Chet’s Week 6 Fantasy Football Rankings October 9, 2012  |  Chet

Here are my preliminary Week 6 Rankings. I’ll be updating and adding blurbs as the week goes on.

Please leave all your questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

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299 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    DMC, Maclin, Felix for Welker, Charles, M. Bush? PPR league…I have the first players named. Also have Forte and Sproles. Yes?

  2. B-Real says:

    Hey Chet,

    Is there any chance that you guys are going to post week 7 rankings today?


  3. Herman Gallegos says:

    Just traded for Julio jones & Rashard Mendenhall & sent Greg Jennings and BJGE. Thoughts? Be harsh if need be . Thanks

  4. Steve C. says:

    UH OH …worst of 2 evils PPR Bennett or Hernandez.. Gotta plug one in this afternoon Thanx

  5. Kyle says:

    Fred Jackson, jordy, spiller at flex. .05 ppr. Thanks chet

  6. Nick says:

    Is Finley gonna play? Who do you like between Finley, F. Davis or Bennett?

  7. Kirk says:

    In a 16-team league and my team is struggling. It’s more of a yardage-based league. 0.3 ppy for WRs and RBs. 0.5 ppr for WRs only (not RBs). 6 points for TDs. I need to choose 3 out of 5:

    Donnie Avery
    Shonn Greene
    Michael Crabtree
    Fred Jackson
    Alfred Morris


  8. Steve C. says:

    PPR R Flex: Spiller or Maclin? w/my byes I need a Production in this spot.. I see u have CJ well ahead of Maclin, But I’m w/you in thinking this should be a breakout game for Vick…Would that make Maclin due for a “Breakout” also? Always appreciate ur opinion. Thanx Doc ..Good Luck w/ur teams 2day! :)

  9. Michael says:

    Alright Chet. You answered my question earlier about Welker in salary cap contests, but I’m here with an either/or. Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas both fit my budget in a salary cap contest as they cost roughly the same. The matchup is very good for Thomas as the Charger secondary isn’t great, his numbers have been better/good lately, and Manning has been great lately, meanwhile the matchup isn’t great for Welker, BUT Welker has been great almost all season so far and it looks like the Pats won’t be able to run so they’ll have to throw (and it looks like Aaron Hernandez will be limited if he even plays).
    Who do you like more between those two in a daily game salary cap contest?

  10. Bro says:

    Need a Rb or Wr flex in standard non-ppr

    Going with DMC/Murray and Julio/Harvin at rb/wr.

    Who do I plug in at flex?
    Stevie J

  11. marc says:

    Appreciate it!

  12. Tony says:

    2 spots open, wr and flex. Who should I start out of Brian Hartline, Dez Bryant, James Jones, or desean Jackson? Thanks dude!

  13. Chad says:

    Garcon, Gates, or Ballard at flex? 1pt PPR

  14. Justin says:

    Better WR3 play: D Moore or R Cobb?

  15. @bigmellz says:

    Vick Ballard, Mike Williams, or Boldin? ppr

  16. @bigmellz says:

    Blount, Starks, Bolden, Tate… ppr. 1pt per 25 return yards
    McCluster & Draughn are available.

  17. Gordon says:

    1/2 PPR need 2 of 3 Dez, M Crabtree or James Jones. Thanks!

  18. David says:

    Or Quizz…

  19. David says:

    Flex: Hartline or AGreen

  20. mkg says:

    Chet, in a PPR league I have R. Mathews and D. Martin at RB…W. Welker, J. Maclin at WR. I need 1 more WR and 1 flex out of these players: Ballard, M. Williams, D. Moore, D. Avery, S. Johnson. Thx.

  21. Adam_from_Muncie says:

    PPR FLEX spot: Martellus Bennett, Jerome Simpson, Josh Gordon. Assuming they’re all healthy, who gets the nod?

  22. marc says:

    okay, last Q before Funday: start 3wr, 1rb/wr; Fitz, Andre Johnson, Maclin, Torrey, V Jax, Bradshaw, S Jax, F Jax. Also, start Fitz or Schaub as my 2nd qb? Thanx

  23. Mikeytuna says:

    Pick two: Nicks, Lloyd, or Denarius Moore. Thanks

  24. Coffey says:

    Need two in a ppr: Alfred Morris Jordy Nelson Hakeem Nicks (if he plays) Brandon Lloyd Mikel Leshoure

    Thanks doodz

  25. Noyo says:

    Hey Chet i’m in a bit of a bind here as i like all 3 of these players but i need 2 out of — Shady McCoy / Trent Richardson / Ryan Mathews…your feedback would be greatly appreciated sir…(STANDARD LEAGUE)

  26. Noyo says:

    Hey Chet i’m in a bit of a bind here as i like all 3 of these players but i need 2 out of — Shady McCoy / Trent Richardson / Ryan Mathews…your feedback would be greatly appreciated sir…

  27. MQ says:

    Hey Chet, 0.5PPR league, 2 quick questions:
    1) ALMO or DMartin this week, assuming RG3 starts?

    2) Out of these players, who should I offer to the ADP owner after this week?
    Murray, DMartin, Ridley, ALMO, Hartline, Randall Cobb


  28. Adam says:

    Would you play Cobb or James jones this week over Doug Martin for the flex spot? 1/2 pt ppr, yardage league

  29. Jordan says:

    Can you put these guys in order of who you’d start for a FLEX Play? Thanks bud. Cobb, Ballard, Rudolph, AH?

  30. Philip says:

    Hi Again Chet! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer every comment. Goes to show how much you love this game and how dedicated you are to your fans. Question I have for you is: “Im in a 12 team, std scoring, non ppr league. Should I try and trade Mike Wallace as soon as I can? His lack of targets worries me…and ROS schedule looks daunting. And if you say yes, who do you think is a good WR to target in trade? My other WR’s are AJ green, DJax, Hartline.” Thanks again!!!

  31. Cheese says:

    Which roster is better? 16 team, start 2 QB, 20 return yards per point

    Qb Vick
    Qb Gabbert
    Wr Percy Harvin
    Wr Randall Cobb
    Wr Mike Wallace
    Rb Ryan Mathews
    Rb Doug Martin
    Te Fred Davis
    W/r Malcom Floyd
    BEN William Powell
    BEN Bilal Powell
    BEN Ben Tate

    Qb Andrew luck
    Qb Blaine gabbert
    Wr Percy Harvin
    Wr Randall Cobb
    Wr Julio jones
    Rb Ryan Mathews
    Rb Steven Jackson
    Te Fred Davis
    W/r Ahmad Bradshaw
    BEN Malcom Floyd
    BEN Daryl Richardson
    BEN Bilal Powell

  32. TJW says:

    Need 2 RBs in standard league: SJax, Vick Ballard, William Powell, Ben Tate. Yall are usually spot-on, thanks guys!

  33. Neek81 says:

    16 team league pick a rb sjax or vick ballard nd flex outta sjax v ballard heyward-bey ty hilton thanks again

  34. Tehc says:

    For this week only, in PPR 0.5:

    Please pick 2 of the following to start: Torrey Smith, Dez, Denarius or Vick Ballard?

  35. Michael says:

    You said on twitter a bit ago that you like Welker vs the Seahawks this weekend. How much do you like him exactly? I’m going to start him in my regular fantasy leagues obviously, but do you like him as a start in a FanDuel or Starstreet salary cap competition (.5 and 1 PPR respectively)?

    Also how do you rate Larry Fitz’s chances versus Buffalo this weekend?

    • Chet says:

      If the price works I like Welker in the daily games if Hernandez looks like a no go. This looks like Fitzs best matchup of the season.

  36. Sven says:

    Yo Chet, in a 10 team ppr league with a pretty good lineup, but trying to take it to the next level. Looking to snag an elite RB to solidify the team and have initiated a conversation with the DMC owner,

    Who on my roster would you offer for DMC?
    QB-Ryan; Dalton
    RB-Sproles, Ridley, D.Martin, Leshoure, David Wilson
    WR-Calvin, AJGreen, Stevie, Floyd, Avery, Simpson,
    TE-Graham, Rudolph

    Some other players on his roster that I might be interested along with DMC are: ALF, Torrey, Antonio Brown, G. Jennings, and AHern

  37. Donny Simms says:

    What do you think of trading Vick and J. Graham for Stafford, A. Hernandez and B. Lloyd? My WR’s right now are Maclin, Dez, Britt, Cobb and Kerley.

  38. Corey C. says:

    What is your opinion of me trading away Bradshaw, Ridley, and garçon and receiving RBush, and either mike Williams or Andrew Hawkins in return?

  39. Brad Graham says:

    What does ECR™ stand for?

  40. bu11dog says:

    I just want to go on record in saying that my matchups suck and are making it way too difficult to pick my WRs 2 and 3. (Maclin, Lloyd, Ja Jones, and Denarius)

  41. keets says:

    Bowe or V.Ballard for flex? Concerned about Quinn & the hype around ballard. Thanks!

  42. Adam says:

    1/2 pt ppr yardage league. Dez, Cobb, or James jones?

  43. marc says:

    Que onda, Chet. Trade my Romo, or Murray, for his Cam? He’s also got Mike Vick on trading block. I still have Charles and Rice, w Quizz and J Stew on my bench. In a 1qb, 1qb/wr/rb/te, 2rb, 3wr, 1rb/wr league. My other qbs are Locker and Hasselbeck. Thanx.

  44. Alex says:

    Can you explain why you have Andrew Hawkins so low?

  45. ruff says:

    eli & rice or mattyice & demarco. 1/4 point per reception

  46. IWHIT says:

    I picked up Vick Ballard this week. Wondering who you would play at flex in a standard scoring league: Ballard, Crabtree, or Malcom Floyd?

  47. Cheese says:

    Vick and Floyd for Luck and Bradshaw. Which side?

  48. Neek81 says:

    Deep league better flex option heyward-bey or vick ballard league is heavy on rec yards leaning heyward with then playing atl prolly be down early nd forced to chuck the rock

  49. Sam says:

    Would Leshoure lose his job this season?

  50. Saucy says:

    Hey Chet. PPR flex – Joique Bell (@ PHI) or Brandon Gibson (@ MIA)? Thanks!

  51. Me says:

    Vick owner looking ahead to next weeks bye. Assuming Locker comes back next week Locker or Palmer next week? And ROS?
    Thanks in advance.

  52. herschel says:

    @doc: PPR league start three of the following:

    AJ vs GB
    Decker @ SD
    Dez @Bal
    Alf vs Min


  53. Manuel says:

    Kyle Rudolph or Pitta?
    Stafford or Ponder?

  54. Banjoe says:

    BTW… couldn’t agree w/you more about “The League” . Terrible Show & yet has so much potential. A comedy about FFB and they Tanked The Whole Idea. Case in Point … An 8 team league yet only 5 ppl in the cast… YOU should write it! lol

  55. Steve C. says:

    PPR RB’s are Rice, Mathews, Sproles, D.Willson, JQuizz..I’m interested w/Jahvid.Best upside? Would u gamble dropping DW or JQ for him? I leaning Quizz mainly b/c I think Wilson has more chance of action due to Bradshaw’s history.Appreciate UR opinion?

  56. Neek81 says:

    Was offered kenny britt 4 my pettigrew need wr help nd still got heath miler at te is it worth it

  57. Jimdogg says:

    I have jim graham and s jax. The other guy has ryan mathews and witten. Who would benefit from that trade? I have arian, wouldn’t mind getting mathews. But graham is a beast

  58. Kyle says:

    Got offered Aaron Rodgers and BenJarvus Green-Ellis for Mike Vick and Stevan Ridley. Should I pull the trigger? Ridley is a backup for me because I have Ray Rice and MJD.

  59. Neek81 says:

    Houston or miami defense this week

  60. Chad says:

    Chet, would you trade Bradshaw/Wilson for Ridley/Bolden? I’m a little worried about Belichick and how he keeps everyone guessing. 1-pt PPR league

  61. marc says:

    Thanx for the reply. Another Q if ud be so kind; start Avery, or drop for M Williams, T Young, or Meach. Thanx

  62. Ruxin says:

    Start J. Cook tonight or hope for A. Hernandez to play on Sunday?

  63. Brian says:

    Chet, getting offered D. Martin for Luck. Ryan is my QB. RB’s are Foster, Murray, Ballard, Jennings, Hillis. I love Luck as my QB2 and content with RBs so far. Thoughts?

  64. stauffiger says:

    flex green bay green or powell. Tx! ppr.

  65. stauffiger says:

    flex tannehill, powell or stevie j? ppr. tx!

  66. Anthony says:

    Trade help 12 team 1pt ppr keeper league

    rbs mcgahee, richardson, spiller, mendenhall, ballard

    wr; aj green, andre johnson, maclin, l. murphy

    te: finely, moaeki

    was offered Rudolph and his waiver pick(we have 3 waiver drafts a year, his pick would be top 3 for next week) FOR mendenhall and moaeki.

    we protect 5 players end of year, depending on mendenhall’s progress he could be protectable

    Also: there is another team that has vernon davis and t/gonzalez, if your answer is no to the above would you do a mendenhall and finley for one of the above TE.

    Thank You

  67. Alex says:

    Need 2 in a standard scoring league: Randall Cobb (@Hou), Kenny Britt (Pit), Andrew Hawkins (@Cle), Vick Ballard (@NYJ). Help!?

  68. Grey Unicorn says:

    Should I trade DMac, Djax, Rivers, and Alfy for TRich, Decker, and Brees?

  69. Ian says:

    Hey Chet,

    Standard league scoring. Michael Floyd, Crabtree, or Ballard at flex this week?

  70. Indiepino says:

    Better stash: DWilson of Javid? I have to cut one.

  71. Sachin says:

    PPR, 3 WRs. Miles, Pierre, J Maclin, D. Moore, R. Cobb

  72. iMP says:

    Thanks for the reply above on re: waiting for Nicks. Who would you pick up as the emergency backup to Nicks: Barden, Randle, Tate or Hankerson? This is a PPR league and kind of scary none of them are in the top 50!

  73. Oleg Molotkovskiy says:

    Who’s Better for long term Kendall Wright or Donnie Avery?

  74. RoofieRace says:

    Need to drop either Rudolph or Bennett for a bye week filler at QB. Who would you drop? PPR. Also is ARI defense worth a bench spot on their bye week?

  75. Ant says:

    Looking to upgrade my team.Was just offered a Tom Brady for Cruz and Spiller, thinking its a little too much. Heres my team

    Qb: Romo
    RB: Forte
    WR: Jul. Jone
    TE: A.HErnandez
    FLex: T. Smith
    BEnch: Luck,Spiller,Ballard, Rudolph,M.Bush, Cobb

    • Chet says:

      I’m starting to worry that Brady may be a little inconsistent with their new running game. He’ll still be a top QB, but maybe not top 2-3.

  76. David says:

    Heath miller was just dropped. Pick him up with pitta or the black unicorn?

  77. iMP says:

    Hey Chet,
    Wright is filling in for Nicks on my squad. Seeing the snap data in the your T and T article has me wondering if it would be better to drop Wright for Randle (though he will have trouble if Barden is back) and see if I can use Nicks at a game time decision. This is a PPR league. What do you think?

  78. freddy says:

    Pls pick 3 RB out of these

    CJ Spiller
    Alex Green
    V. Ballard
    B. Bolden

  79. Chet says:

    I could see maybe trying to trade Bradshaw for a top TE. I love Rudolph, but I think he’ll be inconsistent. Maybe Gonzo?

  80. Chad says:

    Chet, talk to me. My team is below, 10-team, 1pt PPR. We start 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 3 W/R/T and 1 DEF.

    QB: Vick, Fitzpatrick
    WR: Harvin, Maclin, Garcon, Britt, Hixon
    RB: McFadden, Morris, Martin, Bradshaw, Green, D. Richardson, Gerhart, Wilson, Ballard, Hunter
    TE: Rudolph
    DEF: MIA

    See anything that needs to be changed?

  81. Oleg Molotkovskiy says:

    Who do i drop Kendall Wright or Kenny Britt for a kicker? Also who to start at flex this week Vick Ballard or Jeremy Kerley?

  82. sal says:

    Thoughts on Stafford going forward? I was offered Stafford & Jordy Nelson for Cruz and DHB. I am going to counter offer Wallace and DHB for Stafford and Maclin. I have Romo right now..

    My squad: 2rb, 2wr,2 flex
    DMC, Doug Martin, Spiller, Mendy, Leshoure
    Percy, Cruz, Wallace, DHB, Lafell,Simpson
    Graham, Rudolph

  83. Glenn says:

    I had a trade offer in a 1 pt PPR league. I have Vick Ballard and was offered Vincent Jackson. I took the deal. Good or bad move? I need help at WR.

  84. Ant says:

    In a 1 point ppr league pick one of : M. Bush, Spiller, or Stephens-Howlings…

  85. DiRo says:

    In the flex spot would you start; F. Jackson, S. Jackson, T. Smith, K. Wirght or Burleson?

  86. joe says:

    ppr ros doug martin or mcgahee?

  87. Cody says:

    Standard Scoring. I have Mccoy AP Mendenhall and Morris at RB and J Jones Decker Amendola Brown at WR. I was offered Welker for Mendenhall and Brown. Should i do this trade?

  88. josh blitz says:

    Hi Chet,

    i have been offered Forte and Mendenhall for Ray Rice

    my other starting rb is lynch otherwise i have spiller on bench..

    should i take it?

  89. Marc says:

    is Hernandez Playing this week? would like to drop Rudolph for K hunter!

  90. stauffiger says:

    my starters- qb brady, rb mccoy,murray, wr desean, t. smith. flex tannehill or stevie. 1st waiver priority. jon stewart and lafell on bench. do i go after dhb,cobb,best,powell or ballard. keep in mind week 7 i woould have to start stewart and flex im not sure who. must wins ahead. tx.

  91. Mike says:

    Pick 3:

    DMC, Ridley, Murray, ALF

    Pick 1:

    Maclin, Decker, Cobb

  92. Chris S says:

    For WR2, do I go B Lloyd, T Smith, Maclin or IR Nicks? I have to start Pitta at TE if that makes a difference. And for Flex, Spiller, CJ0points and the remaining WRs.

  93. Go Ducks says:

    What are your thoughts on the TB backfield? Reports saying Blount is going to get an increased workload.

    Who would you want ROS B. Powell or Blount?

  94. Tehc says:

    Chet, what is up with Gates? Is he a buy low?

  95. marc says:

    I’m leanin Hunter

  96. marc says:

    ChetMeister, thanx for the rankings! Q:drop Jonathan Stewart(on my bench) for Kendall Hunter, starks, green, hillis, wilson, bilal powell, blount, or stay put? Thanx

  97. Corey says:

    Better twosome the rest of the season: Reggie Bush and Victor Cruz or Matt Forte and Torrey Smith?

  98. c3rd says:

    Flex: Manningham, Andre Roberts, Brandon Gibson, or Alex Green?

  99. yishai says:

    flacco or romo

  100. alisa says:

    garcon, crabtree, cobb and washington
    which two

  101. Josh Blitz says:

    my team is..
    Andre Johnson
    vernon davis
    seahawks d

    steve smith
    miles austin
    mark ingram
    josh freeman
    mike Williams
    deangelo williams
    james starks

    do i trade rice for forte and mendy?

  102. Plainview says:

    I have Aaron Hernandez coming off the DL and have to drop him or someone else:
    RBs – McCoy, Run-DMC, Doug Martin, Leshoure, Morris
    WRs – Julio Jones, Percy Harvin, Welker

    Only 4 bench spots and don’t have to start TE (FLEX is WR/RB/TE)

  103. Josh Blitz says:

    i am 4-1 and have been offered Forte and Mendenhall for Ray Rice. my only other starting rb is lynch and i have spiller on bench.. should i keep rice or make the trade?

  104. Stauffiger says:

    Flex Dhb or Nixon .tx

  105. Stauffiger says:

    Should I go after shonne green as bye week replacement week 7 or roll w Jon Stewart. Tx

  106. herschel says:

    @Doc: PPR league, better pickup Green or Ballard (while D. Brown is out)?

  107. Stauffiger says:

    Ppr Dhb or Cobb. Tx!

  108. Pete says:

    Is it fair to say that Morris schedule is getting tougher in the coming weeks? Which RB is a good trade target if I want to move him?

    • Chet says:

      I’ve got them about middle of the road schedule wise. In non-ppr i think he’ll remain a strong play. But I’d trade him for DMC.

  109. rob J says:

    Is V.Ballard worth a pick up now that Brown is out for at least 2 weeks?

  110. Paul says:

    Hey Chet,
    Is Britt worth dropping for Cobb? I have better options ahead of these guys (Harvin, Wayne, Lloyd, Decker) so I’m just looking for upside here.

    • Chet says:

      I’m going to give Britt at least another week. If he has an ok game against the Steelers and doesn’t hurt himself again I’m holding.

  111. eric says:

    ROS PPR need 3

    Wallace, Nicks, Wayne, Julio Jones.

  112. Steve C. says:

    Yo Doc..Read ur Waiver Wire report & in my PPR league I Picked up Wilson on ww (Safe Choice & Just don’t know if Bradshaw can keep this pace?).RB’s are Rice, Mathews, Sproles…Wilson & JQuizz as “Bench Stash” looking Down the Playoff Road is It worth the gamble to drop DW or JQ to grab Best? thx

  113. Principle Blackman says:

    Hey Chet,
    I just got this trade offer in my PPR, PPrush, ret. yardage league.

    Give Tony Gonzalez & Ahmad Bradshaw. Get Jimmy Graham & Wes Welker.

    Here is my roster right now. I’m inclined to make the trade, as I am doubtful that Gonzalez can maintain this pace ROS. What do you think?

    QB Stafford
    WR Harvin
    WR Cribbs
    WR Lloyd
    RB JC Superstar
    RB Lynch
    TE Gonzalez
    Q/W/R/T Palmer
    BN Ryan Mathews
    BN Bradshaw
    BN Greg Jennings
    BN Emmanuel Sanders
    BN Pettigrew
    BN Cassel (he is expendable now that both Stafford and Palmer are past their byes. I was thinking about dropping him for Jahvid Best).

    So, I guess, two questions: Do I make the trade? Do I drop Cassel for Best?

    • Chet says:

      I’d do that if i knew the extent of Graham’s injury. If it’s a high ankle sprain I’d hate to lose Gonzo’s production for a few weeks.

      I’d drop him for Best.

  114. Ty says:

    I have D Richardson as RB5. drop and add D Wilson or J Best?
    (have SJax as RB4)

  115. mtzkn says:

    Hey Chet,

    Not about my flex-spot in a deep non-ppr league:

    RB: RunDMC, Alex Green, CJ Spiller, CJ2K, B. Bolden
    WR: B. Lloyd, E. Decker, TY Hilton

    I guess I’ll put a RB on flex but not sure who. Your call?

  116. Anthony says:

    Pick one this week, Redman, Powell, or Starks?

  117. Zandercage says:

    Hate to even ask this, but…Blair Walsh or Jason Hanson ROS?

  118. Art Vandelay says:

    In a multiple QB league, I’m looking at potential buy low QB targets to upgrade from Fitzpatrick. What do you think about Vick or Stafford as buy lows? Which would rather have rest of season, and what package would you offer for them: Fitzpatrick + _______. [WR2? Flex?]

    Thanks Doc/Chet! (can we still call you Doc in your post Razzball existence?)

    • Chet says:

      Hah, Doc is fine. I could see going for either. Whichever one the owner is most down on. In a 2QB league I’s say you’d have to go WR2.

  119. Glenn says:

    1 pt PPR, Pitta or Cook. I have Graham on bye.

  120. Rob says:

    Is this trade veto-able?
    BMarshall, Graham, KHunter — Welker, Gronk, KWright.

    Apart from 2 Kendalls in one trade, I think it’s legit. Some in my league protest otherwise.

  121. Clint says:

    You didn’t rank DHB but he looks good so far in practice and the Falcons game’s likely to be a shootout. In a PPR league, you think I should still bench him in lieu of Britt, Lloyd, and Andre Roberts?

  122. Ryan says:

    Which of the Den/Ind TE is a good fill in for graham? All 4 are avaluable

  123. Ben says:

    standard redraft league…who is the best pickup ROS?
    Best/J. Bell, Green/Cobb, or any other WRs not mentioned?

  124. BRENT says:

    vincent jackson for andrew luck ???

  125. cp says:

    Looking at Lynch’s schedule should I look to sell high? If so, who would you target if you would want to trade Lynch in a .5 PPR league?

    Thanks much

    • Chet says:

      I could see doing it, but he has been able to score TDs in the past against about anyone. I’d want a top guy for him.

  126. E says:

    I see u have roethlisburger ahead of Brady. Is it smart for me to bench Brady in favor of Big Ben though?? I have Antonio brown and am playing against mike Wallace . No ppr

  127. Oleg Molotkovskiy says:

    12 team non ppr Who should i play at my flex? Kenny Britt (hearing good reports), Kendall Wright (coming off 9 catch game), or wait it out and hope Hakeem Nicks plays and if not roll with Randle.

  128. Kellie says:

    Hi Chet,

    Who should I play for my flex this week? Hartline, V.Jackson or D. Martin? 1 pt ppr.


  129. Rich says:

    Trade advice? Should I give up Welker, Gronk, & KWright for BMarshall, Graham, & Kendall Hunter? I’m waiting for good news that Graham will be back in week 7, but I think its a steal. Thanks!

  130. Ghost says:

    Dual question! PHI or NE DEF/ST this week? PHI’s def been brutal fantasy wise the last few weeks.

    also trying to trade for MJD….offered up fitz + f-jax (good offer? too much too little?) losing fitz might sting a lil bit but i still have bryant, llyod, hartline, cobb and lolD.brown sitting in the wings…if not MJD who do you see as a better trade target for what i got to work with?

  131. B says:

    Chet, kicker question. Picked up Young GZ since Hanson was on bye. Now I have both and don’t know who to keep. I like GZ but offense is bad. Hanson on a more potent offense even though they’ve been struggling but GZ is money from anywhere. GZ a better real life kicker than elite K fantasy option?

    • Chet says:

      It’s a tough call. GZ is one of the few kickers who doesn’t need a good offense to put up good numbers, but I could see him being a little more inconsistent. I’d probably lean Hanson, but I’m good with streaming kickers against week D’s as well. Philly might be a tough play for Hanson. If you don’t want to mess with the weekly Kicker search, I’d lean hanson.

  132. Hunter says:

    Trade Torrey for Demaryius?

  133. karl williams says:

    RG3 + a 2nd & 5th for Mathews.
    (I currently have McCoy and Foster as well as Mendhall, Also have Flacco and Stafford for QBs so this could open up a QB move)


    DeSean Jackson for Heath Miller ( I have V.Davis, and could pick up another TE on waivers ) I do have Thomas, Wallace, Hartline, V.Jackson, and Stevie Johnson for other WR)

    League dress 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

    RB and Flex are Foster and McCoy so only room to dress 2 WR.

    What do you think of both trades?

  134. RoofieRace says:

    Best worth a #3 waiver priority?

    • Chet says:

      It’s risky no doubt, but the upside could be huge. I’d give it a shot, but be prepared to just drop him if you have to.

  135. Eric says:

    Mcfadden or Murray ROS 1Pt PPR? McFaddens schedule seems favorable.

  136. Oleg Molotkovskiy says:

    Who would you rather have the rest of the year Kerly, Jordy Nelson, or fred jackson. Please rank.

  137. Alex says:

    should i trade my cj0k for hartline? or should i wait and pray for him to produce? my other rbs are dmurray and mathews


  138. herschel says:

    @Chet: PPR league, my Romo or Big Ben plus Alf Morris for Brady and James Jones? My other RBs are Mccoy, Lynch and J-Stew and my other WRs are AJ, Decker, Dez and Britt. What do you think?

  139. JP says:


    Curious on the rational for the Donnie Avery love (very high vs consensus). I was going to go with Donald Brown this week at flex, but seeing this made me think it over.


  140. unit says:

    would you trade chris johnson and antonio brown for dmc?

  141. Daniel says:

    A tough non-ppr RB call:

    Pick 3: Mathews, Mendenhall, Martin, McGahee, McFadden

    (As you can see I have cornered the market on backs with last names starting with “M”)

  142. Train says:

    Hey Chet! Thanks for the ranks and keep up the good work at Fantasy Pros. I’m trying to plan ahead for bye week dilemma. Who will be the better Week 7 RB fill-in: Blount (vs. NO), Best (vs. Chi), or Starks (vs. StL). Also, can you rank these WRs for rest of the season: Harvin, Wayne, & Welker? Thanks!

  143. joe says:

    putup a league low this ear with this lineup.
    rb-charles, andre brown (doug martin on bye)
    wr- jordy, torrey (vjax on bye)
    te graham n olsen
    bench- kendall hunter, turbin, hankerson, kendall wright,
    ppr. who should i try n move?

  144. Corey says:

    Doc, need some trade advice. Non-PPR. Can start a 1 RB and 4 WR or TE. Have an offer to trade Reggie Bush, Mendenhall and VJax to get CJ0K and Calvin Johnson.

    My lineup would be Matty Ice, DMC, Calvin, Andre, Cruz and Welker, but it depletes my bench RBs (unless you count CJ).

    What say you?

  145. iMP says:

    Assuming the rankings are for standard, can you please rank Avery/Wright/SRice for a PPR fill-in for the next week or so? Thanks!

  146. Banjoe says:

    Also any reason to drop Mike Williams or Avery for kendall Wright?? Not Really thinking Hard just apreciate ur fedback Thanx

  147. Dave says:

    Leshoure or Wayne for flex? Luck or romo?

  148. Banjoe says:

    Hey Chet..I’m stting on Andre Brown & JQuizz n my Bench (PPR) Hanng on to them or drp one for Wison or a flier w/J.Best..Not much out there RB wise & Looking more down the line w/lpayoff weeks thx :)

  149. Matt j says:

    MJD or DMC rest of the season? Also are any of this weeks waiver pickup RBs (A Green, LSH, W Powell) worth using my #1 waiver pick on or should I just save it for and hope a more promising waiver option comes along later yhis year? Thanks man.

    • Chet says:

      Leaning DMC and I don’t think I’d use a #1 waiver on them. Green possibly, but Starks should be back which complicates things.

  150. Clint says:

    So, despite how he had a good game against them in the NFC Championship game, you advocate benching Bradshaw in favor or LeShoure at the Iggles?

  151. eric says:

    Which is the RB to own in Ariz & GB?

  152. Aaron says:

    Initial thoughts on me picking up Vick to start over Eli or Romo this week? Eli and Romo tough matchups.

  153. Kyle says:

    Gimme a rb1 or wr1 to trade spiller and Fred Jackson for..Thanks

Leave a Reply


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