Chet’s Week 9 Fantasy Football Rankings November 2, 2012  |  Chet


Here be my Week 9 Rankings for all your rankings fetishes (sickos).

Ask me your start/sit questions in the comments and I’ll do my best not to make things worse.

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  1. y4rivera says:

    I was offered two offers by the same owner.

    1st: My Lynch and Cobb for Charles and Gore.
    2nd: My Lynch for Charles and McGahee
    starting rosters: qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, w/r/t
    My Team
    RG3, Stafford
    Lynch, DMC, Murray, Pierre, D.Rich, Dwyer
    Wallace, Jordy, Cobb, Hartline, Britt
    With the injuries to Murray and DMC I’m really tempted. I also feel it’s the best time to sell Cobb especially since I only start two WR’s. Which one if any should I do?

  2. Norman says:

    10 Team PPR: Eli, Cruz, Marshall, Wayne, Rice, AP, DMC, Gates. Bench: Dez, Bell, Vernon, Luck, Amendola, Beanie, Hanson, Hou. In 1st place right now, looking to make 1 more trade to keep my team strong. I was thinking about trying to trade Luck, DMC &/or Amendola. What kind of trade would you recommend I go for?

  3. Roger says:

    Who should I start, Denarius Moore or Julio Jones?

  4. V says:

    Maclin or Jonathan Stewart in standard scoring?

  5. Jarred says:

    Would you take this in a ppr

    i get welker & wayne for julio jones & wallace.

  6. Q says:

    Cecil Shorts or Torrey Smith? Non PPR.

    Julio Jones or Maclin, 0.5PPR


  7. Marc says:

    Que onda Chet! Start 2 wr, 1 rb/wr: Fitz, A Johnson, V Jax, Torrey, Maclin, F Jax. Gracias!

  8. tyd450 says:

    chet- pick 2, felix jones, isacc redman, andre brown, titus young

  9. Keith says:

    pick 2 broyles, celek, gresham, alex green…also pick 3 austin cobb maclin antonio brown

  10. joe says:

    megatron or torrey?

  11. stumanji says:

    Flex Randy Cobb, Rashad Jennings, or Felix Jones in non-PPR?

  12. Brandon says:

    My thing is this, If i make the trade and give away murray for decker and Dez, im not upgrading anywhere, im just getting some depth, but i would still start Marshall and Denarius in the WR spots.

    But, if I trade away murray and brown, i upgrade at WR right?

    Given Murray’s health issues, do you think i should still make the trade, and if so, you still think i make the one for decker and dez? please help ASAP! thanks Chet!!

    • Yo, Brandon! says:

      Judging from your comments you just want someone to tell you that trade two is the best option, so just do that and shut up. Doubt you’ll regret it.

      • Brandon says:

        i am a very reluctant trader and just want the best option. my initial gut was trade 2 but most ppl say trade 1 so im just making sure before i pull the trigger doe

  13. Brandon says:

    Yo Chet. I was offered 2 trades for my Murray
    1) Decker and Dez for Murray.
    2) Julio Jones for Murray and Antonio Brown
    Which one should I accept, if either?
    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt
    Please let me know ASAP!! Thanks.

    • Chet says:

      I could see doing the Decker Dez one, but I think you need to keep an RB.

      • Brandon says:

        i dont trust murray with his health, and i dont think hes very reliable in that offense, but you would take decker and dez over julio? Brown doesnt really matter to me either way bc i wouldnt start him over anyone im about to trade for…thoughts?

  14. Eagles WRs says:

    Where will Michael Vick be getting his points with both Maclin and DeSean out of your top 20 at WR?

  15. Tehc says:

    I have J. Dwyer in a PPR 0.5. Been offered M. Ryan and Mendy, for J. Stew and Big Ben? Should I do it?

  16. Dan says:

    Hmmm, reports are becoming increasingly concerning about megatron’s knee, some reports say he could be limited to 3rd downs. If reports continue like this are you still starting him over lance Moore in ppr league?

  17. Brandon says:

    Yo Chet. I was offered 2 trades for my Murray

    1) Decker and Dez for Murray.

    2) Julio Jones for Murray and Antonio Brown

    Which one should I accept, if either?

    My current RBs are: Rice, Trent, Murray, J-Stew
    My current WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt

    Please let me know ASAP!! Thanks.

  18. Russ668 says:

    Would you play Nicks and Cruz against Eli or swap Nicks for L Moore?

  19. yishai says:

    titus young or pierre thomas in the flex

  20. Chris says:

    I traded for Ray Rice and now my RBs are Rice, Charles, TRich, MJD, Spiller and R Jennings. My WRs are Julio, Nicks, Lloyd, Maclin and T Smith. To improve at WR, should I make an offer for Calvin(last place team) or other top WR? Or do I leave my team like this and hope for the best? I’m currently in 4th place and top 4 make the playoffs. I don’t need all these RBs but it’s nice to have the depth. Thanks.

  21. Steve.C says:

    PPR W/Sproles out need Flex: Titus, Felix or Mike Williams..Also I own Dwyer & Felix .Would u drop Felix for Redman? Thanx

  22. heydangle says:

    Why Stewart over Leshoure?
    Start both, or start Nicks/Titus Young over one?

    • Chet says:

      I just think Stewart is a better player, but it’s pretty much a toss up there. If it’s PPR I’d start both the receivers. If not I’d probably still go with the receivers, but it’s closer.

  23. Bryan says:

    Ppr lg, Hakeem or G Olsen(1.5/ppr/TE)?

  24. Bruh says:

    Rudolph or Olsen till AHern gets back?

  25. Michael says:

    Thanks Chet. I was leaning Titus too. Two final questions. need one more flex: Pierre Thomas, Stevie Johnson, or Heath Miller.
    And this is for a different league than the above, but I need a bye week fill-in. Who do you like the most? Slim pickings, i know: Hixon, Hankerson, Donald Jones. Thanks.

  26. Oscar says:

    Why Nicks over Maclin?

  27. Bob says:

    Not a sit/start question, but would you trade Cobb or Torrey Smith for J-Stew? I also have Rice, Ridley, Martin, plus D Thomas, AJ, Gordon and Hartline. Feel like adding one more RB would be smart. What do you think?

  28. Michael says:

    1 ppr, need a flex: Titus Young, J Stew, Kenny Britt. Thanks as always Chet.

  29. Mattymac says:

    Mjd for cj spiller? Current backs are mjd,Reggie,sjax, mendy. 3player keeper league. Thanks!

  30. Jake says:

    Joique Bell or Mike Williams at flex, ppr league?

  31. Michael says:

    This is tough because you’ll have so many choices, but I need you to select one WR, any WR, from the entire league (except Calvin, AJ Green, Steve Smith, Titus, and Cruz) to get the most fantasy points this week in 1 ppr format. Examples include Percy v SEA, Demaryius vs CIN, Julio/Roddy v DAL, Reggie Wayne vs MIA, Brandon Marshall vs TEN, or Marques Colston vs PHI. Thanks.

  32. J Lyter says:

    Trying to trade Andre Johnson for RB. What is he worth? Who would you try to trade for? Thanks.

  33. Dorian Gray says:

    Should I start Matt Schuab against Buff, Eli Manning against Pit, or Jay Cutler against Tenn? I believe either of the 3 could put up major points.

  34. Kyle says:

    Flex….d. Moore, spiller, fred Jackson, or jordy. .5 ppr

  35. Rod says:

    I need to pick 2WRs and Flex between: A. Green, Andre Johnson, T.Young, Nicks, Britt and Antonio Brown. Also TE between Celek, Rudolph and Meyers.

  36. @guylindvall says:

    Assuming Jordy sits, Lance Moore or Josh Gordon

  37. Scott says:

    Need to sit one out of Cobb, Maclin, Antonio Brown, or Lance Moore, who rides the pine? Thanks.

  38. J says:

    Cam or RG3? I am playing alf morris too. Thanks

  39. Greg says:

    Luck,r. Jennings, spiller, and t. Smith for cam newton and Brandon Marshall. Which side do you like?

  40. Plainview says:

    Who is a better flex play this week:

    Torrey Smith

  41. AdamH says:

    Cobb or P Thomas in 0.5 PPR?

  42. Sully says:

    Start Freeman over Eli this week?

  43. Jim Parkey says:

    Would you take this trade: Mathews for Dwyer and MJD? (Non-PPR)

  44. KennyG Barts says:

    doc, would you trade Luck and Welker for RG3 and Nicks ? Keeper league. More worried about ROS and a Championship this year tho.

  45. Stinkyjak says:

    Non-PPR: who would you start at FLEX this week, R.White, J.Stewart, or Eric Decker?
    thanks again, chet

  46. Stinkyjak says:

    PPR: who would you start at FLEX this week, De.Jackson, J.Stewart, or Josh Gordon?
    thanks, chet

  47. JohnnyKielbasa says:

    Stephens Howling or N. Washington @ flex? .33PPR

  48. JP says:

    Hi Chet,

    0.5pt PPR, who would you put at flex:
    Donald Brown vs MIA
    D. Heyward-Bey vs TB


  49. keld says:

    One more question, in a 1 PPR league:

    I give up Megatron + Givens for AJ80 and Welker? Should I do that? My other WRs are Stevie and A Hernandez. (We play WR/TE as 1 position).

  50. Brandon says:

    Hey chet i was offered decker and Dez/Maclin for Murray. Should I accept? if so, would you take dez or maclin?

    my rbs are: Rice, T-Rich, Murray, J-Stew
    WRs are: Marshall, Denarius, Antonio Brown, Britt


    • Chet says:

      If you start just 2 RBs and no flex I’d go for it. If you have a flex or 3rd RB spot, I think i’d want to keep Murray around

  51. Ian says:

    Uuuuuuuugh, this one’s killing me: standard scoring, non-PPR, do I go with Chris Johnson or Antonio Brown in my flex? I feel like with the Pittsburgh RB situation as it is, the Steelers will have to throw all day, but Brown has been doing diddly lately. Plus I’m biased towards favoring RBs over WRs due to the (usually) higher floor.

    Then again, CJ’s floor is, like, four yards.

    Gah! Help!

  52. keld says:

    Hey Chet, What the heck do I do with Ryan Mathews? Owning him is so frustrating. We start 2 RBs and a flex, so should I try to trade him?

    My whole team:
    Vick, Stafford
    McCoy, Mcfadden, Mathews, Jstew
    Welker, AJ80, Maclin, Britt
    Hernandez, Celek

  53. Bruh says:

    Drop Britt, Dwyer or Deangelo for Pierre Thomas? Non-ppr

  54. klin says:

    thanks, one more. Should I drop kyle rudolph and pick up allen, cook, myers, dressen or someone else? I have keller on bye.

  55. klin says:

    non ppr…3 questions

    Chris Johnson vs. Daniel Thomas

    Pick Two: Julio Jones, Denarius Moore, and TB Mike (Yeah I feel stupid for asking both those questions, the matchups made me do it)

    Last, Pick 2 (a wr and a rb or 2 wr’s):
    Fred Jackson
    Steve Smith
    James Jones
    Antonio Brown
    Anquan Boldin
    isaac redman (have to pick him up and drop dwyer)

  56. Adam says:

    And in a deep .5 PPR, who would you prefer at FLEX…

    Joique Bell @ JAX or Louis Murphy @ WAS?

  57. Adam says:

    +1 PPR…pick 2 FLEX, please.

    LaRod Stephens-Howling @ GB, Felix Jones @ ATL, James Jones vs ARI, Lance Moore vs PHI. Excluded Cecil Shorts due to your low ranking.

    If it matters any… Brees is my QB (possible combo with Moore), Felix plays Sunday night, and Moore plays Monday night.

  58. Garrett says:

    Leshore, Pierre Thomas, and James Jones. Pick one for rb2 and which one for flex? Thanks

  59. Stewart says:

    Pierre T or Julio in the flex? Have Demaryius + Green at WR and DMC + T Rich at RB.

  60. phil says:

    Hey Chet, T.Young, J.Gordon, BJGE. Pick one WR & one Flex. Standard Scoring. Thanks.

  61. alisa says:

    Jacquizz, Boldin or Turner for ppr RB2?

  62. Dee says:

    Trade Torrey Smith and Felix Jones for Hakeem Nicks? Will Nicks take advantage of easy schedule upcoming?

  63. Rusty says:

    Non-PPR… Desperate flex option: Avery, Hankerson, Louis Murphy or Jacquizz? Been floundering all day… Thanks!

  64. keith says:

    have brady and ryan. rb’s are weak trying to get mccoy. Straight deal brady for mccoy? am i asking to little in return? thanks,keith

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