Dreaming of Streaming: Week 15 Edition December 10, 2012  |  C.D. Carter

I will not, I refuse, I won’t. Put it out of your collective mind, streamers.

We’ve been fixated on the Chiefs this season, and for only the best reasons: They have an abysmal offense with exactly one difference-making player (Jamaal Charles) and a penchant for turnovers of every kind.

Avert your eyes, streamers, from the mess that is the Kansas City offense, because this week, they play the Oakland Raiders, whose defense is so porous – so rife with players simply going through the motions – that even Brady Quinn and Brian Daboll can post points against the Silver and Black.

The Raiders have allowed 80 points and forced just three turnovers in the last three weeks. We’ve watched quarterbacks of every ilk conduct complex surgeries on the Oakland secondary, and the front seven made fantasy owners have good feelings about Knowshon Moreno in Week 14.

Stream them if you must. I’ll take my shot somewhere else – anywhere else.

A quick Week 13 ‘dreaming of streaming’ recap: Our Browns came through, even after Charles busted an 80-yard score on the Chiefs’ first play from scrimmage. They scored 16 fantasy points, more than the Bears, Ravens, and Broncos combined. Kudos to those who put their playoff fate in Cleveland’s so very unreliable hands.

Now, for Week 15: Fantasy Playoff Apocalypse, Part 2.

Cincinnati Bengals at Eagles – Nick Foles isn’t going to post Breesian numbers for a second straight week. Tampa Bay, in its Week 14 game against the Eagles, sold out to stop the once-great Bryce Brown and force Foles to win the game. Well, he did, while posting a cool 381 yards and three total touchdowns (one on the ground).

The Bengals have an NFL-best 42 sacks this year, three ahead of the Broncos and their quarterback harassing machine, Von Miller. Cincy’s front four is aggressive, teeing off on obvious passing downs. This could lead to a nice night for Brown, who should be able to exploit that no-holds-barred upfield aggressiveness, but Foles will feel the heat, much like the late Whitney Houston.

The Bengals’ defense, before last week’s so-so effort against Dallas, had posted four consecutive double-digit performances, forcing nine turnovers and tallying 16 sacks during that span. The Eagles have given up 41 sacks – third worst in the league. Their offensive line has been sieve like at times in 2012. Cincinatti’s secondary isn’t superb, with aged corners Terence Newman and Pacman Jones proving burnable at times this year, but they’re an unstoppable force compared to the putrid Bucs’ secondary, which let Foles pick it to shreds like a squirrel carcass on a desert highway. You know, with vultures and stuff. Whatever.

The Eagles have given up the fourth most points to fantasy defenses through 14 weeks (10.9 PPG). Even if Foles continues his progression, and Brown busts a run or three, I trust the Bengals to stay afloat with sacks and the inevitable turnover.

The Bengals are available in 59 percent of ESPN leagues.

Detroit Lions at Cardinals – The #LongLiveLindley movement fizzled out when the rookie was supplanted by make-believe quarterback, John Skelton. So let’s just change it up a bit, you Lindleyites.


The Cardinals, in case you didn’t hear, lost to Seattle by a cool 58 points. They scored precisely zero. They gave up 36 fantasy points to the Seabeagles’ defense, winning and losing a hundred thousand fantasy playoff games in the process. Arizona’s offense is a shambles, they can’t get the ball in Larry Fitzgerald’s hands even when they force feed the one-time superstar, and they have no running game to speak of, or see, or anything else.

Here’s perhaps the most striking streaming defense statistic of 2012: the Cardinals have allowed double digit fantasy points to opposing defenses in nine of their past 10 contests. Arizona now allows 14 fantasy points per game to defenses, a solid two points more than even the Chiefs. It wouldn’t be off-base, amazingly, to say that any defense playing the Cardinals will score double digits.

Yes, even the Lions. They were borderline awful in the first half of the year; now, they’ve crossed the threshold. They’re just awful. Detroit has given up 24 points or more in each of their past five games, never scoring more than five fantasy points in any of those matchups. They look confused at times on defense, blowing coverages that ruin the good work of their front four.

It’s that Detroit pass rush that makes the Lions a legit streaming option in Week 15. The Cardinals’ cast of signal callers have been sacked 51 times, the most in the NFL, while the Lions have recorded 30 sacks. Look for Ndamukong Suh to apply the pressure and kick the genitals of whichever Arizona quarterback suits up Sunday (that’s still in question as of this writing) and pick up the Lions if you can.

They’re available in 51 percent of ESPN leagues.

Cleveland Browns vs. Redskins – Here’s your Week 15 playoff special, but this streamer comes with one condition: if Robert Griffin III misses Sunday’s game with his knee ailment, the Browns become a more-than-viable streaming option. Cleveland has forced 11 turnovers in its past four games, swarming ball carriers and stiffening in the secondary. I like their chances at home against Kirk Cousins.

If RG3 plays, you’re leaving the Browns’ defense to wander the vast wasteland of your local waiver wire.

Here are my full Week 15 rankings. Godspeed, dear streamers.


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  1. C.D. Carter says:

    I think this should help. Best of luck tomorrow: http://sportsjerks.net/nfl/fantasy-football-player-rankings/

  2. Alfonso says:

    Brother, I got a tough choice. Pick 3: cj2k, forte, Moreno, or d Wilson?

  3. stumanji says:

    Where do the Browns jump to in your rankings if RGIII is ruled out this Sunday? Currently rolling with the Jets (your #5 D/ST).

    Good stuff, as always.

    • C.D. Carter says:

      I suspect we won’t know about RG’s status until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Cleveland jumps 3-5 spots if RG sits. The Jets are a solid fall back though.

  4. B-Real says:

    Bengals or the Lions this week?


  5. B-Real says:

    Hey C.D.,

    Thanks so much for you weekly post, I have utilized your information and I am in the play-offs with the championship in sight….I noticed that you did not provide any thoughts regarding pick-ups for week 16 defenses…..Any thoughts?

    • C.D. Carter says:

      I have a couple Week 16 thoughts in my Week 11 streaming piece. I’m glad to hear that you’re reading, and I’ll have more than a few Week 16 tips next Monday.

  6. Adam says:

    Can I ask why you remain so high on the Bears’ D/ST, given their recent struggles and bad matchup vs GB? I have them in 2 standard D/ST scoring leagues and I’m feeling pretty compelled to find a unit from the wire to spot start. Averaging just 5.75 fantasy pts a game over the last 4, and they haven’t exactly been facing juggernaut offenses either.

    Of my waiver options, I ‘m thinking MIN @ STL, TEN vs NYJ, or CLE vs RG3-less WAS would probably be better…

    • C.D. Carter says:

      Perhaps you’re right — the Bears haven’t even pretended to stop the run of late. The Packers’ offensive line, however, has been pretty awful over the past month, and I don’t think it’s out of line to say this game could be low scoring. Follow your gut, as usual, and roll with the Bengals or Lions instead.

  7. Dedalus says:

    CD–quick question. If you had to pick three to start, which of the following three would you pick? A. Foster, T. Rich, C. Spiller, M. LeShoure?

    Much obliged.

  8. Elliot says:

    Early opinions on week 16 streaming options? SD still the number one choice?

  9. Zandercage says:

    CD – Love your stuff. Keep up the good work on both sites.

    You’ve helped me with DST decisions in the past, but need RB input this week. Need to start 1 – Bryce Brown (last week was a facade against the #1 run defense right?), Ryan Mathews (bane of my existence, but tasty matchup with CAR), or David Wilson (tempting, even if Bradshaw plays since ATL isn’t that good against the run and doesn’t have much to play for).

    Bryce plays Thursday, so need to make the call on him before then obviously. Maybe you can at least eliminate an option for me…

    Thanks for the help!

    • C.D. Carter says:

      Thanks. I’m happy to lessen your fantasy misery.
      Yes, the Bryce disaster was a fluke — the Bucs stacked the line every play, daring Foles to beat them. Play him again.

      • Zandercage says:

        Thanks. What if Bradshaw is ruled out (doesn’t sound likely) before Thursday night? Is Mathews 3rd on my list of options?

  10. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: 2nd round of playoffs, I’m playing against RG3. Should I use my waiver to grab the best available QB? If so, Wilson, Rivers, Cutler, Bradford or Cousins?

    • C.D. Carter says:

      If you have room to stash a QB, I guess you should. I’d grab Rivers, I think. Don’t worry too much, either way.

      • Jermichael says:

        Here is my roster: Brees, Freeman, Cruz, Dez, Garcon, DX, James Jones, Martin, Alex Green, Beanie, Reece, Graham, Rudolph. Thinking either Rivers or Wilson.

  11. Lou says:

    I’ve somehow made it this far with Vernon Davis as my TE. Time to make a switch with Myers or stick with VD this week?

  12. campofthesaints says:

    down by 24 so I need to play the defense with the highest upside. I have Bengals and am picking up Detroit. I assume I play the Bengals?

  13. Cole says:

    I have to pick one in a ppr league: Ryan Mathews, Shorts, or Bilal Powel. It is only Tuesday and maybe I’ll come around, but I can’t stand to start Mathews again…I just can’t.

  14. DRR says:

    I picked up both Cincy and Detroit since I had a bye last week, to go along with Denver. The problem is that now I don’t know which one to start!

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