Dreaming of Streaming: Week 10 Edition November 6, 2012  |  C.D. Carter

You’re still buzzing from the Chargers’ defense’s 24-point atomic bomb last Thursday night against an ever-unraveling Chiefs’ offense that has been nothing if not generous to its opponents.

Here’s a coffee. Sober up. It’s time to thank the Chargers and move on because you are a monster — a true defensive streaming hellian.

Posting that score on a Thursday is the fake football equivalent of giving your opponent a forearm shiver to the jaw. Even if you lost your game because Doug Martin decided to get all historic on your unlucky ass, it felt good to have Week 9’s second highest scoring defensive unit, plucked from the forgotten wasteland of your league’s waiver wire.

It’s what streaming is all about.

The obvious Week 10 streamer — the dreamiest streamer, many would say — is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I plucked them from a couple waiver wires three weeks ago when fellow owners lost patience after some lackluster performances. They’re playing the Chiefs on Monday night, in Pittsburgh, with Kansas City in even further disarray than they were in Week 9. The match-up couldn’t be juicier. If you can nab the Steelers, do it, and play them over everyone but the Bears.

The Steelers are owned in 85 percent of ESPN leagues, a fact that will be tweeted to me many times after this column goes live. So here’s a slightly less dreamy alternative, but still worth your attention…

Indianapolis Colts at Jaguars – Many of you will buck at this pick, and I get it — no one wants to plug and play a defense that has scored a grand total of four fantasy points over the past three weeks. That, dear reader, is an odious stat. I gagged twice while writing it.

The explanation, as you might know, is simple: The Colts’ defense is putrid, allowing an average of 130 yards on the ground as teams are simply blowing Indy’s front seven off the line at will. The Colts’ pass defense — shockingly, I think — is ranked a respectable 11th, giving up just 221 yards per game. Probably that’s a product of opponent’s turning almost exclusively to the run.

Here’s the rub, and it’s one I’ve written on: Blaine Gabbert and the the Jaguars’ offense. They’ll be without Maurice Jones-Drew once again this week, Rashad Jennings has shown close to nothing in his precious 2013 audition, and while elusive wide receiver Cecil Shorts has shown flashes of serious skills, Gabbert’s inconsistency has hampered his potential in the worst way.

I have a hint of hesitation to roll with Indy when they play Jacksonville on Thursday night. The team is coming off an uber-emotional win against the Dolphins, after which their cancer-stricken head coach offered his tear-jerking words of wisdom to a locker room buzzing with a sense of purpose, or fate, or something. They’re on the road. It’s a short week. These are less-than-ideal factors that make the Colts defense a top-12 play, rather than an elite option, like San Diego was last week.

Remember though, Jacksonville is giving up the third most fantasy points to opposing defenses (11), behind only the Chiefs and Cardinals. The Jaguars allowed 63 points to opposing fantasy defenses between Weeks 4-8 — an astounding number, no matter the offense’s ineptitude.

Last week was sugary sweet for streamers, thanks to a couple defensive touchdowns for our beloved Chargers, but we shouldn’t fall into the trap of sky-high expectations for our streaming picks. Touchdown predictions are iffy for the most reliable fantasy commodities; for mediocre defensive units, it’s especially dicey. I think you can rely on a turnover of three, and hopefully, if you’ve made the proper concessions to your favorite deity, the Colts will take one to the house.

In other words: Don’t lose your fantasy-addled mind when the Colts don’t drop a Thursday Night Football people’s elbow on your opponent.

Here are defenses I’d play over the Colts: Seahawks, Cowboys, 49ers, Bears, Dolphins, Texans, Patriots, Steelers, and the Giants. You can add the Lions to that list if Percy Harvin sits. Christian Ponder could very well throw for negative yardage.


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  1. darkdragon88 says:

    Good call on Indy!

  2. gooty says:

    Dolphins or Giants? whos the better play this week?

    • C.D. Carter says:

      Giants, by a good margin. They’re a top-5 option as they face Andy Dalton, who has thrown a pick in 18 consecutive games. I’d say the over-under for Bengal turnovers sits at about three.

  3. Jermichael says:

    10 Team PPR: Eli vs. Cin or Luck vs. Jac?

  4. C.D. Carter says:

    I’ll have to go with my own suggestion here and say Dallas.

  5. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: I need a bye week fill in defense: NYJ vs. Sea, Det vs. Min or Min vs. Det, Dal vs. Phi, Ind vs. Jac?

  6. Brian says:

    Trying to decide who should be 1st on waiver priority list. I need a D/ST this week and I’m trying to get the Cowboys (Indy also available). I’m also trying to stash Vereen. My RBs are Foster, DeMarco, Jennings, Hillis, Beanie (IR).

    Who should I prioritize…Dallas or Vereen?

  7. Jermichael says:

    12 Team PPR: 7-2, 2nd place, looking ahead to playoffs, trying to trade for Spiller. Here’s my team: Brees, Cruz, Bryant, Martin, JStew, Pierre, Graham, James Jones, Rudolph, Freeman, Hawkins (dropping for a bye week D fill in), Garcon (dropping for K bye fill in), Beanie, Crosby, GB D. His team: Rodgers, Colston, Floyd, Spiller, Leshoure, Gronk, D Thomas, Titus, Bradshaw, D Clark, Desean, SJax, Gibson, Henery, Miami. Any suggestions?

    • C.D. Carter says:

      Firstly, don’t drop Garcon for a kicker. Drop Crosby. Don’t ever carry two kickers, especially one who is outside the top-10 kickers. Garcon could be back in a couple weeks. C’mon dude.
      See if he’ll give you Spiller for JStew. Probably not, but worth a low ball offer.

      • Jermichael says:

        Yeah you’re right, not sure what I was thinking! My WI roots got the better of me! If he rejects that trade which will most likely happen what do you suggest after that?

        • C.D. Carter says:

          Ha! Don’t let homerism get the best of your fake football team. If he says no, try JStew and Dez for Spiller and Desean.

  8. ant says:

    I was just offered this trade Aaron rodgers, martellus bennet, and jonathan stewart for cj spiller andrew luck, and kyle rudolph. If DMC didnt just get hurt I wouldnt even have to ask. Heres my team, what do you think?
    qb; Luck/romo
    rb: forte
    rb2: Mcfadden
    wr: Cruz
    wr: J. Jones
    te: Aaron Hernandez
    flex: Cobb
    Bench: Spiller, T. Smith, m. Bush, R. Jennings

    • C.D. Carter says:

      I absolutely, unequivocally do not endorse this trade. Don’t make it. Rescind it immediately. Spiller is an elite talent, and he’ll get the ball a lot more down the stretch. Forte and Spiller should be a ridiculous combo, so there’s no reason to freak over DMC’s injury.
      And don’t pursue Rudolph. I love the guy, but Ponder crushes his value.

  9. iMP says:

    Does your crystal ball see DAL as good enough to hold for a 5 week stretch against PHI x2, CLE, CIN, WAS? I am trying to decide if a weekly reseting waiver claim is in order for this unit or if I should just be happy with DET for now and jump ship again next week.

    • C.D. Carter says:

      I understand the temptation to simplify things and go with a defense over a four or five week span, no matter the circumstances, but I can’t endorse the strategy. Dallas is a nice play this week — that doesn’t mean there won’t be an far better D/ST on the waiver wire in Week 11 or 12.

  10. Blanket says:

    Better D this week, Pitt or Dallas?

    Also, what are your thoughts about J-Stew this week? Is he ever gonna break out!?

    • C.D. Carter says:

      The Steelers by a healthy margin. As I’ve said, let Matt Cassel wash over you.
      Stewart is clearly not going to be the 20-carry-per-game RB we all hoped he’d be. DWill is still very much involved in the offense. Still, I’d stick with Stewart over options like Pierre, Ivory, and Ballard (unless Brown is out).

  11. Jermichael says:

    10 Team PPR: Eli or Luck ROS? I have both Cruz & Wayne. Flex: Dez, Joique or Amendola?

  12. Jermichael says:

    14 Team PPR: Crabtree, Britt or Hilton as WR3, Andre Brown or Kendall Hunter as RB2 this week. If no on Hilton, drop him & stash Beanie?

  13. Icaro says:

    49rs or Giants this week ?!


  14. Go Ducks says:

    I can pickup the Pats, Dolphins or Cowboys. Would you please rank those 3?

  15. jaydock says:

    You wouldn’t start the Niner’s defense vs. the Rams ahead of the Colts?

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