Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 5 Ranks October 4, 2012  |  Chet

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  1. Daniel says:

    I am a Murray & Charles owner & I must drop a player this week. Which player best to drop: Felix, David Wilson, Hillis or Hillman?

  2. Max says:

    In a .5 for ppr should I trade Lloyd, luck, walsh, woodhead for welker and dougie mart…12 teams my starting lineup is currently qb rivers wr green wr wayne rb mccoy rb charles te graham flex mcgahee k hanson d packers

  3. Boot says:

    Deep question…..14 team 2 QB league…which 2 QBs do you think has the best chance of having value ROS. Kaepernick, Foles, Tebow, Matt Flynn (Rodgers and Palmer are my starters, but need a speculative backup and can use 2 roster spots….need a guy for Rodgers bye week in week 10)

  4. Mike says:

    Do I trade away Arian/Tate for Matthews/AJ Green. Can’t see through the Norv colored fog to decide if Matthews is going to realize his potential and end the year as a top back. Thoughts?

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi Chet. You think its a mistake to buy low on Andre Johnson? I’m in a 1pt PPR redraft & i need a roster spot. I have HNicks, Lloyd, Austin, Stevie & Cobb. Was thinking of offering Austin & Cobb or Austin & Stevie at the most. Curious what you think?

  6. B-Real says:

    I need a wr between desean J, james jones or kenny britt?


  7. James says:

    Also, Morris or Ridley? Both have tough matchups this week.

  8. James says:

    Tough spot in my flex this week as I have some byes. Do I start Leshoure or Brandon Gibson? I also could pick up Scott Chandler from waivers.This is a dynasty keeper PPR League. Thanks in advance.

  9. B-Real says:

    Hey man…..It’s good to see that you are doing well. I am in a bit of a dilemma….I need a starting rb out of Chris Johnson, william powell, vick ballard and blount. Any advice?


  10. Tehc says:

    would you advise trading Brandon Lloyd to get Antonio Brown or Mike Wallace?

  11. Tanenr Hyland says:

    Do i trade Ridley and Hakeem Nicks for MJD???

  12. Daniel says:

    Hey Chet, I have Brent Celek in PPR redraft and he isn’t doing me any favors. I have the choice to add Owen Daniels off waivers and replace Celek or add Alex Green as my RB4 ( my other RBs are Charles, Murray, Leshoure, Hillis, DWilson, & Hillman). Do you think Daniels or Green adds more value??

  13. Dan says:

    I got offered Bradshaw and Pettigrew for Lynch and Dennis Pitta

    In terms of RBS, I also have darren sproles and Shonn greene. I also am holding onto jermaine gresham, though I would likely drop him if i traded for pettigrew.

    What do you think?

  14. FoggArea says:

    Cool thanks bud

  15. Alfonso says:

    Malcolm Floyd or cj2k

  16. Tehc says:

    Can you pls rank ROY: Joique Bell, Kevin Smith, W. Powell, Ronnie Hillman, V. Ballard?


  17. Deepti says:

    Hi! Two questions for you. Cam Newton or Matt Schaub? Greg Little or Nate Washington? Appreciate it!

  18. FoggArea says:

    What are your thoughts for RB2 in deep PPR dynasty league for Week 5 … Jacquizz Rodgers or Michael Bush?

  19. Alfonso says:

    Floyd or cj2k

  20. Chad says:

    Chet, 10-team, 1pt PPR. I’ve been offered Ridley and Bolden for Garcon and Draughn. Right now I have:
    Vick, Fitzpatrick
    McFadden, Morris, Martin, Bradshaw, Andre Brown, D. Richardson, Hunter, Draughn
    Harvin, Garcon, Maclin, Britt, LaFell, Hixon

    What do you think?

  21. Dave S says:

    start Battle, JStew or Hankerson? non ppr

    trade Rudolph and JStew for Moeki and Garcon? non ppr and have Witten on bye so TE not good this week


  22. Tehc says:

    Can you pls rank these RBs (ROY): Hillman, D. Wilson, D.Thomas, L.Miller, B Pierce, V. Ballard, W Powell, K. Smith, J. Bell? Any must adds?

    Titus Young and Kendall wright are also available. Is either WR a must add?

    • Chet says:

      If Britt can’t get healthy, Wright should hold some value. Powell, Hillman, Ballard, Thomas, Miller, Wilson

    • Tehc says:

      Thanks, as I realize that was a long list.

      So that I am clear, you like Powell (AZ) best of that group ROY? Also, where did you rank Kevin Smith and Joique Bell in that list?

      Thanks in advance.

  23. Max says:

    In a .5 for PPR Lloyd or Mcgahee

  24. Randy says:

    Need to start 2. Hankerson, F Davis, Hawkins
    Do I play both Redskins?

  25. Jamie says:

    OK, in a ppr league, pick 3: Alfred Morris, Donald Brown, Benson, McGahee, Forte.

  26. BRENT says:

    thanks,chet !!!

  27. BRENT says:

    ok,ppr pick between bennett and pitta,i got hixon and james jones off of ww,i can start 2 te”s and 2 wr’s or 1 t/e and 3 wr’s
    julio jones is in for sure but would you start james.jones and hixon over the 2nd t/e ???

  28. Michael says:

    Thanks a bunch, Chet.

  29. ANDREW says:

    need 2 PPR… Simpson,Avery,Maclin,Bess

  30. Michael says:

    What do you think about relying on Andrew Luck as my starting QB going forward if it means I could maybe get Julio Jones in a trade?

    The package I’m thinking about offering to a guy whose QBs are Jay Cutler and Weeden is as follows: he gets Philip Rivers, Fred Jackson, Kenny Britt & I get Jay Cutler, Julio Jones, and Michael Bush.

    Do you think I have a chance? Here’s a picture of our teams… please take a look and let me know if I can modify the trade offer any or if I should go ahead and offer it:

  31. Chris says:

    .5PPR need one WR out of Avery, Simpson, Wright, and Rice? Thank you!

  32. Kris says:

    I’m all ready starting Fred Jackson tomorrow, who should I use in my flex? CJ Spiller, Pierre Garçon, or Kendall Hunter?

  33. Mike says:

    PPR-Finley, Pitta, Rudolph

  34. Chad says:

    Chet, do you roster backup RB’s in case of injury or do you roster players that can help you right now and make a mad dash for the backup when the starter goes down?

    • Chet says:

      It really depends. I try to keep guys who I have a very good feeling will be able to contribute if the starter goes down, even if I don’t own the starter. I don’t handcuff just for the sake of hancuffing.

  35. Chad says:

    Chet, do you ever target medium talents with favorable schedules or do you think that’s a waste effort? For example, I have my eye on Donald Brown but I don’t know what is reasonable to offer for him and not net a loss. Thoughts?

  36. rob says:

    In a tough spot on RB this week.. Ingram or b. Powell? Or can you think of any other sleepers for this week

  37. mt says:

    Give Alf, Dez, Lloyd, get D.Mart, Julio, Harvin? thoughts…thanks for the advice, appreciated

  38. johnny says:

    which 3 should I start Domenik Hixon, Antonio Brow,Anquan Boldin or Steve Johnson?

  39. Chad says:

    List your top handcuffs for the ROS, 1-pt PPR league. Thank you!

  40. JohnnyKielbasa says:

    Rodgers, Garcon, Harvin, Gore, MJD, Graham, McGahee…

    This is my starting lineup. Bench is Spiller, F. Davis, Ogletree, B. Bolden, N. Washington, Heyward-Bey

    Given what I have, what do you think needs strengthening and any ideas on packages that might get it done? Thanks. Been rolling with your suggestions over all the other experts.

  41. johnny says:

    ok which 3 should I start Domenik Hixon, Antonio Brow,Anquan Boldin or Steve Johnson?

  42. Chad says:

    10-team, 1pt PPR. I need 1 flex play out of the following: Andre Brown, Kendall Hunter, Kenny Britt, Brandon LaFell, or Shaun Draughn. Thank you!

  43. Daniel says:

    @dectwitt: @Chet_G hey Chet, in PPR do u prefer Celek or Pitta overall? Or are they pretty much equal? I’ve Celek but think I can get Pitta if I want.

  44. Shane says:

    Jackie Battle/Darren Sproles/ Michael Turner
    Antonio brown, Steve smith, hartline,garcon pick 2

  45. johnny says:

    which 2 do I start Fred Jackson, Michael Bush,C.J. Spiller or Brandon Bolden!

  46. PhilB says:

    Who has higher value for the remainder of the season: Mikel Leshoure or Rashard Mendenhall?

  47. @demlabums says:

    I have Hernandez. If I can get Decker for Finley should I?

  48. @demlabums says:

    Trade Finley for d. Moore? Or ot cam I get Decker? Non ppr thanks!

  49. Dave S says:

    Welker ot MArtin ROS, non ppr? redraft

  50. Isaac says:

    Mathews or Steve Smith in FLEX ?
    Pitta or Olsen ?

  51. Simon says:

    Should I start Green-Ellis or Andre Brown?

  52. Brandon says:

    Asking after the fact, but I traded Maclin and Gates for Britt and Hernandez, I have Graham already and I have AJ Green, Welker and Lloyd. It’s a fully dynasty keeper non ppr and we only start 2 WRs. Did I make a mistake?

  53. Steve Schwartz says:

    Need 2: Desean, Maclin, Hixon

  54. Ben says:

    Pick one!
    B. Lloyd, Torrey Smith, or CJ2K?


  55. John says:

    I have cam and s smith and am worried about the matchup. Thoughts on sitting smith for britt or k. Wright depending if britt plays. Thanks

  56. Mike says:

    Which side wins

    Eli, Leshoure, B. Marshall
    Julio & Vick

    .5 PPR

  57. iMP says:

    For the next few weeks I need an extra receiver to cover for Jennings and Nicks in a 3WR PPR league (Bowe and DMoore are my other WRs).
    Right now I could pick up another receiver if I drop Cutler and don’t back Romo this week. Does any one of the group of Wright, Avery, Cobb, LaFell or Blackmon have a big enough edge that makes it worth giving up a few points this week to have them moving forward or would you just wait and claim whoever is available after whatever happens this weekend?

  58. Jorge says:

    Thanks. Same PPR, will you start any of these players over Harvin and Welker?

    Antonio Brown
    Brian Hartline
    Torrey Smith

  59. Juan says:

    Luck or Vick?

  60. JCip says:

    10 Team PPR, need to start 3; Charles, Richardson, Mathews, Morris, Brown(Pit), Hartline, Torrey. Thanks

  61. Brad says:

    Was offered andre johnson for demaryius thomas. I think aj is elite but his opportunities have dipped…and his balky groin is another issue. Who would u rather have rest of season?

  62. BAB says:

    Would you trade away TRich and Steve Smith (the good 1) for Ryan Matthews and Vernon Davis? Ppr td heavy lg.. Stacked at WR and need TE help..

  63. Edward says:

    How good is Seattle’s secondary? Trying to decide between Decker vs NE or Steve Smith vs SEA in PPR. Saw you had Smith ahead in the rankings but you advised someone to play Brown over Smith in another post.

  64. David says:

    Need 1 wr 1 flex for 1pt ppr. Avery, Manningham,Cook, Bolden, D.Jones

  65. Kraig says:

    Looking to trade Foster for depth in a 14-team keeper. Is Torrie Smith, Leshoure and Doug Martin enough?

  66. Nathan says:

    Luck or Dalton this week?

  67. Mark R. Sniffer says:

    1 for the flex: Spiller, Hartline, Floyd?

  68. Scott says:

    Need a lottery ticket WR to start in place of Fred Jackson. Waiver wire choices are guys like Nate Washington, Jeremy Kerley, Kendall Wright, Manningham, Sid Rice, TY Hilton or Jerome Simpson. Do you like any of these guys over FJax, or can you think of another WR? Thanks.

  69. Johnny Kielbasa says:

    I have Gore, MJD, and McGahee for RB’s. Also have Spiller..any trade value or am I better off holding on to him?

  70. cp says:

    .5PPR league. Can stat two of the following: Spiller, Kendall Hunter, Hankerson or Britt?


  71. Todd says:

    Who you like better ROS,PPR league Mendenhall or Leshoure

  72. Martin says:

    Bye weeks, deep league. Added Reuben Randle when I heard of Barden’s concussion. Roll with him @ WR3, or add someone like Meachem? Josh Gordon/TY Hilton were my backup plan, and both were scooped.

  73. eric says:

    ppr trade

    i get nicks

    i give wayne

  74. Neek81 says:

    Deep league who better play this week donnie avery kendall wright gregg little

  75. JP says:

    Hi Chet,

    In a 0.5 pt PPR league, who would you put in at flex:
    – D. Avery (vGB)
    – D. Brown (vGB)
    – Deangelo (vSea)


  76. jeff says:

    bye week RB conundrum: k. hunter or b powell?

  77. Petter says:

    Hey Chet, I’m looking to upgrade at QB and was offered this:

    I give: Romo, Fitzgerald
    I get: Stafford, Antonio Brown

    I also have Marshall, Lloyd, Garcon and Britt at WR.
    Good deal or do I wait for Romo to turn it around?
    Should I push for Colston instead of Brown?

  78. steven says:

    Kyle Rudolph or Dennis Pitta??? Rudolph has the matchup but Pitta has seen more targets.

  79. Keld says:

    Hi Chet,

    Need some trade advice! Here’s my QB scoring settings: 1pt 25PaYd, 6pt Pa/Ru TD, 300PaY (+4pt), 400PaY (+5pt), 40+ PaTD (+2), 50+ PaTD (+3), Sacks -1.

    Just got offered:
    I get: Stafford + Crabtree
    I give: Stevie J + Mendenhall

    My 3-1 team:
    Qb: Vick, Freeman
    RB: Shady, McFadden, Mathews, Mendy, Battle
    WR: Julio, Welker, Maclin, Stevie
    TE: F. Davis, Celek

    His 0-4 team:
    QB: rg3, stafford
    RB: Gore, JCharles, Bradshaw, Draughn
    WR: Djax, Crabtree, Hawkins, LaFell
    TE: V. davis, b Myers

    Do I do this trade? Appreciate all your advice… sorry for the long post!

  80. Zandercage says:

    Chet –

    Pick one to start please: Sydney Rice, Hankerson, or Jon Baldwin.


  81. R.S. says:

    Decker or Ridley for flex? I am not sure how many touches will Ridley get… Decker may be the beneficiary of the shootout…

  82. David says:

    Pitta was dropped. R Williams plays on the cardinals. Pick up pitta with him? I have McCoy, Mjd, r Mathews, leshoure and m bush.

  83. Nash says:

    If Hernandez ends up playing would you start Brandon Marshall over B Lloyd? Already starting D. Thomas at one WR spot.


  84. Mundo says:

    Who are good waiver QBs to pick up for Ryan’s bye on week 7? Thinking about Weeden vs IND, Bradford vs GB, or Sanchez vs NE.

  85. eric says:

    PPR trade 12 team

    i get nicks

    i give wayne you like?

  86. Fred says:

    in ppr would you trade spiller and lloyd/desean for mjd. only start 2 wr and have very good depth with julio green lloyd desean.

  87. joe says:

    rank em ros ppr – doug martin, alfred morris, benson

  88. Rob says:

    Whats your feelings on these two trades:
    Stevie Johnson for Alfred Morris and
    Jimmy Graham + T.Y Hilton for Trent Richardson and Owen Daniels.
    Also, your feelings on Vick vs Luck this week?
    Thanks in Advance!

  89. mtzkn says:

    Hey Chet, got a desperate RB situation due to bye week: Please pick 2 out of: CJ Spiller, CJ2K and B. Bolden.

  90. iMP says:

    When Britt finally comes back, does Wright get to stay on the field as WR2 or will he get his teams WR3 snap count?

  91. eric says:

    Which two for Flex PPR

    Jaquizz,Cobb,Blackmon,Tate,Kendall hunter or Bolden

  92. eric says:

    ROS ppr trade
    i get


    i give


  93. marc says:

    Need wr, qb help, got hasselbeck after I dropped Locker, and NO qbs left in free agency. Offer my Murray(I have charles and rice) fr HER flacco and andre johnson? Am I giving up too much?

  94. iMP says:

    Scrolled through and noticed you like KWright over DAvery for 0.5 PPR ROS. Is this how you’d rank them in full PPR for the next few weeks too?

  95. matttt says:

    I’m set at rb and need a wr. Trade Fred Jackson for miles Austin? Thanks!

  96. mt says:

    get DMC, Bowe, J Maclin, Andre Brown give MJD, Reggie Wayne? nonppr thoughts on this potential trade?

  97. Trade Euphoria says:

    After 2 weeks of trying to make a trade 12 team 1pt ppr…ive finally come to agreement on a trade how does this fair?

    AJ Green + Hernandez for Charles + Morris?

    My team pre trade
    QB- Brady
    WR- Fitz, Green, S.Smith(car), Britt
    RB -J-Stew, M.Bush, K.Hunter, B.Powell, K.Smith
    TE- Rudolph, Hernandez
    His Team pre trade
    QB- Vick
    WR- D-Jax, Austin, L.Moore, Lafell
    RB – Charles, Matthews, leshoure, Almo, R. Williams
    TE – Gresham

    how do you feel about this trade?

  98. jcrd says:

    Vick or Cutler? I like Cutler vs. Jags…

  99. Costa says:

    After trading D Thomas, B Marshall and Chris Johnson for Arian Foster, my WR starters would be Reggie Wayne and Antonio Brown. My non starters/potential flex plays at the moment (if the trade is accepted) would be Brandon LaFell, Ben Tate, Andrew Hawkins, Jerome Simpson, Jackie Battle, and Heath Miller.

    Would you make this trade to try and get Foster?

  100. Zandercage says:

    Hey Chet – Pick two please (.5 PPR) – Reggie Bush, Welker, Colston and Bowe.


  101. Costa says:

    Would you trade Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, and Chris Johnson to get Arian Foster? No ppr

  102. Neek81 says:

    In league where we start 3 rb got both demarco n doug martin out this week still got sjax n ryan williams who the better lotery ticket this week draughn ingram hillman lamar miller turbin for last spot thanks again

  103. mdrgolf says:

    would you start s jax tonite or BGE sunday in PPR ?
    Love the site btw !

  104. Banjoe says:

    3 “Q’s” for 3 Leagues Please ALL PPR
    1) Hixon or James Jones
    2) Need 1 From Hixon, Garcon or thinking Avery if Indy having to play from behind
    3) Need 2 from Steve Smith, Wayne and Antonio Brown. (concerned w/Smith after Seattle shut down some big WR’s)
    Thanx & Good Luck in OUR Freakos match this Week :)

  105. Sal says:

    Thoughts on stafford? I am thinking about offering romo and leshoure for him. Do it? The owner is down on him.

    Also, I need to dump one of the following: Hawkins, Simpson, or Heyward-bay. Thoughts?

  106. gerbz says:

    What is the FMV on RGIII (all TDs 6 pts)? Top 5 receiver/rb?

  107. RS says:

    Horrible bye week blues: b Powell, b pierce or mccluster in flex for std league. Thx!

  108. Dave says:

    Pitta (@KC) or D. Hixon (CLE) at flex, non-PPR?

  109. Mikey says:

    Rudolph or Hixon in the flex?
    Much thanks!

  110. marc says:

    Thanx! One more Q: need to start 2: bradshaw, s jax, f jax, maclin. And at qb, start schaub over fitzpatrick, right?

  111. unclrukus says:

    Pick two M Wallace, T Smith, D Bowe or D Amendola. It’s a PPR league. Thanks.

  112. Ty says:

    Morris and Pierre Thomas / Brandon Jacobs for pure vulturability?

  113. jrob says:

    Would you make the following trade?
    Trade: Gronkowski, A Hawkins
    Get: J Nelson, A Luck, H Miller

  114. Josh Cohen says:

    Thanks for answering the trade question above. Would you move McFadden and Amendola for Forte and Demaryus Thomas? Same scoring as above: 1 Pt. PPR for WR/TE, no PPR for RB’s. Double TD bonus for scores 50+. Thoughts?

  115. iMP says:

    Hey Chet, I am looking at Cobb vs. Avery to pick up ROSUJR (until Jennings returns).
    Though I only watched a half, it looked like Cobb got a pretty good piece of the pie in the 3WR sets on Sunday. I wonder if he has a chance to breakout again now that he is healthy (he wasn’t in CHI) and Jennings is not. I admit Avery is getting more consistent targets, but seems to have a pretty low reception percentage.
    I see you like Avery a lot more than Cobb this week in PPR. Is that about this week only or would you lean his way for the next few weeks too?

    • Chet says:

      Cobb’s inconsistency scares me. His upside is higher, but IF Avery continues being the main guy, he’s the one I’d want.

  116. DiRo says:

    Would you start Lafell or K. Wright as your number 3 WR this week?

    There is no flex spot in this league, with Jennings out and Holmes gone for the season I am stretched thin at WR right now.

  117. steve says:

    trade rg3 murray jennings for rivers mcfadden julio? have vick.

  118. John Paulsen says:

    Big Bird or Mitt Romney for my flex? I can’t decide if Romney is for real.

  119. Michael says:

    I know you already touched on Fred Jackson earlier but here’s my running back situation: DMC, F-Jax, Alf, and Mendy. I asked you about shopping Mendy and Amendola around the other day but as you can see we decided I shouldn’t.

    Should Fred Jackson owners be trying to trade him? I don’t like this split timeshare situation that seems to be on the horizon for him and CJ Spiller. Spiller would have to be injured for me to feel good about starting him, and that’s a difficult thing to rely on.

    Alf has deputized well during F-Jax’s rehab period and I don’t mind relying on him as my RB2 full time. If it’s time to trade Jackson, I’d like to package him with Kenny Britt and get a WR2 or higher… This is maybe a hard question to answer but who would you look for in a trade for F-Jax straight up and who would you look for in a trade for F-Jax and Britt in a twofer?

    Having said all that, since DMC is on a BYE this week, I have to start F-Jax (vs SF) or Mendy (debuting vs PHI). Who do you like more? Your rankings tell me Jackson would be the guy this weekend.

    Thanks Chet… sorry my comments always turn out to be novels…

    • Chet says:

      Tough call. If I had any real notion of how Mendy is going to play I’ lean his way, but Jackson just seems safer.

  120. Murray says:

    Hilton, Avery or Hankerson as WR3 in a 12 team .5 PPR league?

    Morris or Jacquizz as RB2?

    Which one of the leftovers as WR/RB Flex?


  121. Josh Cohen says:

    Got offered Steve Johnson and Trent Richardson for Amendola and McFadden. 1 Pt. PPR for WR/TE, no PPR for RB’s. Double TD bonus for scores 50+. Thoughts?

  122. Jeffito says:

    Got offered Aaron Hernandez for Alfred Morris. PPR league. My other RBs are Benson, McFadden and Sproules. Rudolph is currently my TE. Waddya think?

  123. Aaron Davis says:

    U think its ok to roll with Freddie Jackson for one week

  124. Ruxin says:

    D. Brown, R. Williams, B. Hartline, .5PPR…Gotta start 1 RB, 1 Flex….

  125. Tom Brad says:

    What’s the rationale on Colston ranked so low in a potential shootout after he looked good last week? Also Hixon & Floyd, you don’t like them over Stevie Johnson & Desean?

  126. Kmart says:

    Hey chet what do you think of trading bowe and cj2k for julio and leshoure/bge.

  127. Aaron Davis says:

    I have Fred Jackson this week hate the matchup also have Bradshaw and Andre brown do I drop brown and pick up Pierre Thomas in 12 man league free agents r scarce

  128. JZ says:

    Provided Jacobs is healthy and plays who will have a better day him or Hunter ppr?

  129. Jake says:

    Sup Chet. Curious who you would start for my WR/rb/flex. I get 3 WR, 2 rb, and a flex that can be either in a non-ppr league. My wrs are roddy, Wallace, garçon, Hawkins, Hixon. My rbs are cj2k, jacquizz, steven Jackson, and ridley.

  130. Fred says:

    I see you have Fitzpatrick higher then bradford, but im worried about the road game in SF. Can you help me understand the rationale for fitz over bradford ?

    • Chet says:

      I still like AZ’s pass D and Fitz has been getting into the endzone. Would really rather not have to go with either, but I’d go with your gut on that one.

  131. keets says:

    1) Who has a better rest-of-season: Pettigrew, Heath, or Rudolph? Standard Scoring.

    2) Week 5, Pick 3: Harvin, Demaryius, Marshall, Bowe.


  132. Cold Beer says:

    Better game this week Julio or Roddy ?

  133. USANFL says:

    From your rankings, it looks like your optimism of Moeaki has increased. Is that true and does it apply to this week specifically? Over Mercedes?

  134. marc says:

    What up Chet. Need wr help, got Jennings hurt, Moore on bye, la fell, hanky, avery in a 3 wr lg. Also a rb/wr flex spot. I have chalres, rice, and de marco. Is offering de marco for matthews and maclin too much for the other guy to give up? He also has roddy, and martin. What combo of players would be good for both of us? Thanx

  135. Train says:

    I’ve been offered Brees & SJax for Matty Ice, Benson & Hixon. My other RBs are Foster, Charles, & Mathews. My other WRs are Harvin & Wayne. I’m leaning towards taking the deal because Brees would help during a bad Wk 7 of byes where I would lose Ryan, Charles & Mathews. Advice? Thanks Doc!

  136. Manuel says:

    Erick Decker, Andre Roberts, Reggie Wayne, Antonio Brown, Leonard Hankerson and Randall Cobb, pick 3. (a 4th can be added if they have better potential as flex than any of the RB options below)

    Cedric Benson, Jacquiz Rodgers, Michael Bush, Jamaal Charles, pick 2 (or 3 if the flex is better).

    Kyle Rudolph or Dennis Pitta?

  137. Steve says:

    Ppr. Donnie Avery , gates or Rudolph. Pick 2

  138. Bones says:

    Need a QB with Romo on Bye. Roll with Fitzpatrick, Ponder, Hasselbeck, Tannehill or Kolb? 1Pt per 20 Pass, 1Pt per 10 Rush, TDs 6, INT -1

  139. Cody says:

    I have Decker, Amendola, J Jones and A. Brown. Is Amendola worth a start against the cards after how many passing yards they gave up last week?

  140. MC says:

    In a vacuum, if I can get A. Rodgers for V-Jax/Garcon, I have to do that – right?

  141. herschel says:

    @Chet: following up on a previous question, what do you think about this trade? PPR league, my Romo or Big Ben plus Alfred Morris for his Brady. Morris is my flex and would replace him with either Dez or Britt if he can ever get healthy. My other rbs are McCoy, Lynch and J-stew.

    • Chet says:

      I don’t love it. I’m coming around on Morris with Helu done. Brady is the best player in the deal, but I think the drop off for you at flex will be consistently bad.

  142. USANFL says:

    Have to drop either Hillis, Bilal, or Best.

  143. Grumpiernut says:

    I know how high u were or are on DMC, but would u trade him for Julio?

  144. Bones says:

    PPR Flex Need 1 – Spiller, Steven Jackson, Britt, or Quizz

  145. chris says:

    Please rank S. Rice, M. Williams, J. Simpson, K. Wright, and D. Avery ROS in a .5PPR league. Are any of them droppable? Thank you!!!

  146. Tom Brad says:

    Trade in 20 team 0.5 ppr, I’m weak at TE:

    I’d get DMC + V. Davis for Colston + S-Jax

    Would be left with T. Smith, Avery, Eddie Royal at WR but everyone is thin in 1 area

  147. Jeff says:

    Ryan Williams or Darren Sproles in a standard league?

  148. bu11dog says:

    PPR- Who ya got? SJax v Zona, Maclin v Pitt, or Ja. Jones v Indy? Thanks in advance!

  149. BRENT says:

    would you start jerome simpson or dom hixon over m.bennett or pitta as a flex this week

  150. Cheese says:

    I’ve been offered Vick, Mathews and Floyd for my Ryan, LeShoure and Little


    • Chet says:

      Interesting. It’s worrisome to go from Ryan to Vick, but I believe Mathews turns it around and Floyd is a big upgrade from Little. If you feel slightly comfortable with your backup QB I’d do it.

  151. Aza says:

    I’d send Alfred Morris for Jordy Nelson? I already own James Jones. Do I do this deal. Morris is my RB #2 right now.

  152. Justin says:

    Hey Chet – Are you really that much higher on Fred Davis over Kyle Rudolph this week? I have both, need 1 and trust your rankings more than most!

  153. JZ says:

    who wins in this trade Garcon/Mathews ……BMarsh/Benson ppr

  154. Kyle says:

    What’s your advice on spiller and Fred Jackson? Should I be looking to trade both for one really good starter?

  155. Cold Beer says:

    Garcon, Amendola or C Benson PPR Pick one, leaning Amendola

  156. Philip says:

    Hi Chet! Im a huge fan of your research. You were one of the reasons why i won 2 money leagues last year. Was hoping you can help me. I need a fill in for mcfadden and have K hunter, Jacquizz, Bilal, and Justin Forsett. If i were to look at your rankings, they coincide with my thoughts as well, but does brandon Jacobs hurt K hunters value this week? Also what do you think of Forsett, if Tate is out? I would easily choose Rodgers, but have Gonzo as my TE and hate playing two people from the same team. Thanks in advance!!

  157. TA says:

    Do you think Meachem could break out against his former team?

  158. Chris says:

    Trade away LeShoure and Nicks for Julio? Own Percy, Amendola, DMC, Murray. .5 prr w/flex

    • Chet says:

      If we knew Nicks was going to be hurting long term I’d say yes no doubt, but we just don’t know. I’m leaning no.

  159. joe says:

    ppr olsen cobb wright hankerson?

Leave a Reply


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