Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 4 Ranks September 28, 2012  |  Chet

Good day y’all and y’allettes. I have some rankings for you below these here words. Please read them and think about what you are doing with your life. You are reading fantasy football rankings! And I am writing them! Oh well, there are worse things to be doing in the world, i.e. watching anything ever directed by Michael Bay or starring Shia Labeouf.

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Ask questions in the comments and I will answer them as best I can.

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105 Responses

  1. Aza says:

    Which trade should I take or should I stay put? Send Alf Morris & M. Bush for V. Cruz or Alf Morris for Torrey Smith?

    Roster WR are B.Marshall, James Jones, & Kender Wright
    RB Bradshaw/Dre Brown
    Jackie Battle, Ben Tate, Pierre Thomas, Kendall Hunter

  2. Michael says:

    Alright, so… I’d like to test owners’ resolve and try to get Julio Jones or Jordy Nelson or possibly Cruz. The offer I’ve been thinking of is Rashard Mendenhall and Danny Amendola for one of Jones or Nelson or maybe Cruz. I’d only make this offer because the owners of those players are kinda weak at RB. However, I’m wondering if I’m actually overpaying, because Amendola’s been getting it done (53 pts in 4 games in my league, most productive of all my WRs (though he was boosted by a 22 pt performance week 2) and just for reference Cruz has 56 points from off-on-off-on performances — in fact Amendola’s only bettered by 8 WRs so far and one of those is Brian Hartline who doesn’t really count).

    He’s THE guy in St. Louis and you’d think I could look forward to around 12 points a game from him plus any bonus days where he gets a TD or two, and I consider him my WR3, so I consider that very good value. I know it sounds crazy, but are Mendy and Amendola too much for a Jones/Nelson/Cruz? They’d be getting a guy who’ll quickly become the feature back in a functional offense and a WR who’s pulling in some very good numbers week to week…

    If not, do you think I should go ahead and table up some of these offers (even if they might seem a little audacious)? Thanks…

    • Michael says:

      Alternatively, if my reservations about letting Danny Amendola go really stand in the way in the end, should I think about adjusting what I want out of a trade? For example, try to trade Mendy away for a WR2 or so, straight up? That way I keep Amendola and get another WR in to solve my week 9 bye conflict? Thanks.

    • Chet says:

      I just don’t think you’ll find someone that values Amendola as high as you. I like him a lot as well, so I’d lean toward keeping him.

    • Michael says:

      I think you’re probably right. People will see I’ve offered Amendola and they’ll think it’s a joke, but I think he’s probably better than his name might suggest. I think I’ll try to get a WR2 straight up for Mendy in that case. Thanks.

  3. Will says:

    Hey Chet, I saw your flex rankings and you have Miles Austin over Michael Bush by a large number of slots. I only need seven points to win this week. Should that influence me to play Bush over Austin?

  4. eric says:

    PPR question could rank these ROS

    Nicks,Wallace,Britt,Wayne,Julio Jones, Harvin & Bowe.

    Would you trade Wallace for Nicks in a PPR?

    trade #2

    i get

    Harvin & hillman for Britt & Finley, Aaron Herz is my other TE

  5. Late Games says:

    Hey Chet – now that Reggie Bush is active, I need two of these three for the late game push. Standard scoring.

    Bush, McGahee, or Fitzy?


  6. Mike says:

    Witten or Daniels PPR?

  7. Marc says:

    cool, appreciate it!

  8. Marc says:

    andre brown, freddy jax, s jax, bradshaw, maclin, or v jax in the flex?

  9. Marc says:

    drop La fell for t young?

  10. The Vaporizers says:

    Good morning Chet,

    Who you like best for my flex play?

    Spiller, Daryl Richardson, Garcon, or Cobb?

    I’ve been pondering this one all morning…

  11. Zandercage says:

    Hey Chet –

    Pick two please (.5 PPR) – Colston, Bowe, Reggie Bush and Welker.


  12. Josh S says:

    Tough PPR flex choice: Quizz, Tate or Olsen? Have Quizz in now, and it looks like you’re high on him this week. Olsen and Tate have big upside though…thoughts? Hoping this picture clears up in the next couple weeks. Thanks!

  13. marc says:

    Drop la fell or hankerson for t young, or dhb or stay put? Thanx

  14. jc3rd says:

    Lions defense or Atlanta defense, PPR? Detroits defense has been crap every week so far for me, but Atlanta’s has been on fire lately…

    oh, and what’s up with everyone dropping Pitta? I know he laid an egg, but don’t you think he’s still a solid fantasy TE? I’m definitely putting in waiver claims for him either way

  15. marc says:

    Should I drop Hankerson for either t young, dhb, j simpson, m willimams? Thanx

  16. rob says:

    Ponder vs rivers and j. Simpson vs nate Washington, your thoughts? Ppr

  17. Josh COhen says:

    Would you trade Jersey LeShoure for Colston or D-Jax in a league where it’s PPR for WR/TE, but not RB’s? Also double bonuses for all with TDs 50+. Have McFadden, MJD, Ray RIce at RB (auction league) but awful at WR. Thanks

  18. Grant says:

    Need a RB2 for tomorrow: Bradshaw, J. Rodgers, K. Smith, or R. Williams? These rankings have Bradshaw up, but I’m leaning Williams. Thoughts?

  19. Jonathan Silsby says:

    Sorry. Not sure which comment was directed at my question. Ridley or Romo ppr league

  20. Jonathan Silsby says:

    In a ppr league where you can start a qb at flex. Any way you start Ridley over Romo?

  21. unit says:

    barden or jacquizz at flex?

  22. Nick says:

    So I have Nicks on my roster. I’ve picked up Barden, but am uneasy about the matchup vs Philly. I’ve also got Eli. Stick with Barden because of my NYG connection or go with say a Titus Young? Feel like Titus may come out of his shell following last week’s game.

  23. marc says:

    Can you rank avery, t young, dhb, j simpson, m williams for rest of season? Think T Young will overtake burleson for the #2 wr spot?

  24. iMP says:

    To get out of a bye week crunch, are you okay with trading D. Moore for S. Holmes in PPR? I’m not a big fan of Santonio, but it seems roughly fair and the other owner will get bye week benefit too.

  25. B.J. says:

    Hey Chet, is Joique Bell a good stash for the end of the bench? If so, should I get rid of Hillis or Owen Daniels for him? I’ve got Witten as my TE and Hillis is my RB 5 behind Forte, Mathews, SJax and J. Stewart. I also have Jackie Battle, Hankerson, LaFell and Jerome Simpson on my bench. But one of the 3 WRs will start this week with Nicks likely out.

  26. Sean Bowen says:

    My wideouts are Percy, Cruz and Roddy White and I have to pick two. Percy being the obvious pick I am torn between Cruz and Roddy and I am leaning towards Roddy due to my fear that the eagles will focus on stopping Cruz.

    Thoughts? This is PPR league btw

  27. Steve C. says:

    Hey Chet.. I’m having a hard time to fill in for Big Ben.between Dalton/Ponder.. I see staff ranking s have Dalton 1 spot ahead of Ponder but u have Ponder w/a much bigger advantage.. Ireaspect YOUR insight Can u give me the main reason why U feel Ponder is a better choice this week? Thx..appreciate ur advice :)

  28. TA says:

    What do you think of trading Roddy White for Percy Harvin?

  29. emceeperiod says:

    OK Doc, I got the filthiest team in this one league. If you had the filthiest team, would you be down to drop K. Wright to keep 2 DEF, IF they were NYJ and ARI, to rotate dependent on matchups? Or would you drop NYJ and keep K Wright? Or Drop ARI and keep him?

    By filthy I mean (starters:) Romo, harvin, D Bryant, DeSean, McFadden, Mathews, Charles, Rudolph (bench:) Ponder, PT, Hankerson, M. Williams, CJ Spiller, Wright.

  30. emceeperiod says:

    On another note, Doc, looks like you aren’t as big on Blackmon as your boy Noise, eh?

  31. sam says:

    Need to start one Doug Martin, Leshoure or Ryan Williams.

  32. Ghost says:

    giving AJ Green asking Matthews or Charles and Morris..asking for too much or just right? or should I go with Fitz for Charles or matthews straight up?

  33. Aaron says:

    Trade question: r. Williams and d. Martin for r. Mathews? I already have sproles and foster. Ppr league. Just not sure about sproles going forward. We have a flex position.

  34. HeckNo says:

    Blurbs! More blurbs!
    Damn Romo what to do ROY?
    My back up unfortunately is Cutler.
    Any thoughts?

  35. josh says:

    Should this trade get veto in a ppr td heavy lg. Willis mcghaee and Jimmy graham 4 Ridley, AHernandez, and Mike Williams?

  36. Chad says:

    10 team, 1pt PPR. I had Rodgers and Vick, best RB on my roster was ALF. I traded Rodgers for McFadden, did I do good? I’m also considering trading AJ for Doug Martin. I have Harvin/Britt/Garcon/Maclin left over if I do that. What do you think?

  37. Michael Shermer says:

    Do you see Dez picking it up much as the season goes along?

  38. Mikeytuna says:

    Flex Rudolph, Moore or Ridley? Standard league.

  39. marc says:

    Appreciate the feedback. 1 wr for depth, so not necessarily for this weekend. Dhb, avery, mike will., j simpson, c shorts, t young, meach, blackmon, k wright, hartline, a roberts, t. Hilton avail. Thanx!

  40. herschel says:

    @Grey: if stafford doesnt play this week, would you consider starting hill over romo?

  41. jay says:

    If Garcon is out and nicks is out, do you like Hankerson, Barden M. Williams or N. Washington better?

  42. Markus says:

    LeShoure or Ridley as my flex?

  43. herschel says:

    @Chet: PPR league, start two of these three? dez, decker and al morris.


  44. Mikeytuna says:

    Should I start Romo or Locker? I could also pick up Ponder. Standard scoring.

  45. Ben says:

    Is it a good time to trade players usually sitting on bench like T. Smith, B. Lloyd, & CJ2K?
    10 team league standard.
    QB: Flacco, Rivers
    RB: McFadden, Ridley, McGahee
    WR: B. Marshall, J. Jones
    TE: Celek
    Coming into the season I had RB concerns, but now I have major concerns in QB/TE. Flacco stopped the bleeding this week.

    I’m 0-3.

  46. Steve Schwartz says:

    Maclin or Leshoure? .5 ppr thanks!

  47. Train says:

    Hey Doc, I need help at WR2 with Wayne on bye. Planning to start Britt, but he’s a GTD. If Britt is out, my plan is:
    (1) Hankerson, if no Garcon
    (2) pick up JSimpson, if Garcon active
    Does Kendall Wright get a bump over either of these guys if Britt sits out? Does Titus factor in with his increasing snap count? It’s all ugly, but I trust your advice. As always, thanks!

  48. Cold Beer says:

    Romo or Ponder ppr, Murray or Benson ppr……..Bears D has me ?

    • Chet says:

      Truly rough call there. Leaning toward the cowboys.

    • LakerSteve says:

      hey Cold Beer, I’m in exactly the same boat with Romo and Ponder. Not sure what to expect from the Cowboys, but I’m worried it’s gonna be a grind for both teams. Still haven’t decided. And I was choosing between Murray and TRich (@BAL) as my RB2. I probably should have played TRich…

  49. Kenny says:

    I need to start 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and a Flex:

    Andre Johnson, AJ Green, Brandon Lloyd, DMC, Martin, and Ridley.

    Thanks for all your help Chet

  50. JoeSchmo says:

    I am in a ppr 10pts/td lg. which 3 would you start out of ridley, reggie bush, ahmad bradshaw, ryan williams, and kyle rudolph?

    Also would you start Denarius or Colston with that scoring system? Ty chet

  51. Randy says:

    Ogletree or Fred Davis at my flex?

  52. dean says:


    Would you trade freeman/trich/quizz for vick/spiller/alf in a 12-team redraft? QB-flex league – have Ryan/russ wilson already and RRice is my #1 RB.

    Trich looked awesome last night – that’s my only hesitation.


  53. Oleg M says:

    Do i start Brandon Marshall or Alfred Morris at my flex?

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