Fantasy Football Rankings: Chet’s Week 2 Ranks September 14, 2012  |  Chet

Here are my rankings for this week.  I am still tweaking and adding comments and probably will continue to do so until Sunday morning, so check back every 3.2 seconds to see what crazy hare-brained scheme I have concocted.

Please direct all your start/sit, trade, waiver, philosophical questions to the comments in this here post y’all.

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  1. Eric says:

    Need 2 for Flex, Ben Tate,Hixon,Blackmon,Jacquizz Rodgers,Kendall Hunter,Cobb,Bolden,Turbin. PPR

  2. Tanner says:

    Would you Drop Steven Jackson for, let’s say, Jackie Battle?

  3. Tom says:

    Kendall Hunter or Dexter McCluster?

  4. Dan says:

    Fred Jackson was just put on waivers. Was thinking about picking him up, who should I drop out of Jacquizz Rodgers, Justin Blackmon, Devon Bess, Kevin Ogeltree

  5. whatyoname says:

    decker, stevieJ, vincentJ, malcomF, DBrown, blackmon, britt, hartline: pick 4 (3wr/1flex), 1ppr

  6. Rick says:

    Choose 3, Antonio brown, Djax, Lloyd, garçon, Matthews, Lafell. Full PPR 

  7. Fantasy Nerdo says:

    With Nicks out & Maclin most likely out, pick 2 non-ppr. NWash,Robinson, Burleson, Wright, Avery, Barden, Jeffery, Hartline

  8. Mikey says:

    Bench one of these guys for the weekend: J.Charles, M.Bush, S.Ridley, BJGE… tough call

  9. Roadwarrior says:

    What’s Torrey Smith’s worth R.O.S? Ridley? PPR.

  10. unit says:

    what do you think about antonio brown and donald brown for mathews?

  11. y4rivera says:

    I’ve been offered Martin, S. Smith/Roddy, and Witten for my Nicks, Alf, and S. Johnson. I have Pitta and F.Davis so I don’t really need Witten. Should I let that be a deal breaker or should I just do it? If yes should I take Smith or Roddy? I could also maybe change Witten for Finley or Shonne Greene.
    My Team before trade
    qb- Cam
    rb- McFadden
    rb- Murray
    wr- Cruz
    wr- Nicks
    wr- Percy
    te- Pitta
    flx- Alf
    flx- Forte
    bn- CJ2k, F.Davis, Jacquizz, Laurent

  12. Abner says:

    You like the andre Brown waiver claim? you think he can hold it down? or go after richardson or avery.

  13. Rodney Ruxin says:

    I have the #1 WW priority in 12 team league PPR…was hoping to save it until really needed but have K. Smith and was thinking about picking up M. LeShoure as handcuff (he was dropped Sat night)…OR pick up D. Richardson…Thoughts?

  14. trick dad says:

    I was offered his Stafford for my Spiller. Cutler is my QB and i have McCoy, Mathews, Sjax at RB/RB/Flex….accept? thanks!

  15. Mark says:

    I’m trying to sell high on Alfred Morris. Was just offered Kendall Hunter for him — can I do better?

  16. Abner says:

    PPR league trade

    I get

    Fitz & Mcgehee

    i give Doug Martin

    my WR are Britt, Wallace & Lafell, my RB’s are Mathews & McCoy

  17. Kelley says:

    Start demarius Thomas or dez in my Ppr league

  18. Davey P says:

    Lost FJax last week. Need to fill in with either David Wilson or Jonathon Dwyer…Thoughts?

  19. Jose Sanchez says:

    Hey chet, pick two: B Lloyd, A Brown (pit), D. Thomas (Den)

  20. Dan Wren says:

    Thanks for that, one more question: in a small league, standard scoring, AJ Green or CJ Spiller?

  21. Kirk W. says:

    Why can’t I see the weekly rankings on my iPhone? #panic

  22. Mike says:

    Need help with a flex spot in PPR.. TItus, Jacquizz, or Britt? Can pickup Amendola or Aldrick Robinson if needed. Thanks!

  23. Dan Wren says:

    I need big points to make up for James Jones and Marshall this week – Ridley or A. Brown at flex in PPR? Cheers.

  24. Keith says:

    Don’t ask…but got Peyton and Rivers both week 7 bye. Must keep 2. Best waiver wire QB week 7 10 team? Freeman, Smith, Locker, Ponder, Sancho, Fitz if I can’t swing a trade for Ben or Flax?

  25. Joe says:

    Britt or Donald brown in flex PPR

  26. jeppe says:

    Hey Chet. Maclin, Hillis or J. Stewart for my flex today? Standard scoring.

  27. adam says:

    With maclin being dinged up, even though he’s playing is OT a safer bet to play Crabtree as my flex in a ppr league?

  28. Dave says:

    Am I the only one who’s high on Locker? He put up 230 yards and a TD in less than 3 quarters last week, and easily could’ve put up 300+ and 2-3 TDs if he played a full game. But most rankings I see have RGIII in the top 10, and Luck, Palmer, Ponder, etc. several spots ahead of Locker.

    Am I missing something, or could he be a legit QB1?

  29. Mary says:

    Maclin or Danny A. In .5 PPR?? Thanks!!! Sorry about the twitter question :)

  30. Stinkyjak says:

    Coby Fleener or Kyle Rudolph PPR

  31. Tim Stringer says:

    I need two… j blackmon, k wright, k britt, t young. non ppr.

  32. dingdingsalad says:

    Start nicks or moore today? Ppr league. 6 points for td

  33. marcus says:

    PPR league at TE: Jared Cook or Brandon Pettigrew?

    PPR league at FLEX: donald brown or willis mcgahee?


  34. Jordan says:

    K.Smith or P.Hillis in a 1-point PPR? Vick or Flacco?

  35. TheTinDoor says:

    Sunday morning, decision time. Wait for A.Gates decision at 4:25, or play Kyle Rudolph at 1:00? Thx, awesome work.

  36. Trip says:

    I just offered a forte owner Bush and CJ2K for Rice and Ingram. Smart? How insulted will the owner be?thanks

  37. Will says:

    Trade Grade

    I have Brady and RG3. Shopping rg3 around. Am I asking for too little in Aaron Hernandez? Fred Davis is what I have at TE. Would Stewart be a better swap for rg3? Thanks.

  38. Evan says:

    You’re pretty high on McGahee as a flex this week. Any particular reason?

    I’ve gotta pick between him, DHB, and LaFell, and both the WR’s have very favorable matchups. Just looking for some thoughts on why you’ve got Willis so high.

  39. Scott says:

    Should I start Little or Andrew Hawkins as my WR5? PPR. Thanks.

  40. Herschel says:

    @chet: ppr league flex help, Morris (al) or decker? Thanks.

  41. Tehc says:

    Pls rank rest of year in PPR 0.5:

    TEs Rudolph, Tamme, Cook

    WRs: Cruz, Dez, Jordy, Lloyd, Antonio Brown, Marshall

  42. Sean says:

    Have lynch1, ap2, mcgahee6, spiller6, dwyer9 (rb/round). Can only keep 1 next year, but can also keep rookie. I’m high on Martin and he would be a 4th. Trade Lynch or Martin?

  43. Thanks a lot Chet, good looking out. Nice column, keep up the good work.

  44. Fedia kourbatov says:

    Who do I start at WR2 in week 2 Holmes, floyd,sanders, hankerson or r.moss

  45. Charles says:

    Would you give up Forte to get Nicks right now?

  46. Cramer says:

    Got Doug Martin (6th round keeper) and Torrey smith (8th round) to trade for Rodgers in a Ppr league. I’ve got good depth and jay cutler. Kinda hesitant to give up martins value. I also have Andre luck.

  47. Matt says:

    .5 ppr league, I’m concerned about Garcon’s foot, thinking about starting Amendola. I’m afraid Garcon may be active, play a series, and sit the rest of the game. Shanahan scares me. Should I roll the dice if Garcon is active or play Amendola? Also should I roster Rod Streater now that Ford is out for the season? Thanks man.

    • Chet says:

      Streater didn’t impress me week 1 and that was without Moore in there, so I’m going to say no right now. I’d roll the dice if Garcon plays.

  48. Justin says:

    Need advice on RBs and TEs. .5 PPR 12 TEAM LEAGUE

    Lynch or Spiller to pair with Foster in week 2?

    F. Davis or K. Rudolph week 2? Beyond? Should I keep both or drop 1?

  49. Justin says:

    Need advice on RBs and TEs. .5 PPR 12 TEAM LEAGUE

    Lynch or Spiller to pair with Foster in week 2?

    F. Davis or K. Rudolph week 2? Beyond? Should I keep both or drop 1?

  50. Lord says:

    Thanks for the reply, Chet. Sorry, probably misled w/ my last post…to clarify, I meant CJ Spiller, not Chris Johnson…

    So, Forte + Spiller for Kevin Smith + Michael Bush?

    And, does that change, if it’s Reggie Bush instead of Michael Bush?

    What about Forte + Spiller for M Bush, K Smith, and Mendenhall?

    I guess it comes down to how long you think FJax and Forte are going to be out…

    • Chet says:

      I’d rather have Spiller than Bush based on their RB mates’ injuries. I’d rather have Reggie than Michael for the same reason. Spiller has the most upside right now. It’s a hard trade to figure because of the injury situation. I think for the most part I’d lean toward Forte/Spiller.

  51. marc says:

    MICHAEL BUSH, did not think about that….

  52. ryan says:

    Hawk=A. Hawkins (CIN)

  53. Ben says:

    Hey Chet,

    I was offered a trade in my standard league. They offered Antonio Brown for Steven Jackson?? My team is as follows:
    Starters Yesterday:

    QB: Eli, Gabbert
    RB’s: CJ0K, SJax, Spiller, R. Bush, Kevin Smith
    WR: AJ Green, Torrey Smith, Steve Johnson, Malcom Floyd, R. Cobb, B. LaFell
    TE: Fred Davis, D. Pitta

    He has:
    QB’s: Peyton, Big Ben
    He needs RB’s and sounds like he is up for a trade… He has these WR’s:
    Harvin, Dre Johnson, Moss & S. Smith. And he has TE: Cook and Gresham…

    Would you trade SJax if you were me and if so what should I try to get for him??


  54. marc says:

    chet, same trade as before but he is now willing to swap my dwayne bowe for his fitz. so now trade is

    mjd, bush, bowe for graham and fitz!?!?

    can i count on muscle hamster all season?! is greg olsen a viable starting tight end? so many questions…

  55. Lord says:

    Forte owner trying to move him. PPR league, 3 WR, 2 RB, i TE, 1 flex league. Thoughts on this deal?

    Forte + CJ for M Bush + K Smith? I have LeShoure, FWIW.

    What if it was Forte + CJ for R Bush + K Smith?

  56. Space Man Spiff says:

    I have O. Daniels as TE. Was offered Gates for sproles, C. Benson, or K. Smith (i have leshore) your thoughts Chet? Thanks!

  57. Timbuktu says:

    Would you trade Chris Johnson and Welker for Calvin Johnson in a non-PPR league?

    Also, wtf.. dropped Moreno for Ballard last week. Knowshon gets a TD and Vick gets to barely touch the ball.

    • Chet says:

      Moreno won’t be a factor all season. Ballard will start seeing more looks. That trade is a tough call, but I’d have to say no.

  58. BRENT says:

    or i could drop dennis pita who i grabbed off of ww to get cincy and carry 2 defenses for this week …thoughts on that over dropping giants for bengals straight up ???

  59. BRENT says:

    would you drop ny giants defense for cincy ??? drop kicker hanson for blair walsh ???

  60. Adam says:

    Hey Chet. I have Charles, Sproles and Bradshaw. Pick one to sit. PPR league, thanks a lot

  61. Juan says:

    I got offered Lynch for Chris Johnson. What are your thoughts?

  62. BQ says:

    drop ryan Williams for Leshoure? Non ppr, 4 RB max roster, other rbs lynch, cj3, d brown. 

  63. BRENT says:

    drop sydney rice for stephen hill,thoughts on mark sanchez after wk 1 ???

  64. J.P. says:

    Who do you like ROS for TE in PPR?
    F.Davis, Cook, Rudolph, or Fleener?
    Thank you.

  65. Al Greenspam says:

    Hi, should I roll the dice on Gates in late game or play Rudolph at 1?

  66. Jett says:

    Mulling over his RGIII and I. Redman for my A. Luck and T-Rich in ppr keeper league, where we keep two players… I’m leaning towards ‘no’, your thoughts?

  67. D.P. says:

    Wilson worth a roster spot over Ingram?

  68. Steve C says:

    PPR Flex Ogletree or LaFell

  69. Steve C says:

    PPR Flex Ogletree, LaFell

  70. Anthony says:

    Dump Royster for Kendal wright?

  71. Train says:

    Donald brown or Peyton Hillis? Then Britt, LaFell, or the odd man out for my flex hole? Thanks.

  72. Anthony says:

    In PPR, McGahee or Kendal Wright for flex. Thoughts?

  73. Dave S says:

    I want to pick up the Bengals for this week, Have the bIlls who play the Browns next week. who do I drop? RusWilson, Bills, Ogletree? redraft, non ppr, dont say Ogletree I just picked him up but he is my WR6 dammit in a league that start 2WRs and a flex, also have DHB and McCluster, VBallard

  74. Brandon says:

    .5 ppr flex spot.. if matthews is out would you play donald brown or kevin smith? alex smith or russel wilson for qb?

  75. HeckNo says:

    Jets or Bills?
    Austin or Bowe?

  76. Chad says:

    I need help brotha! 10-team 1pt PPR league. I’m strong at WR depth but I got a BUNCH of injury situations: AJ, Harvin, Maclin, Garcon, Britt, Collie, R. Moss, and LaFell. At RB I have: Bradshaw, Hillis, ALF, Hunter and Turbin. We start 2 WR’s, 2 RB’s and 3 W/R/T’s. At TE I have: Rudolph and F. Davis. Show me the light!

  77. Joey Earls says:

    Currently entertaining offers on Spiller.. Would you sell high or hold on to him and take a chance he’s relegated back to split carries.

  78. David says:

    Start 2 of 3 for WR: Antonio Brown, Denarius Moore, Kenny Britt

    Leaning Brown/Moore, but wondering if Britt is worth a sneaky start.

  79. matt says:

    Hi Doc, Im in a 10-team league that ends after 15 weeks. There is no playoffs, best overall record wins the league.

    2RB,3WR,flex (RB/WR/TE) .5ppr

    QB – Cam Newton
    TE – Aaron Hernandez
    WR – Megatron,Maclin,Amendola,S.Rice,T.Young
    RB – Trent Richardson, D.Martin, Kevin Smith, David Wilson, Ryan Williams, Peyton Hillis, Pierre Thomas, Dwyer

    I was offered V-Jax for K.Smith. What are your thoughts on the offer? Thanks

  80. @ThreefortheWin says:

    I just saw you rank Luck ahead of Vick this week. I have both
    .5 pt per completion
    1 pt per 30 pass yards
    4 TD/-2 INT
    .25 per rushing attempt

    Do I start Vick or Luck

  81. Go Ducks says:

    If Roddy can’t go, who do I start: Britt or LaFell?

  82. Ian says:

    Pick 3 to start
    Dez Bryant, Vincent Jackson, dwayne bowe, pierre garcon
    and piere garcon’s start time is 4 and the rest are at 1 and garcon is questionable

  83. Mike Edwards says:

    I presume you would start ALF or Greene?

  84. emceeperiod says:

    Where do you put Mathews on your rankings if he does indeed play?

  85. Steve C says:

    Stuck w/big Ben as main QB ..Better backup: Locker or Ponder? thx

  86. Ian says:

    Pick 3 to start
    Dez Bryant, Vincent Jackson, dwayne bowe, pierre garcon

    and piere garcon’s start time is 4 and the rest are at 1 and garcon is questionable

  87. Brook says:

    Better roster spot potential rest of season: Quiz or David Wilson?

  88. Brightandbrand says:

    How do you feel about this trade. M. Wallace/m. Lynch for Garçon/Martin?

  89. ryan says:

    PPR – ROS ranks: Titus, Hawk, Roberts. Thx!

  90. tyler says:

    Hey Chet would you trade my chris Johnson and Romo for cam newton and spiller?

  91. Brook says:

    Better roster hold for rest of season potential: Quiz or David Wilson? Thanks

  92. Greg says:

    Would you drop Witten for Rudolph? Who do you like ROS? Probably the last week Rudolph will be on the wire.

  93. Greg says:

    Ridley or Lynch? Non ppr? Thanks Chet!

  94. @bennos_world says:

    What is your drink of choice for game day?

  95. CT says:

    J. Charles + D. Bryant or D. Martin + J. Nelson? (Dynasty League)

    I have Bryant — but I’m concerned his production is going to be extremely inconsistent.

  96. mt says:

    Thoughts on T. Richardson the rest of the way? too much hype or just getting started?

  97. Pedro says:

    R.wayne or alf at the flex in a ppr?

  98. TDunn says:

    would you trade Ridley/G. Jennings, and get D. Martin/Colston? thanks

  99. Mundo says:

    Trade Ridley for Nelson in PPR? My other RBs are M. Bush, Mathews, Wells, and Martin. Other WRs I have are Andre, Vincent Jackson, and Donald Jones, and some lottery tickets.

  100. Maciej says:

    In a .5ppr, Demaryius or Alfred Morris in the flex?

  101. Abner says:

    PPR which one for flex

    Mathews,Blackmon,Jaquizz Rodgers,ogletree,dwyer

  102. Keld says:

    Offer is on the the table, should I take it before Sunday? I’m a believer in Vick, but I also trust your advice. It’s my first PPR league, Sproles was #2 overall RB in 2011 with all those return yards. My other RBs (we start 1, two flex, 16 teams) are Lesean McCoy, Benson, and David Wilson.

  103. Go Ducks says:

    I already dumped Garcon high for Matthews. Now I received A. Hernandez for A.Morris and B. Pettigrew.

    Good moves, or poor? I kind of regret not giving ALF at least one start

  104. Martin says:

    Chet — pick one for wr3 —

    DHB, E Sanders, Mikey Williams, 0.5 PPR

  105. Keld says:

    which side would you rather have going forward:

    4pt passing TD, 1pt 20 pass YD, 1 PPR, 1pt 25 return yards

    Vick + Sproles or Stafford + Ridley

  106. Randy says:

    Do you think Brinkley is a good add for the season? Also I noticed Kenny Britt is #28 in WR and #48 WR in Flex.

    • Chet says:

      Not really. It should update soon.

    • Rai says:

      .25 ppr, need two, sjax, nicks, colston, wayne

    • Martin says:

      Need some trade help man… 0.5 ppr 2 qb league, here is my roster–

      QB Tony Romo
      QB Russell Wilson
      RB LeSean McCoy
      RB Jamaal Charles
      WR Dez Bryant
      WR Eric Decker
      WR Darius Heyward-Bey
      TE Martellus Bennett
      FLEX Doug Martin
      FLEX Stevan Ridley

      Bench is Mike Williams, Emmanuel Sanders, Roy Helu, Sam Bradford, Evan Royster, Shane Vereen, and Matt Flynn.

      Basically, I can trade any one of my RB to someone desperately in need of an RB. First of all, I’ve decided Charles is who I’d prefer to deal. Agree/disagree?

      Second, would you do Charles for Harvin, all things considered? We’ve been trying to work out a deal with Harvin plus more for Charles, but we’re sort of stuck right now, and I was thinking about just swapping straight up,

      Understand this is a deep question — so thanks a ton in advance for all of your help man.

    • jman says:

      I got a TE dilemma: brent celek, antonio gates, dante rosario, or heath miller?

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