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We are a site of the people for the people! We love us some soylent green. Anywho, we would like to help y’all out with the tough fake football decisions you have in your life and to do so all you need to do is leave your question in the comments and one or more of our writers will give you their opinion.

Try to give as much info as possible such as PPR or not, number of starters at the pertinent positions, any wonky scoring rules and so on and so forth.

We ourselves may disagree and give you contrary answers, which may seem counterproductive to you, but that’s the way this game works. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun!

So throw them at us.





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  1. Carlos Aguilar says:

    PPR League; i’m trading tarik cohen for willie snead

    then trading snead and deshaun watson for cj anderson and TY! thought?

  2. Phillip says:

    The week 17 championship. *sigh*

    Ppr: Demaryius, Eli Rogers or Alshon Jeffery.

    At RB I’m starting LeSean McCoy and Jacquizz Rogers with Rob Kelley at the flex. Other RBs are McFadden, Deangelo Williams and Zack Zenner. Thoughts?
    Thanks .

  3. PhilB says:

    I’m the lucky one with Ladarius Green and Jordan Reed at TE.

    With both players most likely being out, my top choices are Vernon Davis and CJ ‘wicz. Ppr league. Thanks.

  4. Phillip says:

    Rivers @CLE
    Winston @NO ?

    League has -1 for every sack, -2 for INT

    Or, FAs available, T-Mobile, Savage, Carson Palmer.

    • Jeff says:

      I’d play Rivers this week. Winston and Evans were shut down pretty well by N.O. a couple weeks ago and Cleveland’s defense is a wreck.

  5. David Vest says:

    Week 16—–SD, Titans or Packers. Which is best standard scoring defense? Thanks

  6. Michael says:

    Need about 20 in standard. Have to play 2 of these 3. Rob Kelley, Desean Jackson, and Pierre Garcon,

  7. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Wanted to thank you for all the opinions over the last few weeks. I’m a first timer to FF. As usual I forgot a couple things when asking last time. Non ppr league. 1) I have Big Ben & Luck. Which for week 15 or take a chance with Taylor/A.Smith? 2) I added Lad. Green and thinking of starting him over Walker and his tough matchup. 3) M. Lee WAS taken so I added Inman. My question here is I also have B. Marshall and have had him on bench lately. Would you drop him for Montgomery or Landry? 4) I have S. Ware in flex. Start him or use a Montgomery/Landry if I add either of them. I also have Hightower but not inclined to use him over Ware. Thanks again.

  8. Phillip says:

    PPR: Inman or Landry. Or Crabtree, if he plays.

  9. David Vest says:

    Hey Jeff! Thanks for all the advice. 2 different leagues, both non ppr. 1) Starting Watkins & D. Adams but need a steady scoring WR3. On bench I have Marshall & Mar. Jones. Not excited/confident. FA’s are: Inman, Landry, R.Anderson, Montgomery, Thielen & M. Lee. Have concerns with usage of Montgomery and QB for Landry & Anderson. Who’d you drop Mar. Jones for. Not concerned about non ppr/ppr just in solid points. 2) League #2 —– a) Have Luck & Big ben. You know their situations week 15. FA’s are: Taylor, Smith, Kaepernick & Siemian. Who’d be best QB? b) Have Booker as RB2 . Have Gillislee, Dion L. on bench with FA’s: Sims, Forsett & Perkins. Thinking of starting Gillislee vs. Browns. Thoughts? c) Have Vikes D vs. Colts. Stick with them? Texans D vs. Jags is available but I worry about week 16 if I win. d) Lastly I have Vinateri as kicker. Use Bailey, Janikowski, Hauschka or Novak instead? Was thinking Bailey indoors vs. Bucs. Thanks for opinions.

    • David Vest says:

      Sorry—–on 1st team WR’s I also have Mitchell @ Denver on bench along with Jones & Marshall. Not feeling him either.

    • David Vest says:

      With news on M.Floyd would you consider JJ Nelson over any of those FA WR’s?

    • Jeff says:

      I would give Marqise Lee a shot probably in the first league. At QB, I would go with Ben. I dont mind Gillislee too much but might give Forsett a shot. Stick with Viks D. I think Bailey is probably safe. Hauschka also a nice option.

  10. PhillyB says:

    With Jordan Reed not 100%, questionable and a bad match up vs. The Eagles, if he’s active, should I start him anyway? Or Ladarius Green? PPR league.


  11. David Vest says:

    Jeff: I screwed up some on email——non ppr. I get dropping M.Jones for Lafell. So which 3 WR’s to use in week 14: Watkins, Marshall, D.Adams, Mitchell or Lafell? I have Booker as RB not flex so use Booker or Gillislee or Dion Lewis at RB? Thanks

  12. David Vest says:

    Jeff: non ppr with 2 questions. 1) Drop Mar. Jones for : Lafell, Ginn, Garcon. Best 3 WR’s for week 14: Marshall. Cobb. D.Adams, Watkins or Mitchell? 2) use Booker or Dion Lewis, Gillislee or drop Snead and add/use Lad. Green at flex over Booker? BTW—-thought on Jeffrey for weeks 15 & 16? Thanks

    • Jeff says:

      1) Yes, for LaFell. Best 3 WR: Adams, Watkins, Mitchell
      2) Wouldn’t play Booker. I’d play Snead if Mike Thomas sits, otherwise I’d play Green.
      3) I am luke arm on alshon with Barkley playing but wouldn’t mind starting him depending on other options.

  13. Andrew says:

    I need to start 3 WR in first round of playoffs. Thoughts?

    D Hopkins @ IND
    M Mitchell vs BAL
    S Shepard vs DAL
    R Cobb @ SEA
    B Marshall @ SF
    W Snead @ TB

    • Jeff says:

      Yikes. Probably Marshall, Mitchell and Hopkins. I think Petty looked like he wanted to move the ball on MNF and hopefully he feeds Marshall

  14. Pburns says:

    PPR league flex spot : Malcolm Mitchell or Rob Kelley?


  15. joel-pgh says:

    It’s just been decided that we’re transferring from a 12 team standard ppr scoring league to a 1 player keeper league. You’d lose the draft position where the keeper was drafted from. My question is regarding next years draft….shouldn’t it be a new draft entirely with all players available? The debate in our league is to do that, or to keep the player from with the current roster. Again, this was just decided this week, after playoffs have started, after trade deadlines, no more pickups allowed after you’ve been eliminated from the playoffs, wasn’t known it was going to be a keeper league in this years 2016 draft.

    • Jeff says:

      I have been through this in a few leagues and I think you absolutely need to start fresh next year with a completely new draft so everyone is aware of the change beforehand.

  16. David Vest says:

    Jeff: 2 leagues——-1) Have Arizona D and not feeling them vs. Wash. Ravens & SD are FA’s. Can drop Mar. Jones , Wallace or Rawls for one of those FA defenses or just use Cards? 2) Have Vikings D vs. Cowboys. Philly & SD are best FA’s. Would have to drop Snead to add one of the FA’s or just use Vikings? 3) Rawls,Gurley or Hightower at non ppr flex? Thanks

    • David Vest says:

      Jeff: Ravens were picked up after I wrote you. Leaves SD vs. Bucs, Jets vs. Indy and cowboys vs. Minny. Of course I can just use Cards D. BTW—If Watkins is out best WR in non ppr: Mar. Jones, Wallace, Inman or Mar. Wilson?

  17. Zach says:

    Round 2 of playoffs! – PPR
    QB: Brady vs LAR
    RB: C. Hyde @ CHI
    WR: D Hopkins @ GB
    WR: M. Thomas vs. DET
    WR: C. Beasley @ MIN
    TE: Olsen @ SEA
    R/W: Parker @ BAL – questionable with back injury*
    R/W/T: S. Watkins @ OAK
    K: Tucker vs. MIA
    DST: – Empty – (dropping the Giants DST @ PIT – yes/no?)
    R. Mathews @ CIN (questionable*)
    D. Lewis vs. LAR
    J. Starks vs. HOU
    D. Murray – BYE
    – Empty –
    1. Would you make any changes to my lineup above?
    2. DST score points for INT/SACK/FF/DFD/STY – points against don’t count. Please rank 2 of the DST’s listed below for this week:
    – Buccaneers @ SD
    – Skins @ ARI
    – Eagles @ CIN
    – Ravens vs. MIA
    – Chargers vs. TB
    – Jets vs. IND
    – Giants @ PIT
    3. Can you please rank the following players on waivers?
    – Q. Enunwa vs. IND
    – C. Kaepernick (*Brady has a tough road SOS*)
    – M. Mitchell vs. LAR (Gronk may be out again)
    – B. Powell vs. IND
    – V. Davis @ ARI (Reed could be out*)
    – AP on IR
    4. If D. Parker can’t go this week or is limited all week, would you sit him for D. Lewis vs. LAR or any waiver player above?
    5. Should I drop R. Mathews to allow room for another one of the waivers above?
    Thanks again for your time and help this season!

  18. Chris says:

    12 Team 1 PPR, have Damien Williams and Dixon as injury stashes. Would Abdullah, Peterson, Sims, Collins or Hunt be better?

  19. PhilB says:

    PPR league, I’m starting Demaryius Thomas. I need 2 or of these 3 WR since it’s a 3WR league. Crabtree, Kelvin Benjamin and Landry. Pick 2.
    For now I’m leaning towards Crabtree and Kelvin.

  20. David Vest says:

    Jeff: A week 13 question in a non ppr. Need a fill in TE: McDonald @Bears, Lad. Green vs. NYG’s, Pitta vs. Miami, Cook vs. Texans or Doyle @ Jets?

  21. David Vest says:

    Jeff: non ppr in 2 leagues. 1) Worried about TY Hilton without Luck. Start Snead or Dev. Parker instead? 2) J.Howard or Rawls? Better week 12 defense: Ravens vs. Cincy or Titans @ Bears? Drop Mar. Jones or E.Rogers? Thanks

  22. Zach says:

    Round 1 of the playoffs – PPR
    QB: Brady
    RB: D. Murray @ CHI
    WR: D. Parker vs SF
    WR: M. Thomas vs. LAR
    WR: C. Beasley vs WAS
    TE: Olsen @ OAK
    R/W: C. Hyde @ MIA
    R/W/T: ? <—
    K: Tucker vs. CIN
    DST: Giants @ CLE
    R. Mathews vs. GB
    W. Smallwood vs. GB
    C. Coleman vs NYG
    D. Lewis @ NYJ
    J. Starks @ PHI
    D. Hopkins vs. SD

    1. Who would you play from my bench in the flex? Would you make any other changes to my starting roster?
    – I realize Hopkins could have a good game, but he hasn't done it in a long time and I'm going up against a team that's hot right now… So I was thinking of going with Smallwood vs GB on Monday night, based on how bad GB's run-D has been, and just bet on R. Mathews not becoming 100% healthy by that game.

    2. Would you drop Coleman for S. Watkins, being that he's now back at practice and per the coach, could potentially start this week on limited snaps – as sort of a stash/hold for week 14/15 if I make it that far? …or do you like Coleman's upside more/

    3. Should I drop anyone else – besides making the Watkins move to go get the Vikings DST or just continue to stream?

    I hope you and your family have a great thanksgiving, thanks again for all of your help this season!

    • Jeff says:

      1) I’d flex Hopkins still. I think the lineup is fine. Hard to make a call on Smallwood now without knowing Mathews’ situation.
      2) Yes
      3) Get Watkins and stream D’s.

  23. Andy says:

    PPR flex: Crowder, Hyde, Kelley, or Starks?

  24. Z says:

    PPR – need to start one… who would you take and why?
    – C. Beasley vs. BAL (their good corner should be on Dez, could open it up for Beasley – but they’re also good in the middle)
    – D. Parker @ LAR (Rams secondary has been stepping up and Tannehill has sucked in easy match-ups, but he went on a tear last season at this time)
    – C. Coleman vs. PIT (no more than 3 receptions the last two weeks, plus he isn’t targeted often enough – Pryor appears to be the WR1 there…)

    It sucks this is who I can select from, but I need one of these guys to put up points, because my other WR Hopkins will probably be a bust again this week.

  25. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Non ppr 10 team. Have WR’s: Marshall, Mar. Jones, Dav. Adams, Cobb and M.Wallace. As you can tell I’ve been struggling for weeks with WR points. In playoff mix and looking for WR help. 1) Thinking of adding S.Watkins to put in my IR spot. 2) These are best available FA WR’s in league: J.Brown, JJ Nelson, M.Floyd, Meredith, E.Rogers, Beasley and Tyr. Hill. You really like one of these for decent non ppr points for ROS( one besides Watkins)? Thanks for advice.

    • David Vest says:

      Forgot—–Have Vikings D. Have underperformed lately. FA list is basically bare of streaming D’s except for Miami. Would you replace Vikes D with Miami for ROS or hold Vikes D for ROS?

  26. Zach says:

    Hopefully I’m not asking too many ?’s on this page – I’ll edit more before posting, my bad.
    QB: Brady @ SF
    RB: D. Murray @ IND
    WR: D. Hop @ OAK
    WR: M. Thomas @ CAR
    WR: D. Parker @ LAR
    TE: Olsen vs. NO
    R/W: Hyde vs. NE
    R/W/T: J. Starks @ WAS
    DST: Vikings vs. ARI
    K: Tucker @ DAL
    D. Lewis @ SF
    C. Beasley vs. BAL
    A. Jeffery @ NYG
    C. Coleman vs. PIT
    R. Mathews @ SEA
    1. Would you change anything above for week 11? (PPR)
    2. DST earn points on plays (sacks/INT’s/DFD/STY, etc.), not points against -> Drop Vikings and play any of the following DSTs (stats below are based on last 3 games)?:
    WAS vs GB (9 sacks, 2 INT’s)
    CHI @ NYG (11 Sacks, 1 INT)
    TB @ KC (8 Sack, 2 INTs)
    NYG vs CHI (8 Sacks, 7 INTs)
    3. Who would you rather own R. Mathews or: E. Royal, D. Harris, B. Powell, D. Innman, T. Gabriel, any DST above?
    Jeff, I really can’t thank you enough for your time and help this season, thank you again so much!

  27. Zach says:

    12 Team PPR – in the playoffs…
    A. Jeffery being suspended seriously hurts my team moving forward – was counting on him to be a WR1 for me down the stretch… so it goes.

    My Team: (* = eligible to be kept in 2017, we’re allowed to keep 2 players at no cost for 1 year if they’re drafted Rd5+)
    QB: Brady* @ SF
    RB: D. Murray* @ IND
    WR: D. Hop @ OAK
    WR: M. Thomas* @ CAR
    WR: C. Coleman* vs. PIT
    TE: Olsen vs. NO
    R/W: Hyde vs. NE
    R/W/T: J. Starks* @ WAS
    DST: Vikings* vs. ARI
    K: Tucker* @ DAL
    D. Lewis* @ SF
    C. Beasley* vs. BAL
    A. Jeffery @ NYG
    Open –
    Open –

    1. Should I also drop A. Jeffery (who will be back week 15 of the playoffs)? Another team could grab him as a playoff stash…

    2. Should I drop C. Coleman – he’s done nothing the last two weeks, against some pretty easy secondaries, but the offense looks bad. At the same time, after losing Jeffery, I need some solid stash WR’s!

    3. Our DST only gets points based on sacks/INT’s, points against don’t matter. Vikings have been horrible as of late, should I drop them for another DST?

    4. I’m targeting Rawls on waivers, doubt I’ll get him – but he’s my number 1 pickup… Right now I have 2 spots on my bench for waivers, if I drop Coleman and/or Jeffery and/or Vikings DST, I could have another 3 waiver claims (5 all together)… How would you rank the following waiver players following Rawls and based on my needs:
    D. Parker
    R. Woods
    M. Bryant (*keeper stash – we’re allowed to trade keepers to other teams in the off-season for draft picks, so more the better, this is also the last week to grab any players eligible to be kept)
    Q. Patton
    C. Meredith
    J. Brown (Fitz is banged up)
    C. Brate (could be a good flex)
    E. Royal
    Tyreek Hill
    J. Kerley
    Steelers DST (@ CLE)
    Lions DST (vs. JAC)


    • Jeff says:

      1. I would try to hold him since you’re in good shape in terms of making the playoffs
      2. Considering the options you listed from your waiver wire, I’d keep Coleman.
      3. I would play matchups weekly.
      4. Rawls, Meredith, Pit D, Det D, Bryant

  28. Zach says:

    12 Team PPR – in the playoffs…
    A. Jeffery being suspended seriously hurts my team moving forward – was counting on him to be a WR1 for me down the stretch… so it goes.

    My Team: (* = eligible to be kept in 2017, we’re allowed to keep 2 players at no cost for 1 year if they’re drafted Rd5+)
    QB: Brady* @ SF
    RB: D. Murray* @ IND
    WR: D. Hop @ OAK
    WR: M. Thomas* @ CAR
    WR: C. Coleman* vs. PIT
    TE: Olsen vs. NO
    R/W: Hyde vs. NE
    R/W/T: J. Starks* @ WAS
    DST: Vikings* vs. ARI
    K: Tucker* @ DAL
    D. Lewis* @ SF
    C. Beasley* vs. BAL
    A. Jeffery @ NYG
    Open –
    Open –

    1. Should I also drop A. Jeffery (who will be back week 15 of the playoffs)? Another team could grab him as a playoff stash…

    2. Should I drop C. Coleman – he’s done nothing the last two weeks, against some pretty easy secondaries, but the offense looks bad. At the same time, after losing Jeffery, I need some solid stash WR’s!

    3. Our DST only gets points based on sacks/INT’s, points against don’t matter. Vikings have been horrible as of late, should I drop them for another DST?

    4. I’m targeting Rawls on waivers, doubt I’ll get him – but he’s my number 1 pickup… Right now I have 2 spots on my bench for waivers, if I drop Coleman and/or Jeffery and/or Vikings DST, I could have another 3 waiver claims (5 all together)… How would you rank the following waiver players following Rawls and based on my needs:
    D. Parker
    R. Woods
    M. Bryant (*keeper stash – we’re allowed to trade keepers to other teams in the off-season for draft picks, so more the better, this is also the last week to grab any players eligible to be kept)
    Q. Patton
    C. Meredith
    J. Brown (Fitz is banged up)
    C. Brate (could be a good flex)
    E. Royal
    Tyreek Hill
    J. Kerley
    Steelers DST (@ CLE)
    Lions DST (vs. JAC)

    4. Our DST only gets points based on sacks/INT’s, points against don’t matter. Vikings have been horrible as of late, should I drop them for another DST?


  29. Zach says:

    Hi Jeff – 12 Team PPR
    – should be in the playoffs which begin week 12
    We start: 1 RB, 3 WR and 2 Flex
    My RB: D Murray, Hyde, Lewis, Starks, Bibbs
    My WR: DHop, A Jeffery, M Thomas, C Beasley, S Coates, C Coleman (can’t drop him because he played)
    – Someone just dropped T Rawls for Prosise… there is no way I get him next week, because of where I’m at on waiver priority, but could grab him tomorrow morning.
    Who would you drop for him? (Starks, Bibbs, Coates)

  30. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Could you rank these, in your opinion, for ROS in standard league: Dixon, Prosise, Rawls, Bibbs Powell and I guess starks? Thanks alot

    • Jeff says:

      Rawls, Dixon, Starks, Bibbs, Prosise, Powell.

      They are all really in the same bunch its pretty hard to rank them but thats how I’d lay it out

  31. Andy says:

    What kind of volume do you think Bibbs will get this week? My RB situation is frustrating to say the least and I need a win this week. I have Crowell, Ryan Mathews, Dixon and Bibbs for my 2nd RB spot. Thoughts?

  32. Zach says:

    Would you make any changes to my line-up this week? PPR
    QB: Brady vs. SEA
    RB: D. Murray vs. GB
    WR: C. Beasley @ PIT
    WR: DHop @ JAC
    WR: A. Jeffery @ TB
    TE: Olsen vs. KC
    RB/WR: C. Coleman @ BAL
    R/W/T: M. Thomas
    DST: Vikings
    K: Tucker
    K Bibbs @ NO (could put up huge points, but how many touches?)
    D. Lewis vs. SEA (still on PUP)
    J. Starks @ TEN
    S. Coates vs. DAL
    C. Hyde @ ARI

    C. Coleman goes tonight, so need to make a decision about him sooner than later – I may move Coleman to the WR position, just to give me flexibility later if in case I want to switch out Beasley for one of my bench stash players…


  33. David Vest says:

    Jeff: non ppr—–1) Need a kicker—-Lambo or Sturgis? 2) Would you replace John Brown & Snead with JJ Nelson(2 different leagues)? If not would you replace Snead with S.Smith Sr.? 3) Own Booker so your thoughts on K.Bibbs moving forward? Thanks

  34. Zach says:

    Jeff, Please disregard my question below – I was able to pick Starks and Bibbs off waivers.
    Would you rather have JJ Nelson or S Coates ROS in PPR? Thanks!

  35. Zach says:

    Jeff, I have two open spots on my bench, looking to stash players that can/could become relevant now and in the next few weeks…
    How do you rank the following Waiver Wire targets this week – PPR:
    James Starks
    John Brown
    J.J. Nelson
    K. Wright
    M. Floyd
    Kapri Bibbs
    K. Dixon
    B. Powell
    R. Hillman
    P. Barber
    P. Perkins

    Would you drop S. Coates after a horrible showing last week to add another one of the guys up top or hold?

    Hopefully I’ll hear back from you before tonight when waivers process – thanks a ton, you’re awesome for taking your time to answer questions like this every week.

  36. Zach says:

    So it’s not looking good for Hyde…
    Who do you like this week (top 3 in order – listed below) – PPR
    C.J. Prosise vs BUF
    J Mckinnon vs DET
    R Jennings vs PHI
    B Powell @ MIA
    T Smith vs NO
    D Harris vs NO

  37. David Vest says:

    Geez what a nightmare–Del. Walker now game time decision. Non ppr best FA here: Ebron, Pitta or Doyle? Thanks

  38. PhillyB says:

    I’m preparing for Andrew Lucks bye week for week 10, should I pick up Flacco who plays the Browns or Wentz vs the falcons?


  39. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Sorry to bother you again but a couple of issues came up. standard 10—–1) I’m keeping Cards D thru bye week so I’m streaming Dallas. Word comes 2 good DB’s will be out so I’m concerned with D. Miami, Ravens and SD are FA’s. Opt for one of those instead? 2) I’m using Bailey at K. Word today is he has some back issues. Replace him with any of these K’s: Hauschka, Santos, Lambo or Sturgis? Thanks

  40. Zach says:

    Conundrum… right now it appears most of my league doesn’t realize Starks is available via waivers. He’s now back at practice. I was planning on starting Hyde this week, if I knew Hyde would play I would drop J. White for Starks (who I know will get work – compared to White who has Lewis coming back soon). So this is my issue, if I were to pick up Starks now and Hyde doesn’t go, I would have to drop Starks for a flex play this week. The league would then no longer be ignorant to him being available and scoop him up. What would you do – stand pat and hope no one realizes Starks is available, then if Hyde doesn’t go pick up a flex and if he does go, drop J. White for Starks?
    PPR – Thanks!

  41. David Vest says:

    Non ppr. Have 2 WR’s and 2 flex positions to fill in a must win this week. Players available: Dav. Adams, Cobb, Mar. Jones, Asiata, Ch. West and M.Wallace. Any thoughts, Jeff? Thanks

    • David Vest says:

      Also forgot Gillislee with those above. With Seattle week 9 and bye week 10 your opinion on holding Gillislee?

      • Jeff says:

        I would hold Gillislee until Shady returns. For this week, I would probably play D. Adams and Cobb (as long as he is healthy) and flex Wallace and either West or Asiata depending on the health of Ware and McKinnon. Kind of tough to answer this with injury news still up in the air.

  42. Zach says:

    PPR 12 Teams
    I just made a big trade, what do you think?
    I gave: ARob + Marvin Jones + CMike + T Rawls to receive: A. Jefferey + C. Hyde + Beasley, J. White
    – So I like A. Jeffery more than all of these other players with Cuttler back and his playoff SOS. Hyde also covers me when D. Murray is on bi-week during the playoffs. Beasley is just depth or a cherry to add on top of another potential trade.

    Should I drop J. White for the following players? (If so in what order – looking for upside/potential trade bait and a starter if S. Coates can’t go this week)
    Antone Smith
    B. Powell
    T Hightower
    D. Williams
    K. Dixon
    Juwan Thompson (handcuff Hyde*)

    *We play QB, RB, TE, K, DST, 3 WR and 2 Flex (So up to 5 WR’s and 1 RB or 3 WR and 3 RB or 2 TE and … etc.*
    My Team:
    QB: Brady/Tannehill
    RB: D. Murray, D. Lewis, Hyde, J. White
    WR: DHop, A. Jefferey, M. Thomas, C. Coleman, S. Coates, C. Beasley
    TE: Olsen
    DST: Vikings
    K: J. Tucker

    • Zach says:

      Sorry I should have also mentioned that C. J. Prosise is also on waivers, in addition to the other guys. Also, I meant to list D. Harris instead of J. Thompson… For your convenience, below is a revised free agent list, that is if you think it’s worth it to drop J. White for any of them… thanks!
      Antone Smith
      B. Powell
      T Hightower
      D. Williams
      K. Dixon
      DuJuan Harris (handcuff Hyde*)

  43. dale steele says:

    I feel like people should be talking about Doug Martin as the ultimate buy low player right now. If his owner in your league isn’t paying attention, they won’t realize that the Bucs play the Saints twice in the fake football playoffs and the Saints are a dream matchup for any RB. Pile on the fact that Muscle Hamster has been injured for a few weeks now and reportedly suffered a couple set backs, his owner just might bite at a low-ball offer.

    I feel like he is worth the risk if your current RB2 situation is iffy. Any thoughts? Am i dead wrong here?

    In my 14 team, 2 keeper league, Martin’s current owner is in last place and trading assets for 2017 draft picks. I’ve offered a 9th round pick for him. My current RBs are L Miller, T west & B Powell. If i can make the playoffs and have a healthy Dougie ready to go against the Saints, I will be very, very happy.

    • Jeff says:

      I think he is a great buy low as well, but there is really no way to know how long he will be out. If you can give up something small for him, sure, but adding Martin comes with significant risk right now.

  44. PhillyB says:

    Ppr league: Chris Thompson, Rob Kelley, Gillislee? Pick 1.

  45. Zach says:

    Well, I dropped D. Booker last Friday by mistake, I meant to drop Hogan… and instead of asking the commissioner to fix it, I decided I would just go pick him back up – and sure enough, another team got him Saturday morning before I had a chance. Then CJA goes down and so does my team – along with DHop and ARob being not so good, it’s not looking good for my team.
    Should I drop John Brown for K. Davis or K. Dixon?
    – The reason I picked John Brown up is because Jaron Brown went on IR, which could mean more targets for John Brown, but at this point, i’m really just looking for any upside/potential that could turn into a starter – who do you prefer?
    12 Team PPR (We start, QB, RB, TE, 3 WR, 2 Flex, K, DST – Thanks!

  46. madden_curser says:

    I would like your input on my WR issues. 10 team standard; 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR,/TE). I’ve got Julio & Cooks, but after that it is DeSean Jackson, Travis Benjamin & Sterling Shepard. Jackson has been a train wreck. He hasn’t topped 55 yds in the last 4 weeks. Benjamin is the guy, but the ball gets spread around a lot & keeps him with a WR2 ceiling. Shepard looked like a steal in the first 3 weeks but his production has come back down and no big plays. Are any of those droppable to take a flyer on Corey Coleman? He could still be a legit third option for me in the coming weeks. I was leaning toward dropping DJax. Thanks!

  47. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Was just offered this trade in a non ppr: My AJ Green and CJ Anderson for his Charles, Brees and D.Hopkins? I have D.Booker, L.Miller & Ry. Matthews. Hilton, Montgomery and Snead. Luck & T.Taylor at QB. Thoughts

    • Jeff says:

      I would probably pass. CJA and Charles are not worth a lot right now and the upgrade from Luck to Brees probably isn’t worth dropping from AJG to Hopkins.

  48. PhillyB says:

    Cam Newton or Tyrod Taylor?

    Minus 1 for every sack, minus 2 for each INT.

  49. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Non ppr—–1) Drop Dev. Parker for Ty . Montgomery?? 2) Bye week blues so should I hold on S.Coates ?? Can add Asiata, Thompson..

  50. Yariel says:

    I was offered his Hopkins/Landry (pick one) and Olsen for my Cooper. I like Cooper a lot but I think it’s very good value. What do you think?

    My current team
    qb- Stafford
    rb- D.Murray, Ingram
    wr- Jordy, Hilton, Cooper
    te- Rudolph
    flx- Cooks, Riddick

    bn- Crowder, Howard, D.Henry, DGB, Dwayne Wsh

  51. Zach says:

    Who would you rather have ROS PPR?
    A Jeffery or ARob?
    – not sure the Jeffery owner would take my trade, but based on ARob’s playoff schedule and with Cuttler coming back, leaning towards offering ARob…

  52. PhilB says:

    Call me crazy but, I’m thinking of starting Devontae Booker over DeAndre Hopkins. Denver locks down receivers and Hop hasn’t been so hot. I’m currently starting Landry, Crabtree and Demaryius Thomas at WR, and LeVeon Bell and Gillislee at RB.

    At the flex, other options would be Kendall wright… And welcome that’s it.

    • PhilB says:

      *I pressed submit by accident.

      And well that’s it. What should I do with the flex spot? You think Booker is a good option or am I reaching?

  53. David Vest says:

    I guess I have a good problem here——-non ppr which 3 RB’s Anderson, Ware, Gurley or Gillislee??

  54. Zach says:

    Jeff – In a 12 Team PPR, which requires you to start 3 WR, 1 RB and 2 flex (R/W and R/W/T).
    And you’re pretty much set at each position (WR/RB – some under performance, but no injuries yet)

    Would you rather stash and hold C. Hogan or D. Booker?
    – I own CJA, so he would serve as a direct handcuff. At the same time, Gronk, Edelman and Bennett are all some-what injury prone – Edelman is questionable even now as I type this. So if these weapons go down, couldn’t it mean even more work for Hogan who has caught everything thrown his way? My apprehension over stashing Hogan over Booker is that almost every fantasy expert says to grab and hold D. Booker because you never know…
    What do you say after taking into consideration my format – Hogan or Booker to stash on my bench?

  55. Steve says:

    I just sent alshon, rashad jennings, gillisee, and carson palmer for shady & eli…… I an idiot? Please and thanks. Steve

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, you could be if this McCoy injury keeps him out for a while. That will be the determining factor of course. If he continues to dominate you could be ok but if he misses a chunk you’re in trouble.

  56. Rick says:

    Best WR rest of season: Tyrell Williams SD or Sterling Shepard NYG?

  57. Rick says:

    Approached with trade offer for Lamar Miller. I’d like to counter back with a trade involving my Spencer Ware and Sterling Shepard for his Christine Michael or his Doug Baldwin (his only players of value). If he balks, would swapping my Terrelle Pryor for Shepard make the trade bad for me? My RBs are Miller, Gordon, Ware, Ajayi, Dion Lewis. My WRs are Hilton, Fitzgerald, Pryor, Shepard, and Moncrief. Thanks for advice! (12 player Standard)

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t give much more than Ware and Shepard for Baldwin. Ware may have a bit more trade value after this week and his gravy matchup against N.O.

  58. David Vest says:

    Jeff: I hardly use Dev. Parker or M.Floyd. Drop one for Gilisslee in a non ppr

  59. Zach says:

    We must start 3 WR’s, 1 RB and 2 flex’s (R/W and R/W/T) – 12 Team PPR – In First Place*
    My RB: CJA, D. Murray, CMike, D Lewis, D Booker, My WR: DHop, ARob, Marvin Jones, M. Thomas, C. Hogan

    Which option do you prefer below?
    1. I give: DHop + CJA for DJ – (my main concern with DHop is his QB and Fuller taking targets, but he has a nice playoff SOS)
    2. I give: ARob + CJA for DJ – (ARob’s playoff schedule is tough – Vikings/Denver back to back weeks, based on his performance, he looks like he would struggle against tough secondaries)
    3. I give: DHop + CJA for Julio + Fuller
    4. Don’t Do Anything – stay where you’re at… (if I do any of the trades, I’m grabbing C Coleman ASAP off waivers, even though he is on bi-week 2nd rd of playoffs)

    – You, like myself, were a believer in CJA coming into this season… do you still hold strong in him being a RB1 ROS?

    – Any other players I should be looking to move sooner than later?


  60. Z says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Who would you rather start this week in PPR (Olsen is on bi-week) – J. Doyle @ TEN (should get all of TE targets) or C. Brate @ SF (VJax on injured reserve, but he’s seen his targets regress some – still nice matchup for a TE)…

    Also, as a CJA owner – can you tell me why I should roster D. Booker? I know he’s a handcuff if CJA gets injured, which sure can happen. But beyond CJA getting hurt, do you believe he has a good chance of actually becoming the starter and not just in a full on RBBC? My reasoning is that they gave CJA a pretty sizable contract in the off-season for a reason and so I don’t see him ever not being the starter or at the very least in a 50/50 RBBC at any point, making Booker not worth ever starting – additionally, CJA started slow in the past, however it’s important to note that he was injured last year and he’s not this year… at the same time, Kubiak if he loves someone will play them and Booker has been more productive with the work he has received compared to Booker and Booker if he were to become a starter would probably be a #1 RB. What are your thoughts/analysis, should I continue to roster Booker? (we have a shallow bench – 5 spots, so that’s why I ask… I could drop him for C. Coleman or K. Wright, etc. but I know if I drop Booker, he will be picked up ASAP) – all of the experts say if you own CJA, you better also own Booker, so that’s my real apprehension.

    • Jeff says:

      I would start Brate. For Booker, I think it will be shifting into a full RBBC right now and he would be a huge fantasy asset if Anderson goes down. That is about all I know with that situation.

  61. Yariel says:

    Hi Jeff, what type of trade should I be looking to do? 10 team, non-ppr, 2rb, 3wr, 2flx

    Current team
    qb- Stafford
    rb’s- D.Murray, Anderson
    wr’s- Jordy, Hilton, Cooper
    te- Rudolph
    flx’s- Cooks, Howard

    bn- Riddick, Crowder, Booker, D.Henry, Crowder, Dixon, Asiata

    I thought about making an offer for Freeman. What would you say is his current value? Is Cooks and Riddick too much to give? What if I have him do Freeman and Baldwin? What are some other players that are buy lows (not that Freeman is a buy low)?

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldnt move Cooks. I would probably look to move Anderson for a better back. Maybe Anderson and something for Freeman?

  62. David Vest says:

    Jeff: Just a quick opinion—–non ppr and need 2 of these 5 for flex: H.Henry, Snead, Baldwin, Diggs or Ty.Montgomery? With news of Lacy I added Montgomery and thought he may see a lot of touches vs. Bears. Thanks

  63. Jimmy says:

    Hey Jeff, I have a few questions with my lineup below here:
    A) I’m trying to trade for Matt Ryan and Greg Olsen. Who from my lineup would be a good trade for those two?
    B) What do I do with Latavius Murray and Will Fuller? Drop, trade, or keep?
    C) Also, should I keep the rams defense or try to stream every week?
    QB: Stafford
    RBs: D. Murray, Gurley, Crowell, Blount, Lamar Miller, and Latavius Murray
    WRs: Mike Evans, Doug Baldwin, Will Fuller, and Michael Crabtree
    TE: Jordan Reed and Zach Miller
    Thank you a lot!

    • Jeff says:

      A) Probably would need to package Z. Miller and one of your RB since you are thin at WR. Maybe Z. Miller/Blount or Crowell?
      B) Keep Fuller and try and trade Murray if you can get anything at all.
      C) I think you could stream and be just fine.

  64. Andrew says:

    Just offered a huge trade in keeper.

    Trading Allen Robinson and Eddie Lacy for McCoy, Marvin Jones, and Randal Cobb.

    Deal or no deal?

    • Jeff says:

      That will probably help this year, I suppose. Not sure if there are different penalties for keeping each player or limits on how long you can keep them, but I think it’s fair. ARob is probably the top player in the deal though, so if you’re comfortable letting him go then I could see it. My only issue with it is that Cobb isn’t quite worth as much these days but I don’t see a huge issue with the trade.

  65. Z says:

    Jeff – My bad for writting so much, last time I posted… i’ll try to keep this short.
    12 Team PPR – QB: Brady, RB: D Murray, R/W: CJA, WR: DHop, WR: Marvin Jones, WR: ARob, TE: Olsen, R/W/T: CMike, DST: Vikings – Bench: Booker, M Thomas, Hogan, D Lewis, Steelers (dropping this week for a TE – Olsen’s bi)
    1. Should I also drop Booker for J White, C Meredith, K Write, C Coleman, D Henry? (How do you rank em?)
    2. Should I try to trade DHop + CJA for DJ? Or DHop for A Cooper or hold…
    3. I don’t like ARob’s playoff schedule, after next week I hope to sell high, who should I target?
    4. Is M Thomas a starter ROS – allowing me to pair a 2 for 1 involving DHop + ARob or CJA, etc? (Must start 3 WRs)

    • Jeff says:

      1) White, Coleman, Meredith is how I order them
      2) I could do the DJ deal, ya
      3) I wouldnt sell for short of a top tier WR or RB.
      4) Ya, I think you can probably get away with starting him most weeks, especially at home.

  66. David Vest says:

    Need some help in a non ppr. 1) Add Britt or Ty.Montgomery over Enunwa or snead? 2) Need a bench RB badly——Powell, Booker(own CJ Anderson), Dw.Washington or Asiata? Limited bench players in this league. I only have Miller, CJA and Ry.Matthews. Thanks

    • Jeff says:

      1) Dont drop Snead. If you wanna make a move, maybe Enunwa for Britt.
      2) I think Booker is probably worth owning for you. Then Powell and DwWash are the others I like.

  67. Andrew says:

    Someone just dropped Eifert in an 18 team league, tight ends are sparse on the wire. I am using Charles Clay while Ebron is recovering from injury. Would it be smart to pick up Eifert and drop Ebron? Then ride Clay until he’s back.

    I have #1 waiver claim, wondering if I should use that. Right now I am thinking about waiting until waivers clears.

    • Jeff says:

      It definitely involves some risk, but I’d do it. Who knows when he’ll be back but I’d take the gamble in a league that deep.

    • Ben says:

      I am in a 12 man league half ppr. I have Z. Elliot and someone wants to do whatever it takes to trade for him. He offered Brady and CJ. I countered with Brady, Odell, & Gore if he wants Zeke. Would you give up zeke for all three of those guys? The only other descent guy he has is Brandon Marshall. My team is falling to 2-4. What ya think?

  68. Rick says:

    (Standard, 12 player Yahoo League): strong at WR: have Hilton, Fitzgerald, Coates, Pryor, Shepard, Moncrief, Weak at RB: have Miller, Gordon, Ware. Need a third, playable RB for bye weeks 9 and 11. Trying to package Pryor and Shepard, what wuld be realistic RB trade targets? If I upped that to trade Fitzgerald, what would be realistic RB trade targets? Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I would shoot some offers out for Doug Martin. Been hurt plus the bye this week but he has a nice schedule coming up. If you gotta throw in Fitz, do it.

  69. Taz says:

    Just took over a team in 12-tm .5PPR league. Got a trade offer.

    I give: Brady, Brandon Marshall, Lamar Miller
    I get: Carson Palmer, Davonta, Demayrius

    Hate to give up Brady but I think I’d improve at the other positions, though perhaps not by so much. Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I would not do the deal. I think you may already have the WR/RB advantage or at least its close enough that you wouldnt want to drop from Brady to Palmer.

  70. PhillyB says:

    I have McCoy, bell, Lamar Miller, J Stew. I got gillislee as a handcuff, as well as D Henry. Deangelo Williams recently became available. Love to get him also as a handcuff but theres a 6 RB limit in my league. Thinking of dropping gillislee because I have a man crush on Henry. What do you think?

  71. Andy says:

    Two questions:
    1. Thoughts on Winston and Bortles ROS? I have each in separate leagues, just wondering if I’m better off streaming than with these two?
    2. Need 3, who’s the odd man out (full PPR): TY, AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Maclin.


  72. Z says:

    Hi Jeff, In first place and going strong (knock on wood!) – so thanks for helping me get here!

    Team Recap: PPR – 12 Teams

    We start: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (so up to 5 WR’s & 1 RB, or 3 WR & 3 RB, or 2 TE and etc…)

    Regular season standings are only based on total points, head to head are the tie-breaker, I’m in first and ahead by three quarters of week of points – so if I had to, I could play players on bi-week and still stay ahead…

    Every team is allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ or picked up off waivers – in 2017 at no cost, for ONE year. Off-season keeper trades are allowed, so the more keepers the better, because you can trade them for draft picks to teams that don’t have solid keepers.

    Players eligible to be kept in 2017 = *
    QB: Brady*
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB/WR: D. Murray*
    WR: DHop
    WR: ARob
    WR: Marvin Jones*
    TE: G. Olsen
    R/W/T: CMike*
    K: J. Tucker*
    DST: Vikings* (on bi-week)
    Bench: M. Thomas*, D. Lewis*, C. Hogan*, K. Dixon*, C. Meredith*

    – because I’m in first place, I will always be last in waivers every week… so I always need to think about who I should target, before they blow up next week or an injury occurs

    1. With such a short bench, I am not holding two DST’s. Should I drop one of the players and go pick up Steelers @ MIA for this week? –> or…

    2. Should I handcuff some of my players – I own CMike, D. Murray and CJA, T. Rawls, D. Booker and D. Henry are now available on waivers. Should I handcuff any of my RB’s? – now based on roster restrictions, I only really ever need 1 RB, but I also don’t have 5 stud WR’s, so I always want the most optimal line-up in terms of points, even with the flexible roster.

    3. If I should handcuff one of my RB’s, who should I drop – D. Lewis, C. Meredith, both?

    4. C. Coleman is also available right now on waivers, in an ideal world I would be able to wait another 2 weeks and grab Coleman and keep D Lewis, two great stash players for now and next year, but I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to do this, who would you rather have this season and beyond?

    5. Next week G. Olsen is on bi-week, as I stated in the very beginning, because I’m in first place by almost a full weeks worth of points and standings are only based on points, I could afford to just do “okay” this week and next… in other words, don’t go and try to find a bi-week replacement for Vikings (this week) and Olsen (next week). What would you do?

    6. Should I try getting J. Nelson or OBJ for DHop? I was trying to pair up DHop and M. Thomas, but no one was taking that. I could try sweetening the offer even more, but throwing in D. Lewis or K. Dixon + DHop + M. Thomas… What do you think is a fair offer for either one of those guys – or stand pat? I don’t think I have a chance of getting Julio, AJ Green or AB at this point, without giving up too much.


  73. David Vest says:

    Hey Jeff! Need some future roster advice. This is a non ppr! 1) ROS—Ebron or H.Henry? 2) Can you rank these WR’s for ROS: Coates(will probably get added off W/W by someone else tonight), Kerley, Hogan, Enunwa, M.Thomas, Meredith,Woods and Co.Coleman? A couple you really like? 3) I have C.Anderson. Would it be advisable to add Booker or you like B.Powell, Richard or K.Dixon as a ROS add? 4) Lastly I have T.Taylor as backup to Luck. Both Luck & Taylor have week 10 byes. Better to add Wentz over Taylor now for ROS? Thanks for any opinions

  74. Phil says:

    Should I trade CJ Anderson and Stafford for Lamar Miller? I have Brady, so I don’t need Stafford. I’m worried about Booker stealing touches, and Anderson hasn’t looked great.

  75. Andy says:

    Who do you like best as a streaming option today at QB: Anderson, Hoyer, or Lynch? Thanks!

  76. Zach says:

    Who do you think is the better stash and who do you expect to come back sooner? C Coleman or D Lewis
    – for what it’s worth, we must start at least 3 WRs every week (PPR) making them slightly more valuable than normal.
    – Also, week 13 (rd 1) of the playoffs D Murray will be on bi-week
    We start: QB, RB, R/W, WR, WR, WR, T, R/W/T, K, DST
    My Team: QB: Brady, RB: CJA, D Murray, K Dixon, D Washington, D Lewis, WR: DHop, ARob, Marvin Jones, M Thomas, C Hogan, TE: G Olsen, DST: Vikings, K: J Tucker

  77. Drake says:

    Jeff, I just received this trade offer for my Drew Brees and I get Demarco Murray and Emmanuel Sanders. Thoughts?

  78. Drake says:

    Jeff, I just got this trade offer for Demarco Murray and Emmanuel sanders for my Drew Brees. What do you think of it?

  79. Andy says:

    Was offered this trade, thoughts? My initial thoughts are that i love it, but is it too good to be true?
    My Gore and Doug Baldwin for his Lamar Miller


    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I think its a good deal. In package type trades, you always want to be the one getting the best player in the deal and you’re doing that here.

  80. Josh says:

    Hey Jeff I have a trade question for you:

    Trade: Lamar Miller & Latavius Murray

    Receive: Jordy Nelson

    Thanks for the help!

  81. Yariel says:

    Which side?
    I was offered his Olsen and Landry for one of my WRs and Rudolph.
    My current WRs are Jordy, Cooks, Cooper and Hilton. Jordy is obviously no but what about the others? Or would I be better off staying put?

  82. Jason Hall says:

    Would you rather have DeAndre Washington or Wendell Smallwood going forward this year?

  83. Zach says:

    Jeff… Okay help me out here – all of these FFB experts are now saying to go grab D. Washington off waivers ASAP!… because news of L. Murray being doubtful just surfaced.

    Now D Washington is a small RB, so I personally never thought of him as capable of being a 3-down RB, rather I always saw him as a 3rd down pass-catching change of pace kind of RB. I trust you more than most of the “experts” out there, do you believe he’s worth the pick up – even if it means dropping Powell or D. Lewis? If so, of those two who would you let go of for him?

    I do need a PPR flex start this week, either way. But ultimately, I’m playing for the playoffs, in first place and standings are based on total points in regular season, not head to head.

    If I drop D. Lewis, chances are that he will be snatched up by another team to stash, because there are some RB needy teams out there – and I just made everyone aware of his presence all over again by picking him up – I should have probably waited another week, but it’s too late now. So that’s also part of the conundrum, if that makes any sense…


    • Jeff says:

      I think Washington is a good pickup but if you’re concerned with the long term picture more, you could stay put for now. I would say cut Lewis for him but if you’re excited about Lewis’ potential later this year then stick with that plan.

  84. Andy says:

    Thoughts on Devonta Freeman ROS? I might be able to trade for him…currently have Hyde, Gore, Jennings and D.Martin. I’m pretty solid at WR and I’d probably have to give up someone like Doug Baldwin or Jeremy Maclin and maybe one of the RB’s listed above. Full PPR. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I would be ok with moving Baldwin for him. Coleman will always be there and snipe some touches but Freeman should be useable most weeks.

  85. Tim says:

    trade my carlos hyde and b.cooks for their lamar miller and randy cobb??… keep in mind I have dez, demarious, alshon and lacy still.

  86. JJ says:

    Trade my David Johnson and Zach Ertz for Rob Gronkowski, Devonta Freeman, and Terrelle Pryor?

    • Jeff says:

      I think its probably pretty even. I like it but keep in mind that the Gronk situation is dicey right now and you may not have him at full strength for a bit.

  87. Z says:

    12 Team PPR
    As a CMike owner… would you drop T Rawls for D. Lewis?
    – reports are that he is back running again…
    Plus, not sure if it really matters a ton, but D. Lewis would be eligible to be kept next year, where Rawls won’t, because he was drafted prior to RD 5.
    Last question – should I be worried about DHop moving forward? Should I attempt to trade him while he still has name value, maybe try and get Eldeman or someone like that? I’m currently trying to trade him and M. Thomas for OBJ, hoping maybe the OBJ owner is more worried than me – but I doubt they’ll accept it.
    Thanks again!

    • Jeff says:

      I like the OBJ idea but I would keep aiming high like that. With the keeper factor, I think I would pull the trigger on getting Lewis.

  88. Steve says:

    Hey Jeff, what do you think about this trade:

    Receive: Melvin Gordon

    Trade: Blount & Lamar Miller

    Thanks man

    • Jeff says:

      I think you would be selling low on Lamar Miller. I think Gordon is fine and the trade isn’t terrible but I’d prefer the duo.

  89. Zach says:

    Who do you like better this week in my PPR Flex:
    C. Hogan @ CLE
    B. Powell @ PIT
    K. Dixon vs WAS
    D Inman @ OAK


    • Jeff says:

      I think I would roll with Powell. He is getting more run now and they should have to throw against Pittsburgh. All these guys are in the same range though,

  90. dale says:

    Is there a situation where you wouldn’t trade Nuk for ARob, if you could?

  91. David Vest says:

    Jeff: A roster question and then a flex question in a non ppr 10 team. 1) Have ryan Matthews, Sims and Dwayne Washington. Would you drop any of the 3 for B.Powell or K.Dixon? 2) week 5 flex: use Ryan Matthews or Sims or add Enunwa, R.Woods or Dorsett and use that player instead? BTW—-You like Wentz over T.Taylor for ROS? Thanks man

  92. Z says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Need two starters this week (with ARob, CMike and M. Thomas all being on bi-week)…

    Would you suggest I take a chance and play K. Dixon vs. WAS in my R/W/T flex – OR – should I instead play one of the players I get off the waiver wire? (see list below)
    – This week I’m already forced to play one of the WR’s I pick up in place of ARob (because we must start 3 WR’s every week)…
    – I’m also last in waiver priority in a 12 team PPR…

    How do you rank this weeks following waiver wire adds? (PPR)
    C. Hogan @ CLE (Brady time! – but who knows on that offense what that will mean)
    B. Powell @ PIT (not sure he’s a solid play this week, good stash sure… but I need a starter)
    C. Brate @ CAR (could play in my flex over Dixon)
    D. Inman @ OAK (received a lot of targets)
    S. Coates vs NYJ (starting to come on)
    E. Royal @ IND (Hoyer seems to like him)
    T. West vs WAS (I already own K. Dixon)
    D. Sproles @ DET (hard to predict)
    J. Kerley vs ARI (looked good, but is questionable for this week)
    B. Butler vs CIN (supposed to fill in for D. Bryant – getting targets now)
    K Write @ MIA (Miami has a poor secondary)

    As always, thanks!

  93. Andy says:

    Who do you like for rest of season? Bortles or Wentz?

  94. Andrew says:

    Due to committee concerns… who is more valuable, devonta freeman or j charles? I have ware and coleman, thinking about trading freeman for charles

  95. Mike says:

    Need two of Manny Sanders, Maclin, BMarsh…leaning first two.
    Also, Barnidge or Henry? Both PPR.


  96. Jimmy says:

    should I trade brees and Marvin jones for Mike Evans and Demarco Murray? My team currently doesn’t have a lot of WR depth: Baldwin, Travis Benjamin, Marvin Jones, but I do have some RB depth: Gurley, and Miller. Although I am getting two of the best fantasy players at their positions. Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I like the idea. Getting value out of a QB like that is generally a good idea with serviceable guys likely on the wire.

  97. David Vest says:

    Jeff: 1) non ppr 10 team. Which TE for ROS: Witten, Rudolph, Ertz or Eifert? If Eifert I would use #6 w/w on him so I might not get him. 2nd choice if possible? 2) 2nd league and it’s also a non ppr 10 teamer. For week 4 best 2 flex options out of these 4: Sims. Baldwin, Diggs or Dw. Washington? Thanks a lot.

  98. David Vest says:

    Jeff: I’m in a non ppr 10 team. 1) For ROS best TE: Witten, Ertz, Rudolph or Eifert? Eifert will require me using #6 w/w so I might not get him. Your best 2nd choice if possible. 2) second league is also non ppr 10 team. Best 2 flexes out of these 4: Sims, Dw.Washington, Baldwin or Diggs? Thanks alot

  99. Andy says:

    Thoughts on trading for Eddie Lacy? The guy who has him has no RB or WR depth…thinking of offering a WR/RB combo of two of the following: Maclin/Landry and Duke Johnson/Crowell. 1: would you do it and 2: which pair would you offer?

    • Andy says:

      The counter could be (if he won’t trade Lacy) to trade for Forte instead…thoughts on this as a backup plan? Thanks!

      • Jeff says:

        I think trading for Lacy is fine. I do like 2-for-1 deals just about every time, as long as you are receiving the best player in the deal. I think Maclin and Duke is the duo I would offer up.

  100. Z says:

    Jeff, Sorry for blowing up your question page – didn’t get a response to my question below… should I make the trade for G. Olsen? – giving up Shepard… my team and details are below.

    I trust your advice more than all others – good luck this weekend! Thanks again!

  101. Enrique De Rueda says:

    Russell wilson or Andy dalton this week

  102. Mike says:

    Going off of remaining strength of schedule, would you trade AWAY Mike Evans & Tevin Coleman to GET Todd Gurley and Brandon Marshall?

  103. Paulie says:

    I currently have just tannehill as my QB, nobody else. There isn’t anything worth picking up on waivers besides Tyrod Taylor. Should I stream him this week over tannehill? Bengals have been getting lit up but I think Taylor would be better long term. Thanks.

  104. Yariel says:

    Hey, another trade question. Non-ppr

    I give Jordy, Hilton, Tyrell Williams, and Gates

    I get Cooks, Cooper, Fuller, and Delanie

    Should I do that? It addresses my te problem with Gates hurt but am I losing too much on the top end of the deal?

    • Jeff says:

      Ya i think you’re giving up a bit much at the top end like you’re saying. But if your waiver wire doesnt have many TE options, I dont think the deal is too crazy

  105. Z says:

    Also sorry to re-ask this, but should I drop Rawls for K Dixon? (My team is below – I own CMike)… If no one picks Rawls up by next week, I could drop Dalton for him… I think Dixon will be picked up anytime now becausw he’s back at practice. Shallow bench, so there’s a chance no one picks up Rawls right away. Thanks

  106. Z says:

    Was offered Olsen for S Shepard straight up…. do it?
    I’m first trying to counter with JT + M Thomas for Olsen instead…

    Right now John Brown is available on waivers, but to get him I would have to drop Rawls, which is why I’m trying to work a 2 for 1 deal… The thing is because we MUST start 3 WR’s Shepard has a lot of value in terms of depth/bi-weeks. At the same time we can always play 2 TE’s, because of our flex, and Olsen will probably out score him by year end.

    What should I do?

    PPR – 12 Teams
    We start: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (so up to 5 WR’s & 1 RB, or 3 WR & 3 RB, or 2 TE and etc…)
    Very shallow bench
    QB: Dalton
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB/WR: D. Murray
    WR: DHop
    WR: ARob
    WR: Marvin Jones
    TE: E Ebron
    R/W/T: CMike
    K: J. Tucker
    DST: Texans
    Bench: T. Brady, M. Thomas, T. Rawls, Julius Thomas, S Shepard

    Also, do you agree with my lineup for this week (was on the fence about CMike @ NYJ or Shepard vs MIN and which TE)?

    Thanks so much!

  107. David Vest says:

    Non ppr. Which 2 WR’s for week4: M. Floyd, J.Brown, Marshall, Dev. Parker or M.Wallace? Your opinion on Dw. Washington for ROS in same non ppr? THanks alot

    • Jeff says:

      Still early, but I think Marshall and Wallace right now. And I think Washington may get a larger role as the season progresses if Riddick keeps sucking between the tackles. He should get goal line work at a minimum but I think he has a shot to contribute in fantasy for sure

  108. Andrew says:

    In keeper league, who is the most droppable this year… A Gates, T Lockett, or S Ware? I am a contender.

    • Jeff says:

      I think gates is probably the drop in a keeper league. As long as you’ve got another TE to play. I have Gates in my main keeper as well and I am torn on cutting him but old dudes and bad hamstrings are no bueno

  109. Z says:

    I have CMike, with T. Rawls now dealing with another injury, should I consider dropping him or stash him for the second half of the year?

    I’m also debating trying to move them as a pair if possible, because I have a feeling when/if Rawls does come back it will be a full on RBBC ROS… then again, I’m not sure if that’s the case because the coach does tend to lean on one RB for the most part.

    What’s your take on how to manage this situation moving forward?

    Do you still feel D. Murray is a good sell-high? Or should I keep him for the long haul?

    I’m also leaning towards trying to sell ARob after next week’s game against the Colts. Jacksonville’s schedule during the playoffs is scary… if he does blow up this next weekend (he better, it’s the Colts!), I’m thinking of maybe pairing him with Rawls/CMike and trying to get David Johnson if possible… the guy with DJ lost K. Allen, R. Mathews and his other WR’s are busting big time – he’s desperate for WR help, so he may be willing to part with DJ… Especially, because we MUST start 3 WR… What do you think?


    • Z says:

      Jeff, Sorry – I also wanted to ask how you rank these waiver wire pickups: (FYI: JT my starting TE is on bi-week, week 5)
      E. Ebron
      K. Rudolph
      J. Howard
      C. Brate
      John Brown
      K. Dixon
      K. Drake

      PPR – 12 Teams
      We start a QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (so up to 5 WR’s & 1 RB, or 3 WR & 3 RB, or 2 TE and etc…)
      Very shallow bench
      Every team is allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ or picked up off waivers – for 1 year at no cost (first year for this league)
      QB: Dalton
      RB: CJ Anderson
      RB/WR: D. Murray
      WR: DHop
      WR: ARob
      WR: Marvin Jones
      TE: Julius Thomas
      R/W/T: T. Shepard
      K: J. Tucker
      DST: Texans
      Bench: T. Brady, M. Thomas, T. Rawls, D. Booker, C. Mike

      Thanks again!

    • Jeff says:

      I think Rawls could still factor in. I would wait until after their Week 5 bye to make the call if possible. I would not sell Murray or ARob right now, but would try something for that desperate owner if you can. If getting DJ takes Murray, then I’d do it however. For waivers, I like Howard, Brown, Dixon, Ebron best.

  110. Felipe says:

    Half point PPR

    So here’s the skinny. I just scooped up Dewayne Washington. I’m thinking of grabbing either Jordan Howard or Philip Dorsett but I’d have to drop Washington. I currently have LeVeon Bell, lesean McCoy, Lamar Miller, McKinnon at RB. WR: Landry, Demaryius, Snead, Crabtree, Josh Gordon and Fuller.
    Stand Pat with Washington or grab either Dorsett or Howard?


    • Jeff says:

      I think Washington and Howard are both guys with potential. It doesnt look like you’d start Dorsett much. I think I would either stick with Washington or cut him for Howard. I think Howard may have the most upside I would take a stab with him and see what happens there

  111. Z says:

    Hi Jeff,
    PPR – not starting out so well… Started DHop and HOU D, so I need to do my best to dig back out.
    Dalton/Brady are my QBs and with Dalton playing DEN, thinking I should pick up and play one of the following QBs instead, who do you like most?
    Flaco @ JAC (could be bounce back for JAC D that’s better than most think)
    D Prescott vs CHI (eh, maybe – I just hate Dallas lol)
    T Taylor vs ARI (tough matchup and new OC)

    Also, who do you like more CMike vs SF or S Shepard vs WAS?


    • Jeff says:

      I like C-Mike of those two this week. As for QB, I think Dak is probably the best bet of those guys with everyone on Chicago’s D hurt right now.

  112. Brian says:

    Would you start Riddick or Ryan Mathews in Standard League?

  113. Peter says:

    who to bench week 3? AJ Green, Jeremy Maclin, Stefon Diggs, Marvin Jones

  114. Peter says:

    Who should I bench week 3? A.J. Green, Jeremy Maclin, Stefon Diggs, Marvin Jones

  115. Dylan says:

    Hello writers,
    Standard 10 team non ppr. (Play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1W/R, 1TE) Trying to broker a trade to improve at wr. Being greedy, I missed Josh Gordon in the draft and would still like to roster him. My (skill) roster:
    QB: T. Brady, E. Manning
    RB: L. Bell, L. McCoy, E. Lacy, T. Coleman, K. Dixon
    WR: D. Jackson, R. Cobb, M. Wallace, T. Benjamin, M. Crabtree
    TE: Gronk
    His roster:
    QB: A. Rodgers, T. Taylor
    RB: D. Murray, L. Blount, D. Henry, L. Murray,
    WR: A. Brown, M. Floyd, J. Maclin, J. Gordon,
    TE: C. Fleener, J. James, J. Tamme
    I already proposed a Crabtree–Gordon trade that was rejected. Do you see any way to sweeten the pot without venturing into insanity? Or should I forget in all together? Another trade I have considered is to a different team who is WR rich and shown interest in QB is Eli–J. Matthews after Brady is back.
    Thank you for your opinion!

    • Jeff says:

      I think the Eli-J. Matthews deal looks pretty good to me. I am a Josh Gordon fan as well, but there is SO much uncertainty around him now that they are starting a third-string rookie at QB.

  116. Steve says:

    giving: Maclin & Ivory getting: Dwayne Allen, Tevin Coleman, & Donte Moncrief? yay or nay?

    14 team non-PPR

  117. Yariel says:

    10 team non ppr skill positions (2rb, 3 wr, 2w/r/t)

    I was offered his Cooks and Hill for my Anderson.

    My team
    rb1 Gurley
    rb2 Anderson
    wr1 Jordy
    wr2 Alshon
    wr3 Hilton
    flx 1 Floyd
    flx2 Riddick

    bn Crowder, Williams (SD), Booker, Thomas (NO), Sproles, Torrey

    Based on my team would you do it? Is Hill a buy low or just avoid?

    Thanks in advance.

  118. Z says:

    So who do you like me dropping D. Booker for most from the guys below?

    (So I was able to get C Mike, but missed on all of my other top guys – see my question below for team/league details)

    K. Rudolph (I like what S. Bradford brings)
    C. Walford (Great QB, but not the only TE)
    D. Allen
    C. Artis-Payne
    D. Washington (A. Abdullah is now on injured reserve)
    Kenyan Drake (could be a sleeper, has good size)
    E. Rodgers
    J. Brown

    Also, what kind of value do you think I should expect in return for D. Murray?

    Do you think D. Murray or S. Shepard are a good sell-high right now or hold?

    Thanks again!

  119. Z says:

    Hi Jeff, I hope you’re leading all of your fantasy leagues right now!

    Just to recap – 12 Team PPR
    We start a QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (so up to 5 WR’s & 1 RB, or 3 WR & 3 RB, or 2 TE and etc.)
    Very shallow bench
    Every team is allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ or picked up off waivers – for 1 year at no cost (first year for this league)
    My Roster: (* = eligible to be kept in 2017)
    QB: Dalton*
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB/WR: D. Murray*
    WR: DHop
    WR: ARob
    WR: Marvin Jones*
    TE: Julius Thomas*
    R/W/T: T. Shepard*
    K: J. Tucker
    DST: Texans
    Bench: T. Brady*, M. Thomas*, T. Rawls, D. Booker*, B. Powell*

    Please also note: during the regular season, standings are 100% based on score. Head to Head is only used during the playoffs or if there is a tie. Also, playoffs begin week 13 (CLE and TEN are on bi-week).

    So I’m letting go of Powell because I believe at this point he’s only a handcuff… this is the order in which I’m ranking my waivers, do you agree – would you rank it differently?

    1. C. Sims (had no idea he was even out there! – would have grabbed him before if I did)
    2. D. Pitta (as long as he’s healthy he looks legit, plus with us being able to play 2 TE’s, he helps me get through some of the bi-week conundrums while, giving me a TE to play if JT goes down)
    3. C. Michael (I own Rawls!)
    4. J. McKinnon (not a big fan, but you never know)
    5. Q. Enunwa (looks legit, plays the TE for his team)
    6. J. Ajayi
    7. K. Rudolph (I like what S. Bradford brings)
    8. Kenyan Drake (could be a sleeper, has good size)
    9. C. Walford
    10. J. Tamme
    11. R. Tannehill (Dalton is playing DENVER!)
    12. F. Whittaker
    13. M. Asiata
    14. C. Artis-Payne

    Should I also consider dropping D. Booker, based on all of the upside players available on waivers (due to how small of a bench every team has)?

    Also – again, Dalton is playing Denver… but there are no roster restrictions, so I can also drop a player and keep Dalton, Brady and Tannehill on my roster. If possible, please let me know how you would approach this?

    Thanks a ton!

  120. David says:

    Thanks for taking my question. (I do follow you on Twitter BTW)

    Here it is: 6 players 5 spots… who do I SIT (the other 5 will start)
    2RB 2WR 1flex (not a ppr league)

    The choices are:
    RB: L. Miller, T. Rawls, S. Ware
    WR: AJ Green, B. Cooks, W. Sneed
    If you can explain why you picked who you did that would be a nice bonus.

    I appreciate your time.

    • Jeff says:

      I would sit rawls this week. I expect him to be reliable in coming weeks but they still may work Michael in some this week against the Rams.

  121. Mike says:

    PPR; Hill, Blount, Abdullah, Duke? Leaning Blount just off of volume. Thoughts? Thanks.

  122. asmaha says:

    Brady’s my QB and I drafted Tyrod Taylor late to get me through the first 4 weeks. Do I cut bait on Taylor and instead look to stream QBs the next 3 weeks? Available are Alex Smith, Tannehill, Cutler, Flacco, Osweiler, Garoppolo, Wentz and Siemian.

  123. Philly B says:

    Do you think it would be smart to sell high on Spencer Ware? Huge game and will start at least another week but eventually, Charles will come back and will be a RBBC. I have LeVeon Bell, LeSean McCoy, Lamar Miller and Jeremy Langford already, so I’m deep there. I need a QB, only have Dak Prescott and just picked up Mariotta. I verbally offered Prescott and Ware for Russell Wilson, since he’s thin at RB and also has Jameis Winston, he’s highly considering it. You think it would be a good move? Thanks.
    PS- PPR League

  124. T says:

    I am in a standard 12 team league, not ppr. I received a trade request for me to trade LeSean McCoy for DeMarco Murray and Isaiah Crowell, is this a good or bad trade?

  125. Z says:

    Just to recap – 12 Team PPR
    – We start a QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST – so up to 5 WR’s & 1 RB or 3 WR & 3 RB, or 2 TE and etc.
    Very shallow bench
    Every team is allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ _for 1 year at no cost (first year for this league)
    My Roster: (* = eligible to be kept in 2017)
    QB: Dalton*
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB/WR: D. Murray*
    WR: DHop
    WR: ARob
    WR: Marvin Jones*
    TE: Julius Thomas*
    R/W/T: T. Rawls
    K & DST: doesn’t matter…
    Bench: T. Brady*, M. Thomas*, S. Shepard*, D. Booker*, B. Powell*

    1. So I know most will say “it’s only week 1, relax…” – in fact, I’m a lot of the time one of the people saying that… But I have to say, the chemistry between Fuller and Osweiler was strong in pre-season and even then Fuller looked legit. I believe what they have will continue and Fuller could seriously be a top 10 WR this year in PPR (crazier things have happened!). My concern is that DHop isn’t getting the same attention he got last year, which granted can happen with more mouths to feed. With that said – should I consider moving DHop? Maybe not right away – wait until he blows up, but I honestly am thinking of trading DHop and Shepard for AJ Green and one of his other players… AJ Green also has a better schedule down the stretch. I regret taking DHop over Green, based on the targets Green will get and his schedule, he looks like he can def be the #1 WR after AB.

    2. Speaking of Fuller – he’s eligible to be kept for 2017, and I believe he looks like the REAL deal. Should I consider going all in now (while the owner may be second guessing him because he’s a rookie/first game, etc.) and trading my D. Murray for him? Again with our roster, we only really ever need 1 RB. PLUS – with our playoffs starting week 13 and TEN being on bi-week, I need to unload Murray at some point during the regular season prior to playoffs – I’m also slightly concerned about D. Henry at some point taking touches away and it becoming a full RBBC. If I did it, one of my concerns would be having DHop and Fuller, so if I did do it – I would also want to trade DHop. What are your thoughts?

    3. Start Rawls this week?

    4. Anyone I should drop on my team for T. Riddick, E. Rodgers, J. Doyle – If so who – Powell? and what order would you put my waiver wire? With such short benches, everyone in this league is probably going to have to be open to trading, so even if I don’t need them now, if they have value it’s worth it to own them, which is why I’m not sure Powell is worth it – Forte looked solid this past weekend.


    • Z says:

      Sorry – forgot to mention, E. Ebron is also available on waivers… not a big fan of him, feel like he doesn’t have a very high ceiling, but I know a lot of folks dig his potential, figured he’s worth mentioning.

    • Jeff says:

      1. if you can get Green then go for it
      2. I think I’d hold Murray but dont think its too wild
      3. Probably not
      4. Maybe Powell for E. Rogers

  126. Jay says:

    12 team, half-point PPR league w/ $100 FAAB budget – surprisingly both Diggs and Snead were dropped before kickoff. How much of FAAB budget would you spend for each?

  127. Mike says:

    2 Deep PPR leagues:

    1. In flex; Deandre Washington at NO or Travis Benjamin at KC.

    2. Also bench Jeremy Hill at PIT for one of Duke at PHI, Abdullah at IND or Blount at ARI?


  128. Nick says:

    12 team 0.5 ppr. Would you hang onto Funchess after his dud on Thursday night? Or would you take a chance with Eli Rogers, Tyler Boyd or Mike Wallace. My other WR are ODB, Moncrief, Hurns, Coleman and Sharpe. We can start up to 5 WR each week.


  129. PhillyB says:

    .5 PPR League: I got Michael Crabtree as my Flex, should I leave him there? I currently have Landry and Watkins as my starting WR’s. I also have Christine Michael and Snead on my bench. So I guess pick 2 WR and 1 flex. Thanks.

  130. B.J. says:

    Hey fellas,

    The season is upon us and I just received an interesting trade offer in my 12 Team Non-PPR league. I would give up Justin Forsett (currently my RB4) to get Sterling Shepard (he’d become my WR3 until Gordon gets back). I like Forsett and feel like he offered great value where I took him in the draft, but the more I think about it the more I’d like to avoid the Baltimore backfield clusterf**k.

    Also this same guy has expressed interest in Theo Riddick. Should I do counter with Riddick for Shepard or should I take the offer as it is?

    My team
    QB- R. Wilson WR- Jeffery, Moncrief, Wheaton
    RB- Gurley, McCoy Flex- Gore
    TE- Ertz K- Hauschka DEF- Jets

    Bench- J. Gordon, Carr, Forsett, B. Powell, W. Fuller, T. Riddick

  131. Mike says:

    PPR flex question: Em Sanders vs CAR, Duke at PHI or Abdullah at IND? Thanks.

  132. Z says:

    So being that I’m not dropping Powell for C. Michael – who do you advise I start this week?
    T. Rawls (listed second on depth chart and coach said “they’re treating this game like Rawl’s second preseason game” = 7 carries maybe?) vs. MIA (horrible run D!)
    B. Powell vs. CIN (good run D and Forte should get the bulk)
    S. Shepard @ DAL (Unsure yet about him and I think that Manning is going to be sacked a lot)
    M. Thomas vs. OAK (Again, just unsure about him – need to see some games first)


    • Jeff says:

      I think I’d go with Rawls still. He should still be involved and can work on Miami’s D. If you want less risk, I think Powell is a fine play as well.

  133. asmaha says:

    Game on. Woooooo!!

    12 team PPR looking for end of bench advice.

    RBs on my team: Ingram, LMurray, TJ Yeldon, CMichael, McKinnon.
    FA options I could pick up: Rob Kelley, CWest, Booker, Spiller, DWashington, Draughn

    Sit tight or make a change?

  134. Z says:

    Have to ask again – because thing’s have slightly changed since we last spoke…

    Week 1 Starting Roster:
    QB: Dalton
    RB: CJ Anderson
    RB/WR: T. Rawls <— not listed as the starter!*
    WR: DHop
    WR: ARob
    WR: Marvin Jones
    TE: J Thomas
    R/W/T: D. Murray
    K: J Hunter
    DST: Texans
    Bench: T. Brady, S. Shepard, M. Thomas, B. Powell, D. Booker

    ALSO FYI – we’re allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ or picked up off waivers for 1 year at no cost (this is the first year of the league)… So I don’t want to drop M. Thomas or D. Booker, because they could be great keepers for 2017 and/or handcuffs to major starters on my team.

    Notice that we must start 3 WR’s and also that I have a R/W/T and R/W flex – so I can go 1 RB and 5 WR or 3 WR and 3 RB or 2 TE and etc… (lots of roster options)

    Should I drop B. Powell for C. Michael?
    (Michael is now listed as the starter, but I have gone down the C. Michael rabbit hole before! – however he does look legit)

    Another option is that I drop B. Powell for R. Kelley?
    – who also could start, and actually be a decent keeper as well…

    B. Powell could be great value – especially if Forte goes down, but I feel like he could always be in a RBBC with no more than flex/RB3 value – HOWEVER, I also hate to not get anything in return for him and leave him for the Forte owner to grab – who at the moment isn’t interested in trading with me… What should I do? – week 1 is now…

    • Jeff says:

      I would stay put. I like Powell this year and as a Seattle resident who watches the Seahawks closely, I firmly believe that Rawls will be the lead dog there this year. I think your roster looks pretty damn good right now.

  135. Paco says:

    PPR league
    This guy outbid me for Derrick Henry then has the nerve to cut him right after the draft smh…
    Obviously, I want him. I have Devonte Freeman handcuffed with Tevin Coleman but I’d be willing to drop Coleman for Henry. I do have other guys I could cut such as Winston, Dak Prescott( I have Luck) and Christine Michael. Who should I cut for Henry and since we have $100 to use towards FA’s, how much is a safe amount to secretly bid for Henry? I’m thinking between $9-$12.

    • Jeff says:

      Unless its a 2QB or superflex league, I would cut one of those backup QBs loose for Henry.

      As for your bid, I cant really say without knowing what guys usually spend in your league, but I would be sure to add a few extra bucks on top to make sure you land him.

  136. Barry says:

    I am in a 12 team PPR Keeper League. We keep two people. My keepers are Andrew Luck and Allen Robinson. After removing all the other keepers from your PPR Tier Ranking Spreadsheet, here is a list of the top players from RB, WR and TE. I have the 4th pick in the draft….. Who should I take?

    Ezekiel Elliott
    Devonta Freeman
    LeSean McCoy
    C.J. Anderson
    Dez Bryant
    Brandon Marshall
    Alshon Jeffery
    Keenan Allen
    Jarvis Landry (You have him ranked quite a bit lower but I really like him this year…. am I wrong?)
    Jordan Reed
    Coby Fleener
    Delanie Walker

    My top 4 are as follows, in this order:
    Ezekiel Elliott
    Devonta Freeman
    Keenan Allen
    Brandon Marshall

  137. Taz says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for answering my question yesterday. Another trade offer in the same league (12 team PPR, 2 RB/3 WR/1 TE/1 Flex): my Jordan Reed for his Theo Riddick. I have Dwayne Allen who I would start. Given my lack of RB/Flex depth (Rawls and James White starting, rotation at Flex, bench mostly of fliers) is that worth it for me? And if not, would it be better if he included Travis Benjamin?

    Thank you!

  138. Taz says:

    Hi there, trade question:

    12 team PPR. 2RB/3WR/1Flex. My WRs are AJ Green, Cooks, and Dez. My RBs are Rawls and James White (Lewis in IR slot). My flex is going to be whoever emerges as playable from: Draughn, Funchess, Dwayne Allen, Jamison Crowder, maybe Prosise, maybe Kenneth Dixon or Jordan Howard.

    I’ve been offered to trade one of my WRs (Dez or Cooks) for Jonathan Stewart plus either Golden Tate or Maclin.

    My questions are:

    Should I do this trade?
    If so, which WR should I give and take?

    (I know there are rankings, but I feel like there’s very little separation in each group.)

    Thank you kindly!

    • Jeff says:

      I think Cooks for Tate/Stewart is probably somewhat fair, but I generally dont like being the one giving up the best player in a trade. I think I would try and see how long I could get with those current RBs before making a deal like this. Something of this sort will always be available.

  139. Nick says:

    12 tm 0.5 ppr. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex and 1 Superflex.

    My current roster is
    QB – Rivers, Mariota, Taylor
    RB – Anderson, Hill, Woodhead, Jennings, Sims, Henry
    WR – ODB, Moncrief, Hurns, Coleman, Sharpe, Funchess
    TE – Gates

    With the news in Baltimore, would you drop anyone for Dixon? West and Allen are already owned?


  140. Paul says:

    Jeff, I’m disappointed to hear you’re’ not doing the Streaming Defenses column this year.
    You converted me two years ago and with the help of your analysis we hammered it. My league mates thought I was a savant.
    2 question please…
    12 Team Standard scoring I have

    K. Cousins
    D. Bryant, K. Allen, De. Jackson, M. Wallace, K. Stills
    D. Johnson (Ari) J. Stewart, M. Gordon, C. Sims, S. Ware, C. Michael, T. West
    D. Walker
    J. Tucker

    Who would you drop for a defense before week 1?

    I was thing about picking up Tajae Sharpe (The thought of a having a team’s #1 receiver is enticing)

    Thank You, I look forward to another season of fun reading.

    • Jeff says:

      I think either Michael or Stills gets the boot for the defense. Probably Stills. And if you’re dying to go after Sharpe, I’d probably cut Michael for him since you’re pretty set at RB.

  141. Mike says:

    Need to drop one for a Kicker (PPR):

    Garcon, DGB, CThompson, Eli Rogers

  142. Andy says:

    Are you guys going to do an article on good streaming defenses to target? I think I remember you doing one in years past. Thanks!

  143. Steve says:

    would you do this trade?

    I give up: Alshon Jeffrey and Carson Palmer
    I get: Leveon Bell and Brock Osweiler

    Current roster:
    QB: Palmer
    RB: Charles, Ingram, Jennings, Ivory, Vereen, Starks
    WR: Jeffrey, Maclin, Michael Floyd, Marvin Jones, Coates
    TE: Gates

  144. Collin says:

    Went heavy WR in my half-PPR 12 team auction draft. At RB, I ended up with: Jeremy Hill, Jeremy Langford, Melvin Gordon, Charles Sims, Jay Ajayi, and Tevin Coleman. I wanted Gio Bernard but he got too expensive and I passed on him. The person who took him also took Doug Martin. Would you advise trying to flip Sims for Gio?

    • Jeff says:

      I love teams that are WR-heavy and have these type of RB’s. This is kind of how most of my teams are shaping up this year. I have no problem with that trade if you’re into it.

  145. Mungfisher says:

    So, who would you drop: Torrey Smith or Tyler Boyd? I need to pick up a kicker. 12 team league, PPR. QB-2RB-3WR-1Te-1RB/WR/TE-K-DEF. Roster is as follows:

    Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson, Theo Riddick, DeAndre Washington, Devante Booker
    Antonio, Demaryius, Decker, Crabtree, Tajae Sharpe, Torrey Smith, Tyler Boyd
    Jared Cook, Vance McDonald

    I think Boyd has more upside but I’d like some reliability on my bench. Don’t know that Sharpe and Boyd fit the bill, but I want to hang on to Sharpe (potential keeper value).

  146. PhillyBee says:

    I currently have Ajayi and Terrelle Pryor stashed away.
    I’m thinking of dropping one of them or both for Will Fuller and Tevin Coleman.

    Which of these 2 should I keep? PPR league.


    • Jeff says:

      Not sure how deep the league is, but I think I would hold Ajayi for the time being and drop Pryor for Coleman, depending on what positions you look thin at.

  147. Shaun says:

    What’s up guys! What do you guys thing?

    PPR, 12 team, 6pt TD scoring

    QB-Big Ben, Fitzpatrick
    RB-Gurley, McCoy, Forsett, Riddick
    WR-B.Marshall, K.Benjamin, Funchess, Dorsett, D.Parker, Wheaton
    K- Didn’t draft
    DEF- Packers

    • Jeff says:

      I think it looks solid. I would’ve gone with another WR where you took Kelce most likely, but the WR you have are all ones I like for sure and your RBs are looking nice.

  148. B.J. says:

    Hey boys,

    I just finished my draft and I think I like it, but I have a weird feeling that I just can’t shake. This is a 12 team Non-PPR league and I had the 4th pick.

    QB- R. Wilson WR- Jeffery, Moncrief, Wheaton (until Gordon gets back)
    RB- Gurley, McCoy Flex- Gore TE- Ertz
    K- Hauschka DEF- Jets (I plan on streaming)

    Bench- D. Carr, Forsett, J. Gordon, B. Powell, T. Riddick, W. Fuller

    What do you think?

    • Jeff says:

      I think it looks just fine. WR are a little thin for my liking, but you can probably get away with that in standard.

  149. Steve C says:

    Hope you had a great summer. Fun time again. Can keep one and you can keep the same keeper year to year but every year the keeper if the same will go up a round. I can keep one of these.



    RAWLS RD 8


    Thank you Steve C

    • Jeff says:

      I would go with CJ Anderson. They are all in the same area round-wise, so I’d go with the best option for 2016 and I think that is Anderson.

  150. Brook says:

    12 Team PPR league with up to two keepers, must be different positions if you keep 2. my choices are K Benjamin at a 10th round cost or D Green-Beckham at a 16th, and then either Doug Martin at a 5th round cost or J Langford at an 11th round cost. who do you keep?

    • Jeff says:

      I think I would roll with Langford and Benjamin. Langford is a little riskier but the six round difference over Martin swings it for me.

  151. Ed says:

    Need to pick up a kicker. Who should I drop in a 12 man 0.5 PPR league, Christine Michael or James White? Other RBs are Frank Gore, Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead, and Arian Foster.

    • Jeff says:

      I would wait right up until week 1 to do this if possible. That may help clear up the picture a little better. If you HAVE to do it now, I’d cut Michael.

  152. Andy says:

    10 team league where we can keep 5 players indefinitely.

    Outside of Ezekiel… who are the best long-term options that are likely available in this years draft? Either they are rookies, were injured last year, underperformed, or just have not been hyped up. I snagged Allen Robinson last year and now he’s part of my core, trying to repeat trend.

    Some rookies I’m looking at include Sterling Shepard, Kevin White, Corey Coleman, Derick Henry….. haven’t heard as much buzz about Doctson and Treadwell.

    And then second year like Melvin Gordon bouncing back, Devante Parker, Tevin Coleman, Tyler Lockett.

    • Jeff says:

      This is nearly impossible to answer without seeing the available player pool, but I think the targets you have listed are pretty good. Maybe a Phillip Dorsett type? I also like Tyler Boyd quite a bit among the rookies.

  153. John says:

    Please help. Auction Keeper question.
    Some background:-
    – 12 Team PPR $200 Auction keeper league.
    – We start – 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, K/DST with 7 bench spots.
    – We can keep up to 2 players. Which 2 of these should i keep?
    Julio Jones – $61
    Mike Evans – $44
    Brandon Marshall – $26
    Josh Gordon – $7
    Jeremy Langford – $7
    Thanks for the help.

    • Jeff says:

      Ok, I think it sort of depends on how much the top guys usually go for in your league. If top guys go for more than $61 generally, I think I would keep Julio and Marshall. If $61 seems a bit high for Julio, then I would keep Marshall and Langford. Maybe you could even snag Julio back for around $61 and have all three anyway.

      • John says:

        Thanks for the response! I think the top players will go between $55 – $65 depending on scarcity. At the moment i think the only elite wrs that may not be kept are AB and Dez so if Julio is out there i think he will be more than $61 since there arent that many upper echelon WRs available. With that said, does it make even more sense to keep Julio/Marshall and hope to land Langford for around $15 – 20? I would rather miss out on langford than Julio.

  154. Z says:

    Hey Jeff, sorry I missed that this V. Green is available… went un-drafted. Kubiak LOVES his TE’s, should I consider dropping B. Powell for him? He’s looked great in pre-season thus far, nice sleeper TE. Again, we’re only allowed 5 bench spots, T. Brady, D. Booker, S. Shepard, M. Thomas are taking up those spots…

    • Jeff says:

      I think the only move I may consider is Booker for Ebron, but I think the team looks good as is. I think Ebron is the best bet on the wire.

      • Z says:

        So I know you said to hold tight – I just want to make sure you saw that I also listed Christine Michael as being available on waivers… Now I have gone down the C. Michael road one too many times in the past, but being that I have T. Rawls on my squad and I need him to perform, should I consider dropping Powel to handcuff him with C. Michael?

        Waivers open tomorrow – so if I’m going to make a move, it has to be tonight. There’s a pretty good chance that people pick up Sharpe, C. Michael off waivers, just because some people do have unnecessary players on their team (extra QB’s or players they didn’t mean to draft, and there has been a lot of buzz on C. Michael and Sharpe by fantasy analyst…

        Thanks again!

  155. Z says:

    Just finished drafting last night…
    Starting Roster: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (5 bench spots allowed – with no roster restrictions)
    Every team is allowed 2 keepers – the player must be drafted RD 5 and up, they can be kept one year at no cost
    1. DHop
    2. ARob
    3. CJ Anderson
    4. T. Rawls
    5. D. Murray
    6. M. Jones
    7. T. Brady (last remaining QB in the good with upside tier, even Palmer was gone 2 rounds earlier!)
    8. S. Shepard
    9. J. Thomas
    10. M. Thomas
    11. B. Powell
    12. A. Dalton (wanted K. Cousins – but he and every other QB were gone by now)
    13. D. Booker
    14. Texans
    15. J. Tucker

    I wanted K. White and J. Gordon, but they went before I had a chance to grab them. I’m slightly concerned about T. Brady’s schedule, according to one site he has the most difficult SOS of all QB’s. I feel like my RB’s are decent enough and WR’s are decent and have upside, my TE on the other hand is weak, but we’ll see if JT can put it together in the short game. If I were to try and upgrade anything at this point it would be TE, but I don’t think it’s urgent or NEEDs to be done right now.

    Your thoughts on how I did – area’s to improve?

    Players available on Waivers are:
    QB: Cutler, RG3 – everyone else is ehh…
    RB: S. Vereen, C. Michael, C. Artis-Payne, C. Thompson, D. Washington, C.J. Prosise, J. McKinnon,
    WR: T. Williams, W. Fuller, T. Sharpe, K. Stills, R. Mathews, J. Doctson, A. Boldin,
    TE: E. Ebron, K. Rudolph, V. McDonald, W. Tye, J. Cameron,

    Because of the lack of bench space, the only player I might be willing to drop is B. Powell, who for now I think is better to hold onto than drop for any of these players. I love T. Sharpe’s upside and I will eventually need a #2 TE unless I trade mine for someone else’s that has already played by the time my JT’s bi-week comes along, but I figured I’ll wait and see how these players do the first 3 weeks and decide then. Your thoughts?

  156. Taz says:

    Just lost Dion Lewis. I’ve been offered the following trade: My Brandin Cooks for his Doug Martin and Travis Benjamin.

    Some background: 12 team PPR. 2RB/3WR/1Flex. My top two WRs are AJ Green and Dez. My other RB is Rawls. My flex is basically going to be a rotation and I do have James White.

    Basically, it comes down to which lineup is better: Cooks/White/Flex of the Week -or- Benjamin/Martin/White

    (Some potential flex plays: Draughn, Funchess, Dwayne Allen, Jamison Crowder, maybe Prosise if he emerges for PPR.)

    Thank you kindly!

    • Jeff says:

      I would decline and hold onto Cooks. I think White could be decent in PPR for you and Cooks is pretty valuable when you’re starting 3WR.

      • John says:

        Please help. Auction Keeper question.
        Some background:-
        – 12 Team PPR $200 Auction keeper league.
        – We start – 1QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, K/DST with 7 bench spots.
        – We can keep up to 2 players. Which 2 of these should i keep?

        Julio Jones – $61
        Mike Evans – $44
        Brandon Marshall – $26
        Josh Gordon – $7
        Jeremy Langford – $7

        Thanks for the help.

  157. Zach says:

    Jeff, you’re really good at what you do – thanks again for talking me into sticking with my gut last year and reaching for DHop in the 2nd… it for sure helped me win my league.

    Draft prep time
    – 12 teams (first year in this new format)
    – Full PPR with bonus points for big plays
    – Starting roster is: QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST (YES – we can play 1 RB and 5 WR’s!)
    – Each team is allowed to keep 2 players drafted round 5 and up or picked up off waivers for one year at no cost. First year, so no keepers this time around.

    Okay so I’m picking #6 this year and based on my mock drafts this is what I’m looking at in terms of players round by round…

    Round 1:
    T. Gurley, D. Johnson, D. Hop – I could also consider reaching for L. Miller or L. Bell… my first thought is to take Gurley or D. Hop… and D. Johnson, in that order of priority, but it will be decided for me. I know it’s crazy to reach for Miller, but I think he could easily be the #1 RB this year and L. Bell could have his suspension over-turned, even if he doesn’t I could grab DWilly in the 6th and be covered until he comes back… Am I crazy to reach for Bell at #6 over the top 3 listed above? Am I alone in being concerned about Gurley and the B. Cunningham impact – let alone that O-Line. D. Johnson looks awesome, but he didn’t blow up until CJ2K was injured, why does everyone automatically assume he won’t be in a RBBC, knowing that coach’s history with RB’s? I HATE Ez-E, people taking him that early in my opinion are missing out on proven talent, every year it’s the same thing – “the next AP” blah blah blah… no thanks!

    Round 2:
    If I take a RB in the first round, I’ll 100% take the best WR, because with everyone needing 3 WR’s, there will be an early run on the position. Most likely, I’ll be looking at taking: J. Nelson, BMarsh, K. Allen, A. Jeffrey, that’s how I rank those that have a chance of still being there – if these WR’s are gone, it means another stud RB is available, who I’ll most likely be taking – considering A. Cooper, and TY Hilton there, but I just don’t know about taking them that early…

    This is really where the dilemma between RD 1 and 2 begins… I actually kind of like taking D. Hop if he falls to me at #6, because there are still a lot of good RB’s in round 2 (i.e. Lacy, JC, Bell – sometimes*, Freeman, McCoy and D. Martin)… I also like CJ Anderson as a bounce back in round 3. We only really need 1 staring RB, so I’m not too pressed on it. I could consider going WR through the first 3 rounds or possibly even Reed in the 3rd, which I know is early – but he’s beast and it means I can grab other WR’s later when people are reaching for TE’s in the 6th/7th.

    WR’s I really like this year that I’m trying to get on my team (in the keeper rounds): M. Floyd, J. Gordon, K. White, M. Jones, T. Lockett, Crabtree, M. Thomas (*** I’m considering reaching for him as early as Round 7, I think he will be beast and a great keeper), M. Sanu, T. Boyd

    RB’s I really like – sort of early and going late are: all of the one’s mentioned above, in terms of value: T. Rawls and then handcuffing him late with C. Michael, D. Murray and then handcuffing later with D. Henry (however week 13 is playoffs for us – TEN/CLE bi-week), J. Langford, R. Mathews, LOVE the value of J. Hill (if he falls to me in RD 6, done deal), C. Simms, D. Henry (even without Murray), K. Williams, CJ2K, C. Michael

    I plan to wait on QB, and if I don’t take Reed in Round 3, I’ll wait for J. Thomas, unless Fleener drops to me in round 6. I like D. Allen late and Barnidge as well. Real late on TE I like J. Cook.

    So I wrote a ton, it’s not very well organized – but if you have the time to read it, throw me out some advice where you see fit, even if I don’t ask the question… any other under the radar good value players that I’m not aware of? Is there a reason why I should or should not be looking at the players I have listed above? Any advice on overall strategy – especially considering the roster? Any players I should reach for?

    Thanks so much!

    • Jeff says:

      Good to hear you did well last season. Time for another title this year. I think with your roster setup I would go WR-heavy early. If Hopkins is there, I think that is a solid pick. Dez or AJ Green would be fine as well. I would probably double-up with WR/WR in the first two rounds and I like your round 2 targets with the exception of Jordy (knee worries me some). LOVE Alshon. I am 100% with you on CJ Anderson, and that would be nice in the 3rd as well. I like your plan at TE and QB, and the keeper lists you have are solid. I might add P Dorsett to the list and maybe Funchess, and I do think Boyd is a good one for sure. Lots of solid RB’s hanging around late in drafts, so the WR-heavy start works well in PPR. Think types like Riddick/Powell/Draughn/McKinnon/Starks who all go in double-digit rounds….those guys can carry weight in PPR and you could even roll with starting one of those guys if your WR are stacked. Good luck!

  158. Ted Sr. says:

    1/2 PPR. 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex. 3 keepers (last year +$5). Please help us pick 3. Due to scarcity, keepers, top end talent is typically $55-$65. $200 budget. We were nasty last year. Main question is whether to keep studs or keep cheap players and pay for studs in the draft. For instance, keep Brandon Marshall and hope to get Antonio Brown for $70 is cheaper than keeping Brown and paying $45 for Marshall. Also we are last round QB types, have never spent $6 on a QB.

    Cam Newton – $6
    Todd Gurley – $30
    J. Stewart – $10
    Antonio Brown – $60
    Brandon Marshall – $28

    • Jeff says:

      I’m with you on the late QB thoughts. I would do that and cross Cam off. I am also not so enamored with J-Stew this season, so I think I would go with the three big dogs on that list. That is a tremendous start.

  159. Zach says:

    I am in a 12 team keeper league (ppr). My keeper is Allen Robinson in the 6th. I want to pair him with a top end wr1. For ppr, would you rather have Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall at the 7 spot?

  160. Andrew says:

    Is everyone forgetting Allen Hurns had over 1000 yds and 10 TDs??

  161. Dale R Steele says:

    14 Teams, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1R/W/T, 1K, 1LB, 1DB, 1DL. 17 roster spots.
    .5 ppr, 6pt pass TDs
    2 keepers – no restrictions/penalties for keepers. must keep 2.

    Would you be okay with me trading my 12th, 13th and 14th picks for somebody’s 15th, 16th and random top 6 overall 1st round pick?

  162. Joe says:

    I am in a PPR 3-keeper 12-team league and I have 11th pick. I will be keeping L. Bell, Julio, and D. Johnson. I have been offered the #2 pick for my 14th pick as well as Rawls, Floyd, and Marshall. I know that it is too much but I am wondering what I should counter with?

    • Mike says:

      Keeper question. $160 budget, auction league, 12 team PPR. Need to keep 3:
      LMiller – 34
      Sims – 6
      Decker – 9
      DParker – 7

      Leaning Lamar and the two WRs but Sims is tempting given the cost and availability of productive RBs. Thoughts? Thanks.

      • Jeff says:

        I think Miller and Decker for sure. I would take a look at the keeper pool and if you think rb will be scarce then keep some of not go Parker.

    • Jeff says:

      It’s hard to answer this without knowing who will be available at those spots. But if it is keep 3, then you won’t be keeping Rawls and those guys anyway, right? If that is the case I would do it for sure and add another top guy to your awesome keeper stash.

  163. Bryan says:

    Keeper Question, .5 PPR, 12 teams, auction draft, $200 budget. Pick 2… OBJ for $45, Jordy for $7, Brandon Marshall for $16, Brandin Cooks for $7. Thanks!

  164. Aaron says:

    Will Denny’s “Equity Scores” articles for all positions be re-formatted to paste into Excel? As of today (8/3) more than half the list in the articles are “jpegs.”

    • Chet says:

      I’m sorry. It would be easier for us to do it that way, but it doesn’t show up well with the new site design. I’ve asked the developer if there’s anything we can do.

  165. Yariel says:

    I get 2 keepers. Non-ppr
    AP- 60
    Odb- 54
    Charles- 48
    Ingram- 37
    Martin- 16
    Jordy- 5
    Who would you keep? Thanks in advance.

    • Jeff says:

      Not sure what the top guys generally go for at auction, but I would say OBJ and Martin. Jordy is tempting as well, but I’d like to see how he looks on that knee in camp before considering him. Beckham looks pricey but locking him up prior to your draft would be huge.

  166. Andrew says:

    Are you guys doing a draft tier cheatsheet this year? Also, why is there so much hype around Lamar Miller? I know he is going to a new scheme to get a lot of touches and he has been consistent throughout his career. But really, a top 5 option at RB? I find it really hard to draft him before Peterson and other elite guys.

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, we will have tiers this year. As for Miller, you outlined the reasons pretty well. The top-end of the RB pool is a little dicey with guys getting older/coming off injuries/suspensions. Miller seems like a great mix of potential workload, talent, and passing game involvement.

  167. Ken says:

    Any news on TFF 2016 Reader Leagues?

  168. Andrew says:

    Traded my first rounder last year but I have solid keepers in a 10 team league. Keepers:
    – R Wilson QB
    – D Johnson RB
    – E Lacy RB
    – D Hopkins WR
    – A Robinson WR

    Would it be smart to go for Tyler Eifert as soon as I’m up to pick?? Or go for depth at WR?

    • Chet says:

      Guessing Eifert is the best TE not kept? Hard to know without some other options to choose from. I like a few TEs that are available later, so I could see grabbing a WR/RB there.

  169. gwammy says:

    I am in a 12 team league standard scoring. We get to keep two players (no restrictions) and can keep a third by forfeiting our first round pick. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, K, DST. I have both David Johnson and Gurley whom I will be keeping as my two. My question is I also have Ingram and AJ Green and am debating on which one to keep by forfeiting my first rounder. Due to the format, a 1st in our league is really a third and both guys have value above a third this year. I was leaning towards AJ, but then thought if i kept Ingram, I would be head and shoulders above everyone at RB. Due to the flex, I can play all three

    What are your thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      AJ Green’s ADP is about two full rounds ahead of Ingram’s right now. I see your point on the RB aspect but I’d take AJG for sure. That’s an awesome start.

  170. Nick says:

    In a 10 team keeper league. We keep 5 players. There is no penalty in who we keep and no restriction on how long the players are kept. We can start up to 4 RB’s. It’s non PPR, but there are yardage bonuses. Would you trade Charles and the 10th overall pick (after keepers) for McCoy and the 21st overall pick? I would still have the 11th overall pick. My other keepers in addition to Charles or McCoy are currently Hill, Hyde, J. Matthews and B. Marshall.

    Or if I was looking to trade Charles would you try to trade him for a WR upgrade. I’ve been talking to another owner about AJ Green, but no official offers have been made at this point.


    • Jeff says:

      I think I would hang on to Charles in the McCoy deal. Your keeper setup looks very solid, though. Good stuff. I would probably stick with Charles this year but I don’t think AJ Green is a terrible alternative if you’re dead set on moving him.

  171. Jerome says:

    I’m in a 12 team dynasty league and I have J.Reed at TE but Z.Ertz, J.Hill and C.Gillmore are all FAs. Who would you draft?

  172. AdamH says:

    Are the Draftkings prices on the DFS sheet correct? Or am I misreading the info?

  173. Norman says:

    Do you know which website is the best for streaming games? For some stupid reason the packer game isn’t televised tomorrow! My mom is in town & we don’t necessarily want to take my 10 week old son to a bar!

  174. yariel says:

    Keeper question 10 team non-ppr 2rb, 3 wr, 2 w/r/t

    I know it’s early but for next year I can keep 4 players. Which 4 would you keep?

    Forte- $50
    Charles- $43
    LeVeon- $16
    Julio- $24
    Beckham- $5

    I’m thinking of throwing Forte back in since he’s the most expensive, but I know he’ll go for 60 or 70 if I do since there won’t be any other top rb’s to bid for.

  175. dale says:

    Cutler benched the week I need him the most? This can’t be real. Are you kidding me? Please tell me this is all a joke. Seriously, I know have to pick between McCown or Newton? I suppose I could grab Clausen or Manziel. Why is this happening? I was on the verge of winning my 14 team hometown league with my favorite team’s QB. I tough talked about that very thing when I drafted him in the ninth round.

    Please help me.
    (6pt. passing TDs)

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, its a pretty weird situation. Odd things can happen when losing and management are in the equation. Just goes to show how little we know about what happens behind closed doors. Im not so sure about Cam this week, but I think if he is indeed active, he is your best choice at this point. Good luck!

  176. mike says:

    At TE, I am between Walker, Witten, and Kelce in non-PPR. Any suggestions? I am leaning Kelce.

  177. Zach says:

    Final stretch… stacked at WR – who do I sit? I can only play 3 – it’s PPR.
    D. Bryant vs. IND
    A. Brown vs. KC
    OBJ @ STL
    J. Nelson @ TB

    Also – my RB’s are Ingram, L. Murray, I. Crowell, A. Williams, and I’m getting J. Randle off waivers… If D. Murray can’t go, would you play J. Randle vs. IND over L. Murray vs. BUF?

    Other RB’s available on waivers is: M. Asiata, CJ Spiller, D. Sproles… could play one of these guys over L. Murray as well.


  178. yariel says:

    My 3 starting wr’s are Julio, Beckham, and Andre. With Andre most likely out and Julio potentially being a decoy who should I start?

    My bench wr’s:
    Reggie Wayne, Harry Douglas, Kendall Wright, Marquess Wilson

  179. David says:

    Yahoo PPR.

    Theoretically I have Julio Jones playing for me tomorrow. If he doesn’t play vs Pittsburgh, my other WR options are Marquise Lee and Robert Woods.

    I could also move Pierre Garcon into Julio’s spot and replace him at flex with Chris Johnson.

    Montecrief, Wilson, et al are not available; the best WRs on waivers are Kendall Wright, Nate Washington, and Greg Jennings.

    What would you do? And if Julio plays, do you still think he is worth starting give the “decoy” news?

  180. Nick says:

    Lost Julio for this week and big underdog in my playoff matchup. Looking for the most upside. Please pick 3 of these 5 for my WR. DJax, Moncrief, M. Wilson, Boldin, Hurns.

    Also who should I play in my flex? One of WR, D. Walker or A. Williams?

    0.5 ppr. Need huge upside in my lineup.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Jeff says:

      I would flex Williams and play M. Wilson, DJax as long as he is active and healthy, and then probably Hurns and hope for a big play or two.

  181. Zach says:

    PPR – Do you agree with my line-up:
    QB: Rivers vs. DEN
    RB: M. Ingram vs. CHI
    RB: I. Crowell vs. CIN
    WR: A. Brown @ ATL
    WR: OBJ vs. WAS
    TE: Gronk vs. MIA
    R/W/T: J. Nelson @ BUF
    DST: Rams vs. ARI
    QB: T. Romo @ PHI
    RB: L. Murray @ KC
    RB: J. Starks @ BUF – – > see question below about starting him…
    RB: A. Williams vs. WAS
    WR: D. Bryant @ PHI – – > question below…
    WR: J. Mathews vs. DAL
    WR: J. Gordon vs. CIN
    TE: T. Kelce vs OAK
    DST: Detroit vs. MIN

    First question: Should I play Romo over Rivers… I worry about playing Romo, because week before last at home against this same team, he had 199 yards and 2 interceptions with 0 TD’s. This time he is playing in Philly and both teams need to win. Rivers is playing at home vs. DEN – but he looks like he is healthy again.

    Second question: J. Nelson or D. Bryant – I feel like Bryant probably has the better match-up, but J. Nelson could also explode just as easy and if Romo does suck like he did a week and half ago, so will Bryant, just like he did that game.

    Third Question: If Lacy does not play, do I play Starks over Crowell? BUF is a good DST, but Starks starting could put up more points, especially because its PPR… I just worry about BUF.


  182. David says:

    Will you guys be putting together any dynasty articles to close out the season? I’ve been out of it for a few weeks now and just trying to see who I should keep and who to drop. Only 4 keepers so it is tough. Started picking up guys like Oliver and Turbin off waivers, hoping we get some positives news on them in the offseason (i.e. Mathews not resigning or Lynch retiring)

  183. dale says:

    I was able to overcome starting Mark Ingram over Joique Bell last week and now I’m wondering who to start this week. It seems that Ingram hasn’t been the same since his first couple weeks coming off the injury. Both these guys are subject to RBBC as well with their teammates now becoming healthy. Any advice?

    • Jeff says:

      Ya the NO offense is pretty rough right now. I havent dug too deep into Week 15 just yet but I’d say Bell is the play at this point.

  184. Nick says:

    Going into the semi-finals of my 10 team keeper league. We keep 5 players, no round penalties. I’ve just been offered Brees and E. Sanders for Megatron and Gordon. My current WR’s are Mega, D. Thomas, Julio, Gordon, Benjamin, Moncrief, M. Wilson. My current QB is Stafford. The are bonus points for yardage for both QB’s and WR’s. Because of my RB situation I play 4 WR’s each week. So Sanders and Benjamin would replace Mega and Gordon in my lineup and Brees would replace Stafford. My opponent has Luck this week and if I beat him, I’d probably be playing the team with Peyton in the Championship. Would you make the trade?

  185. asmaha says:

    .5pt PPR and need some roster help:

    Need 3 WR: A. Brown, T. Smith, R. White, J. Matthews, B. LaFell, D. Robinson (WR or RB)

    Need 2 RB: I. Crowell, G. Bernard, D. Robinson (WR or RB), F. Gore, L. Murray, J. Stewart

    Then, who to flex? Normally I’d play Roddy as WR3 and flex Robinson essentially the way I have it all listed in order above, but nervous this week. Also have Brady at QB and Gronk.

    • asmaha says:

      Harry Douglas also on waivers, so one option could be to pick him up and have a backup for White on MNF.

    • Jeff says:

      WR: Brown, Smith, LaFell
      RB: Crow, Gore
      Flex: Stewart

      Gore has a great macthup, I like him and Stew should be good. if you can snag Douglas though, I think the ATL plan on MNF is a good idea as well

  186. yariel says:

    Pick 2 non ppr

    J.Landry , S.Bailey, Decker, Michael Floyd, and Malcolm Floyd

  187. Norman says:

    Thanks Jeff, last question! 12 team PPR, in 1st, 1st round bye this week: Luck, Dez, M Wallace, D Murray, Crowell, Jimmy, FJax, Moncrief, Edelman, Wayne, Vereen, Baldwin, M Bush.
    I’m dropping Bush for Randle to back up Murray. Should I drop Baldwin or Moncrief for AP?

  188. Norman says:

    If Roddy is a no go, would you gamble with Studman?

  189. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, crucial win, even if Roddy practices Saturday, would you start any of these options over him: Wayne, Randle, H Douglas or S Bailey?

  190. Zach says:

    So I went against my gut last night and played Brandon Marshall over Kenny Stills… If he did not get injured, he would have had a monster game, but that’s not what happened and now I need to make up the points I would have gotten from the position…

    With that said, I’m wondering if instead of playing T. Mason @ WAS, if I should play K. Stills vs. CAR… I need one of these guys to put up huge points, and as good as Mason was last night, I’m concerned that the Skins DST (which has not allowed more than 2 RB’s all season to go for 100+ yards) will only allow him to put up modest points. Both Mason and Stills put up monster points last week on my bench, because the scoring allows for bonus points of 20, 40 yard plays. Would you start Mason or K. Stills at my RB/WR spot, keeping in mind that the Skins run D is much better than the Raiders and Carolina is not a good DST?

    Not to over-think this too much, but I also have Jimmy Graham playing at TE who put up nubs last week, so if I do play Stills I need to assume that Bree’s is going to target both of them a lot…

    Also – Would you drop TEN D to pick up and play KC @ ARI this weekend? I have Ravens right now @ MIA, not planning on dropping them… I have TEN D, because of their week 16 match up against JAX, but honestly not positive it’s worth it to keep them for that – or I can always go back and get them later.

    .5 PPR for WR, 1 PPR for RB – Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I’d probably make the move for KC at D.

      As for Mason, its a tough spot. I would probably stick with Mason but Stills does have a fair amount of upside playing at home with Cooks out. I like Mason myself but I see your point here. Stills catches a couple deep balls and you’re in business. Like I said, I’d play Mason myself but sometimes you’ve gotta go with your gut.

  191. Mike B says:

    Ariz or Saints DST?

  192. Brendan says:

    1PPR These are my options.

    RB – Sproles *8.64
    TE – Ertz *5.82
    W/R/T – Michael Floyd *8.28
    BN – Patterson *7.05
    BN – K. Rudolph *9.27
    BN – Cunningham *10.32
    BN – Blount *10.89
    BN – D. Moncrief *11.26
    BN – Bowe *10.53

  193. Brian says:

    I’m stumped. In a PPR, start J. Landry against a vulnerable BAL secondary or an incredibly hot K. Allen (vs Revis)? Answer mine and I’ll answer yours. Thanks!

  194. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, 6-7 in 7th, if I beat 6th by 12 point or more I’ll make the playoffs. If Roddy doesnt play who would you start as my WR2, Dez is my WR1. Randle, Douglas, Wayne or S Bailey? If Cameron plays this week, start him over Donnell? Do I start Shady as my Rb1 vs. Sea? My RBs: Shady, Mason, J hill, R Mathews, Sankey.

    • Jeff says:

      I would stick with Shady at RB, go Donnell at TE and then if Roddy sits, Douglas should clean up again like he did last week, so him. Good luck!

  195. Zach says:

    So I ended up sitting B. Marshall, which is good because he put up nubs last week.

    .5 PPR for WR, 1 PPR for RB

    Please let me know what you think…
    QB: M. Stafford vs. TB
    RB: M. Forte vs. DAL
    RB/WR: T. Mason @ WAS
    WR: J. Gordon vs. IND
    WR: OBJ @ TEN
    W/R/T: K. Stills vs. CAR
    TE: J. Graham vs. CAR
    DEF: Ravens @ MIA
    M. Sanchez vs. SEA
    D. Robbinson vs. HOU
    C. Hyde @ OAK
    A. Blue @ JAC
    B. Marshall vs. DAL
    A. Johnson @ JAC
    K. Rudolph vs. NYJ
    A. Morris vs. STL
    Titans vs. NYG

    I could play B. Marshall this week over K. Stills @ CAR (especially since I have Graham starting, but shouldn’t there be enough to go around?) – Does Dallas have a good secondary right now? – playing in CHI and def. not as good as DET (last weeks game).

    What are changes you would make or would you keep it the way I have it?

    Also, not sure if it matters, but for some reason OBJ is projected pretty low points this week, any idea why that may be? (Not that I trust CBSS projections, just curious if there is something that I’m missing about TEN DEF?)


    • Jeff says:

      Lineup looks good. I think I might swap in BMarsh for Stills but it’s close enough where I wouldn’t think you’re nuts for playing Stills at home. I don’t think there is anything to be worried about with OBJ at all, he should be fine this week. Hopefully Graham bounces back nicely for you.

  196. dale says:

    question for week 14:

    .5 PPR
    I can start 3 of:
    Jamaal Charles
    Mark Ingram
    CJ Anderson
    Joique Bell

    CJ & JC have tough match ups, but after the last couple weeks, I believe are must starts. Joique and Mark have favorable match ups, but one of them is probably going to sit. My guts hurt already knowing I have to bench one of these guys. Please help.

    • Jeff says:

      I havent dug into Week 14 quite yet. Hit me up on our ranks post when it comes out and we can figure out which options look best.

  197. Norman says:

    12 team PPR, I dropped Kaep for Dalton & also have R Wilson. I was going to drop Kaep for Cam, but TB gives up more points to the QB then Min. Do I start Dalton over Wilson? Also, Donnell or Cameron?

  198. Joe says:

    I am in a 12 – team PPR league where I can start 4 WRs. Which of the following WRs should I bench? Beckham @ Jags, Sanders @ Chiefs, Julio vs Cardinals, Gordon @ Bills, Evans vs Bengals.

    • Jeff says:

      Havent finalized our Week 13 ranks just yet but at first glance, I’d probably say Evans but thats a tough one

      • Richard says:

        is there anyway to get away with a trade after the trade deadline in fantasy football? for example when would be the bet time to drop a play from both teams and pick them up without going through the waiver process? le’veon bell or mark ingram for an example. 10 team league, there’s a trade deadline, we don’t have playoffs, we go off of whoever has the most points for the year.

        QB Rodgers
        Wr Gordon
        Wr Dez
        Wr e. Sanders
        Rb Ingram
        Rb forte
        Te delanie walker
        K viniateri
        Def Miami

        Denard Robinson
        Randall Cobb
        Big Ben
        Vernon Davis
        Dan Bailey
        Frisco defense

  199. Zach says:

    Play-Off Time – Week 1 of the playoffs start for me this week…

    My Starting Roster:

    QB: Stafford vs. CHI
    RB: Forte @ DET
    RB/WR: D. Robinson vs. NYG
    WR: J. Gordon @ BUF
    WR: OBJ @ JAX
    R/W/T: A. Morris @ IND
    TE: J. Graham @ PIT
    DEF: Ravens vs. SD

    Bench: B. Marshall @ DET
    Bench: A. Blue vs. TEN
    Bench: C. Hyde vs. SEA
    Bench: T Mason vs. OAK
    Bench: K. Stills @ PIT
    Bench: A. Johnson vs. TEN
    Bench: K. Rudolph vs. CAR
    Bench: M. Sanchez @ DAL
    Bench: Chiefs vs. DEN

    PPR (.5 PPR for WR and 1 PPR for RB)

    Do you agree with my starting line-up?

    I know benching BMarsh is risky, but @ DET and based on how he’s been playing, plus based on my other options, I figured I should – would you?… Thanks!

  200. Blain says:

    I have a couple days left before my trade deadline. Can you rank these RBs for the playoffs (weeks 14-16)?

    CJ Anderson (Buf, @SD, @Cin)
    Crowell (Ind, Cin, @Car)
    J Hill (Pit, @Cle, Den)
    Vereen (@SD, Mia, @NYJ)
    L Murray (SF, @KC, Buf)
    Blount (@SD, Mia, @NYJ)

    Also, do you prefer Kelvin Benjamin or Roddy White going forward? Thanks for your help!

  201. asmaha says:

    .5pt PPR. Brady QB and Gronk TE.

    Need 3 WR: R. White, T. Smith, J. Matthews, B. LaFell, D. Robinson (WR and RB eligible)

    Need 2 RB: F. Gore, G. Bernard, A. Blue, I. Crowell and D. Robinson again

    Then, who to flex out of all?

  202. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR (both leagues), how would you roster these teams this week?
    1st league, we start 1 Qb, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex. Luck , Dez, M Wallace , D Murray , FJax, Jimmy, Vereen, Wayne, Sims, Edelman, Crowell, Britt
    2nd league, we start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 Flex. Kaep, R Wilson , Dez, Roddy, Shady, J Hill, Donnell , R Mathews, Mason, Wayne , R Randle, Sankey, Baldwin, Cameron.

  203. Jack says:

    Any information on who will be covering Golden Tate this week-end? Arian Foster a game time decision? Thanks.

    • Jeff says:

      Havent heard much on the NE ‘D’ alignment yet and it does look like Foster is a GTD so Blue will get a big bump once again if he sits

  204. Mark says:

    PPR – My Team

    QB – Rivers or Dalton

    RB – Murray, McKinnon, Blue (Pick 1, Murray is obvious!)

    WR – D. Thomas (Obvious),A. Boldin, K. Stills, G. Tate, M. Floyd (Need 2)

    TE – Delanie Walker or Jared Cook (I can drop Cook and pick up either Chandler, M. Lewis or Rudolph).

    DST- Own Detroit but can pick up Colts (drop someone)

    Thank you.

    • Jeff says:

      I would go with:

      Rivers, McKinnon but Blue if Foster is out, Tate and Stills, Walker, and then I’d pick up Indy

      good luck!!

  205. Mark says:

    Making a playoff push and I need help because the match-ups this week make me nervous and need a win:

    PPR League: Rivers or Dalton, Jared Cook or Delanie Walker (Can pick up Chandler/M. Lewis or Rudolph and drop Cook). Alfred Blue or McKinnon, Detroit or Colts D, and pick 2: Boldin, K. Stills, G. Tate or M. Floyd. Thank you.

  206. dale says:

    .5 PPR
    Joique Bell or CJ Anderson for FLEX?

  207. Andrew says:

    I was offered Forsett for Watkins. This is a keeper league with only four keepers. I am deep at receiving with Calvin J, Jeffery, Michael Floyd, Deandre Hopkins. But then rather weak at running back… Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson… and then picked up CJ Spiller off waivers for next year.

    Is Watkins worth keeping? If not I think I should make the move for the running back for these upcoming playoffs and a keeper next year.

  208. y4rivera says:

    10 non ppr keeper league with large rosters
    qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te, 2 w/r/t, k, D 6 bench

    We keep 4
    My current keepers
    Forte 50
    Charles 43
    LeVeon 16
    Julio 23

    My current rbs and wrs
    Forte, Charles, LeVeon, Miller, Bryce
    Julio, Beckham, A.Johnson, Wayne, Wright

    I was offered his Gio 19 and Green 28 for Forte.
    He also said I can switch out Gio for Morris 16. Should I do any of them? I’m still playing for this year so I don’t want to hurt my team in the short term either.

  209. Norman says:

    My Team: Kaep, Dez, Roddy, Shady, Mason, Donnell, R Mathews, Wayne, R Randle, Sankey, J Hill, R Wilson, D Baldwin, Cameron.
    His Team: Peyton, Demaryius, A Johnson, Asiata, Rainey, Gronk, Malcom F, Kelce, R Bush, SJax, Decker, Smith Sr., R Rice, Riddick

    Do you think Shady for Gronk is worth trying out? I’m fighting for a playoff spot & I feel like I should make a move before it’s too late.

  210. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, I ended up dropping M Wilson for D Adams….R Bush, J Hunter, Britt, Latimer, M Floyd(SD) are all FAs. Would you drop Adams for any? Not necessarily in need of any 1 position, more so a roster stash for the playoffs.

  211. bobbyb444 says:

    STD Please

    Bennett (injury, targets, last week) or Kelce (usage, D vs Smith)?

    Blue (targets) or Asiata (goal line)?


  212. Steve says:

    Which group do you like better for a DK contest (27 of 100 place): RGIII, R Mathews, Garcon, DJax, Cobb, JReed, Gronk or Sanchez, Blue, Jordy, DThomas, Roddy, JGraham, T Riddick? Thanks!

  213. Jon says:

    PPR – Start Andre Johnson or Alfred Blue?

  214. Zach says:

    PPR – You’re allowed 2 keepers each year (drafted RD 5+ or picked up of waivers). I have a lot of good keepers, Gordon, Hyde, Bradshaw, Mason, ODB.

    My QB: Sanchez, Ryan
    RB: Forte, Shoelace, Hyde, Mason, C. Sims, A. Blue
    WR: BMarsh, Andre Johnson, ODB, Gordon

    Would you trade ODB + Ryan for Stafford + Morris? (.5 PPR for WR, 1 PPR for RB)

    Without that trade, my starting line up is:
    QB: Ryan – – > (or would you play Sanchez?)
    RB: Forte
    RB/WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: BMarsh
    WR: ODB
    R/W/T: Bradshaw
    TE: Graham

    Should I just stick with ODB and roll with Ryan (or Sanchez?) this week? Next week I will have Gordon and Shoelace back. I must win now to qualify for the playoffs – it’s the last week to qualify, currently in 9th place and only 8 teams go. Stafford has a VERY EASY playoff schedule.


    • Zach says:

      Now the guy is saying he will take Bradshaw + Ryan (or Sanchez) for Stafford + Morris… I think ODB is better than both RB’s even playing against 49ers.. so I’m thinking of doing the Bradshaw + Ryan for Stafford + Morris. I know Bradshaw is money in PPR, but with TRich still in the mix and Tampa Bay sucking so bad, I don’t know if there is a huge drop off from Bradshaw to Morris (now that RG3 is back)… would you agree, or trade ODB or play Sanchez and hope he remains a good QB? Thanks and sorry again for clogging up the message board!

  215. Norman says:

    Do you see a trade here? (12 team PPR).
    My team: Luck, Dez, Wallace, Edelman, D Murray, Vereen, FJax, Sims, Jimmy, Wayne, Hillman, Baldwin, Damien W.
    His team: Cam, Boldin, TY, J Hill, Gore, Vernon, Hopkins, Crab, Bowe, Torrey, Alex Smith, Clay.

  216. Mike says:

    I am looking to upgrade my QB before the trade deadline. I have too many receivers (Megatron, Jones, Sanders, Marshall, Green) that I have acquired via draft or trade this year. Which one(s) would you try to move and who would be a good QB to target? Brees or Stafford due to schedule?

  217. Zach says:

    12 Team PPR – Top 8 makes the playoffs, I’m currently in 9th place and the two teams above me have half a win more than me (we play two teams each week).

    You’re allowed to keep 2 players drafted RD 5+ or picked up off waivers for ONE YEAR at no cost.

    My Roster is below: ( * = 2015 eligible keeper)
    QB: M. Ryan, R. Wilson
    RB: Forte, T. Mason*, C. Sims*, C. Hyde*, T Riddick*, D. Robinson* (Bi-Week)
    WR: BMarsh, A Johnson, ODB*, Gordon*, Harvin* (Bi-Week)
    TE: Graham, Rivera*

    My Current Starting Line-Up:
    QB: M. Ryan
    RB: Forte
    RB/WR: A. Johnson
    WR: BMarsh
    WR: ODB
    R/T/W: T. Mason
    TE: Graham

    First trade: Trying to trade M. Ryan + BMarsh + Harvin for Sanchez + Tron + McKinnon (asking for Bradshaw over McKinnon first, will settle for McKinnon). This would give me McKinnon or Bradshaw to flex over Mason but my starting QB would be Sanchez who is playing a much improved GB DEF. Is this a good move in a MUST WIN week?

    Second Trade: This was offered from the guy in the 9th spot. He gives me Stafford + DT + R. Mathews I give him M. Ryan – ODB + Gordon… So I know at first this trade looks like a AWESOME deal… BUT, if Gordon is who he was last year than Gordon = DT, ODB > Mathews, Ryan < Stafford… BUT ODB and Gordon are keepers and his guys are not. Plus if I don't even make the playoffs I would have done this and lost two valuable keepers. What would you do?

    Third Trade: I trade R. Wilson + Rivera + Quinn (IDP, my backup is E. Griffen) for Big Ben. I could then play Big Ben over Sanchez this week.

    With Gordon coming back next week, I feel like I should not sell him for anything. It's like having Tron but with keeper status coming back next week. Hoyer is playing better than Jason Campbell and I expect Gordon to be a stud ROS. ODB is SUPER HOT, playing against Sherman he still did well, thinking he could be HUGE ROS too. What trades do you do or don't do?

    • Zach says:

      Jeff sorry for writing so much before. Updated for option 2 – the guy just offered me A. Morris + Stafford + DT for Gordon + ODB + R. Wilson… (Gordon and ODB are eligible to be kept, that’s why, he’s giving up on the year).. He also said if I don’t do the trade, he will go to someone else willing to sell their keepers for studs.

      If I do this trade, I could still trade Marsh + M Ryan + Harvin for Tron + McKinnon/Bradshaw… which would make my team pretty stacked – Tron, DT, Stafford, Graham, Forte…. do it? PPR over $1100 on the line as a grand prize.

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t bother with the third trade at all. The second deal is good but if you want to hang on to Gordon as a keeper, you would have to pass. I think I’d keep him myself. I think the first deal is pretty solid. I’d go ahead and take that one and then you could still start Wilson at QB this week. Tough game on the road but he’s been running quite a bit and should be ok. The rest of that deal is a big win for you.

  218. Yariel Rivera says:

    I was offered his McCoy and Sanders for my Charles. I can also swap out Sanders for Marshall.

    My current receivers are Julio, AJohnson, and Wayne

    I’m strong in rb’s with Forte, Charles, LeVeon, and possibly AP coming back

    We start 2 rb, 3 wr, 2 w/r/t

    My team is deep because it’s a keeper league ( 4 keepers)

    The prices of players I would consider keepering:
    LeVeon 16
    Julio 24
    Charles 43
    Forte 50
    AP 55

    Prices of his players being mentioned:
    McCoy 46
    Sanders 17
    Marshall 43

    Sanders or Marshall wouldn’t be keepers. The difference between McCoy and Charles is 3 so I don’t think it’s that significant. Does this move help me for this year? If yes should I do Sanders or Marshall? Thanks in advance.

    • Jeff says:

      I would take the deal with Sanders in the mix. Chicago is messy right now and Marshall’s ankles aren’t worth the headache. With that much RB depth, I think that deal is solid.

  219. Nick says:

    10 team keeper league, standard scoring. We keep 5 each year with no round penalties.

    My current roster is Stafford, Megatron, Julio, DT, Gordon, Benjamin, West, Mason, Vereen, S. Jax, Sims, Hyde and Olsen.

    We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 2 W/R/T flex.

    Would you do either of these deals that have been proposed?

    His Brees/M. Floyd (ARZ)/Lacy for my Stafford/Vereen/Megatron


    His Brees/M. Floyd (ARZ)/D. Robinson for my Stafford/Gordon

    I’m not sure what to do given the keeper aspect.

    • Jeff says:

      I think I’d stay put. You would be getting a little bump at QB but I dont think Floyd has much in store in terms of 2014 production and Megatron or Gordon is a little too steep of a price.

  220. dale says:

    .5 PPR

    Who should be my WR3 – Garcon or Cooks?

    Who should be my flex – Garcon, Cooks, Joique or CJ Anderson?

    I like Cooks as WR3 and Joique as flex…

  221. AdamH says:

    How do you rank the backup Atl RB’s (Smith, Freeman, Rodgers) for a bench stash in PPR? Thanks!

  222. Kenny says:


    which RB to play this week at my N#2 spot. ( Lacy is locked at N#1)

    Sankey, Richardson or McKinnon ?

    Also be thankfull for a hint for my QB Position. Have to choose between Rivers and Stafford.

    Thanks and greetz from Germany

  223. David says:

    Non ppr! Need best 3 WR’s out of this group for week 11: Sanu,Watkins,Edelman,LaFell and K.Allen? 1 would be for WR and other 2 for flex(we start 2 flex’s). Out of the 2 for flex would you start both over T.West? If not which should I start at Flex with T.West? Thanks

  224. David says:

    Thanks so much! I also managed to grab Kyle Rudolph off waivers, replacing Patterson. If healthy, is he a better PPR flex play than Hawkins, Wright, or whoever?

    To recap, roster is (assuming Miller/Fitz goes through):

    QB: Brees
    RB: Foster, J. Bell, Sankey, DeAngelo
    WR: Julio, Dez (bye), Fitz, Floyd, Wright, Hawkins
    TE: Olsen, Rudolph

  225. Mike says:

    Foster owner in a 12 man standard scoring league: would you drop Michael Floyd or Randle for Alfred Blue?

    Team is
    Wallace/Benjamin/Andre Johnson/Randle/Shorts/Garcon

  226. LakerSteve says:

    JEFF! HELP! Trade for Sanchez? I’m 5-5 in a 14 team PPR league where 8 teams make the playoffs and I need a QB. Lost Foles, but replaced him with Palmer. Many teams are carrying 2 QBs which leaves me the choice of McCown, Bridgewater, Austin Davis, Carr, Hoyer, Stanton, Metternburgler etc.

    The Luck owner has Sanchez and needs WR help. If you had my roster would you trade Wayne or Torrey Smith for Sanchez? Note – I’ll get Josh Gordon back next week, but Antonio Brown will be on bye.

    Play QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    My team:
    QB: ?
    RB: Denard Robinson (WR), Gore , RBush, Pierre Thomas, Ball
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd, Wayne, Torrey, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J. Graham

    His team (4-5):
    QB: Luck, Sanchez
    RB: Vereen, Riddick, Polk, Hillis
    WR: Devonte Adams, Colston, Britt,
    TE: Gates, Daniels

  227. Zach says:

    I’m currently tied in the last playoff spot with 2 other teams and week 12 won’t count towards playoff rankings. Therefore I HAVE TO WIN this week.

    My RB: Forte, T. Mason, A. Blue, C. Hyde, C. Sims, D. Robinson (Bi-Week)
    My WR: BMarsh, ODB, J. Gordon, A. Johnson, A. Holmes, P. Harvin (Bi-Week)
    My TE: Graham, Rivera (trying to trade him for Big Ben)

    Week 11 Line Up:
    QB: M. Ryan
    RB: Forte
    RB/WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: BMarsh
    WR: ODB
    R/W/T: ? ? (Holmes @ SD, T. Mason vs. DEN or waiver wire option)
    TE: Graham
    K-DEF-IDP: N/A

    With 2 starters on bi-week, below are my options. Let me know what you think and which option you like the most…

    Waivers: Drop A. Blue and try to pick up CJ Anderson (4th waiver priority – slim chance of getting him) but play him in my flex this week?
    – Is it worth it to drop a valuable handcuff in A. Blue for CJ Anderson (even with M. Ball coming back)?

    Play Tre Mason vs. Denver (who has been solid against RB’s) in my flex?

    Play Andre Holmes @ SD (SD wants to make a point after the Miami game and Holmes went off on them last time – which makes me think they pay more attention to him this time)?

    I’m trying to trade Andre Johnson + P. Harvin for someone, just don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull it off since Harvin had a down week last week and he’s on bi-week. If I can trade him, going to try to get a starter to play instead of AJ (who I don’t trust with Mallet)…

    • Zach says:

      Or keep A. Blue and drop A. Holmes for CJ Anderson….? (first option)

      • Zach says:

        Sorry to keep adding to my question but I just realized that McFadden is also on waivers right now… is he better than Riddick (as a second waiver priority)?

    • Jeff says:

      I like the look of that lineup. I think Mason is a solid bet this week, so I would roll with him at flex. He is getting a healthy amount of touches each week so he seems safest. I think dropping a handcuff for Anderson is fine. Its a must win week for you so grabbing him and flexing him is a solid idea if you end up getting your claim awarded.

      Good luck!

  228. David says:

    12-team Yahoo PPR.

    After a 6-1 start my team has plummeted to 6-4. Desperate for WR help and contemplating trading Lamar Miller for Larry Fitzgerald.

    My roster is:

    QB: Brees
    RB: Foster, Miller, Joique, Sankey, Williams (trying to drop for CJ Anderson)
    WR: Julio, Bryant (bye), Floyd (took him as buy-low trade target :/), Wright (trying to drop for Andrew Hawkins), Patterson.
    TE: Olsen, Daniels

    First of all, is the Miller/Fitzgerald trade worth making?

    Second of all, what lineup would you recommend this week? Specifically, who’s the WR2 in that sorry mess?

    Third of all, would you recommend the Hawkins add? John Brown, Dwayne Bowe, and Greg Jennings are available too. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I think Miller for Fitz is a fine deal. The stanton factor worries me some but he should be alright. This week, I would play Julio and then Hawkins if he is healthy. I think the hawkins add is a decent idea for this week but he will see far less action when Gordon returns I would imagine and he still needs to get healthy for this week.

  229. Norman says:

    ‘m in 1st & thinking about making 1 more move, would you try & trade for Charles? (PPR)
    My Team: Luck, Carr (for Luck’s bye), Dez, Wallace, D Murray, Hillman, Jimmy, FJax, Baldwin, Sims, Vereen, Edelman, Wayne.
    His Team, 12th place: Roeth, K Benjamin, Charles, Freeman, Moeaki, Harvin, Cunningham, R Wilson, Moreno, Blount, Ertz.
    He hasn’t made many wise decisions so far this year, so I’m trying to take advantage of that. I’m thinking about trying Wayne/Vereen/Hillman for Charles. Worth it or would I be giving up too much?

  230. jake says:

    need 2 standard league; fitz, harvin, decker, watkins?

  231. Norman says:

    PPR, I dropped Hunter for Baldwin & currently have Baldwin in as my flex. If FJax plays, should I flex him over Baldwin?

  232. Norman says:

    Does Riddick hold more value then Sims (PPR)?

    • Jeff says:

      I think they are close. If you need a guy to plug in right away I’d take Riddick but Sims has a shot at some better upside potentially.

  233. Scooter says:

    I apologize, you’ve probably been asked this a million times already-
    If I trade Josh Gordon, (straight up) what is reasonable return for him given that he’ll immediately be considered a WR1?,
    I am looking for starting RB specifically.
    I have Ellington, Miller and Ivory and need another RB
    My WR are Julio, K Benjamin, Sanu, K Allen, and of course Gordon.
    Thanks a lot!!

    • Jeff says:

      I would go through the rosters in your league and see who has some solid RB depth and then try to acquire a running back from them. Make sure its someone who would be an upgrade to Miller/Ivory obviously, so shoot high for an RB1 type for sure. Someone like Lacy may be worth a try. Start high with guys like Lynch though and see what happens.

  234. chris says:

    Is Gio, Lacy, and vjax too much to give up for DeMarco Murray in a .5PPR league?I should note, I am in a “must win” situation the next two weeks and he is on a bye week 11. My only other RBs to start week 11 are Mathews and Tate. Thanks!

  235. Joe says:

    I am in a league where I have to drop a player so I can pick up a defense. I had Romo in my IR spot and I have to put him on the bench. The players I have available to drop are : Keenan Allen, Pierre Garcon, Joique Bell, Tre Mason, and L. Blount (handcuffl to L. Bell). Which of those players would you recommend that I drop?

  236. Nick says:

    What do you think Hillman’s value is in a keeper format? I’ve been offered K. Benjamin for him. We keep 5 each year with no round penalties and no caps on how many years we can keep the players.

    My WR’s are Calvin, Demaryius, Julio, Gordon and Randle
    My RB’s are Hillman, S. Jackson, West, Sims, Vereen and Hyde.

    My RB core would obviously be junk if I make the trade, but if I do the trade, I would then try to flip one of my other WR’s (thinking Calvin or Gordon) for a high end RB1.


    • Nick says:

      I pulled the trigger on the Hillman deal. Dropped Randle for Mason, so now my WR’s are:

      Calvin, DT, Julio, Gordon and Benjamin
      My RB’s are West, Sims, Vereen, Mason, Hyde and S. Jax

      I’ve been offered Lacy and M. Floyd (ARI) for Calvin and Mason. Would you make that deal?

      • Nick says:

        I forgot to mention we can start 2 WR, 2 RB and 2 flexes, so I can play up to 4 of the WR.

      • Jeff says:

        I like the Hillman deal quite a bit. Nice work there. I probably wouldn’t move Calvin at the moment unless I was getting a Bell/Murray/Forte-ish type

  237. Zach says:

    So what if I trade BMarsh + R. Wilson + A. Holmes for Tron + Sanchez/Tannehill (one of them)… should I do it – does Tron come back as a top play even with G. Tate in the mix? I would then roll with Matty Ice as my QB (next week would try to trade for Big Ben) and my WR’s would be Tron, Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon, Harvin, ODB – plus I would pick up D. Adams off waivers. PPR

    • Jeff says:

      I like it. I think Tron will be just fine when he gets back. With that QB depth, I like the idea of using some of it to upgrade

  238. dale says:

    How do the folks at The Fake Football think Josh Gordon will do when he returns? I’d love to hear what you think.

    • Jeff says:

      I think he will be great. He has been able to practice and spend time working at the team facility, so he shouldn’t have too much rust when he gets back. I think he is a WR1 option for sure.

  239. dale says:

    14 teams, .5 PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1W/R/T
    My team RBs & WRs:
    Jamaal Charles
    Mark Ingram
    Joique Bell
    Pierre Thomas
    Demaryius Thomas
    Golden Tate
    Brandin Cooks
    Pierre Garcon
    Malcom Floyd
    Josh Gordon

    Question – when Gordon returns to action he’ll immediately make my starting rotation. Who becomes my flex? Is there a clear cut week to week flex play here or do I rotate people in and out based on matchups? I think Bell is my best flex play, but maybe Garcon? Cooks? I don’t think Floyd ever makes a start unless injuries occur.

    • Jeff says:

      I think it will be based on matchups. I like Cooks a lot when NO is at home but Garcon could be helpful in certain cases.

  240. Zach says:

    Who would you rather own going forward in a PPR: Davante Adams or Andre Holmes?

    I currently have Holmes on my roster, but Adams has for some unknown reason still not be picked up by anyone. I’m thinking Adams might just be better going forward. It’s possible that GB has worked on getting him more involved during the bi-week and if Nelson or Cobb ever get injured, he could become a #2 WR. Holmes is the #1 WR and just faced some tough DEF’s, but AROD without a doubt is a much better QB to throw the ball. Your thoughts? Thanks!

    • Zach says:

      Also – I see Theo Riddick out on waivers… News is that Foster is going to play the week following next, should I drop A. Blue and pick up Riddick?

      Next week I have my #2 RB D. Robbinson and P. Harvin on bi-week, and I’m in must win both weeks to make the playoffs (week 12 will only count as points). Figured possibly Riddick is a good bi-week fill in for either Harvin or Robbinson.

      PPR – Thanks!

      • Jeff says:

        I think I’d stick with Blue until we get more Foster news.

        And I just dumped Holmes for Adams in my main league, and I think Adams is the best bet there. I agree with your reasoning.

  241. Shaun says:

    QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, WR/RB, K, DEF
    PPR, 12 team, heavy TD

    My team:
    Wilson, Romo
    Forte, Foster, Sproles, Cadet
    Jordy, Megatron, Tate, M.Bryant, A.Robinson, Gordon
    Gates, Daniels

    I’m trying to upgrade another RB. Now that Megatron’s back should I trade Tate away for a RB2? If so who should I expect to get for Tate?

    • Jeff says:

      Trading Tate right now is a great idea. Send out some offers for RB2 types like Miller or Bradshaw etc.. and see if you get any nibbles.

  242. Corey says:

    Starting lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, WR/RB/TE
    Current roster: Cutler, Forte, Mccoy, Kelvin, Tate, Roddy, Julius, Evans
    Bench: Hunter, Torrey, Fjax, Palmer

    Was offered Gordon/Sims for Fjax/Torrey – would you pill the trigger?

    I’m leaning towards yes… retaining some rb depth in Sims who has upside down the stretch while trading Torrey (a non starter) for the upside of a true WR1 in Gordon which is the one thing this roster is missing before being a true contender. Currently sitting at 8-1 with a 2 game lead on 1st place… what do you think?

  243. Norman says:

    Do you see a trade here? I don’t want to give up too much & the point of the trade was to off RG3. (PPR) He wasn’t into RG3/Wayne for Maclin.
    My Team: Luck, Dez, Edelman, Wayne, D Murray, Hillman, Jimmy, Vereen, Allen, FJax, J Hunter, Sims, RG3, Bailey, WAS.
    His Team: Palmer, Maclin, Alshon, TRich, JStew, Ertz, M Bryant, Mckinnon, Floyd (AZ), Foles, Gio, Baldwin, R Mathews.
    If no trade, I’m going to have to drop RG3 & Was for a QB & D. Also, should I hold onto Hunter?

  244. Joe says:

    I’m in a PPR league where I’m 7-1, How much of my FAAB money should I bid to pick up Peterson? I have $280 of a $300 left.

  245. Zach says:

    (.5 PPR for WR, 1 PPR for RB)

    Should I be trying to sell Denard Robinson while he’s hot now… possibly pair him with A. Johnson for something like an upgraded WR/RB?

    Is M. Ingram a stud ROS (as long as he does not get injured, which happens all the time for him)… if so, should I try to trade D. Robinson + ODB for Ingram.

    ODB and Harvin did well for me, just wondering if I need to try to sell while they are both hot or hold steady…

    Also, my QB’s are Matty Ice and Russell Wilson, should I try to trade one for Big Ben (Possibly Andre Johnson + Russell Wilson for Big Ben… or is that too much?) – do you believe he will continue to stay hot and play well ROS?


    • Zach says:

      Also who would you rather have ROS – I Crowell, T. West or A. Blue? Thanks again!

    • Jeff says:

      I’d stick with your QBs, Ben wont keep this up.

      And I dont think Ingram will be that much better than Denard once all of NO’s RBs are healthy so I would keep starting Robinson.

  246. LakerSteve says:

    Try to trade for Luck? I’m 4-5 in a 14 team PPR (6th in points) and 8 teams make the playoffs. The Luck owner, who is also 4-5 but has scored 100 less points than me, offered me Luck & Colston for Denard Robinson, Josh Gordon & Torrey Smith. I rejected the trade (way too much and Colston isn’t worth rostering) but the owner contacted me and asked me to counter if I’m interested in Luck. He needs RB help, but with Bush & P.Thomas dealing with injuries and Gore struggling my RBs are a mess also. I’d love to add Luck, but in our league he’s only averaging 5.8 points a game more than Palmer. Is it even worth trying to make a trade? Who do you think I can afford to offer?

    Play QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    My team:
    QB: Palmer
    RB: Denard Robinson (WR), Gore, RBush, Pierre Thomas, Jonas Gray
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd, Wayne, Torrey, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J. Graham

    His team (4-5):
    QB: Luck
    RB: Vereen, Riddick, Juwan Thompson
    WR: A. Robinson, D. Adams, Colston, C. Patterson, Malcolm Floyd, Moncrief
    TE: Gates, Daniels

  247. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, So, I don’t think I’ll be able to upgrade my QB with an RG3 trade. But, what I’m thinking is put RG3 in a trade to make another upgrade & then stream a QB for the week. I’m focusing on teams who have a recently injured QB (Foles) or under performing QB.
    My Team: Luck, Dez, Allen, Murray, Hillman, Jimmy, Vereen, Edelman, FJax, Wayne, Hunter, Sims, RG3.
    Fole’s Team: Foles, Maclin, Floyd (AZ), McKinnon, TRich, Ertz, M Bryant, Gio, Baldwin, Alshon, JStew, Palmer, R Mathews.
    River’s Team: Rivers, Decker, VJax, Lynch, Oliver, Gronk, Colston, Watkins, SJax, AJ Green, K Davis, Staff.
    Romo’s Team: Romo, Weeden, Smith Sr., Moncrief, DMC, D Robinson, J Thomas, Kelce, Sproles, Julio, Crowell, Pierre.
    Willing to make a trade: Brees, Demaryius, M Wallace, B Tate, Alf, Witten, Ivory, Garcon, Evans, Bennett, Sankey, R Bush, Tannehill.
    Where should I start, I’m not worried about overly fair because the 1st 3 teams may be desperate to upgrade.

  248. Andrew says:

    Is Gio Bernard a top 5 keeper running back still?

    I have a trade on the table to bring in Gio but he has struggled lately and has had some injury problems. The owner is trying to trade him and he is a Bengals fan so something does not seem right.

    • Jeff says:

      I think he has lost some shine with Hill in the mix but I still like him plenty. Depends on what you’re giving up, of course

  249. Joe says:

    I am in a league where my whole bench is either on bye or not playing (R. Jennings). I only have on TE, Walker. To pick up a TE I would have to drop Wlaker or D. Adams. Projections have me losing easily, so should I try to pick up a TE or just leave walker in lineup and get a zero? Best TEs on waivers are Fleener, Amaro, and Harbor. If I drop Walker, I’m afraid I may not be able to pick him back up.

    • Jeff says:

      I’d cut Walker and give Harbor a shot this week then see what happens. Who knows, you may get Walker back and its not like you’re losing a Top 3 tight end. You never know what will happen, you may get a W this week.

  250. Norman says:

    Would you start Wayne or Edelman over Dez, Allen or Vereen (flex)? PPR

  251. David says:

    Two trades here for Yahoo 12-Team PPR.

    My roster is:

    QB: Flacco, Eli
    RB: Foster, Bernard, Miller, Sankey,Taliaferro
    WR: Julio, Dez, DeSean, Bowe, James Jones
    TE: Olsen

    So the trade offers are:

    1. I give Bernard and Flacco, I get Brees and Joique Bell.

    2. I give Bryant and Flacco, I get Brees and Allen Robinson (or Josh Gordon, but leaning AR).

    3. I give Taliaferro, I get Patterson.


    • David says:

      Trade 2; Robinson, Gordon, or Michael Floyd.

    • Jeff says:

      I think #1 is most appealing. I wouldnt move Dez and I dont think Patterson is really worth going after. I would maybe counter and try to get a better RB in return but I think thats the best deal of these options.

  252. Mungfisher says:

    Which RB do I drop for a kicker: Theo Riddick or Bryce Brown? PPR. I like RIddick, but his value is seemingly dependent on Reggie Bush missing more time. Brown looks to have a clearer shot at regular work. Other RBs are Forte, Hillman, Sproles and Sankey.

    My alternative is to cut Justin Hunter loose. Other WRs are AJ Green, Michael Floyd, Andre Johnson, Devante Adams and Cordarelle Patterson. Johnson and Patterson have byes next week, so if AJ Green has a setback I’ll have to go back to the wire.

    • Mungfisher says:

      Looking at the talent on the wire and previously processed waivers (no action on Brown other than me), I’m dropping Brown. Feel free to comment if you wish. Otherwise, thanks for helping me work it out just by giving me space to write about it a little bit.

      Still might cut Hunter to pick up DWill for a spot start this week, though.

      • Jeff says:

        I would have suggested Brown. I think thats the right move. Dixon played quite a bit more than him last week and FJax will be back eventually there.

  253. Zach says:

    So why is Crowell and T. Mason better than Taliaferro ROS? PPR.

    My thoughts – Crowell is behind injury prone Tate and could take over based on skills, BUT.. with their O-line injuries, not sure anyone can do anything in the run game. At the same time their SOS is money.
    – T. Mason, is the best RB in the backfield and I think last week could have been Stacy’s last chance to do something. Fischer historically likes to use one RB and as Mason picks up the blocking he should get more time. At the same time, that may not be until next year and its a tough division.
    – Taliaferro, Ravens hate rookie RB’s, but they don’t have many other options and Forsett is apparently dealing with an injury, which could be huge for Talia – at the same time, they say Forsett will play and Talia will most likely just be a back-up.

    The reason I’m asking is because I’m receiving advice to stick with Mason/Crowell and leave Talia on waivers for someone else, others are saying drop Mason and others are saying drop Crowell. Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask why you’re saying not to drop Crowell for Talia?

    • Jeff says:

      I like Crowell a lot. He has been great when given carries so far this year aside from fumbling issues. The main thing here is that all three of these backfields have three guys involved so there really isnt much of a clear answer really. Forsettt isn’t going anywhere so at best, Taliaferro is a short yardage guy and that is if Pierce stays inactive. I just feel like the other two (Crowell, Mason) have potentially larger roles if things break right for them. Just my opinion and like I said, they are all pretty close in value in my eyes with those backfields so crowded.

  254. t3rex3 says:

    who is M Ball? will he ever be the starter again? In my leauge thinking of trading M Ball for CJ Spiller. Reason being they are on the same $$$ contraxct but CJ is on his last year and Ball has 2 more years. If i trade for spiller his money comes off my books next year to sign other FA’s and i could also resign him for a cheaper price.

  255. Norman says:

    So, a good friend wants to set up a trade for Week 10 to deal with crucial byes. 12 Team PPR, I’m in 1st & hes in 5th, we’re trying to set up a mutually beneficial trade to get through the week+.
    My Team: Luck, Dez, Edelman, D Murray, Hillman, Jimmy, Vereen, FJax, Wayne, Allen, Stacy, Hunter, Sims. Byes: Luck, Edelman, Vereen, Wayne, Allen.
    His Team: Brees, D Thomas, M Wallace, B Tate, Alf, Witten, Ivory, Garcon, M Evans, Bennett, Sankey, R Bush, Tannehill. Byes: Garcon, Alf.

    Do you see anything that would work, he is willing to put Brees in a trade with luck, but I don’t think I can trade Luck.

    • Jeff says:

      Since you’re in first, I wouldn’t really be doing anything to help out the guy in 5th unless you are getting a distinct advantage in the trade. Luck is the only real key guy you’ll be missing. I think you can probably get by fine with waiver replacements.

  256. Zach says:

    With Forte on bi-week, is trading Dwayne Allen for Denard Robinson and VJax a good trade? PPR…

    VJax is really just a name at this point – unless he is traded. But I need a starting RB and figured D. Robinson might be worth it?

    My other TE is J. Graham… Thanks!

    • Zach says:

      If the trade goes through, I will have one too many RB’s on my roster. Therefore I plan to drop Z. Stacy to make room for D. Robbinson.

      Question is, someone just dropped L. Talliarferro – would you recommend dropping any of these other RB’s for Talia?
      M. Forte (obviously that’s a no)
      I. Crowell
      C. Hyde
      T. Mason
      C. Simms
      D. Robbinson (if trade goes through – so would not drop him)

      Not to complicate things, but it’s also a keeper league that allows you to keep 2 players drafted rd 5+ or picked up off waivers for one year – the following year. Everyone except Forte is eligible to be kept above.. Or should I not drop any of them for Taliaferro? Thanks!

      • Jeff says:

        I would do the Dwayne Allen trade for sure. That looks good. Then I would probably stay put on the Taliaferro thing and see what Sims does if he suits up this week.

  257. Nick says:

    12 tm 0.5 PPR 2 QB league. We also start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and a flex.

    My current roster is
    QB – Wilson, Carr, Manziel
    RB – Bradshaw, Sankey, Hill, Gray, Martin, Sims
    WR – Thomas, Cobb, Allen, Gordon
    TE – Reed, Ertz

    Need to pick up a WR to fill in for Cobb this week and Allen next week. Who would you drop to pick up a WR? I was leaning towards Martin. Also, which order would you put these possible WR pickups – M. Bryant, Moncrief, Wheaton, Landry, Britt?

    • Jeff says:

      I like Wilson, Bradshaw, Gray, Thomas, Allen, Reed, Sankey or Hill at flex.

      I like Moncrief, Bryant, Britt, Landry, Wheaton

  258. Zach says:

    So both Forte and Marshall are on bi-week, most likely I loose this week and it knocks me out of the playoff run, but you never know.

    I currently have Tre Mason, Zac Stacy, Carlos Hyde and Isiah Crowell to choose from to replace Forte this week. No real number 2 RB.

    I have one roster spot open and plan to pick up C. Simms, because I honestly feel he has the most upside.

    Should I drop Z. Stacy for L. Taliaferro (Ravens hate rookies)?

    I just need one RB this week and I can play WR’s in all of my other positions. Who would you start out of everyone listed above? PPR Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I think I would cut Stacy and pickup Taliaferro and start him. It is pretty dicey, so be sure to follow that BALT situation this week to be sure that they won’t suddenly make Pierce active. If so, you could go with Hyde.

  259. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, If Romo is significantly hurt, do you see a trade here?
    His Team: Romo, Jordy, Antonio B, McKinnon, Joique, Jimmy, Kelvin, Witten, R Jennings, Helu, D Robinson, A Smith, B Brown, Parkey, Ravens.
    My Team: R Wilson, Kaep, Dez, Roddy, Shady, Sankey, Cameron, Mason, D Baldwin, Wayne, Randle, J Hill, Donnell, R Mathews, Prater, KC.

  260. Norman says:

    Here is my team, PPR, drop Dixon for Sims? Luck, Dez, Edelman, Murray, Hillman, Jimmy, Vereen, FJax, Wayne, Allen, Stacy, Hunter. Drop Hunter for another stash?

  261. Norman says:

    Do you think Sims is a better stash then Dixon?

  262. Joe says:

    I have A. Ellington, J. Bell, B. Marshall, Michael Floyd, and Garcon in a PPR league. I need a RB, a WR and a Flex. Already played Sanders in one of my WR spots. My other RB will be Leveon.

  263. Zach says:

    Is Andre Johnson for J. McKinnon + D. Baldwin a fair trade? PPR (1 PPR for RB, .5 PPR for WR)

    M. Forte and B. Marshall are both on bi-week next week and I don’t have many studs to play in their place. Right now my #2 RB is Tre Mason (who knows how that shakes out).


    • Zach says:

      Who would you rather have and start this week: Andre Holmes, Davante Adams or Percy Harvin?

      Jimmy Graham or Dwayne Allen? (last week Allen on my bench put up 25 points and Graham gave me nothing, which is why I’m hesitant to go Graham)…


      • Jeff says:

        I like Holmes of those options. I think Graham should be ok this week but stay up on the injury news Sunday a.m. on that one

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I think that is fair.

  264. Josh says:

    Who would you rather start this week in a PPR league, Larry Fitz or Doug Baldwin?

  265. Zach says:

    Is it worth it to drop Justin Hunter for Charles Sims? He is back at practice and was drafted number 69 overall, based on how bad Tampa Bay’s running game has been with D. Martin and Rainey, perhaps Charles Sims is the next man up?

    It’s a very hungry for RB league, nubs on waivers right now. My other WR’s are P. Harvin, B. Marshal, A. Holmes, ODB, Andre Johnson… so J. Hunter is the last option on my bench.


    • Jeff says:

      I think that is a fine idea. Even if you dump Hunter and he starts playing well, it looks like you’ll be fine at WR. I think Sims does have a chance in TB, like you said. Worth a shot in a league where RBs are thin.

  266. Joe says:

    I want to add Stepfan Taylor to handcuff Ellington. Would you drop Fred Jackson or Bishop Sankey to pick him up?

    • Jeff says:

      I’d probably drop Jackson if you’re dying to handcuff Ellington. He will be out about a month and who knows when he will be ready to contribute.

  267. Mungfisher says:

    So, would you trade Matt Forte for Justin Forsett and Jeremy Maclin? PPR. Other RBs are Hillman, Sproles, Cunningham, Bryce Brown and Knile Davis. WRs are AJ Green, Andre Johson, Devante Adams, Justin Hunter and Cordarelle Patterson.

    We start 2RBs, 3 WRs and 1WR/RB/TE so wiith Green out (and Cruz now on IR), I’m starting Johnston Adams and Hunter/Patterson and have been starting two TEs, Kelce and Reed.

    • Jeff says:

      It seems tempting, but I wouldn’t make that trade right now with how well Forte is performing. I would keep playing the waiver wire and try to buy time until Green gets back.

  268. Greg says:

    Would you trade Golden Tate for Brandon Oliver (14 Team, PPR)? What kind of role do you see for Oliver once Ryan Mathews returns?

  269. Nick says:

    Won’t have a chance at the big 3 RB waiver adds this week. So going after the dark horses. What’s the best RB waiver add this week and ROS – Dixon, Gray or Cadet? 0.5 PPR

  270. Zach says:

    Matt Ryan + Dwayne Allen for Gronk (PPR) = fair trade? (not enough, too much?)

    If he won’t take it, would it be crazy to offer R. Wilson + D. Allen for Gronk and ride it out with M. Ryan?

    My other QB is Russell Wilson. His QB’s are Cuttler and Palmer. I would ask for Palmer with Gronk, but I want it to seem like he’s getting a better deal and I’ll just pick up his other QB off waivers.

    • Jeff says:

      If you have multiple QBs like that, I think that pairing one of them to get an upgrade like Gronk is an awesome move. I’d try to make it Ryan and Allen for Gronk first and see what happens. I like this though.

  271. Andrew says:

    Who is more valuable in keeper non-ppr, mccoy or calvin johnson? Getting ready to rebuild for next year.

  272. Norman says:

    PPR, Is Stacy worth dropping at this point? My team, 6-1, in 1st, Luck, Dez, Edelman, D Murray, Vereen, Jimmy, Hillman, FJax, Harbor, Wayne, Allen, Stacy, J Hunter, Bailey, Cin. Waivers: Mason dropping Harbor, Robinson for Harbor, B Brown for Harbor, C Clay for Harbor, KC drop Cin, Min drop Cin. Also any kind of trade scenario that could be beneficial?

    • Jeff says:

      With a 6-1 record, I think I would give it one more week just to be certain that Stacy is done. No sense in making a rushed decision with a comfortable record. But it does look like he is toast.

      I dont see much in terms of trades. The roster looks solid (duh, you’re 6-1!) and I like the look of the waiver moves.

  273. LakerSteve says:

    Jeff, looking for waiver wire advice. I’m #1 on WW this week (it doesn’t reset) and, as you can see by my roster, I desperately need RB help. I’m currently 3-4 and in 9th place in a 14 team league, one spot out of the playoffs. I’m also facing one of the top scoring teams in the league featuring Peyton Manning and Julius Thomas.

    This week Gore is on bye and Pierre is out for 2-3 weeks. I need to use my #1 position to grab the top RB and then I probably should grab a 2nd RB when waivers comes around again because Bush may not play much. I might also explore a trade for an RB by dangling Mike Floyd, but I probably won’t get value. So, what player in addition to Amaro would you drop for an RB and which of these avail guys would you target in order?

    Bryce Brown
    Denard Robinson
    Travaris Cadet
    Anthony Dixon
    Stepfan Taylor
    Alfred Blue
    Storm Johnson
    Daniel Thomas

    14 team, 1pt PPR – play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    QB: Big Ben/Palmer
    RB: Gore, RBush, Pierre Thomas
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd, Wayne, Torrey, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J. Graham/Jace Amaro

    • Jeff says:

      I think I’d probably drop Amaro and then whichever QB you think you can live without. You should be fine with one and if not you can stream a bit, even in a 14 teamer. THen I would try to pickup Brown and Robinson.

  274. Zach says:

    What are your thoughts on Russell Wilson ROS? Is he a top 5 QB? My other QB is Matt Ryan… Russell Wilson faces the 49ers twice in the next 6 games, which makes me nervous, but maybe I could play Matt Ryan those weeks.

    The reason I’m asking about R. Wilson is because I’m trying to figure out if I can trade Matt Ryan or if I should keep him on my roster for the weeks that R. Wilson faces the 49ers (their games in the past have always been low-scoring with lots of DEF)…


  275. Sid Biswas says:

    Trade Romo/Wright for Aj Green?

    My other QB is Nick Foles.

    My other WRs are: Marshall, Wallace, Michael Floyd, Keenan Allen, K. Wright, and Josh Gordon

  276. steve says:

    NEED A WR , RB, & a RB/WR…0.5PPR

    Johnathan Stewart, Hillman, Jerrick McKinnon, Baldwin, Andre Holmes, or Cordarelle?

    Right now I have Stewart, Hillman, and Holmes in. TY

  277. Nick says:

    12 team, 0.5 ppr. We start 3WR, 2RB, 1TE and a flex. My WR, RB and TE are

    D. Thomas, Cobb, Allen, Gordon, Bradshaw, Martin, Rainey, Sankey, Hill, Gray, Reed, Ertz

    Would you drop Gray and pick up Kearse?

  278. Steve says:

    NEED A WR , RB, & a RB/WR…0.5PPR

    Johnathan Stewart, Hillman, Jerrick McKinnon, Baldwin, Andre Holmes, or Cordarelle?

  279. Steve says:

    :NEED A WR , RB, & a RB/WR…0.5PPR

    Johnathan Stewart, Hillman, Jerrick McKinnon, Baldwin, Andre Holmes, or Cordarelle?

  280. Zach says:

    Who would you rather stash on your bench ROS (both our eligible to be kept) in a PPR?
    Lorenzo Taliaferro or Tre Mason

  281. Zach says:

    With the Harvin trade, do you still start Russell Wilson (vs. Rams) over Matty Ice (@Ravens)? This league gives huge bonus points for big plays (20+, 40+, etc.)..

    – Everyone I know is saying it does not affect R. Wilson’s value, but don’t you think having Harvin as a player that DEF’s had devote resources too, without him there it makes it harder for Wilson to rush for big chunks of yards – or rather help Lynch take those carries away from Wilson?

    As an Harvin owner, does this trade help or hurt his value? PPR


    • Jeff says:

      I’d say Harvin’s ROS value is probably about the same. its not like his usage in SEA was through the roof or anything.

      And I’d play Wilson this week and I do think his value doesn’t dip too much. He will still use his legs plenty.

  282. Norman says:

    PPR, With Harvin traded to the Jets, which sea WR has the most upside? I’d be dropping Tyms. Wilson is my starting QB in that league.

  283. Yariel Rivera says:

    In a keeper league I was offered his LeVeon $16 and Julio $22 for my Mccoy $ 46 and Marshall $43.

  284. Blain says:

    I’m trying to acquire Megatron in my 14-team PPR League from a 2-4 owner who is RB needy. He turned down Hillman/Ball for Calvin. I think offering Ben Tate will get it done. Is that a good trade for me?

    WRs: Dez, MWallace, Cooks, CPatt, Josh Gordon
    RBs: Ellington, Tate, Crowell, Hillman, Ball
    Start 2 WR/2 RB/1 Flex

    I’m 5-1 and think Dez, Calvin, Gordon, Ellington, & [Denver RB] would dominate in the playoffs. Plus, Crowell could usurp Tate’s starting role? I would still have Wallace & Cooks to trade for another RB if necessary. Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I think that is a fine idea. Since you’re 5-1 you can probably afford to go without Tron while he sits the next couple games most likely. Its bold and I like it.

  285. Zach says:

    My last trade, the guy backed out at the last sec. Still trying to trade Stacy for something…

    Is trading Stacy + Harvin + Andre Johnson for Foster too much? PPR He also has T. Smith who I could ask to toss in, but not sure he would do it.

    My other RB: M. Forte, C. Hyde, I. Crowell, T. Mason
    My other WR: BMarsh, J. Hunter, J. Gordon, A. Holmes, ODB

    I would then go pick up A. Blue off waivers and another WR with upside (the Greenbay WR maybe, etc.)

  286. Matt says:

    Standard league scoring with a flex
    Would you take Mike Wallace and Gore for Lacy? He would probably swap Mckinnon for Gore if you think that would be better
    Current Roster
    QB- Roethlisberger/Eli
    WR Julio Jones
    WR G. Tate
    WRMichael Floyd
    RB Lacy
    RB Hillman
    TE Gronk
    Flex Z Stacy


  287. CBGBees says:

    What to do with roddy white….standard….league is picked over like crab cake plate at a Baltimore wedding,….can get quick, jones, allen, reed, walker, donnel, boldin, or hold???? Also Clevelands D or Balitmores thanks fellas keep it up.

    • Jeff says:

      Mmmmmm crab cakes.

      I’d play CLE defense this week and then I’d probably give Roddy a bit longer before giving up on him.

  288. Jim says:

    Would you consider b oliver & v jax for D Thomas a “fair” trade?

  289. Zach says:

    Trade Z. Stacy + Andre Johnson for Eddie Lacy + J. McKinnon? PPR

    My other RB: M. Forte, C. Hyde, I. Crowell, T. Mason
    My other WR: BMarsh, P. Harvin, J. Hunter, J. Gordon, A. Holmes, ODB

    Also who would you play this weekend: Matt Ryan @ Ravens or Russell Wilson vs Rams?


  290. Andrew says:

    I started the season with Newton. Couple weeks back I traded a receiver for Flacco. 1) Because Newton was banged up and not putting up the points. 2) Flacco had an easier schedule down the stretch.

    Now I have a QB dilemma. Both are coming off huge weekends, who do I start? Flacco at home against a weak Atlanta defence…. or the more dynamic Newton going into Green Bay.

    • Andrew says:

      Also, my opponent is starting Torrey Smith if it makes a difference…. this is a really huge week for us. The loser is likely eliminated from playoff contention early.

  291. Mike says:

    I’m currently 4-2 in my PPR league but am interested in making a trade with a guy who needs WR help. He has Marshawn Lynch, Eddie lacy, and Lamar Miller for his RBs. I currently have Julian Edelman, Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, James Jones, and Cecil Shorts for my WRs. My RBs are Demarco Murray, Ahmad Bradshaw, Montee Ball, Bishop Sankey, and Pierre Thomas. Here’s my question…since I have good depth at both positions, do you think me trading away Andre Johnson and Ahmad Bradshaw for Marshawn Lynch be a good offer to make?


    • Jeff says:

      I don’t see anything wrong with that deal. If you like it, go for it. You’re definitely getting the best player in the deal.

  292. Norman says:

    .5 PPR. Would you flex Vereen tomorrow over Hillman, Allen, Wayne or Hunter?
    1pt PPR, I need to start 2: Sankey, Hill & Mason.

  293. JS says:

    What is the general consensus on starting 3 players in the same offense? I currently own Cutler and Forte which has been a slam dunk so far. I’m thinking about making a play for Alshon, but I can’t decide whether its too risky but they are a high octane offense with a pretty good looking schedule going forward. I’m 5-1 so its not a big deal that they’re all on the same bye week. What do you think?

    • Jeff says:

      It is a little risky but in that offense, I like the idea. Those are three solid players for sure so you should be ok.

  294. Zach says:

    Sorry I should have asked this before… how would you prioritize the waiver wire options below: (PPR)

    Branden Bolden
    Tre Mason
    Andre Holmes
    James White

    Thanks again!

  295. Mike says:

    Would you trade away Stafford/Bernard for Joique/Luck? My other RBs are Forte, Bradshaw, Hill, and Jennings. Standard, 2RB/3WR 14 man league

  296. Norman says:

    PPR, He’s on board for Kaep/Roddy for Marshall. I really need help on this team so I want to make sure this is the best move. Do you see any other trade that would be more beneficial? I almost feel as though I’m giving up too much for Marshall.
    My Team: Kaep, R Wilson, Dez, Roddy, Randle, Sankey, J Hill, Cameron, Wayne, Donnell, Shady, Royal, Rainey, R Mathews.
    His Team: Foles, Edelman, Marshall, D Murray, Vereen, Gates, Oliver, Sanu, Beckham, Cooks, Ingram, Crowell, Reed, Anderson.

    • Jeff says:

      Well the 2nd QB doesnt do you a ton of good besides playing matchups, so upgrading your WRs would be a good idea. Maybe make it Kaep and a lesser WR like Randle or something.

  297. Zach says:

    Stacy is killing me…

    PPR – should I drop L. Taliaferro for Tre Mason?
    Last year, it was about this time when Z. Stacy started to get work and he became a second half stud. The only problem is that their schedule is very tough going forward – still Mason looked good with his carries.

    It’s a VERY COMPETITIVE LEAGUE…. not much is out on waivers right now (A. Holmes, J. White are out there, but I can’t take another WR and I don’t trust NE RB’s, so I’m thinking of grabbing T. Mason before he becomes a must-add?) – Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      I think that move is a decent idea. No sure thing but its worth a shot if you want to change things up. Mason is worth a try and it appears that Taliaferro won’t be getting lead back type carries anytime soon.

  298. dale says:

    .5 PPR, 14 teams, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex (w/r/t)
    8 teams make playoffs.
    I’m 2-4.
    Recently I was offered this trade: My Josh Gordon for M Colston & R Hillman. I don’t feel Hillman helps me, but maybe Colston will have an immediate impact based on Graham’s injury. I want to make a counter offer, any suggestions?

    My team:
    J Cutler
    J Charles
    J Bell
    P Thomas
    M Ingram
    D Thomas
    P Garcon
    G Tate
    B Cooks
    J Gordon
    M Austin
    T Kelce

    His team:
    T Romo
    K Benjamin
    R White
    K Allen
    M Colston
    O Beckham Jr.
    M Jones
    D Murray
    L Bell
    R Hillman
    B Sankey
    J Cameron
    D Allen

    Note: keeper league with draft picks available for trade.

    • Jeff says:

      Gordon’s keeper price would impact this decision quite a bit too, of course. I would need at least Roddy and Hillman to make that trade. Moving Gordon is an ok idea if you’re still trying to make the playoff push this year. Immediate help would be nice but Colston doesn’t excite me too much at this point.

  299. Jay says:

    Would you trade Oliver/Torrey for Ellington? Have a ton of WR depth where I can do away (sell high) with Torrey. Also thinking Oliver’s value is greater than Ellington’s in the short term, but come the home stretch/playoffs, Ellington is the guy to own… Thoughts?

  300. Norman says:

    I really want to make a trade, maybe Roddy & I need to make 1 more upgrade before it’s too late….My team: Wilson, Dez, Roddy, Shady, Sankey, Donnell, Wayne, Randle, Cameron, Royal, J Hill, Kaep, Rainey, Mathews.
    A: Ryan, Patterson, Hester, FJax, D Freeman, D Walker, T Williams, M Floyd (AZ), AJ Green, Ball, Pierre, Dalton, J Gordon, M Jones
    B: Rivers, Alshon, Crab, Dougie, A Williams, Ertz, Maclin, Hopkins, Alf, A Holmes, Staff, Hurns, Starks, Heath
    C: Luck, Cobb, G Tate, Gore, Ivory, O Daniels, Boldin, Ridley, Colston, L Green, J Jones (Oak), Cotchery, CJ?K, BGE
    D: Romo, Jordy, Antonio B, McKinnon, S Johnson, Witten, Wallace, Benjamin, Jimmy, R Jennings, Hunter, Helu, D Robinson, A Smith.

  301. LakerSteve says:

    Hey Jeff, you recently gave me advice about dropping Pierce to pick up a TE for Graham this week (Ebron or ASJ). Thanks! However, I held off because RBush is hurt and likely won’t play this week and I may need to play Pierce (yikes). So, here’s the question. Based on my roster below and the fact that the only solid RB I have is Gore and no TE, would you:
    1) play Pierce this week and drop Knile Davis for a TE?
    2) drop Pierce & Knile for a TE and one of these available crappy RBs: Jonathan Stewart (who isn’t 100% and playing Cincy), C.J. Anderson, Theo Riddick, McCluster, Taliaferro, or James Starks.
    3) Play Pierce at RB, leave the TE position empty and most likely take the loss because I’ll still be 3-3 and 8 of 14 teams make the playoffs. Thanks again!

    14 team, 1pt PPR – play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    RB: Gore, RBush, Pierre Thomas, Knile Davis, Bernard Pierce
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd, Wayne , Torrey, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J. Graham

  302. Zach says:

    Prior to Z. Stacy practicing I was going to play ODB, but now I’m unsure if I should play Stacy instead (vs. 49ers Monday)? I also have J. Hunter (but he only got 3 targets last week)..

    In another league, would you rather play Vereen @ Buffalo or Spiller vs. New England?

    PPR for both – Thanks!

  303. Adam says:

    I’m in a shallow 10 team .5 PPR league. Bc its shallow, the waiver and FA players are pretty solid and makes for difficult choices. Could I get some help please?

    Foles (starter)

    Dez (s)
    Cobb (s)
    Wallace (s)
    Allen Robinson

    Lynch (s)
    Forsett (s)

    Cameron (s)

    FA / waiver players
    Newton (just hit waiver)

    Fitz (just hit waiver)
    James jones / Holmes

    McKinnon (waiver)


  304. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, trying to get my team back on track. 2-3: Wilson , Kaep, Dez, Roddy, Wayne, Randle, Royal , Shady, Sankey , J Hill, Rainey , R Mathews, Cameron, Donnell, Prater, SD.
    His Team: 1-4: Luck, Cobb , G Tate, Boldin, Colston , J Jones (Oak), Cotchery, Gore, Ivory, Ridley , CJ?K, BGE, O Daniels , L Green.
    I proposed Cameron / Royal for G Tate, he rejected it. Do you see anything else that he may bite on?

    • Jeff says:

      He might not be willing to move a WR because his are pretty week. If he wants a new TE maybe Cameron for Ivory/Gore/Ridley types.

  305. dale says:

    It is the first year my fiancé and the mother of my son is playing in my home town league, which I have dominated for three years now (I would have back to back to back championships if wasn’t for Kirk Cousins in 2012, week 15…) and take very seriously. During my golden run I may have engaged in some less than savory conversations outlining my sheer brilliance as a fantasy player as well as a functioning member of society. This season has been a different story, I started 0-3 and began hearing hurtful things from GMs around the league. I have battled back to a 2-3 record and can feel the tide turning and have begun to retort to some of the naysayers. But, of course, this week I am matched up against my partner, my love, my everything and all I can think is, “she better not beat me or so help me god I’ll stop wiping up that puddle of water left on the counter after I do the dishes (which is an unspeakable crime in my house and will cause unrepairable damage to the relationship)”. She is also 2-3 and has mentioned that she’s out for blood this week. My question is, how do I properly deal with both scenarios, win or lose, so that I don’t end up living on my own again in a dingy apartment that smells like Josh Gordon is my roommate? Thanks in advance.

    • Jeff says:

      hahaha this may be the best comment we’ve ever had in our Ask Our Writers section, Dale.

      As far as the matchup with the fiance goes, I have played my wife in a couple leagues in the past and I generally try to play the underdog card all week. I just tell her that she has great matchups and I dont etc.. so that keeps her happy during the week and it will appear as if you just got lucky if you win. That has helped keep things pleasant in my household.

      As for the league, if you do indeed move to 3-3 after starting 0-3, I would let the naysayers in the league know about it!!

  306. Dude says:

    Would you trade Zac Stacy for Frank Gore in a PPR? (I have Hyde on my bench)?

    If you agree that Gore is better than Stacy and the other team doesn’t want to sell Gore for Stacy stright up, would Z. Stacy + A. Johnson for F. Gore + M. Crabtree be too much?

  307. Zach says:

    Who would you start – it’s a close match up and I need to win. PPR

    Andre Johnson vs. IND
    Odell Beckham JR vs. PHI
    Justin Hunter vs. JAC

    I was leaning Andre Johnson, but Colts have been good and he is dealing with an injury. ODB could be a safer play, even though he has a lot less experience.

  308. Blain says:

    I only have room to stash 2 of these RBs on my nonppr team. Which two do you prefer: CJ Anderson, Pierre Thomas, or Terrance West? Thanks!

  309. dale says:

    14 teams, .5ppr, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, W/R/T FLEX, K, IDP (1 of each DL, LB, DB).
    My team: Cutler, Dthom, Tate, Garcon, Cooks, M Austin, Gordon, JCharles, Joique, PThomas, Ingram, Kelce, Tannehill, Gould. IDP – Fuller, CDunlap, Trevathan.

    This weeks byes are killing me, I’m not comfortable dropping anyone other than Tannehill and I need to find room for a RB and/or TE. So, I’m dropping Tannehill and Fuller for either Niles Paul or Tim Wright and available RBs are: Rainey, Taliaferro, Jacquizz, Turbin. Please help.

  310. LakerSteve says:

    I’m in a 14 team, 1pt PPR and Graham is on bye (and hurt) and I need a back up TE for this week at least. Problem is I don’t have anybody I really want to drop and we have short benches. Plus, it’s slim pickings – (Ebron, Seferian-Jenkins, Tim Wright, Niles Paul, Clay Harbor etc). My team is below – who would you drop/pick up?

    We play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    My team:
    RB: Gore , RBush, Pierre Thomas, Knile Davis, Bernard Pierce
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd, Wayne, Torrey, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J. Graham

    I think I should drop Pierce before Knile or Torrey due to their upside, but it’s 14 competitive teams and whoever I drop is gone the second they come off waivers. I’ve thought about not playing a TE (I’m 3-2 and 8 teams make the playoffs), but I’m in a tight battle this week and every point could count. Thoughts?

    • Jeff says:

      I would probably cut Pierce for Ebron or ASJ. At least those TE have some upside and could increase their worth in a few weeks if things break right

  311. Joe says:

    I know they’re just kickers, but would you rather have Matt Prater or Brandon McManus going forward?

  312. Tom says:

    Someone just dropped Alfred Blue. Would you drop Christian Michael for Alfred Blue? PPR

  313. Trevor says:

    A bit of a random question, but has site traffic increased since the Simpson’s episode?

    • Jeff says:

      haha no, not really. That was sure a funny coincidence though! It was fun seeing (almost) our name on a show like that.

  314. Zach says:

    Hi Jeff.. So this is the week that I drop Gerhart (watch him blow up next week)… My Waiver Priority List:

    1. B. Oliver
    2. R. Hillman
    3. Antone Smith
    4. O. Beckham
    5. D. Adams
    6. Storm Johnson
    7. Darren McFadden
    8. Marcel Reese/L. Murray
    9. Justin Hunter

    1 PPR for RB, .5 PPR for WR… Do you agree with this priority listing and would you rather hold onto Gerhart over dropping him for any of the players listed above (ie Storm Johnson)?

    • Jeff says:

      I would drop Gerhart. I’m fine with that at this point.

      The list looks good. Depends on what you need of course. I might slide Smith down a spot and move Beckham up and probably slide Hunter up a couple spots.

  315. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, I just got offered, McKinnon & Gerhart for Sankey, I doubt I’m going to accept that, but do you see any counter?
    My Team: Wilson,Dez, Roddy, Shady, Sankey, Donnel, Wayne, Randle, Royal, Cameron, J Hill, Kaep, Rainey, R Mathews.
    His Team: Romo, Jordy, Antonio B, R Jennings, McKinnon, Jimmy, K Benjamin, Witten, M Wallace, Gerhart, J Hunter, Helu, D Robinson.

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldnt move Sankey for anything less than one of his top WR at this point. Its not worth selling him at this point when he is trending upward. Gonna be hard to get true value for him.

  316. Zach says:

    If Andre Johnson can’t go this Sunday – who do I drop and pick up to play in his place?

    Based on my roster restrictions, unless I drop one of my RBs I cannot play a RB instead of WR. My only other WR is Marvin Jones (who is also Questionable)

    Potential Droppable Players: Toby Gerhart, Marvin Jones (could potentially play, but it’s doubtful considering he is coming off now two injuries)…

    If I drop Marvin Jones do I pick up:
    Devin Hester @ Giants
    Louis Murphy @ New Orleans
    Allen Robinson vs. Steelers

    If I drop Gerhart, I could play Crowell or Taliaferro in my flex or something along those lines, but I would hate to drop someone that could potentially be someone to add to a trade later… (who knows maybe Bortles helps Gerhart?)… Thanks!

  317. Lance says:

    Standar, non-keeper: should I trade M. Colston for J. Edelman?

  318. Jeremy says:

    14 team PPR league. Would you rather have Lance Dunbar or Joseph Randle as your RB lottery ticket should/when Demarco gets injured?

  319. G says:

    Torn on flex players this week. Standard 12 team league. Set at RB1 and RB2, but unsure on WR1, WR2 and FLEX 1 and FLEX 2. Potentials: WR-Fitzgerald Colston, Royal, Edelman, Justin Hunter, RB- Sankey, Hyde.Mix match of disappointment and hopeful breakouts. Thx

  320. Lance says:

    Standard Scoring
    -Who should I start this week in my RB2 position between Ball, Vereen, and Hill?
    -Should I start Colston or B. Quick instead of D. Hopkins or V. Jackson this week?

  321. Andrew says:

    C Patterson for D Walker… who wins that deal in non-keeper, non-PPR

    • Jeff says:

      Really depends on the construction of the rosters in my opinion. I think it’s pretty even so it working from both sides. All else equal, I’d rather have Patterson and hope he gets rolling.

  322. Blain says:

    Jeff, thanks for your ongoing trade advice. I have another one for you: Would you give up Colston & Vereen to get Arian Foster? I know Foster’s hammy is a problem, but Colston is riding my bench so the Foster upside may be worth it? Thanks.

    My RBs: JCharles, Gerhart, Vereen, Pierre, Knile
    My WRs: Jordy, Roddy, Kelvin, & Colston
    Non-PPR starting 2 RB/2 WR/1 Flex

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I’d do that deal. Obviously risky with the health factor but I think it’s worth the gamble since Colston is riding pine

  323. Nick says:

    Would you trade my Ball, Gordon and Donald Brown for his Jeffery, Bradshaw and Ingram? My other RB’s are Martin, Asiata, Hill. My other WR’s are D. Thomas, Cobb , Allen.

    It’s a 12 team 0.5 ppr non-keeper. I’m currently in 9th place at 1-3.

    Thanks in advance!

  324. Norman says:

    New trade: Dez, Pierre Thomas or Vereen & Heath Miller for Sproles, Kelce & Smith Sr. What should I do!?

  325. Zach says:

    Need to make a move prior to game time – if in case McKinnon blows up…

    Would you trade T. Gerhart straight up for J McKinnon?

    Would you trade T. Gerhart + C. Michael for M. Ingram (Ingram and Michael are both eligible to be kept in 2015, Gerhart is not)? – Ingram did look good prior to the “hand” injury, but can he stay healthy and be a good flex or possible RB 2 down the final stretch?

    Which of the two trades would you prefer? (PPR)

    You can only keep 2 players each year – and for only 1 year (not a dynasty), as of now Josh Gordon and most likely Carlos Hyde will be my 2 keepers, so these other players would just enable me to make off-season trades for draft picks (in terms of C. Michael or M. Ingram)… Thanks!

  326. Norman says:

    He didn’t think that was fair & now proposed FJax/Smith Sr. for Dez.

  327. Mike says:

    I was thinking about offering a trade to someone. This is a 12 team, standard scoring league. There is a WR/TE slot, so TE is not necessary and I do not have one. My team is

    Matt Ryan
    Demariyus Thomas
    Dez Bryant
    Andre Ellington
    Matt Asiata
    Randall Cobb
    Adam Viniatieri
    Bengals DEF
    Fred Jackson
    Shane Vereen
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Josh Gordon
    Knile Davis
    Lions DEF
    Trent Richardson
    I was thinking of offering up Randall Cobb, Kelvin Benjamin, Matt Asiata, and Shane Vereen for Eddie Lacy and Julio Jones. I am hoping to swoop up J. McKinnon in hopes he beats out Asiata later on. I would then have D. Thomas, D. Bryant, and Julio Jones in my lineup all at once with Ellington and Lacy. My concern is that I would have to stream a WR every now and again for byes. I mean I would also have bait later with my team having J. Jones, D. Bryant, D. Thomas, and J. Gordon on my team. What do you think? I am currently 3-1

  328. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, 4-0, just got offered (through a text): Dez for Sproles & Smith Sr. My Team: Luck, Edelman, Wayne, Murray, Stacy, Jimmy, Allen, FJax, Sproles, Kelce, Dunbar, Smith Sr., A Holmes. His team: Romo, Dez, Julio, Pierre, Ridley, Julius, Crowell, Kerley, Heath, Taliaferro, Vereen, DMC, Palmer. Should I do it?

  329. herschel says:

    PPR league, who do you like best ROS: allen robinson, marvin jones, bowe or malcolm floyd?


  330. Joe says:

    I have D. Walker and J. Cameron in a 12-team Standard league with a shallow bench, but we can play a TE in the Flex. Would it be worth it to continue rostering Cameron or should I drop him for a backup QB for Ryan? RBs are Jennings, Charles, Hill, West , Crowell, and J. Bell. WRs are Nelson, Floyd, Hunter and Latimer. Want to keep Latimer for next year for a 14th round pick. We keep 2, one from rounds 2-8, and one from rounds 9-14. Also can’t keep a player that has been dropped and must have been drafted by you.

  331. Zach says:

    My roster is below. PPR League, allows you to keep 2 players drafted round 5+ or picked up off waivers for one year. ( * = 2015 eligible keeper )

    My Roster:
    QB: Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson
    RB: Matt Forte , Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart, Carlos Hyde*, Christian Michael*, Lorenzo Taliaferro*, Isaiah Crowell*
    WR: Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson , Percy Harvin* , Josh Gordon* , Marvin Jones*,
    TE: Jimmy Graham , Dwayne Allen*
    DEF: Bengals*, Ravens*

    Should I drop Toby Gerhart for Kadeem Carrey (I have Forte)?

    I’m at my maximum roster restriction for RB’s.

    It’s a 12 team (very competitive league) and with RB’s running slim on waivers, someone may try to snag him after last weeks game (73 yards in the 2nd half after the game became out of reach)… Forte has had an injury history in the past, which is why I’m wondering if I should drop Gerhart now for his handcuff.

    • Zach Follow Up says:

      Or should I drop C. Michael?

      I’m also trying to trade C. Michael and Gerhart for Ingram. The guy with Ingram has Lynch, so he may bite, but not sure he will.

      Michael may have keeper value, but Turbin has been good too (committee?) and Lynch does not look like he is breaking down this season… I think they probably just restructure his deal at the end of the season and Lynch stays on.

    • Jeff says:

      I’d probably keep Michael and I dont think dropping Gerhart is a bad idea. You probably won’t ever play him so you might as well pick someone up who will possibly help your team.

  332. David says:

    12-team Yahoo PPR team. Need some advice on Flex this week.

    Everything else is set:
    RB: Foster, Bernard
    WR: Julio, Dez
    TE: Olsen.

    Flex is between Greg Jennings, DeSean Jackson, Bishop Sankey, and Lorenzo Taliaferro.

    Which of those four would you play?

    Also, if Foster doesn’t play, who replaces him?

    • Jeff says:

      I think I’d give Sankey a shot at flex. I doubt Foster sits but if he does, I’d probably slide Sankey up to RB2 and flex Taliaferro.

  333. Mike says:

    Trade Rodgers for Lacy in a standard flex league? My backup is Romo and I have Shady, Foster/Blue, Ingram, and FJax.

  334. Blain says:

    Would you trade Jordy to get McCoy? Due to roster limitations the actual deal would probably be give Jordy/PierreT to get McCoy/Boldin. Thanks!

    My RBs: JCharles, Gerhart, Vereen, Pierre, Knile
    My WRs: Jordy, Roddy, Kelvin, & Colston
    Non-PPR starting 2 RB/2 WR/1 Flex

    • Jeff says:

      good question. I think it is a fair deal but with how consistent Jordy is, I dont think I would do it. You can put together an “RB2 by committee” there and hold onto Jordy and I think your team is still strong.

  335. Matt says:

    .5 PPR give Lynch and Wheaton to get Hopkins and McCoy?

  336. Nagurski says:

    Standard 12 team flex/back up RB question. Should I drop Vereen, J Hill, or K Davis (I don’t have Charles) for McKinnon, S Mathews, or Taliaferro? Thanks.

  337. mungfisher says:

    Here’s my 1-3 PPR team. Should I blow it up through trades or play it out a bit? I’m also planning to drop Niles Paul and Justin Hunter this week for some servicable WR depth (Hunter may have talent, but the Titans are a trainwreck).

    Forte, Stacy, Sproles, K. Davis, A. Blue, Gerhart
    AJ Green, Andre Johnson, V. Cruz, J. Hunter, J. Gordon
    Kelce, Niles Paul


    • Jeff says:

      I would give it another week and see if you can scrape out a win and get to 2-3 before doing anything drastic. The team looks fine for the most part.

  338. Nick says:

    10 team 0.5 ppr keeper league.

    Just got offered Garcon and Stacy for Calvin. My other WR’s are D. Thomas, Julio and Gordon. My other RB’s are Peterson/Asiata/Ridley/Vereen/F. Jackson and Hyde. So I’m obviously weak at RB. He also has Lacy on his roster.

    I’m leaning towards a no to Stacy and asking for Lacy instead. Would you trade Calvin for Lacy/Garcon? He also has Cooks and Patterson that I could try to substitiute for Garcon.

  339. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR: With my trade for Shady accepted. Should I also try to trade for Sproles? His team: Cutler, Garçon, Watkins, Charles, Spiller, Paul, Sproles, A Robinson, TRich, Kniles, Ellington, E Sanders, D Allen.
    My Team: R Wilson, Kaep, Dez, Wayne, Roddy, Randle, D Martin, Sankey, J Hill, R Mathews, Rainey, Donnell, Cameron, Hopkins. (Trading away Hopkins/Martin)

  340. Jeppe says:

    Hi Jeff. Regarding the lynch McCoy trade. It’s a keeper league, keeping 3 players with no penalty. I could counter him as well. He has McCoy and AJ that I really like. Could counter him lynch plus Michael Floyd or Alshon maybe?

  341. Yariel Rivera says:

    10 team keeper (4 keepers) with larger than avg starting roster (qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te, 2 w/r/t)
    I was offered his McCoy $46 and Marshall $43 for my Lacy $28 and Ball $27.
    Considering I would still have solid keepers to choose from should I do this deal. I would still be strong at rb and I would upgrade at wr. The only concern is Marshall’s ankle.
    My current rb’s and wr’s – I only listed the prices of players I would consider keeping
    Forte $50
    Lacy $28
    Gio $19
    Ball $27
    AP $55
    McKinnon $5 (If AP doesn’t return to the Vikings)

  342. Zach says:

    My roster is below. PPR League, allows you to keep 2 players drafted round 5+ or picked up off waivers for one year. ( * = 2015 eligible keeper )

    PPR league.
    My Roster:
    QB: Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson
    RB: Matt Forte , Zac Stacy, Toby Gerhart, Carlos Hyde*, Christian Michael*, Lorenzo Taliaferro*
    WR: Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson , Percy Harvin* , Josh Gordon* , Allen Robinson*,
    TE: Jimmy Graham , Dwayne Allen*
    DEF: Bengals*, Ravens*

    Planning to drop Ravens D (Bengals had their bi-week) and Allen Robinson for one or two of the players below. Let me know if you agree with my waiver priority list…

    Also, starting roster is QB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, R/W/T, TE, K, DEF – so you can play up to 4 WR’s if you want.

    Early Waiver Priority List:
    1. I. Crowell (reports state he’s now receiving first team reps or would you rather have McKinnon or M. Jones?)
    2. M. Jones (back from injury – was last year a fluke?)
    3. J. McKinnon (more involved going forward?)

    Should I continue to roster T. Gerhart? I was hopeful that the QB change would help, not sure anything will help.

    • Jeff says:

      I would drop one of the defenses for sure. I would probably slide McKinnon to the top of the list with Crowell 2nd. Crowell will still have to compete with Tate. I would also look to move one of those QB’s to a QB needy team if possible.

      • Zach says:

        Yeah I agree – right now I’m trying to move R. Wilson to the Cuttler or Romo team. No one else I don’t think is willing to try to upgrade at QB because they have solid back-ups that have done well… i.e. Rothlisburger etc. I’m hopeful after the Skins game and Wilson blows up, I can move him then.

        Since I have Forte and K. Carrey did take some of the load this last week, should I scratch trying to add one of those two backs above for my Forte handcuff? Such as dropping Gerhart for him or give Gerhart a little more time before making that move (with the hope someone else does not pick up K. Carrey)…

        Thanks again!

  343. Jeppe says:

    Hey there,

    Im in a 12 man half PPR league. One of the guys just offered me Lesean McCoy for Marshawn Lynch. It’s a keeper league.
    Should I take that trade? will McCoy start to put up bigger numbers than Lynch now you think?

    • Jeppe says:

      Actually, he is offering me Isaiah Crowell + LeSean McCoy for Marshawn Lynch and Reuben Randle. Randle I picked up from the WW, just as a filler. Crowell I would most likely use as a flex option.

      • Jeff says:

        I think the keeper aspect would make me take Lynch. Its a little riskier simply for 2014 purposes but if you’re keeping the guys beyond this year with no penalty then I would take McCoy. If those two guys arent keepable or they will be expensive to keep then I wouldn’t pay that much for McCoy most likely.

  344. EC says:

    Hey guys, need some help trying to decide if I should “spend” a waiver position this week. Here’s the background:
    12-team, mostly TD-based scoring (only yardage points are 300/passing, 100/rushing or receiving plus every 50 after that), 4 pts for passing TDs, 6 pts for rushing/receiving TDs.
    Lineup is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE, TE, K, D…bench is 8 deep
    AP was my first round pick, and he has been cut. My other “starting” RB is Joique Bell, who left Wk 4 with a concussion.
    Trades are not a viable option at this point, as it’s a 20-year league and everyone is pretty tricky to deal with (and unwilling to “help” a competitior).
    My current RBs are J. Bell, C. Hyde, A. Blue, L. Taliaferro, R. Helu, and C. Polk. So far, I have been able to grab all of these as Free Agents after the waivers for the week run. My question boils down to what you think about A. Williams (NYG). I feel his Wk 4 performance is an outlier as they were playing off a short week, but at the same time Jennings is on a likely-unsustainable pace for carries so I can see Williams getting some additional work going forward. (goal-line??)
    Considering the lack of any other options out there that have popped, do you think he is worth spending the 2nd waiver position on this week? (assuming the #1 position doesn’t claim him) Or should I continue to hold in case someone emerges out of nowhere on an upcoming Sunday? I’m just starting to worry about fielding a lineup of viable RBs this week! Thanks much in advance for your help.

    • Jeff says:

      I think Williams’ usage on TNF was simply a product of them crushing Washington. I think Jennings is still secure in his job for sure. He really is just another handcuff that would only be startable if the starter in front of him goes down and even in that case he would onlyplay on 1st and 2nd down probably because he is a terrible receiver. I would keep the waiver position and wait.

  345. Mike says:

    I am thinking of proposing this trade in an 8 team Std. League. Which of my QB’s should I put in this trade? My Rivers/Romo, Gio, Colston for his A. Rodgers, M. Ball, K. Allen. What do you think about this trade?

  346. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, R Wilson, Kaep, Dez, Roddy, Martin, Sankey, Donnell, Hopkins, Wayne, R Randle, Rainey, Cameron, J Hill, R Mathews.
    His Team: Rivers, Alshon, Crab, Shady, Alf, Ertz, Maclin, Holmes, Staff, Hurns, Starks, A Williams, Heath.
    I proposed Donnell & Hopkins for Shady & he countered with Martin & Hopkins for Shady. Should I do it? I’m thinking yes….

  347. Matt says:

    Would you trade away Cutler, Roddy, and Vereen to get Brady, Michael Floyd, J. Hunter, and Ertz?

    I’m in a 14tm .5ppr league and am feeling a bit shallow at WR and TE. And Roddy’s injuries worry me and so does Vereen’s usage so far… Here’s what my team looks like:

    QB – Cutler
    RB – Charles, Vereen, Asiata, J. Hill, Sankey, Alfred Blue
    WR – Cobb, White, R. Randle, D. Adams, Dobson
    TE – Miller

  348. herschel says:

    PPR league, who to start at

    d’angelo @ bal
    ivory vs det
    asiata vs atl

    jennings vs atl
    hilton vs ten
    robinson @ sd


  349. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR,
    My team: R Wilson , Kaep, Dez, Roddy, Wayne, Hopkins, Randle , D Martin , R Mathews , JHill, Rainey, Sankey, Cameron, Donnell.
    I was just offered Ingram for Hopkins , not feeling great about it, do you see a counter? His team: Foles, Edelman, Marshall , D Murray , D Brown , A Gates , B Cooks, Vereen, Brady, Blue, Ingram, Crowell, Hester.
    Or, should I try to buy low on Lacy, Gore,Shady or Alf?
    Lacy ’s Team: Rodgers, Cruz , A Roberts, Lacy , DMC, Fleener , Lamar, Bradshaw , J Thomas, Welker , B Tate, Hyde , R Woods , J Matthews.
    Gore ’s Team: Luck, Cobb, Colston, Gore, Ridley , O Daniels, Boldin, Ivory , L Green, Jones (oak), AP, Cotchery , G Tate, CJ?K.
    Shady & Alf’s team: Staff, Alshon, Crab, Shady, Alf, Ertz, Hurns, Rivers, Starks, Holmes , JStew, Dobson , A Williams.

  350. Steph says:

    Play Gerhart or roll the dice with Charles on Monday? No other options. PPR

  351. LakerSteve says:

    Buy low on Andre Ellington? I’m in a 14 team 1pt PPR and the Ellington owner is 0-3 and starting the perpetually injured Doug Martin at RB1 & Sankey as his RB2 in a must win game this week. I’m 1-2, but since 8 teams make the playoffs I feel like I can take a risk now and benefit later (assuming Ellington is actually an upgrade?). Was thinking I could offer something like Gore & PThomas for Ellington & Sankey? Or does that weaken me too much? Or, maybe Gore/Pierce for Ellington/Starks (who would just be a throw in that I could drop). Curious to know what Jeff would do – if anything. Thanks!

    We play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    My team:
    RB: Gore, RBush, Pierce , Pierre Thomas, Knile Davis
    WR: A. Brown, Mike Floyd ,Torrey, Wayne, JOSH GORDON
    TE: J.Graham

    His team:
    RB: D.Martin, Ellington, Jacquizz, Starks, Sankey
    WR: Calvin, Steve Smith, Terrance Williams, Boldin
    TE: Vernon Davis/Niles Paul

    • Jeff says:

      I think the Gore/PT for Ellington/Sankey deal is worth trying. Sankey will only get better as the year progresses as well. I’d try that.

  352. Nick says:

    12 team 0.5ppr. Would you drop Blue to pick up Sankey? My other RB’s are Ball, Martin, Hill, Asiata and Brown. I tried dealing Blue to the Foster owner but that guy doesn’t trade.

    • Jeff says:

      I think I would. Sankey is a better bet for production down the stretch this season. blue will only be relevant when Foster sits.

  353. Walter Black says:

    In a full PPR league, do you believe Gio Bernard’s value will get any higher this season? Is he worth selling “high” for one of the top backs who are struggling ( Mccoy, Charles, Forte, Lacy,Ball). Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jeff says:

      I think I would probably sniff around on those top backs and see if you get any interest. Gio is a pretty safe bet in that offense but I still think I’d take McCoy over him.

  354. Zach says:

    Earlier this week I received two trade offers for Kirk Cousins.

    The first one was Cam Newton (his starter was Drew Brees).

    The second was R. Wilson (who is on bi-week) and his other QB is Manning (also on bi-week).

    I did not reject either trades because I wanted to see how Cousins did in the game. If he blew up again I was going to try to get more back in return. After his 3rd interception I accepted the trade for R. Wilson.

    Do you agree with the decision of Wilson over Newton?

    The person who traded me Wilson however will now not receive any points from the QB position, since I accepted the trade after the game had started and his other QB is Manning (on bi-week).

    Should the trade be not approved by the commissioner? – keeping in mind both teams could have withdrawn their offers at any point.

    • Zach (added to above question) says:

      The guy who traded me Wilson is trying to have the trade reversed. Also, the guy who offered me Newton is still willing to do the trade for Cousins.

      Newton is eligible to be kept in 2015 and Wilson is not. Since Matty Ice is my QB1, it really comes down to who has more value for trade bait.

      Wilsons ROS looks easy and Newton’s looks tough until the playoffs.

      With all of that said – who would you rather have Wilson or Newton?

    • Jeff says:

      It sucks for the other guy, but youre right he could have withdrawn his offer at anytime. I think it should stand.

      I also do think Russell is a better option with Cam nursing that rib injury.

  355. Norman says:

    Hi Jeff, so I proposed Randle & Sainkey for Forte & haven’t heard anything back yet. Now, I just got proposed Vereen for Hopkins (me) & he’s giving me until kickoff tonight to accept or reject. I think it’s more worth it to try & put a trade together for Forte. Any suggestions?

  356. steve says:





    I AM 2-1..

  357. chris says:

    I’m not a Charles owner, but have Knile Davis on my bench. Everyone else on my bench is on bye or hurt and I think undroppable. (Peyton Manning, Montee Ball, Josh Gordon, Michael Floyd, AJ Green, Ryan Mathews)

    Currently I don’t have a kicker, so my question is:
    Should I drop Knile Davis just to have a full roster this one week, or take the “zero” and hope for the best?

  358. Ginger Nation says:

    Do I play Vincent Jackson tonight or Cordarrelle Patterson on sunday?

    Im really stressing about this because VJax has Glennon throwing to him now but Patterson should get more touches/targets with Bridgewater in there.

    What do you think?

  359. Blain says:

    I’m 1-2 and hoping to get back to .500 during this week full of byes. What do you think of this trade: I trade away Colston & Pierre Thomas to get Donald Brown.
    I can also work the same deal where I’d get Lamar Miller instead of Brown. Do you prefer Brown or Miller? Am I giving away too much?

    My RBs: JCharles, Gerhart, Vereen, Pierre, Knile
    My WRs: Jordy, Roddy, Kelvin, & Colston
    Non-PPR starting 2 RB/2 WR/1 Flex


    • Jeff says:

      I do think you’re giving a little too much here but I prefer Miller. Brown will only be starting for a few more weeks and I would guess Miller has a better shot at more work after Moreno comes back.

  360. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR
    My Team: R Wilson, Kaep, Dez, Roddy, D Martin, Sankey, Donnell, Hopkins, Wayne, Randle, Rainey, Cameron, J Hill, R Mathews.
    His Team: Brees, TY, Bowe, Forte, L Bell, Olsen, K Wright, M Bennett, Nicks, Percy, Fitz, K Robinson, Celek, A Smith.
    He’s willing to listen to a trade for Forte so I initially brought up Randle & Sankey for Forte. I doubt he’ll bite on that, do you see anything that would work & do you think Roddy for Forte is giving up too much on my end?

  361. Walter Black says:

    Hey yall glad to be back- quick question in a 12 team PPR, what are your thoughts on Cousins (NYG) vs Brady (@KC) this week? Not a big fan of thurs night games and the lights are bright on Mon night…

    Thank you as always!

  362. Zach says:

    Need a flex for the bi-weeks. (1 PPR for RB and .5 PPR for WR/TE)

    Dwayne Allen vs. TEN (Fleener is still in the mix)
    Toby Gerhart @ SD (tough DEF, but Bortles could help?)
    Carlos Hyde vs. PHI (Frank Gore is still the guy)
    Lorenzo Taliaferro vs. CAR (good DEF and Pierce should be back, but maybe not 100%?)

    What’s the best play?

  363. Jeppe says:

    Hi guys,

    49’ers D/ST just became available on the WW in my league. Should I pick them up and play them next week and the week after? I’ve got Houston D/ST for this week, I could find space on my bench for a 2nd D, would have to drop Joe McKnight or Bridgewater.

  364. Joe says:

    Should I still believe in Torrey Smith? very tempted to drop…

  365. LakerSteve says:

    Add/drop help: I’ve been lucky so far (3-0) in a very competitive 12 team money league but I don’t love my team. It’s 1pt PPR and I’ve currently got a bit of an unbalanced roster with 6 RBs/4 WRs and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth dropping either the STL D, Torrey Smith or somebody else in order to take a flyer on Allen Robinson or Jordan Matthews who are FAs at this moment. They both look like the real deal and I expect Robinson to see a lot of targets from Bortles – especially as they play from behind. The thing is, I drafted the Rams D because I thought they’d be top 5 or better this season and I thought Torrey Smith was gonna have a big year too. You think it’s best to sit tight for now or make a move?

    We play: QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, K, DEF
    QB: Foles (7)
    RB: Gio, D. Martin , F.Jax, Lamar Miller, Rainey, Sankey
    WR: Dez, Mike Floyd, Torrey, Sammy Watkins
    TE: Gronk
    DEF: STL / SD (picked up for bye, but they have a great stretch)
    K: Dawson

  366. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, Luck, Edelman, Wayne, D Murray, Stacy, J Graham, K Allen, FJax, Sproles, Kelce, Dunbar, Smith Sr. we start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex. Right now I’m starting: Luck, Edelman, Wayne, D Murray, FJax, J Graham, K Allen. Should I flex: Allen vs. Jax, Sproles, vs. SF, Kelce vs. NE or Smith Sr. vs. Car?

  367. Adam says:

    I’ve been offered either J. Bell or Sproles for either G. Tate or Welker. 10 team PPR, start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. No flex.

    Week 4
    A. Robinson
    – (byes and injuries = no starter this week)
    N. Paul

    Ellington (bye)
    Ingram (injured)
    J. Hill (bye)
    D. Thomas (bye)
    Welker (bye)
    T. Smith
    D. Adams
    Gordon (suspension)
    H. Miller

    • Jeff says:

      it looks like you’re a little stronger at RB than WR so Im not sure about the deal. I think Joique would be a decent addition though. In a 10 teamer, there should probably be some decent options on the waiver wire. Check there first but then I think Joique for Tate would be ok.

      • Adam says:

        Thanks Jeff.

        Looking at the players in FA or on Waivers
        Justin hunter (waiver)
        Greene (waiver)
        J. McKinnon
        D. Thomas
        L. Taliaferro
        D. Young

        Who do you suggest I drop?

  368. Zach says:

    12 Team PPR League with IDP…
    IDP Question:
    We start 1 LB, 1 DE and 1 DL – you must have two on your roster (starter/bench).

    My IDP Roster:
    DL: Robert Quinn (has been BUST) and Everson Griffen (MIN DL)
    LB: Jerod Mayo and Vontaze Burfict (been injured – also BUST)
    DB: Barry Church and Eric Berry (injured)

    I’m new to IDP (as are most in my league this year) and I’m wondering if I should drop Vontaze Burfict for Jelani Jenkins (who has scored more than any other LB to date)… I know Burfict can be a stud, but when do you cut bait in IDP?


  369. joe says:

    Which player do I pick up on waivers, B. Sankey or L. Taliaferro?

  370. Zach says:

    PPR league.
    My Roster:
    QB: Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins
    RB: Matt Forte , Zac Stacy , MJD, Carlos Hyde , Christian Michael , Toby Gerhart , J. McKinnon
    WR: BMarsh, Andre Johnson , Percy Harvin , Josh Gordon , Justin Hunter,
    TE: Jimmy Graham , Dwayne Allen
    DEF: Bengals

    With Stacy and Harvin on bi-week and MJD hurt – I have to play Gerhart as my #2 RB and Justin Hunter in my flex.

    I’m dropping McKinnon to get a DEF (potentially: Detroit or Steelers) because I don’t want to drop the Bengals D… who are also on bi-week.

    Would you drop Justin Hunter for Allen Robinson or Allen Hurns.. I do think that Bortles is talented and it could give the passing game that much more of a boost. If you would do this, which WR should I pick up out of the two?

    A Skins fan offered me Cam Newton for Kirk Cousins. I would rather have Cousins, but my other QB is Matty Ice. If I can convince him to trade me Brees and Newton for Cousins and Matty Ice – would that be a good move?… Do you like Brees ROS compared to Matty Ice (who is the #2 QB right now in fantasy)….


    • Jeff says:

      Yes, I would take the Brees deal for sure that would be nice. As for Hunter, I’d probably give him a little more leash but if you wanna dump him, I would make Robinson the pickup.

  371. Trevor says:

    I am in a predicament. I have two issues. One, my starting RBs (Hill, Ball, Stacy, and Ellington) are on a bye week. This leaves me with only Jerrick McKinnon and Knile Davies to start. The second issue (as you can see) is I have way too many backs rostered on a short bench in a league that starts three WRs. Who are some WRs you would target to trade one of my RBs for? Also, would you drop a RB cuff just to grab a JAG who will scrounge up points?

    • Jeff says:

      Not sure who else you have to drop for RB help but I wouldn’t cut any of those guys for a bye week filler. As for trades, I would start with shopping Hill for someone like Cooks/Wallace/etc.. or maybe Stacy for a better WR2 or low WR1 type. Andre Johnson, Crabtree etc

  372. Elton Seymour says:

    Trade advise. I give up MBall / MColston I get back AFoster / KBenjamin. I already own ABlue.

    • Jeff says:

      I think it’s ok but its a little risky trading for an injured back. I’d probably hold off but I wouldn’t think you were nuts for doing it.

  373. t3rex3 says:

    Would you trade M Floyd and M Ball for L Bell and K Allen? ( I would do the RB swap no problem, just worried about K Allen?)

  374. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, my team: R Wilson, Dez, Roddy, Wayne, Rainey, Martin, J Hill, Cameron, Hopkins, R Randle, Mathews, Donnell, Sankey, Kaep (just picked him up for next week’s bye).
    His Team: Rodgers, Cruz, Welker, Lacy, DMC, J Thomas, Lamar, Brashaw, J Boykin, B Tate, Hyde, Hartline, A Roberts, R Woods.
    I proposed Wayne for Lamar, with TY getting hurt, should I wait it out or try to trade Wayne?

    • Norman says:

      My other league: PPR, my team: Luck, Edelman, Wayne, D Murray, Stacy, J Graham, K Allen, Sproles, FJax, Kelce, Dunbar, Smith Sr., Sanu.
      His Team: A Rodgers, Crab, Torrey, Gore, J Hill, Cameron, Rainey, Martin, N Paul, Boldin, Hopkins, A Smith, Hester.
      He just offered A Rodgers & Torrey for Luck, should I do it?

    • Jeff says:

      I think that sounds like a decent deal, ya

  375. Nick says:

    Was just offered a trade. I’m in a 10 team keeper league. We have 5 keepers with no penalties. I was offered Rivers, Colston and Kelce for J. Thomas and Michael Floyd. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 2 flex.

    My roster is:

    QB – Brady
    RB – Charles, K. Davis, Bradshaw, Vereen, Hyde
    WR – White, Crabtree, Wright, Floyd, Hunter, Gordon
    TE – Thomas

    I’m concerned with Brady. Best available QB’s on the wire are Tannehill and Flacco. Would you make the trade? If not, would you drop someone to pick up Tannehill or Flacco?

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t take that deal, and I’d probably hang on and give Brady a bit more rope here. I love Thomas, don’t give up on him.

  376. Robert says:

    If Arian Foster doesn’t play, would you start Alfred Blue over Donald Brown in a standard scoring league, and would you play Derek Carrier over Larry Donnell?

  377. PhilMe says:

    Flex PPR: Harvin, Vereen, Golden Tate or Khiry Robinson?
    Have Harvin starting as of now.


  378. David says:

    DeSean Jackson or Lamar Miller at PPR Flex?

    QB: Tannehill
    RBs: Foster and Bernard
    WRs; Bryant and Julio
    TE: Olsen

    Other flex candidates; Greg Jennings and James Jones.

  379. Zach says:

    PPR league.
    My Roster:
    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Matt Forte , Zac Stacy , MJD, Carlos Hyde , Christian Michael , Toby Gerhart , Alfred Blue
    WR: BMarsh, Andre Johnson , Percy Harvin , Josh Gordon , Justin Hunter,
    TE: Jimmy Graham , Dwayne Allen
    DEF: Bengals

    You’re allowed to keep 2 players from the prior year that was drafted rd 5 and up or picked up off waivers at no cost (count towards your last 2 draft picks).

    Would you drop Dwayne Allen for Kirk Cousins? – if he does really well he could be good trade bait.

    Next week if I can’t work out a trade, I’ll probably drop him or Cousins for a DEF, since the Bengals are on bi and I think they will be good ROS.

  380. Nick says:

    10 team standard scoring keeper league. We keep 5 with no penalties. Start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE and 2 W/R/T flexes. My roster is Stafford, Megatron, D. Thomas, Julio Jones, Hunter, Gordon, Peterson, Asiata, Vereen, Ridley, F. Jackson, Hyde and Olsen.

    The McCoy owner in my league has posted that McCoy is on the block. Should I look at trading one of my stud WR for McCoy? Or should I make due with my RB situation since I can start all three of my stud WR each week?

    • Jeff says:

      tough one. I would probably send him a message and let him know you’re interested and see where it goes. I wouldn’t be opposed to dealing one of those WR for him though.

  381. herschel says:

    PPR league, better lottery ticket – mckinnon or alfred blue?


  382. Zach says:

    Arian Foster officially listed as Questionable.

    I dropped Alfred Blue yesterday for J. McKinnon based on Turner saying that he will go with the “hot hand” approach and several experts advice (yours included)…

    With Foster now listed as “Questionable” should I stay the course or go back and pick up Blue?

    I’m currently 2nd overall in a 12 team PPR that’s very competitive (partly a keeper league – allows you to keep 2 players drafted rd 5 and up or picked up off waivers from the prior year) – which means that handcuffs and RB’s of the future are picked up quick off waivers. Based on where I will fall in waiver priority, I won’t have a chance to pick up players after they blow up, which is why I wanted to ask you again – since yesterday Foster was not listed as questionable, but did report hamstring issues.

    Of course Foster has been listed as missing in practice before, and played a full game with lots of carries – throughout his career in fact. Thanks!

  383. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, would you rather have Blue or Sankey on your roster?

  384. Mungfisher says:

    So, I received a trade offer of Ertz for Sproles. PPR. Start 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1RB/WR/TE My squad:

    Forte, Stacy, Gerhart, Knile Davis, Sproles, B. Cunningham
    AJ Green, Andre Johnson, Cruz, J. Hunter, J. Gordon
    Charles Clay, Travis Kelce, Niles Paul
    (DEF Needed)

    With Gerhart stinking up the joint, I was planniing to FLEX Sproles or Davis. I need to cut someone as it is to pick up a DEF (Charles Clay is on the chopping block). If I accept, I’d cut Clay and pick up someone like a Hartline, Shorts, JStew type.

    Do I do it?

  385. Ryan says:

    I have a dilemma at RB/Flex: Pick 3 in a 12 team PPR league: Matt Forte, Montee Ball, Knile Davis, Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas

    I have Forte as a lock, but other than that, I’m lost.


    • Jeff says:

      Forte, Ball and Pierre Thomas is who I’d go with. PT should get extra run with Ingram out and Ball is good enough to produce in Seattle.

  386. herschel says:

    PPR, need to start two of the following this week:

    asiata @ no
    chris johnson vs chi
    ivory vs chi
    decker vs chi

    who do you like?

  387. Norman says:

    Do you think it’s worth it to drop Randle for Kaep? Thoughts on Sankey?

  388. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR: R Wilson, Dez, Roddy, J Hill, Rainey, Cameron, Wayne, Hopkins, D martin, R mathews, Donnell, Randle, Sankey. R Wilson has a bye next week, someone just dropped Kaep, who would you drop to pick him up?

  389. Zach says:

    Question: Someone just dropped K. Cousins (most likely due to roster restrictions) and I currently have Alfred Blue on my bench – because Foster is already questionable this week and dealing with hamstring issues (figured he would be a good handcuff to own – if he goes down, etc.).

    Should I drop Blue for Cousins? I figured if Cousins becomes the main Skins QB, could be my starting QB ROS and I trade Matty Ice (of course I would not do this until it was certain that Cousins was that guy and that good)…

    Also, McKinon is now available (just dropped by someone) and on rotoworld it reads that Vikings are going to go with the hot hand approach, so perhaps he is a better grab off waivers than Cousins or Alfred Blue?

    I could also pick up Robert Turbin and lock up Seattle’s run game, since I have Christian Michael, with Lynch already dealing with injuries, one of Seattle’s RB’s could become a must start sooner than later…

    PPR league.
    My Roster:
    QB: Matt Ryan
    RB: Matt Forte, Zac Stacy, MJD, Carlos Hyde, Christian Michael, Toby Gerhart, Alfred Blue
    WR: BMarsh, Andre Johnson, Percy Harvin, Josh Gordon, Justin Hunter,
    TE: Jimmy Graham, Dwayne Allen
    DEF: Bengals

    • Jeff says:

      I wouldn’t make any moves for Cousins with Matt Ryan already on your roster. Thats a lot that needs to go right for you to be able to deal Ryan like you mentioned.

      I think McKinnon is certainly worth grabbing and as long as no big news comes out surrounding Foster this week/weekend I would grab McKinnon for Blue.

  390. STEVE says:

    trade Donald Brown to Mathews owner for Kihry Robinson? PPR league

    PPR..Flex start Roddy tonight or go with CJ2k , Jeremy Hill, or D. Brown? TY

    • Jeff says:

      Ya, I would probably make the deal. Brown and Khiry will only be relevant for the next few weeks but I’d expect Khiry to have more value after both Ingram and Mathews return.

      I would play Jeremy Hill at flex.

  391. Kenny says:

    i ve got a trade offer Regie Bush for Stacy from my team. Should i accept ?

    Greetz from Germany

  392. Joe says:

    Was thinking of giving Mike Evans a run this week over Colston or Torrey Smith. Good/bad idea?

  393. Norman says:

    12 Team PPR, my team has taken some massive blows with all of the injuries through week 2. R Wilson, Dez, Roddy, R Mathews, D Martin, J Cameron, Rainey, Donnell, Wayne, G Jennings, Hopkins, R Randle, J Hill, B Sankey. Anyways, I think it’s time to set up a trade…Do you see any possible trades here?
    A: Brees, Harvin, TY, Forte, L Bell, Olsen, K Wright, M Bennett, Fitz, Bowe, McCown, K Robinson, J White, Celek.
    B: Romo, Jordy, Antonio Brown, R Jennings, Gerhart, J Graham, Witten, K Benjamin, J Hunter, M Wallace, Deangelo W, L Murray, McKinnon, Sanu.
    C: Rodgers, Cruz, Boykin, lacy, DMC, J Thomas, L Miller, Bradshaw, B Tate, Welker, Kaep, Hyde, Hartline, Eli.

    • Jeff says:

      A lot of your guys’ values are pretty low right now with the injuries, so I wouldnt rush to make a major deal and sell low on them.

      Try something smaller scale with Wayne or Hopkins to maybe snag some RB help while your guys are out. Someone like Bradshaw from Team C.

  394. Larry says:

    In 1pt ppr would you start Quick or Brandin Cooks at flex?

  395. Matt says:

    Would you give decker and kniles davis to get AJ Green, or prefer give decker and bradshaw for Aj Green, non PPR

  396. Zach says:

    PPR VERY COMPETITIVE LEAGUE – Allows you to keep two players drafted round 5 and up from the prior year at no cost (count as your last