saints are a decent option, however, if you’re in a 14-team league and stuck with a Week 1 streaming defense that has a hideous Week 2 matchup.

The Saints’ pass rush was ranked on Pro Football Focus as the sixth best of Week 1, and the New Orleans front seven bottled up Steven Jackson for all but one play that saved Jackson’s fantasy day. Matt Ryan gashed the Saints through the air last week, which should come as a shock to precisely no one.

Tampa Bay doesn’t have quite the aerial attack the Atlanta sports, and the New Orleans defense is improved from last season’s joke of a unit, so I wouldn’t expect Josh Freeman to go bonkers like he did against the Saints in Tampa last year.

Keep an eye out for my Friday update in which we examine Vegas’s advice for streaming options, in the form of over-unders.

17 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    Eagles. Gonna play TO-prone Rivers-led offense who’ll be asked to throw a bunch to keep up. Also, flying from WC to EC drains teams

  2. J says:

    I have NE defense already, would any of these plays make sense to replace?

  3. mtzkn says:

    how about the Colts against MIA? I’m thinking about keeping them as i had them wk1 or to switch to KC or OAK … hard decision.

  4. Fabrizio says:

    Am I the only one thinking KC’s performance wasn’t a fluke? Yes, it was against Blaine Gabbert, but the Jags didn’t cross the 50 yard line until the 4th quarter. Domination like that is rare. Now they get the Cowboys at home, all hyped from a Giants win, with a gimpy Dez Bryant too. Romo having one of his trademark bad games… I could see it happening.

    And call me crazy but I’m actually considering the New York Jets as a serious option this week against the Patriots, not the other way around. No Vereen, no Gronk, probably no Amendola either. Julian Edelman is the main receiving threat for the Pats. Tom Brady is great, but this is ridiculous. Buffalo had the 4th highest DEF Week 1 score, as mentioned. This game was a real chance of being an upset.

    • C.D. Carter says:

      I’m not sure I can get on board the NYJ bandwagon this week, but I like your KC thoughts. Big home field advantage against a banged-up team. Good call.

    • Jason says:

      I’m a believer in KC’s defense as well. Scooped them up and starting them. Lot of talent there, and I think their pass rush is going to expose just how shaky the Dallas offensive line is and give Romo a lot of problems. When I think of this game, I remember what happened to Dallas in Week 2 after beating the Giants in NY on opening night. They got blown up by the Seattle D on the road. I smell a Week 2 repeat again this year. Combine that with Romo and Dez not being 100%, and I’m loving this matchup.

  5. Fabrizio says:

    Am I the only one thinking KC’s performance wasn’t a fluke? Yes, it was against Blaine Gabbert, but the Jags didn’t cross the 50 yard line until the 4th quarter. Domination like that is rare. Now they get the Cowboys at home, all hyped from a Giants win, with a gimpy Dez Bryant too. Romo having one of his trademark bad games… I could see it happening.

    Also, call me crazy but I’m also thinking about starting the Jets this week. Vereen’s on IR, and I’m hearing Amendola and Gronk

  6. Banjoe says:

    Hmm I’m last on waivers and Need to drop Tampa…Which order to line up , choice of Dallas , Oakland, Lions, Steelers OR Eagles ..Thanx :)

  7. David says:

    Is CIN a good call over these choices week2 ?

  8. DallasT says:

    I took your advice and started Kansas City. I even bragged about what I was about to do on Friday to the other owners. 26 PTS!!! I’ll be putting in a waiver claim for a certain silver & black this week. Don’t forget the whole cross-country trip part of the Jags – Raiders matchup.

  9. Icaro says:

    Would you go with NE over these options?


  10. SteveJ says:

    Where would you rank Dallas, Detroit, and Carolina – compared to the options above?

  11. Jeremey says:

    : ) thanks

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