Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 3 Ranks September 18, 2012  |  Chet

These are pretty raw right now, but I wanted to get them out to you early. I’ll be tweaking as usual until Sunday, a half-second before kickoff, so you know, check back early, often, and bring beer. Oh and I’ll be adding blurbs as time allows. So stay tuned for blurbs and also say “blurbs” 236 times in a row and see what happens.

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380 Responses

  1. Loaded says:

    Steven Jackson is starting. Sorry for passing along misinformation.

  2. y4rivera says:

    Pick 2 for this week
    Chris Johnson
    Stevie Johnson
    Alfred Morris

  3. Neek81 says:

    Owen daniels or hankerson at flex

  4. Keir says:

    Is it getting too cute to consider Hankerson (with Garcon out) or Hawkins (banged up Washington D) over Jordy Nelson (Seattle D at home) in a PPR league?

  5. Alfonso says:

    How about over welker, Antonio brown, Malcolm Floyd

  6. Alfonso says:

    If sjax sits would u start stl Richardson over Chris Johnson?

  7. Neek81 says:

    Which better defense this week in 16 team league buf @ cle mia @ nyj or ind @ jac

  8. y4rivera says:

    Pick 2 for this week.
    Chris Johnson
    Stevie Johnson
    Alfred Morris

  9. Martin says:

    Made the deal Chet… Thanks for your input, solidified my thoughts.

    Now, 0.5 PPR, Hillis or DMoore in flex?

  10. Nick says:

    Who’s the guy to keep going forward? M. Bennett or K. Rudolph?

  11. Martin says:

    Long story short, I’m weak at wr in a very deep 2qb league (Dez, Devker, DMoore). I’m stacked at RB, and talking trades with someone in desperate need at RB.

    He sent over Harvin and Hillis (I do own JC) for Doug Martin and Mike Williams. Your thoughts?

    Thanks man

    • Chet says:

      It’s really close. I like DM a little more than Harvin, but barely. Don’t love Hillis, but he has more value than Williams. I’d lean slightly toward doing it.

  12. Brian says:

    Lloyd worth the wait tomorrow night with the Q tag? I have Britt or Ingram as other options for a flex.

  13. TJW says:

    I am being offered Doug Martin for DMC. My other RBs are T Richardson, Mathews, K Smith. Would you take the trade?

  14. justin says:

    Lynch, charles, reggie bush, kevin smith or ryan Matthews I can play 3 …… Decker, britt or amendola play one thanks in advance!

  15. Anna says:

    I’m the only girl in my league and have 0 wins with the most points scored against me in my league so far. I am trying to decide if I should play T. Smith, M. Colston, or D. McCluster – 2 of 3. Please help because I trust you explicitly over my husband/friends. Much thanks!

    • Chet says:

      Hah. I like Colston and Smith as long as Colston goes. They play the early game so make sure he is playing and if not, go with Dexter. Good luck!

  16. Michael says:

    Sorry Chet, I probably put too much info in there.

    I have Jets Defense and Indy Defense. Which of those two do you prefer this week? I don’t own Miami’s Defense.


  17. Michael says:

    Thanks as ever for answering our Qs Chet. I’ve a couple here…

    a) Jets D vs Miami or Indy D vs Jacksonville? Which of those Florida O-lines will help me out by allowing sacks and INTs and whatnot? From what I’ve seen, NYJ Def is high on people’s week 3 matchup rankings (top 5-7 or so), but Indy played well against the Vikes last week and they ARE playing JAC this week (and I tend to stream defenses as my DST2 just in case a really good matchup comes along), so I’m actually feeling somewhat torn. What do you think?

    b) Tony Romo or Mike Vick to start this week?

  18. Oleg M says:

    in a 12 man, do i trade Fitz and Doug Martin for MJD? I already have Forte, Demarco Murray, Alfred, Nicks,Torrey Smith and Brandon Marshall so depth isnt a problem.

  19. jc3rd says:

    I really need stability @ TE. I drafted Cook as my every week TE thinking that he’d break out, but he’s not getting it done. Owen Daniels and Fleener are on the waiver wire. Who’s the best option of the 3?

  20. Oleg M says:

    Why you so low on alfred morris hes facing bengals there D has gotten destroyed weeks 1 and 2.

  21. dirtyjersey says:

    Britt or Amendola in .5ppr in my flex?

  22. mt says:

    Currently on my way to 0-3 with a team that consists of Romo, MJD,D.Murray, Alf, Hillis, Leshoure, Dez, Wayne, S.Smith(car), Lloyd, Cobb and Graham in standard non-ppt….thoughts on what areas to improve in? look to trade or stand pat? any advice would help…thanks in advance

  23. michael says:

    Ppr flex need 1 Fitzgerald ridley cj1k amendola

  24. MQ says:

    2 quick ones: 25 return yds/pt league, Cobb or LHank this week?

    Which 2 to stash on the roster: Helu, DHB, DMoore, Greg Little, Kendall Hunter, Royster, Quizz, Hartline.
    Also have 3 TEs Gates, Rudolph and Mart.Bennett, I can’t imagine dropping any of them for a guy above but I feel carrying 3 TEs is a bit much in a 1TE league (plus flex).


  25. TJW says:

    Standard league, need 3 RBs: T Richardson, R Mathews, D McFadden, or K Smith?
    Also, go w Torrey Smith or Amendola?

  26. Dan Wren says:

    Avery or Hankerson? I imagine the answer is see if Collie plays and if so play Hankerson. I also have Greg Jennings but he’s threatening to not be 100%, what do you reckon?

    • Chet says:

      Yeah, I think you have to wait on Collie there. The news seems to be good(ish) for Jennings, but it is risky unless you have someone to replace him on Monday night.

  27. Chuck says:

    Need to start 2 WR’s and one flex. I have Jordy Nelson, Percy Harvin, Antonio Brown and Doug Martin to choose from. Who do I sit?

  28. DP says:

    What’s up Chet?

    Best risk/reward play at QB for daily games this week?

    Dalton? Cassel?

  29. Banjoe says:

    3 for 1 Please
    A) PPR Flex /Doug Martin over Reggie Wayne
    B) with “3” Injured (Thanx Garcon) PPR WR: Hartline,Sid Rice or Avery
    C) Peyton or Flacco (worried that we’ll see too much Ray Rice)
    Thanx & Good Luck in Freakos this week :)

  30. LakerSteve says:

    Senior Chet, 1pt PPR, need a #3 WR:
    – Amendola @CHI or
    – L. Moore vs KC?
    I now Amendola is the #1 option for Bradford, but Moore has been a TD machine in the Dome and Colston is gimpy.

  31. Jordan says:

    Cobb @ SF, Rudolph v. SF, Collie v. JAX for my flex spot? Can you rank em 1-3?

  32. James says:

    Tough one here, who should i start between Ryan Mathews, Darren McFadden, and C.J Spiller?

  33. Neek81 says:

    If steven jackson misses the game who should i play at flex stephen hill hankerson alshon jefery kendal wright in league where recieving yds get lots of pts and would uplay ne over even if jackson plays thanks again

  34. Rai says:

    I love Jordy too! Maybe I should sit Andre??

  35. y4rivera says:

    Hey Chet, In a league with 2 rb’s and a flex I have Murray, McFadden, Martin and Trent. Since I can only start 3 I want to use 2 of them to upgrade at that position and get a decent wr in return. Would something like Trent and Martin for Foster and VJax be a good move?

  36. Rai says:

    hey Chet, standard league, need 3, Jordy, Percy, Andre, Wayne.
    My concerns on Jordy is the 12th man, The Pack O-line, seattle’s physical corners and prior history with Seattle for Jordy.
    Also, it looks like jennings will play
    Houston mostly runs in the red zone, so if Andre does not catch a bomb, Denver will most likely hold him scoreless (never had 10+td’s in a season ever!)
    If collie is back, might mean less targets for Wayne (his track record against Jville with a competent QB is excellent.)
    Obviously Niners D is superb, but Percy is all they have (with a little rudolph sprinkled in). I feel that the Vikings will eventually get something going on Offense and that means Percy.
    Which 3?

  37. HeckNo says:

    With no garçon who would u roll with at WR3?
    vJax or TSmith? Leaning toward smith.

  38. iMP says:

    Hey Chet. In PPR I’m situated with both Jennings and Cobb hoping one makes the field (Q and P, respectively). Is the chance that Jennings plays effectively good enough that you like this plan or should I drop Cobb for a healthier starter like DHB or Hankerson and bench Jennings? Thanks for the help.

  39. alanfredffb says:

    Is JCharles a go or will Hillis get more love vs NO? Start Hillis in flex2 or CJ?K, LeShoure, Jordy, or Harvin? Thanks. Love following you on Twitter and reading your articles here and on RW.

  40. Al Greenspam says:

    Flex in effect! In .5 ppr, I have to choose b/t KSmith, Ingram & Pierre. Or maybe Collie? Or McCluster?
    Li’l help?

  41. Mundo says:

    So in PPR you would run Sproles and Mathews over Martin? Wondering your reasoning, as I’m a little worried about Sproles workload if Saints pull ahead and don’t need the checkdown pass to RB as much and Mathews’ workload. In a PPR, I have Rice, Mathews, Sproles, and Martin, would like to start two and one in the flex. (3 total)

  42. Justin says:

    What do you think of Leonard Hankerson with Garcon doubtful? I need a fill-in for Maclin…

  43. simon says:

    2 Questions PPR Lg 10pts a TD need a flex Greg Little, Kevin Smith, or Hankerson. Also which D u like better this week Cle vs Buff or Colts vs Jags?

  44. Phil says:

    Hey Chet, If G.Jennings plays start him over VJax @ WR? And, if “yes” to Jennings, pick one flex: Hillis, BJGE, VJax. Thanks.

  45. drew says:

    So what do you think of d richardson if sjax is out?

  46. Tommmy says:

    Hey Chet
    Desperate at WR with Garcon and Maclin out. T Young or Hawkins? Need someone to start with T Smith.

  47. Chris says:

    Ryan Matthews , Miles Austin or Danny Amendola at Flex spot (PPR 0.5 per catch)

  48. Kyle says:

    Percy or jordy?

  49. mt says:

    non-ppr WR + flex question…Lloyd, Dez, Wayne, ALF, Leshoure…need one WR and a flex..thoughts…thank you, as always great site…

  50. kflan22 says:

    Yo bud trade Doug Martin Shonn Greene Ogletree and Celek for Bowe Cj1K Winslow and BJGE? I strat Graham at TE

  51. Sven says:

    Hey Doc,

    Have the happy problem of having too many viable starts and not enough roster spots in my 12 team .5 ppr league.

    Already had my QB (Cam) and 2 guys (Cruz & M.Bennett) go Thursday and have Ray Rice locked in as a given, so roster spots I need to fill in are: RB, RB/WR, WR.

    Possible options are: Ryan Matthews, Stevan Ridley, Demaryius Thomas, Mike Wallace, Malcolm Floyd

    Thanks in advance!

    The choices are:

  52. Nick says:

    McCluster, Baldwin or Leshoure non-PPR? Thoughts would be appreciated

  53. John says:

    I’ve been offered Mathews and Lloyd for McGahee and Harvin. non-PPR, what do you think?

  54. TA says:

    Hey Chet,

    I’ve been offered CJ2K and Brandon Lloyd for Lesean McCoy. I currently have Foster as my other RB and my WR’s are Green and White so Lloyd would become flex and CJ2K would become RB2. Thoughts?

  55. Chad says:

    10-team, 1pt PPR, 6pts for passing TD’s. Look at my team. Should I panic? Suggest trades? I’m a little concerned. We start (1) QB, (2) WR, (2) RB, (1) TE, (3) W/R/T, and (1) DEF.
    QB: Rodgers, Vick
    WR: Harvin, AJ, Garcon, Maclin, Britt, Lafell, Collie, Barden (Dropped Fred Davis for Barden)
    RB: Bradshaw, Hillis, Morris, Hunter, Andre Brown, Richardson
    TE: Rudolph
    DEF: NYJ (I usually stream DEF)

    Show me the light!

  56. eric says:

    ppr trade

    i get

    Decker,Kevin Smith, Mikel Leshore

    i give

    Jordy Nelson

    my WR are Bowe,Lafell,Maclin,Avery
    my RB’s are Forte & Trent Richardson as starters and at the moment empty at flex. What you think

  57. Jake says:

    What would be fair return for Chris Johnson right now and the PPR league? Specifically looking for a wide receiver.

  58. Herschel says:

    @chet: PPR preference for this week, Hankersom (on word he will be starting in garcon’s spot) or al Morris? Thanks.

  59. Ian says:

    Also, thoughts on trading A Brown to get L Fitz?

  60. Ian says:

    I’d like to trade D Thomas for a starting RB. Who do you think are some good targets to think about?

  61. Ian says:

    My 2 starting RB’s are BJGE and McGahee, am I screwed?

  62. Kelly says:

    The law firm or Adrian Peterson. Nervous about San Fran

  63. Ian says:

    Thoughts on a trade to get L Fitz…..D Thomas? M Floyd?

  64. Robert says:

    Jordy Nelson or DT for rest of season? Standard scoring.

  65. chuck says:

    Do you think there’s any value in D.J. Ware if Doug martin goes down?

  66. Justin says:

    Dropping David Wilson, looking for top RB flyer off waivers? Kendall Hunter? Mike Goodson? Anyone else to note?

  67. Josh Smith says:

    Should I trade Owen Daniel and Andre Brown for Dennis Pitta?

  68. Dave says:

    Mathews over Michael bush?…

  69. AB says:

    I almost started Andre Brown for flex last night. Now going with Jamaal charles over Fitz , B Lloyd , Sjax and Antonio Brown….

  70. Rod says:

    Need to start a TE for Hernandez: Chandler, Rudolph or Fleener?

  71. keld says:

    Standard, no PPR. Start Ryan Mathews or Wes Welker in the flex?

  72. khumk says:

    PPR Choose 5, Marshawn, Jamaal, K Smith, Britt, L Moore, Lloyd

  73. Tyler says:

    I have Macfadden, Mathews, SJax, K Smith, McGahee. Time to drop D Wilson? Should I pick up another flier: Helu, K Hunter, Tubin, A Robinson, or hand cuff Sjax wtih D Richardson? Thanks

  74. Ryan says:

    Rest of season who do you have: A Collie, D Avery, J Blackmon, or D Henderson? .75 PPR

  75. Steve says:

    Hey Chet,

    PPR, Rudolph or McCluster for flex?

  76. Randy says:

    My RB’s- McFadden, Lynch, Wells, Hunter, Dwyer.
    Turbin was just dropped. Just wondering if you think I should pick him up? I could drop Dwyer or Fred Davis(my back-up to Pitta now)

  77. herschel says:

    @chet: alfred morris owner and royster was just dropped. worth picking him up for either collie or turbin (lynch owner as well)? thanks.

  78. trick dad says:

    hey Chet, do you plan on creating a table like you did preseason for SOS tables by position? i find it sooo helpful, thank you!!

  79. Leffrey says:

    Standard league: I’m being offered CJ?K for my Kevin Smith. What do you think? I already have DMC, Doug Martin, and CJ Spiller, so I could stash CJ?K on the bench and hope he improves. Seems like a good upside play to me with Detroits backfield getting crowded, thoughts?

  80. Tehc says:

    Chief, one last question. If I were to trade an RB fora WR in PPR 0.5, which is better: Trent for B. Marshall or Demarco for Julio?

  81. Alfonso says:

    Did it, thanks for the advice Chet! Ballsy but I like it.

  82. Alfonso says:

    No backup d, k. Rb: cj0k, forte, Ridley, Tate, David Wilson, Richardson stl, vereen wr: Welker, Antonio brown, malcolm Floyd, and lance Moore
    Do u drop someone or Bennett

  83. Alfonso says:

    Drop cutler for m Bennett to start over Finley and enjoy tonight? Matt Ryan is my starter.

  84. Keld says:

    Thanks Chet. How about this one, Stevie, Maclin, or Welker for WR2, non-ppr?

  85. Melly says:

    What are the odds hillis has a good week vs NO?

  86. tim says:

    LaFell or the Donald for flex, standard scoring?

  87. @guylindvall says:

    Jordy, A Brown, Dez, and L. Moore. Am I crazy for sitting Jordy? I thought SEA’s pass D has looked good so far vs Fitz and Dez. Thx

  88. cp says:

    have to sit one out of Doug Martin, Spiller, Lynch and McFadden?

  89. Keld says:

    Start 2 in 1 PPR

    Stevie @ CLE, Lloyd @ BAL, LaFell v NYG

    Leaning towards LaFell, Lloyd (swing for the fences)! Buffalo hasn’t been throwing the ball.

  90. Grayish Unicorn says:

    I need two in a STD league: KSmith, JCharles, DWilson, or JDwyer?

  91. Tehc says:

    Chief, I need the benefit of your business acumen. Do you like either trade: (i) Trent to get B. Marshall; (2) Demarco to get Julio?

    My RBs are McCoy, Murray and Trent.
    WRs are Dez, Lloyd, Torrey Smith, Denarius

  92. ralph says:

    Need to start 2 WR and a Flex in PPR. Greg Jennings, Brown, Ridley, Britt, Lafell, Blackmon, meachem, or titus young?

  93. Ian says:

    please help choose 2 mcfadden charles andre brown or donald brown

  94. mt says:

    D.Wilson on WW…worth it to pick up? I would have to drop Cobb or Leshoure.. thanks as always

  95. unit says:

    possible trade

    charles hillis and marshall to get mjd and dez

    (could possibly get fitz instead of dez, and my qb is romo)

    what do you think of trade an which wr should i get?

  96. BHowe says:

    Hi Chet. Just wondering who do you think is a better stash at RB in a 16 team league. I have Lamar Miller at the moment, but Roy Helu, Bilal Powell, Vick Ballard, Legarrette Blount (fantasy trash!) are all available.

    Any preference on who I should hold onto? Thanks a lot.

  97. Chris S says:

    Now that Harrison and Polamalu are reportedly out, do I go with Pit or Ari at D? Also for K G. Hartley or D. Bailey? Thanks

  98. A says:

    would u trade romo and MJD for rodegrs. I have Mcfadden and Trent Richardson as my other RB

  99. francois says:

    guy in my league has jennings and forte – think its worthwhille targetting these two guys –

    do you think jordy for forte is a fair trade?

  100. Jordan says:

    Flex Play for this week: Cobb @ SEA or Rudolph v. SF? Also another Flex Play for my 2nd league: Rudolph v. SF, LaFell v. NYG, Dwyer @ OAK, Tate @ DEN? Thanks Chet!

  101. Alex says:

    Which 2 should i start out of AP malcolm floyd and Antonio brown?

    Thanks Chet

  102. B-Reezey says:

    With Maclin, Garcon, S-Jax all hurting and Mathews, Leshoure just returning…I’m running thin here. Possible replacements include Lafell, T.Smith for WR. Then at RB I play 3 btw MJD, Mathews, SJax, A.Brown, Leshoure.

    So do I go ahead and play Lafell tonight assuming one my reg WR won’t play Sun? And I’m guessing my RB are MJD, Mathews, and Brown…right?

  103. Randy says:

    Tough decision for me. Britt cost me the win last week. Hesitant to play him. Britt, Dwyer, or Wells at Flex this week?

  104. iluvff says:

    Non-PPR Flex Spot – SJax, B LaFell, Or Torrey Smith? Thanks!!!

  105. @ThreefortheWin says:

    Update from last weeks ?” You told me to start Vick over Luck, Vick scored more and I won. Thank You!

    This week: Going to roll with Vick even against that great D. Question is in regards to RB’s
    I here so much that I should bench AP vs. SF. My other options are Donald Brown vs. JAX or Leshoure vs. Titans

    Oh and smart or dumb. Starting LaFell over Maclin

  106. Dave S says:

    Reivs back, bump Hartline down, PG maybe out, Ogletree ahead of DHB? why is DHB on my roster?

    Why the Wright love this week? Nate playing and Britt another week in. Wright>Ogletree>Hankerson?

    • Chet says:

      I like Wright in what should be a pass often game, but it’s muddy down that far. Hankerson gets a boost with Garcon still hurting.

  107. MW says:

    Hartley over Tucker for K this wknd, eh? Checking everybodys predictions & this is one area that nobody seems to be on same page with. Tucker is clearly hot, putting up huge numbers but are you going w/ Hartley because they’re home and indoors? The entire Saints team scares me anymore & I’m so desperate for points that I can’t get this wrong this week.

  108. John B says:

    I see you have Brady edging out Flacco this week. I have both and am leaning towards starting Flacco. Can you explain yoru deviation from the experts?

  109. BRENT says:

    wow,you got cassell pretty high,whats the thinking on that one ???,i was thinking of dalton vs washington or fitz vs cleveland as sleepers who could produce better then cutler vs st louis

  110. cstinso1 says:

    Rest of season, ppr:

    SJAX or JCharles?

    Ma. Floyd, K. Britt or S. Rice?


  111. jason says:

    Need to sit 1 (PPR): Julio, Dez, Antonio Brown, RunDMC, Mathews, Andre Brown. – By your flex rankings, it looks like you’d suggest sitting Dez (great matchup). Thoughts?

  112. Mike says:


    Should I start Benson vs Seahawks or Leshoure vs Titans. Non PPR. Thanks.

  113. mike watson says:

    sounds silly but should i start Amendola or Alf Morris over AP in my flex since AP draws SF this week? 1pt PPR League

  114. Mdrgolf says:

    James jones or Haywood bay ?
    Alfred morris over steve Jackson ?

  115. MattTruss223 says:


    You missed me up a ways: I needed a RB this week so I dropped my kicker to grab Andre Brown. Who gets the boot come Sunday so I can pick up a foot? Turbin, Ryan Williams, or Lamar Miller. Many Thanks

  116. Vic says:

    with Nicks out now who should I throw in my flex for PPR this week…KBritt, CedBen, S. Rice, or Alf Morris

  117. nick says:

    I need help – I can only start 3 WR: I have V Cruz, D Bowe, R. Wayne, B Lafell, Antonio Brown, Danny Amendola.

    I was thinking of starting: Cruz, Bowe, A. Brown. Thoughts?

  118. phil says:

    Sorry Chet, forgot about Twitter jail… Bench VJax for LaFell this week @ WR2? And if R.Mathews comes back this week is he a must start at RB (have BJGE &Hillis) or should he be a flex?

  119. henryf003 says:

    Hey Chet, this may get long. I lost Bradshaw and Hernandez, picked up A Brown. right now my RBs is Ray Rice, Bradshaw, A Brown, D Wilson, J Rodgers, M Ingram, and Leshoure. WRs are AJ Green, Macclin, Lafell, and R Cobb. I need a TE but dont want to drop anyone but need due to a communist 12 team league with only 16 roster spots. Should I trade Ingram and Cobb for Tony Gonzo or drop J rodgers or someone else and pick up bottom of barrel TE like Gresham, Heath, or Myers. Those are the best options. Thanks you master of the fake football arts.

    • Chet says:

      yeah, Id drop Rodgers and pick up Gresham. No easy answer there though. Those guys for Gonzo aren’t horrible, but I think you can get by with Gresham.

  120. Ian says:

    Please help pick2 mcfadden, jamaal charles, andre brown, donald brown

  121. Corey C. says:

    Thanks Chet! I tried it anyway and you were right. He countered with stafford, s. Holmes, and celek for cutler, fitz, and m bush. Seems like a good deal for me, what do you think?

  122. eric says:

    PPR league Britt or Jon Baldwin for WR, and for Flex Pitta, Dwyer, Blackmon,Britt or Baldwin Jaquizz Rodgers.

  123. Martin says:

    Also, 2qb league… You’d really start R. Wilson over Bradford?

  124. Martin says:

    Same as last week Chet–

    DHB v Pitt
    Mikey Williams v Dal
    Emmanuel sanders v Oak

    Pick one. Thanks man.

  125. y4rivera says:

    After several trades my team is stacked at rb. Someone with Graham has expressed interest in McFadden. Should I consider giving McFadden for Graham considering how deep I am or can I get more? Would Graham and LaFell be good enough or would it have to be someone like Britt or Maclin?
    qb- Cam
    rb- McCoy
    rb- McFad
    wr- Cruz
    wr- Percy
    wr- Antonio
    te- Finley
    flx- Forte
    flx- Martin
    bench- CJ2k, Pitta, Jacquizz, Laurent

  126. Keld says:

    1 PPR

    RECEIVE: CJ Spiller
    GIVE: Lloyd, Benson

    Do it? Does CJ Spiller keep his job forever? Will it be a time share in 3 weeks?

    We start RB, WR, W/R/T x2
    I have McCoy, Sproles, Benson, Wilson, Stevie, Lloyd, and LaFell.

    • Chet says:

      It’s tough but in ppr I could seeing doing it. Spiller isn’t assured the job but it sure will be hard keeping him from taking it.

  127. emceeperiod says:

    Whattup Doc,

    Got Forte. My team is 0-2. Not really trying to panic, but was offered M. Bush and DeSean for Ryan Williams and AJ Green. I normally have Forte at RB 1, Spiller and D. Martin at my RB2 and Flex. Right now, i got Spiller and Martin at RB1 & 2 and playing Randall Cobb at flex. Would you make the trade to grab Bush til Forte gets back whilst downgrading from AJ to DeSean? PPR league.

    Like I said, don’t want to panic yet, but also don’t want to miss Bush @ STL if I decide to make the deal.


  128. Rob says:

    Would you rank Bennett over V. Davis with Nicks out? Also need to choose between Kevin Smith, Willis Mcgahee and Steven Jackson for RB, your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  129. unit says:

    RECEIVE: murray, britt, torrey smith, lafell
    GIVE UP: charles, antonio brown, donald brown, david wilson

    what do you think?

  130. Sam says:

    Got offered Michael Bush and Larry Fitz for Percy and Miles Austin. I have Sproles/McCoy at RB and Pecry/Nicks/Maclin/Austin where I pick the best 3 every week.

    12T standard league, would you make this trade?

  131. A says:

    Since Nicks is out who would u go with,
    Lance Moore vs KC
    Bolden vs NE

  132. Randy says:

    Rats! Nicks is out. My WR’s are Nicks, Lafell, Britt, Avery, Hawkins and Ogletree. Should I add Barden or just roll with Avery or Hawkins?

  133. JeffM says:

    Which side of this trade would you rather be on in PPR:

    Doug Martin for Hakeem Nicks.

  134. Jesse says:

    PPR League, who should I pick up off waivers? Finely or Leshoure?
    My TEs are Pettigrew an Cook
    My RBs are McFadden, Bradshaw an D. Brown.
    In either case I’ll most likely drop Cook.
    Thank you

  135. Taras says:

    Hey Chet, wondering who you’d start out of these 3.
    A. Brown, A. Morris or J. Stewart. Thanks in advance!

  136. Zach says:

    I’m in a 12 team PPR league – everyone makes the playoffs and you can keep two players drafted round 5 and up or that were picked up off waivers.
    My team:
    QB: Stafford/R. Wilson
    RB: McCoy
    RB: Jamaal Charles
    WR: Roddy White
    WR: Percy Harvin
    RB/WR/TE (Flex): Amendola or Ryan Mathews
    TE: K. Rudolph
    DEF: Detroit

    So I am thinking about offering Jamaal Charles for CJ Spiller and Vernon Davis. I know that sounds crazy, but my logic is that I have Ryan Mathews already on my bench and since you can keep anyone drafted after round 5 – Spiller is huge keeper value going into next year (since he was drafted late). Granted Fred Jackson will be back and it could turn into a RBBC, but I was thinking it may be worth the risk, and based on how Spiller has been playing it seems highly doubtful that will happen – additionally, I would get a top TE in the process. What are your thoughts on this – don’t do it because it’s too high of a risk, even with the keeper factor?

    Thanks for your time and sorry for writing so much.

  137. Dan says:

    Send Richardson for Ryan and Fitzgerald?

  138. Alex says:

    Romo or rg3 for qb not flex*

  139. mtzkn says:

    Hey Chet,
    Do I start B. LaFell over E. Decker this week? Matchups are pretty much for LaFell I think.

  140. Alex says:

    For flex should I start cj0k or b Lloyd? Romo or rg3?

  141. douglas says:

    Dear Chet,

    I was hoping to get your thoughts. My team is an underachieving 0-2 (Non-PPR). I am looking for an upgrade at WR or RB by putting Jimmy Graham on the block (I feel I can get by at TE with Rudolph). Who should I be targeting at WR/RB? If you were offered Graham, who would you realistically part with? Should I just sit tight and hope guys like Dez, Antonio Brown and Steven Jackson pick up the slack?

  142. Jennifer says:

    I have CJ & Redman. Who should I dump for Andre Brown?

  143. Corey C. says:

    Chet, I have weak spots at TE and QB in a 14 team standard league. My Starters now are cutler, fitz, Bryant, bowe, sjax, BJGE, Heath miller, and Michael bush at flex. I have Fred Davis, Crabtree, d brown, Palmer, and k wright on the bench. Another player has stafford and rg3 with stafford on the bench at the moment, if u were him would U accept a trade of Bryant, bush, and cutler for stafford/rg3 and Brent celek?

  144. Al Greenspam says:

    I’ve been offered McCoy and Fitz for my Julio and either Murray or Lynch. Should I do the deal w/Lynch, or hold out for a sweetener — thinking of trying to get Decker as well, for KSmith.

  145. chris says:

    Should I drop Brian Hartline in a .5 PPR league for David Wilson on the chance Wilson gets out of the doghouse and becomes relevant later in the season? My other WR’s are Harvin, Decker, M. Williams, and Rice. RB’s Forte, Charles, Martin, Benson, Tate. and Brown.

  146. Plainview says:

    I have McCoy, DMC, Doug Martin, Kevin Smith and Leshoure at RB and Julio Jones, Percy Harvin and LaFell at WR. I need to start 2RB, 2WR and a 1 RB/WR/TE Flex. I was thinking:

    McCoy/Martin at RB
    Jones/Harvin at WR

    The question is Flex – DMC, Smith or LaFell? To complicate matters, I could drop someone and pick up Pettigrew. I’m leaning Smith – what do you think?

  147. @DavyWhite says:

    Need one for flex (non-PPR): Rudolph, Leshoure, Meachem, Jeffery…Hartline/McCluster/Baldwin all available on waivers, however other options)

    And at this point should I trade either Meachem/Jeffery for Andre Brown for the spot start this week?

    The help is always appreciated, Chet.

  148. Mungfisher says:

    So, like, Brian Hartline is sitting there on my waiver wire in this here PPR league I’m in and I’ve got Kendall Wright and Dexter McCluster who ain’t exactly All-World. Would you drop either for Hartline?

  149. PureBwa says:

    How is Kevin Smith 15 spots after Leshoure in the Flex rankings but ahead of him in the RB rankings?

  150. MattTruss223 says:

    Hey Chet, needed a RB this week so I dropped my kicker to grab Andre Brown. Who gets the boot come Sunday so I can pick up a foot? Turbin, Ryan Williams, or Lamar Miller. Many Thanks.

  151. AdamH says:

    Hey Doc,

    RBs are Sproles, Lynch, Martin, Turbin, Jacquizz, Hunter, Royster, and DJ Ware. Is Blount a better handcuff for me to have than Ware? Or should I drop someone else and have the entire TB backfield?


  152. Randy says:

    The Redskins passing is driving me insane. I dropped S Moss for Avery. I have Pitta and Fred Davis at TE. My WR’s are Nicks, Lafell, Britt, Avery, Hawkins and Ogletree. Just wondering if you think I should drop Fred Davis for D Jones or S Chandler? or is there still hope for him?

  153. Ben says:

    hey, i’m in a cozy 4 team league. we are all aussies living in Dubai. keen on NFL but NFL fantasy is a whole different ball park! :)
    any thoughts on my team…
    QBs- Romo and Ryan
    RBs- Rice, McCoy, Bush, Martin
    WRs- Cruz, AJ Green, A. Johnson, B. Marshall, M. Wallace, W. Welker
    TE- Gates (inj?)
    K- Crosby
    DEF- 49ers.
    as you can image all of the top players are spread across the other 3 teams so trades the word? and maybe a cheeky waiver get.

  154. marc says:

    Considering trading my Hernandez for pettigrew straight up. Figure more weeks with pettigrew, and difference between the two might not be too much considering new england weaponry. Thoughts?

  155. y4rivera says:

    By the way it’s a 10 team auction in the 2nd year of a keeper in case you wondering how I got so many players. Cam and Cruz were really cheap which enabled me to spend a little more on backs. That along with several trades got me this team.

  156. y4rivera says:

    After several trades my team is stacked at rb. Someone with Graham has expressed interest in McFadden. Should I consider giving McFadden for Graham considering how deep I am or can I get more? Would Graham and LaFell be good enough or would it have to be someone like Britt or Maclin?

    qb- Cam
    rb- McCoy
    rb- McFad
    wr- Cruz
    wr- Percy
    wr- Antonio
    te- Finley
    flx- Forte
    flx- Martin
    bench- CJ2k, Pitta, Jacquizz, Laurent

  157. craig says:

    Haha…on my Droid…sorry. how much FAAB would you spend for desean Jackson?

  158. Jake the snakedraft says:

    I’m thinking about trading Antonio Brown, Brandon LaFell, and Chris Johnson for Dez Bryant and Jimmy Graham in a PPR league (I would be offering this trade, trying to buy Dez low and HUGELY upgrade my TE from Jared Cook). Would I be giving up too much WR talent? I also have AJ Green and Reggie Wayne so I feel as though I’d still have 3 strong wide receivers.

  159. Marrett says:

    Standard league: I have Witten and Rudolph; reluctant to drop one for Bennett or Pitta?

  160. B.J. says:

    Hey Grey,

    Would you trade Bowe for SJax in a 12 team non PPR. Bowe is my WR3 behind Nicks and Lloyd and I’ve got LaFell and Den. Moore to use as WR3 if I do the deal.

    Really need a RB with CJ tanking and SJax is the best RB I’ve been offered.

    I would slide D Murray to RB1 SJax to RB2 and CJ to flex with Hillis, Ingram and J. Stewart on my bench.

    Should I do it?

  161. trick dad says:

    why are you so low on greg little? he has a good matchup against BUF, no? own blackmon over him?

  162. Bro says:

    On my DHB or Lafell question..also add Amendola, Avery, or Collie to the list. Which 1 of 5 has best ros?

  163. Mous says:

    I have Olsen as my TE, and all other waiver options (i.e. Pitta, Rudolph, Bennett) are gone. After one mediocre game and one bad game, I am starting to get nervous. What do you think of the Winslow signing and what kind of value do you see him having while Hernandez is out?

  164. Bro says:

    Standard non-ppr. Who has better rest of season: DHB or Lafell?
    And I need AHern replacement, Rudolph or Celek?

  165. Train says:

    I’m trying to buy low on Jamaal Charles. I gave up DBrown & LaFell for JMail. What do you think? Thanks!

  166. craig says:

    Sure…how much fawn would you use foe desean Jackson? Someone dropped him in my league?

  167. keld says:

    Who to target in 1 PPR? Avery, LaFell, or Hartline?

    Also non PPR, Welker (BAL) or Stevie (CLE) this week?

  168. y4rivera says:

    Can I get your opinion on some trades I made?

    trade 1 (I feel I slightly overpaid)

    I gave Murray and Nicks
    I got McCoy and Antonio Brown

    trade 2

    I gave Charles and Martellus
    I got McFadden

    trade 3 (verbal agreement)

    I give Alf and Stevie Johnson
    I get Martin and Finley

  169. Petter says:

    Trade Finley or hang in there hoping he gets his stuff together? Might be able to move him for Miles Austin, which would leave me starting Rudolph or Pitta. Too big of a downgrade?

  170. Zandercage says:

    Hey Chet –

    Would you trade Jimmy Graham for Welker and Finley? My WR situation blows – Colston, S. Rice and Mike Williams (TB) now.


  171. craig says:

    Sorry about the preposterous, but any help on the desean fawn question? Thanks in advance Chet!

  172. marc says:

    I have bradshaw and d wilson. Drop wilson for a brown? also, drop ogletree for dhb, la fell, or avery? thanx

  173. Joey Earls says:

    Is Larry Fitz still an auto start. Have Stevie Johnson, Dez Bryant, and Santonio Holmes to work with. 2 WR start non-ppr.

  174. Melly says:

    My tight ends are just not hitting yet. Do I keep on with them or try other “sleepers”? I have Rudolph and Dreessen.

  175. unclrukus says:

    Would you trade Flacco and J.Charles for Stafford and CJ2? I need a decent QB and have good running backs.

  176. Jamal says:

    10 tm ppr. Trade Wayne for Reggie Bush? Have Welker, A. Brown, S. Smith, T. Smith, Cobb. Right now starting CJ and Sproles at RB

  177. El Guey says:

    Trade Morris for Hillis? 16tm non PPR

  178. chris says:

    I lost both Hernandez and Bradshaw on Sunday. I have waiver #6. My bench RBs are garbage backups and have no extra TE. Andre Brown is really the only decent RB on waivers. Is he worth the gamble of missing out on Pitta during waivers if I can get Kyle Rudolph instead?

  179. 5 PPR w/ Flex league. I give L Fitz and A Morris and get Megatron and Santonio.

    Still have Spillar, Sproles, Forte, M Bush, and Hillis. At WR I’d have Megatron, Jordy, A Brown, LaFell, Santonio.


  180. Jeffito says:

    Ha just realized laShoure is on my WW as well. Drop Dwyer for him since he has turf toe?

  181. A says:

    Did goodson win the mcfadden handcuff this week?

  182. Jeffito says:

    Brandon Lafell is available on the WW. Have to drop either Kenny Britt or J. Dwyer to bid on him. Should I and which is more droppable?

  183. Roadwarrior says:

    Witten or t. Smith? Ppr

  184. Craig says:

    Somebody in my league kicked Desean Jackson to the curb. How much FAAB would you offer?

  185. unit says:

    do you take mathews for antonio and donald brown?

  186. FoleyFolly says:

    Spiller is selling real hugh right now. I would like to trade him because I think his production will drop off/cut down when Jackson gets back. Is this a good move? (Ppr)

  187. @bigmellz says:

    Would you trade Welker for Pitta in a standard league if your TE was Olsen and Cook. Already have Lloyd, V-Jax, and Stevie J.

  188. LakerSteve says:

    Chet, I’ve got the #1 Waiver priority in a 10 Team, 1pt PPR. I’m debating on using it for either Amendola or B.Tate – or holding onto it for now. My RBs are solid, but Tate could be a valuable trading piece if Foster gets banged up.
    QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, TE, DEF, K. (NO flex!)
    QB: Romo
    RB (2): McCoy, Murray, T. Rich, Ryan Williams, Dwyer
    WR (3): Harvin, Bowe, L. Moore, Blackmon, Britt, Cobb
    TE: Graham

    Use my waiver position for Danny A or Tate – or pass for now? Also available, LeShoure, K. Hunter, LaFell, Hartline, Avery.

  189. Dan Wren says:

    Who do you reckon is better in PPR, Pitta or Olsen?

  190. Eric mcguire says:

    Would you drop alshon jeffery for Daryl Richardson if you have steven Jackson? I would be using waiver #4 in a continual rolling list waiver. Is it worth it or just wait to see if he’s claimed?

  191. @InfraRen says:

    Just traded Anquan Boldin, my WR 4/5 for Denarius Moore. Do you like this? Does it please you?

  192. Eric says:

    Would you use a #3 waiver on Avery on a PPR league?

  193. AB says:

    Should i trade for Stafford and DMC, offering Matt Ryan and one from Sjax or J Charles or Fitz? or start with M Ryan and P Garcon?

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