Buy Low/Sell High: Week 10 November 8, 2012  |  Asher Molk

Hello Fake Footballers! My name is Asher Molk, and I am really looking forward to helping you win your fake football leagues via smart and savvy trading. “Buying Low” and “Selling High” is quite a simple economic principal: give away commodities while their perceived value is greater than their actual value, and try to acquire commodities while their perceived value is lower than their actual value. In other words, trade bad players after good games for good players after bad games! Here are a few trends and nuggets of wisdom I encourage you to follow whilst trading:

-Smart owners look beyond the box score. The naïve owner will look at Shonn Greene’s Week One fantasy score and see 94 yards and a touchdown- a very solid 15.4 fantasy points! The smart owner is able to dig deeper and see that he averaged under 3.5 yards per carry, fumbled twice, didn’t catch a pass, and carried the ball 27 times because the Jets were up 20 at halftime and 27 by the 4th quarter. Are the Jets likely to be up by that many points most games to give enough carries to a below-averagely talented runner? The answer is no. Take a look at what he has done since then. If this sounds time-consuming, don’t fret- I am here to do the work for you and help you look beyond the box score!

-A major trend in my articles (and hopefully on your fantasy teams) will be getting rid of averagely-talented players: plodding running backs who don’t make anyone miss or contribute in the passing game (see Turner, Michael), or wide receivers who offer nothing after the catch (see Bess, Davone), etc. More importantly, you will be trying to acquire explosive, dynamic talents who are capable of changing the game every time they touch the ball (see Harvin, Percy). TALENT IS MOST IMPORTANT!

-Trading away two decent/good players for one great player is almost always a great idea. Usually, the person getting the one better player wins the deal.

-From Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL on Twitter, give him a follow) of Think in terms of draft value and ADP when you trade. If you are thinking of trading away LeSean McCoy for BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Vernon Davis, think about if you would trade a top 5 pick for a 4th and 5th rounder. This practice should help give clarity to your trades!

-NEVER lead with your best or final trade offer! Instead, start small, even offer deals they probably won’t accept to start with. This doesn’t mean offer Mason Crosby for LeSean McCoy, but you never know what a person may say yes to, it’s often quite surprising. If you lead with your best offer, you have nowhere to go but down. Start by being a little optimistic…

-If there are quality players on your waiver wire that you want but you do not know whom to drop, let go of your kicker and/or defense for that player. You can always make a trade to make roster space, or make a game-time decision on whom you want to drop. A lot can happen in a week, and you don’t want to miss out on the next Victor Cruz or Antonio Brown just because you think Sebastian Janikowski will average 1 more point per game than Garrett Hartley.

-Target owners who are close to the bottom of the standings – they are probably the most willing to do a desperation move in order to shake up their team. Also, make sure to target players the owner is likely frustrated with.

The playoff pictures and standings are beginning to take some shape in your leagues. Teams near the bottom WILL be desperate to make moves. See if they are willing to make trades involving the following players:



Jordy Nelson, WR, GB- This star Packers receiver made an appearance in this column earlier in the season, and rewarded buyers in a big way in the weeks following. However, injuries have kept Jordy sidelined, and owners may be getting worried about the emergence of studs Randall Cobb and James Jones, and the possible return of Greg Jennings. After missing Week Eight with a tight hamstring, Jordy was surprisingly active against the Cardinals in Week Nine with a bye looming- a sign that he was nearly 100%. Unfortunately, he tweaked his ankle early in the game and did not return to the field. The good news? He never went to the locker room, and was spotted on the sideline trying to put his cleats back on. Clearly the go-to wideout of All-World quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Nelson will be a strong WR1 no matter who else suits up the rest of the season for the Packers. He should be healthy after a bye week, and has proven to be first in the pecking order for targets and touchdowns.


C.J. Spiller, RB, BUF- My favorite buy of the week. Everyone remembers what happened when Fred Jackson was hurt late last year and early this year- Spiller was arguably the most valuable player in fantasy football, demonstrating elite playmaking ability and burning defenses with his speed and the genius playcalling of coach Chan Gailey. But Spiller stepped out of the spotlight since Jackson has returned, and posted solid, but not spectacular, RB2 production. However, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and coach Gailey both came out this week and said what the rest of us were thinking: we need to get Spiller the ball more. As I pointed out on Twitter, Spiller has a very difficult schedule coming up the rest of the season- the average ranked rush defense he faces the rest of the season is 12th, with two showdowns with the Miami Dolphins. Tell that to the Spiller owner to convince him to trade Spiller- matchups usually don’t matter when a player has elite talent and his coach knows exactly how to get him the ball in space. Spiller is 2 for 2 in those departments.


Alfred Morris, RB, WAS- It took me a while, but finally: my first flip-flop of the season! After proving many people (including me) wrong by continuing his hot start to the season, Alf has cooled down his past two games. Is it Sheninigans striking once again? I think not. Simply put, Alf doesn’t play passing downs, and the Redskins have fallen behind relatively early in their past two games forcing them to pass the ball. The Redskins have been downright pathetic at wide receiver this season, and they will be looking to run the ball more than ever after their (to borrow a phrase from Rotoworld’s Evan Silva) “wide deceivers” have let RGIII down time and time again. Alf has two matchups coming up with the Eagles who were just torn to pieces by the power running of Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory, the 15th ranked rush defense of the Cowboys, the 19th ranked Giants who give up 4.6 yards per carry, the 26th ranked Browns and the 28th ranked Ravens. He could bring home a lot of trophies with a strong stretch run, especially in standard leagues.




Desean Jackson, WR, PHI- I wouldn’t give up Jackson for nothing, but I would tell you that you are mistaken if you consider him anything than a middling WR3. He has only two 100 yard receiving games this season and a mere two touchdowns- he simply hasn’t evolved from a one-trick pony deep threat to a true number one wideout like Mike Wallace has. The majority of his yards and his touchdown was a result of blown coverage- something that won’t happen as much when you aren’t playing the Saints. With Michael Vick and the offensive line somehow getting even worse, its only bad news for this boom or bust deep threat. He isn’t a guy that will give you a weekly advantage at your WR2 or WR3 spot.


Chicago Bears, DEF, CHI- I have never written about buying or selling a defense, but the Bears defense is making such an impact that I think you can get some truly significant offensive value for them. They don’t exactly face daunting opponents the rest of the way, but they do face teams who take care of the ball relatively well: they only face one team with a negative turnover margin the rest of the year. And as well all know, turnovers that turn into touchdowns are the bread and butter of a fantasy defense. They are scoring at an alarming rate, but these things tend to regress to the mean. I would trade them for a WR2 or an RB2 in a second. See if you can package them with another player for an elite RB or WR too.


Isaac Redman, RB, PIT- Redman looked the best I’ve ever seen him last Sunday against the Giants, but lets not mistake him for even a Stevan Ridley or Alfred Morris- the Steelers line is finally run-blocking at a satisfactory level. I do believe he could stay fantasy relevant with the proper volume, but therein lays the problem. The Steelers have hinted to a “three-headed monster” backfield with Jonathan Dwyer and Rashard Mendenhall both getting healthy. There will be no more 26-carry days for Redman barring unforeseen circumstances, plain and simple.


Brian Hartline, WR, MIA- After flashing in Week Two for 9-111-0 and exploding in Week Four for 12-253-1, people thought Hartline could be a consistent fantasy asset. Not the case. Before last week’s 8-107-0, Hartline had combined for 8 catches for 100 yards in the past month. He has scored only one touchdown over the season, and isn’t an explosive, speedy wide receiver that can dominate extra defensive attention, take advantage of yards-after-catch opportunities, or score touchdowns. He could be a very good second wide receiver on a competitive real-life team, but with a rookie quarterback and non-elite talent, Hartline is destined for inconsistency.

24 Responses

  1. Johnny Kielbasa says:

    Was offered Palmer, Eli, Julio Jones, and Ray Rice for Rodgers, McGahee, Spiller…Rest of my team: RBs: Gore, Stephens-Howling, MJD WRs: Harvin, Hartline, N. Washington, Kerley, Shorts TE: Graham…would you pull trigger. I hate to give up Rodgers.

  2. Will Warf says:

    I am in a 10 team ppr leauge and I am in second place at 5-4. It’s a 2 Rb, 3 Wr, and a flex leauge. I have pretty good depth on my bench and I am wondering if I should package together a few players to make an upgrade at running back. Could you please give me some advice. As of right now my team is:

    Qb: Romo, Dalton
    Rb: Fjax, D-Martin, Murray, Sporles,
    B-Wells, and P-Thomas
    Wr: Calvin, Juilo, Aj Green, B-Lloyd
    Te: Pettigrew

    • Asher Molk says:

      Good lord, how did you get such WRs? But you could use an upgrade at RB. See if the guy with Spiller will give him to you for FJax and Wells? But I wouldnt worry too much if you cannot get a deal done, Sproles should be back soon and your WRs should carry you for the rest of the season. Murray should be back soon too.

      • Will Warf says:

        Okay thank you for the input. I actually had made a big trade earlier in the year for Julio and Sporles for Alfred Morris, Leshoure, and Torrey Smith. ( which I picked two of them off the waivers)

  3. Michael says:

    Hello Asher. As a Fred Jackson owner, I feel absolutely compelled to get CJ Spiller. The guy who owns him doesn’t start him and is maybe a little weak at WR. I want to offer him a 2-for-1… I know I might be going out on a limb a little, but which do you think I should try first: F-Jax and Britt for Spiller, or Mikel Leshoure and Britt for Spiller? I doubt this, but do you think I’m overpaying in either deal?

    • Asher Molk says:

      I do not think either of those trades are overpaying for Spiller. I would try the FJax one first. I like both of those deals.

  4. y4rivera says:

    In a keeper league an owner out of contention offered me Ray Rice ($50) straight up for Doug Martin ($20). I’m in first place and my current backs are McCoy, Martin, Forte, DMC, and Mendy (start up to 4). I feel I should decline because the value for Martin is too good for next year and I’m already deep at rb. Right move?

    • Asher Molk says:

      I do not know a ton about that format of keeper leagues, but it seems to me you are deep enough at RB to not make that trade and save some money.

  5. PhilB says:

    If I’m selling high on Hartline, what kind of player you think I can get for him or who should I trade for? I need to upgrade my RB position. Thanks

    • Asher Molk says:

      Sadly, its tough to answer questions like this. My favorite way to sell high is to package someone like Hartline with an RB for a big RB upgrade…something like Hartline and Turner for Alfred Morris for example. Does that make sense?

  6. Jermichael says:

    10 Team PPR, 6-3, 2nd place. Who would you rather stash Beanie or Mendenhall. I currently have Beanie stashed but someone just dropped Mendenhall.

  7. Ghost says:

    Sup Asher!? I got a trade question! Few weeks ago my RB stable consisted of michael bush j-stew k.hunter and some other no names so i traded aj green(whimper) and hernandez for charles and almo….seemed like a goos idea for my team in the long run. Well lets just say the trade hasnt really worked out…..i feel like my team mojo is out if balance and im thinking of pursuing another trade current team setup:
    QB- Brady
    RB- charles, almo, j-stew, hunter, hillis(pure handcuff)
    WR- fitz, smiff, britt, amendola
    TE- miller, rudolph
    K- gould
    Def- hou
    do you think it would be wise/even enough? to offer almo + amendola for julio jones + beanie? Ppr/bonus league i know i would be a little weak at rb rolling with jc and j-stew/beanie as my.rbs but id be sitting pretty at wr with jones and fitz.. opinion?

    • Asher Molk says:

      I think thats a close trade, but I’m of the school of thought that whoever gets Julio wins the trade. Wouldn’t offer too much more than that, but considering the ups-and-downs of Fitz and Smith, getting Julio would be great. Fair deal.

      • Ghost says:

        Thanks for your input appreciate it! Now i got another one for ya! Looking to acquire spiller in another league just sitting on someones bench…only weakness that tean has is the qb spot in which he starts either alex smith or joe flacco. My team is as follows:
        WR- fitz,dez,cobb,llyod
        RB- dmc,f-jax,jennings,beanie
        Im thinking of flipping a wr probably llyod? To the team who has luck sitting on their bench(brady is their starter) then either offering some package of either romo or luck plus…..thats where i get stuck Jennings really seems to have no value and any combination of luck or romo + f-jax seems like its too much…and who would u rather trade away for spiller luck or romo?

        • Asher Molk says:

          I personally would trade away FJax and Luck to get Spiller. Its a little risky, but the upside is too much to ignore. Its close between Luck and Romo, so go with your gut. I would probably prefer to keep Romo though. Just make sure the guy with Spiller would accept that trade before dealing away Lloyd.

  8. Josh says:

    Hey Asher,

    What about Reggie Bush, I know they have an easy schedule from here out, but he is in a time share.

    Should I try to sell him for somebody like Alfred Morris or Stevan Ridley?


  9. Hey Asher, looking for some trade advice. I’m 3-6 in a 10 team PPR – one more loss and I’m toast (too many injuries). Looking to upgrade at WR, but I’ve got very few possible trade partners due to our shallow league. There’s a 4-5 team that I want to pry Austin from (Marshall would likely be impossible) and I was thinking of offering Bowe & Heath Miller for Austin. If he doesn’t go for it is there a trade in here that improves me at WR that you think helps both teams? Being that I’m desperate to improve immediately, would Bowe, Miller & LeShoure for Austin & Celek be too much? Thanks in advance.
    My team:
    QB: Romo
    RB: McCoy, TRich (5th rnd keeper), LeShoure, Murray, R.Jennings
    WR: Harvin, Bowe, D.Moore, L.Moore, Britt
    TE: Graham / H.Miller
    His team (he has an open roster spot, is #1 on waivers, and has 2 DEF):
    QB: Roethlisberger / Vick
    RB: Lynch, McFadden, Stewart
    WR: B.Marshall, Austin, Maclin, Boldin, S.Moss
    TE: Celek

    • Asher Molk says:

      I think it would be too much. Cassel is playing again this week… while he sucks, he does one thing well: targets Dwayne Bowe relentlessly. I don’t see him as much of an upgrade over Austin, if at all. I honestly really like your team, and I don’t think its necessary to make a move like that even though you are 3-6. I don’t think it makes your team any better or worse, more of a move sideways. That is my opinion, but go with your gut and see what others say as well.

  10. Colin says:

    i was offered Nelson and VD for Roddy White this week and turned it down. my other WRs are Wayne, Decker, Maclin and Williams; i’m pretty much streaming TEs with Olsen and Rudolph currently on my roster. 0.5 ppr; 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T. bad move?

    • Asher Molk says:

      Personally, I would’ve accepted that deal. I think I’d rather have Nelson than White anyway, but that may be a personal preference. Either way, its close between those two, and Davis is an upgrade over your TEs. I would’ve done that deal.

  11. Blanket says:

    Britt/Denarius/Amendola/J-stew as a flex this week?

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